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Describe the Work Effectively with Others For Human Rights Commission. 

Methods to Get Feedback from Colleagues and Customers

A well-structured organizational hierarchy is very essential for any business to function and for all departments in the hotel to work towards achieving a common objective. Maximum success can only be realized if the hierarchy of positions is well defined.  Below is the organization hierarchy of a hotel from the top management to the receptionist. 

  • Shoes must be black or navy color.
  • Staff required doing any style of lifting or manual handling must have flat non slip rubber soles unless otherwise approved through workplace, health and safety.
  • One should not wear blue socks with a black uniform. This because the dress code for a front of house positions require the socks color to match with the uniform worn. However, the socks color should not match with color of socks.  For instance, in accordance with official dress code; blue uniform should be worn with blue socks or black socks should be matched with black uniform. 

As worker or working as a manager of an organization, feedback from other colleagues and customers is a very crucial. However this can be difficult at times due to fear of getting reprimanded or people thinking that their opinions won’t be heard.  The following are three best methods that can be used to achieve feedback in the most effective way.

This can be achieved through regular one on one talk with other colleagues or staff. This is a great way that makes employees to feel engaged and satisfied because they are involved the running of the organization.

  • Suggestion Box

The anonymity of the suggestion box can help in providing credible feedback from the other employees or customers. This method is appropriate because it makes the staff to know that their views about you are welcome outside the formal feedback system. This methods success requires regular checking address of issues raised others it will fail.

  • Customer feedback survey

This involves drafting relevant questions to get views from customers. The modern way of achieving this objective is through the use of internet. The survey questions should for example appear on the website when the customer is browsing. The uses of platforms like Qualaroo have proven to be very effective for short surveys. Longer surveys can be achieved through use internet tool such as survey monkey and type form. 

Daily planning of work schedules is a task that every worker in the organization should have. The company supervisors should check that their workers adhere to these schedules without fail. As a worker, following this schedules is not easy due to various resource in the workplace including; physical constraints due to lack of items or appropriate tools; human constrains brought about by understaffing; as well as financial constraints which may result for less budget allocation to the department. 

While at work, employees must take reasonable care for their own health and that of everyone else around them with actions or omissions which may affect them.

Most of the policies around this area stipulated in the workplace health and safety act whole function is to ensure the health and safety on individuals undertaking business operations.

This includes: following any reasonable lawful instruction given by superiors or management and any reasonable lawful policies and procedures set out by the business to protect its workforce.

This act also provides for the compensation procedures for all the workforce in Australia. The companies within the country are therefore required to meet the WHS requirements laid out in the act. Companies that do not meet the required threshold standards may face penalties. Regulators or enforcers of this policy carryout regular inspection in working spaces give help or advise whenever deemed necessary. They also give notices and necessary penalties.

Importance of Adhering to Work Schedules and Constraints

The workplace health and safety can be accesses by staff members through training courses, the department supervisors as well as the media. 

Privacy laws exist in Australia to protect the privacy of guests and staff.

Whenever information is collected it is subject to privacy laws. An organisation must control how they use, collect, disclose, store, destroy and update the information.

The privacy act information can be accessed from the privacy act of 1988. 

We live in a modern culture where the environment is heavily considered. Things to focus on include:


Using resources efficiently

Consideration of purchasing

Toxic waste and chemical disposal

Environmentally sustainable practices

Using green power instead of fossil fuels

Information on environmental sustainability can be found in the industry environmental code of practice prepared by the company. The general information is also provided in the environmental protection act of 1994. 

Codes of conduct and ethics are a set of rules on how you are expected to behave when carrying out your work duties.

These codes will tell you what is expected, what you should not do, and how to act and behave.

This information is provided for in the Australian Association of Social workers. 

Australian law states that an individual can’t be discriminated on when applying for a job, promotion or training due to:




Sexual preference


Marital status


Political views or affiliation

The provisions of this act are found in the human rights Commission act which has subsections such as racial discrimination act. 

Currently companies are considering hiring individuals with the ability to work with others as a team to achieve goals and objectives. To foster team work, an employee should be able to do the following but not limited to; 

  • Make team work to be a priority through making it a part of the company performance management system.
  • Tolerating and understanding others viewpoints
  • Allowing good communication in the workplace with other employees 

Individual performance of the team members is essential in the organization so as to improve the overall performance of the company. This can be achieved through the following ways;

  • Personal study and meditation
  • Attendance of workshops and seminars
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Work experience and
  • Performance appraisal 
  • Communication problems/barriers. Failure to communicate or differences in communication styles can cause conflict in an organization.
  • Unhealthy workplace competition between the company staff can lead to conflict. This is common to companies where the salary is directly proportional to the employee productivity. This type of competition promotes individualism and destroys teamwork in an organization.
  • Differences in values and personalities. Differences in ages can cause conflict in the company especially when the employees do not appreciate and accept the differences. Personality related conflicts happen due to diversity in the background and experiences of employees. 

Loafing involves doing as little work as is possible, procrastinating and doing meaningless tasks. It can be a big problem for management due to decreased productivity and to other staffs morale due to having to do extra work to cover the loafer. Loafing hurts the performance of the teams or a department in the company.

Loafing plays a significant role in inhibiting team work in the organization as well as preventing the company to effectively reach its goal in the stipulated or projected time plan. Loafing on the job by employees happens because of the fact that certain section of individuals put less work or effort than the other members of the company and which in turn leads to the unhelpful group, majority who are subordinate employees, to work more than they should.

Collaboration- giving people particular tasks and responsibilities

Content- clearly setting out guidelines of a person’s roles and responsibilities

Choice- giving people a choice on the roles and tasks which they feel comfortable with 

Assumptions; this one of the main sources of communication barriers in the workplace because the sender of a message or the receiver lacks adequate knowledge about the other persons actions or background.

Perceptions – perception can act as communication barrier because it defines how people process, interpret and selecting information. This can cause issues in the workplace due to judgment and biases from different people.

Distrusted source – this entails stereotyping and projecting of ones beliefs onto other people without proper facts about the genesis or origin of the underlying issues.

Cultural differences; Culture is the sum of socially transmitted beliefs art, behavior patterns and other products of the human thoughts and works. The learning and sharing of culture happened mainly through social groups. Differences in culture can result to many complexities not only from language differences but because of the plenty of culture specific assumptions at work between individuals in one setting like an organization. 

To overcome communication barriers a person is required to;

Control the anger problem. This can be done through stating of thoughts in a clear and polite manner couple with facts if any

Being patient to get feedback from the receiver of the message; to achive this, avoid asking questions like, have you understood me? Instead give the other person a chance to respond in a polite manner.

Understand what the audience needs; a good speaker should have knowledge of the recipient of the message to avoid misunderstandings. The message should be structured in respect to the age and level of the recipient. 

  • Come up with a good spot to speak
  • Make the perceptions of the people in the conflict as clear as possible
  • Practice the skill of assuming the active and empathetic listening sides
  • Set up options with a win-win result
  • Come up with an agreement that favors both parties
  • Take initiative and deal with the situation straight away
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