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BSBMGT617 Develop And Implement A Business Plan

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  • Course Code: BSBMGT617
  • University: Victoria University
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  • Country: Australia



Instructions to students:

1. Identify and describe five common components of a business plan.

2. Discuss the purpose of the business planning process.

3. Discuss three areas that a business planning process may address. 

4. Discuss key steps in developing a business plan. 

5. Outline key stakeholders who may be involved in business planning.

6. Discuss the purpose of a business vision. 

7. Discuss the purpose of a SWOT analysis in a business planning process.

8. Discuss why it is important for a business to use a range of performance measures.

9.Outline three performance measures that could be used to measure customer satisfaction. 

10. Discuss the balanced scorecard approach in relation to performance measurement. 

11. Explain the SMART criteria for objectives.

12. What is the purpose and benefit of using key performance indicators in the business planning process

Task 2


case Study

Ozhouse Clean is based in Melbourne and offers professional, residential cleaning services, including regular home cleans, as well as spring cleans. The company is a family business established in 2005 by James and Nancy Anderson. James and Nancy are the Directors of the company. Their daughter, Sarah is employed by the company in the role of Administration Manager; and you have been employed in the role  of Operations Manager.

The company sees its point of difference from competitors as being a small family business with a focus   on quality and happy and content staff and customers. The management team understands this point of difference may need to change as the business grows. There may a need for more management staff to  be employed, for example, while Sarah manages marketing, she is not skilled in this area and is very busy with the administration side of the business. A skilled marketing officer may be needed.

Currently target customers are located in the greater Melbourne area. Target customers are people who want a professional, trustworthy and immaculate cleaning service. Pricing reflects that of competitors. 

The company employs 15 cleaners, all of whom are part-time contract staff working between 10 – 15 hours a week. The company currently has approximately 70 regular clients, based around Melbourne's inner city. These clients require regular home cleaning, either weekly or fortnightly for hours ranging from 3 – 6 hours. A standard hourly rate of $40 per hour is charged. Staff receive an hourly rate of $25 per hour with the cost of the products provided to staff for cleaning, including equipment and ongoing supplies,  works out to be approximately $2 per hour on top. The company is also considering whether it may be  wiser to move to employing a number of full-time, permanent cleaning staff. This is partly because there is  a high turnover of casual staff and little loyalty to the company. Staff costs for employing full-time cleaners are $55,000 per cleaner per year including all superannuation payments.  

All cleaning supplies are currently purchased from Total Cleaning Supplies in Melbourne. However, as this company does not currently offer environmentally friendly products, a different supplier needs to be identified. It is estimated that purchase of these products will be an additional $10,000 per month. The products cost double the amount of the non-environmentally friendly products. 

Sales revenue for the company for the financial year ending 2016 is $360,000 with a gross profit margin of

$40,000. Labour costs are a significant part of the business representing 70% of total costs. Average debtor days are currently 40 days. 

Currently, marketing is via a website but a large proportion of the company’s work comes through word- of-mouth from existing customers. Social media is not currently used to market the business. The new business plan will need to reflect different ways of marketing, especially to attract commercial customers. 

At a recent meeting of the management team (the Directors, Operations Manager and Administration Manager), it was decided that a 3-year business plan is needed to ensure the company meets its business goals. For the 2016 – 2018 years, this will be to diversify into the commercial cleaning market and to offer environmentally  friendly  cleaning services. Down  the track, the company is also considering offering carpet cleaning services. The Operations Manager has been given the responsibility of developing the business plan.  

The Directors and two senior managers met recently to develop and document the company’s mission, vision, values and objectives as follows:


Ozhouse Clean is committed to providing the highest quality residential and commercial cleaning services available by exceeding the expectations of our clients.


We are constantly working to establish ourselves as the most respected and sought after contract cleaning and facilities support service in Melbourne. 


Respect: taking time to understand and value each person and respecting their choices.

Responsibility: acting with integrity towards our staff, our customers, the community and the environment. Caring: a duty of care for our staff, customers and the environment.

Excellence: to always look to provide the best quality experience with regards to our cleaning and our customer service.

Integrity: to act with honesty, openness and do what we say we will do. Innovation: to be industry leaders.


Our key objectives which are fundamental to our business in delivering world-class cleaning and customer service, are as follows:

  • Provide our customers with a professional and friendly
  • To increase the number of clients by 20% in the first year of introducing commercial cleaning services and 10%
  • Meet or exceed the expectations of
  • Implement best practice in cleaning operations, including environmentally sustainable practices.

Complete the following activities based on the case study above. 

  1. Review and evaluate information and research in preparation to develop business

Review the case study and the business plan template provided to you before you start. Ensure you understand the business vision, mission, values and objectives so that they are reflected in the business plan.

Conduct research to inform the development of the business plan including: 

  • Identifying and analysing trends in demand for cleaning services, nationally as well as in the local Melbourne
  • Identifying competitors in the market for Ozhouse Clean. Include information for at least three competitors, providing a summary of their services, as well as an explanation of how their services compete with Ozhouse Clean and any points of difference that will enable Ozhouse Clean to stand
  • Identifying and analysing target consumer needs for specific types of cleaning services eg environmentally friendly cleaning services. This may be through identifying secondary sources of data or through a review of social media, for
  • Identifying strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities (SWOT analysis) based on the scenario information and
  • Identifying and evaluating alternative pricing strategies to the current pricing strategies (as per the scenario information).
  • Identify potential marketing strategies for existing residential services, as well as commercial and environmentally friendly cleaning services. This may be through reviewing how competitors market their services, as well as identifying effective marketing
  • Identifying any permits or licences that are required for commercial cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Identifying suppliers of environmentally friendly cleaning products that can provide Ozhouse Clean with products. Identify at least three options, including the supplier contact details and summary of products
  • Identifying key activities and required financial, physical and human resources requirements based on analysis conducted (this will be documented in the action plan in the business plan). Note that you must ensure that your action plan clearly shows how a skilled workforce will be in place to ensure that the plan can be

– Identifying key performance indicators that can be used to assess both the financial and non- financial performance of the business.

Type your research findings into a word processed document, ensuring that the information has headings and is separated into the bullet points above. There is no requirement for your document to be formatted in a particular way. Submit your document to your assessor before commencing your business plan.  

  1. Develop the business

Using your research findings and the scenario information, develop the business plan using the template that has been provided.

  • A review outline and evaluation of the OzHouse Cleaning's strategic goals, vision, mission, values and
  • The actions that you include in the business plan should show how the strategic objectives of the company will be achieved, and what resources will be
  • As additional staff will be required to manage the expansion into contract cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaning services, the actions included in the business plan should show how this will be achieved in terms of identifying staff needed, recruiting the required staff, as well as inducting staff. Clear timelines must be provided.
  • Each of the actions should include clear performance

Your business plan must be written in clear and concise English, be grammatically correct and free from errors. Submit your completed plan to the management team (your assessor) with a memo attached advising that you wish to meet to discuss and seek feedback on the business plan.  

  1. Present business plan to the rest of the management team. At the meeting to discuss your plan, you must:
    • Explain the purpose of a business plan and its
    • Introduce the plan including how the plan reflects the business’s vision, mission, values and objectives.
    • Provide an overview of the business plan, carefully explaining each
    • Seek feedback on the plan, in particular the actions indicated to achieve the strategic objectives, the performance indicators you are proposing and approval to procure the skilled
    • Provide the information in user-friendly terms, as not all of the management team are familiar with the business planning
    • Listen to the feedback provided by the management team (your assessor).
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills including asking questions to elicit feedback from the management team, responding to questions from the management team and active

Following the meeting, incorporate the feedback received into the business plan and submit the final plan to the management team (your assessor).  

Task 3


It is one year since the business plan was implemented and as the Operations Manager, you are reviewing the performance of the business against the performance indicators identified in the plan, testing performance indicators used and recommending changes to performance indicators as provided.

You have also been asked to provide an overall evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan to date (this will be the business plan you developed for Assessment Task 2). 

Assume that the performance indicators identified in the business plan are as follows:

  • A 20% increase in total sales
  • A gross profit margin of 20%.
  • Reduction of 50% in debtor days
  • 10 new commercial customers in the first year of the business
  • Reduction of 10% of workforce turnover based on employing two full-time permanent cleaners, as well as increasing wages to above
  • Data provided by the accountant for this financial year show the following figures:
    • Total sales revenue - $450,000
    • Total cost of sales - $320,000
    • Debtor days - 30

–      15 new commercial customers  

The Administration Manager has advised you that at least 10 of the previous residential customers no longer use the company’s services, so while sales revenue has increased, the sales revenue attributable to residential sales has declined.

In addition, follow up emails to the customers who no longer used the services indicated the following responses to the question asked about why they no longer use the services:

  • Moved interstate – 1
  • Dissatisfied with the quality of cleaning services provided (not enough attention to detail, cleaner finishing earlier than time paid for) – 5
  • Moved to a competitor as better service and price offered – 4

Regarding staff, two of the current contract cleaners have been appointed as fulltime, permanent employees. 

Wages have been increased to above award for all contract cleaners.

Of the 15 contract cleaners contracted at the start of the year, 4 have left and been replaced by new staff. 

Complete the following activities:  

  1. Develop a monitoring and evaluation

Review the scenario information and develop an outline for your report ensuring that:

  • Your report will address a balance of both financial and non-financial information on business performance as per the scenario
  • To assist in making the information as user friendly as possible, your report should include visual information to show how the business has performed such as graphs or
  • Ensure you provide your report according to the timelines set by your assessor to show that you can provide timely reports. Completing work on time is part of the assessment

Ensure your report addresses:

  • An overview of business performance based on the data provided for this year, as well as the data provided for the previous year (as documented in the case study in Assessment Task 1).
  • An analysis of business performance to determine if the performance indicators have been achieved.
  • An evaluation of the non-financial information gained from the survey, impact on the business and variations that could be made to the business plan based on this
  • A review of additional performance measures that can be used to measure customer retention and customer satisfaction based on the decrease in residential customers as advised in the case study. You will need to research the range of performance measures that could be used and  report on performance indicators that you consider to be suitable. Your report should include a clear explanation of the performance indicators and your rationale for utilising these  
  • An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your developed business plan and at least two recommended improvements. Research other plans to help you with the
  • Provide a summary of recommendations for the upcoming year based on your evaluation as above, as well as required changes to the business

Your report must be formatted in a professional report format that includes heading to separate and identify the information. Ensure it is written in clear and concise language suitable for the audience (your assessor), is grammatically correct and error free. Submit the report to your assessor.  

Task 4


A review of the business’s performance against the performance indicators in the plan identified that a number of residential customers no longer use the services due to a of lack of satisfaction with the quality of the service provided, specifically the level of cleanliness and attention to detail. 

As the Operations Manager, you decide to set up a meeting with each of the contractors to investigate    the situation and to provide coaching on the expected level of performance. For this assessment task you only need to meet with one of the cleaners.

Ozhouse Clean has the following expected level of performance in relation to cleaning services:

  • All surfaces, including floors, bench tops and shelves cleaned so that they are free of dust and
  • Rubbish bins emptied and
  • Shower screens and mirrors cleaned and free of soap build up and
  • Only cleaning products provided are
  • All cleaning services must be provided in the allocated

These performance standards are included in each person’s contract.

Assume that the contract cleaner (role played by your assessor) has been invited to the meeting.

Complete the following activities:

  1. Conduct meeting and coaching

Conduct the meeting at the specified time on the specified date with the contract cleaner (role played by your assessor). This meeting should be treated as a coaching session as well as to try and get the staff member to understand the issues and meet the required performance standards.

At the meeting you must: 

  • Explain the purpose of the meeting
  • Explain to the contract cleaner what the problem is
  • Discuss the level of performance expected by the company
  • Demonstrate your interpersonal and communication skills by: keeping your communication clear and simple, asking questions to identify reasons for underperformance and to confirm information provided and listening to the contract cleaner and confirming and clarifying information shared
  • Discuss and agree on a solution

Prepare and submit a follow up report (in the format or a memo or email) to the contract cleaner (your assessor) within 1 day of the meeting summarising the meeting and the solution agreed to.

  1. Develop report on actions and solutions for management

The final part of this assessment requires to you to send a brief report to the management team explaining the issues and the solutions you have identified. 

  • You are also required to identify at least two changes you consider should be made to the business systems/process or to the business plan as applicable.
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