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Recruitment and selection issues in BHP Billion Company


Discuss About The Challenges Opportunities Affecting Future?

BHP Billion Company is a multinational corporation dealing in products like iron ore, copper etc. The company is renowned as one of the biggest profit incurring company of Australia. The company was originated in the year 1885 in mining town of Broken Hill, and it headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria. BHP is Australia's largest company which earned revenue in the mining industry.  BHP Billion has actually formed in the year 2001 by the way of merger and amalgamation of the Australian broken hill proprietary limited company and the Anglo-Dutch Billiton plc. Further, the company earned revenue of $ 30.9 billion in previous year, through which can be easily assumed that the country has speared its working in all divisions of the industry. Thus, the company holds a large employee base of 65000 employees working with them (BHP Billiton, 2017).

It has been noticed that the company many times face issues in managing the human resource management practices of the organization. With larger employee, it becomes difficult for the company to manage and resolve such issues. Further the company BHP Billiton also faces difficultly in the recruitment and selection process of employees.

Recruitment and selection is an important part of the human resource management program, as it helps the organization attain efficient labour with the aid of which the company earn adequate return and place a unique position in the global market. Further the recruitment and selection issue related to the BHP and its resolutions are discussed below:

The problem which detracted the growth of BHP due to the recruitment and selection of employees are discussed below:

Recruitment of quality people and organizational image: it is considered to be one of the most crucial issues operating in the internal process of the business which is also affecting the growth of the company in the external environment. Human resource that is, employees of a company are the most important asset of the organization with the help of which the activities are initiated by the management of the organization. Further talking about the company BHP Billiton, the company is acquired with labour who does not match with the job description of the company. The image of the company is not tempting in the market due to which quality labour does not apply for job in the company (Campbell, McAllister, & Eley, 2012). Image of the company helps them to attract new and efficiency human resource present in the market.

Strategies to resolve recruitment and selection issues

Less gender diversity: gender diversity refers to a state of the company when the ratio of employees has an equal or almost similar number of male and female employees in the organization. But the company faces the issue in this case, as there the ratio is high from the side male employees. It states that the company has more male employees working with them and less female employee. This somehow creates a bad image of the company in the market. Female candidates who are interested in the job profile of the company also do not come with the hiring process, as they feel insecure in the working environment of BHP because of having more male employees. Also, the company does not inherit adequate practices for the safety of female workers; they have no adequate laws which signify the rights of female employees of BHP (Stone, & Deadrick, 2015).

Cross-cultural management: BHP being an identified company in the market has personnel from all parts of the world, so the company shall have proper set of measures which can align the interest of the expatriate with the management of the company. But BHP's management lacks in this case as the company has no policies to manage the interest of employees in the working of the company. Further, the company is also inefficient in aligning together the interest of local employees with the expatriates coming in organization. Due to having culture difference, it becomes difficult for them to adjust in current organization, and the local staff of the company does not support and communicate with them due to which they feel left alone which leads them to leave their job (Bardoel, et. al., 2014).

Training process: training is an important part of the human resource practices, s it is important for the management to refine them with training process so that their efficiency along with organizational efficiency increases. But this practice is no adopted by the management of the company due to which traditional techniques are implemented by the management of the company. Apart from that cross-cultural training process is not initiated by the management due to which, cross culture recruitment is inefficient (Alfes, et. al., 2013).

Performance evaluation: evaluation of the performance of employee helps an organization to adequately known about the performance of their employees who have worked efficiently and who have not. Apart from that it also helps the management to know about the caliber of the employees and how much they can perform. This factor can help the company to achieve great success but BHP Billiton does not use such strategies. Performance review helps the employees to motivate themselves to work better and efficient to achieve their personal and collectively organization's objective as well. The evaluation process also improves communication in the organization, and through this process, the higher management is able to understand the problems faced by the lower level management and resolve them (Kaufman, 2015).

Labour supply/demand: it is another key factor which in recruitment and selection of workforce in BHP Billiton. The company finds it difficult to recruit skilled labour in organization. Apart from that demand of labour force is more in the company and supply is less (Paillé, et. al., 2014). .

Demographic problems: change in demographics affects the business process of the company. The aspects covered in the demographic factors are age, culture, diversity, sex etc. These are some of the factors which affect the recruitment and selection process held in the business of BHP Billiton. Firstly as discussed earlier, the company prefer to recruit female workers instead of male workers, due which the efficient female workers who can change the current state of the organization are left jobless due to the typical stereotype thinking of the company (Marchington, et. al., 2016). Apart from that, the company believes in hiring older people more, as they feel that they are experienced and they do not need to provide those training etc. facilities. So due to this purpose, the efficient young human resource is left idle. Also due to this activity, the innovation practices of the company also decreases are older staff performs regular day to day functions and do not think of innovation as well (Zoogah, 2011).

The inefficiency of top-level management: top-level management includes people who perform the recruitment and selection process and initiate rules and regulation in the organization. Further, in the top level management is inefficiency in keeping the employees of the company satisfied or recruit efficient human in the organization, then the business cannot gain competitive advantage in the target market. Thus, for this purpose, the manager needs to understand the needs and requirements of the human resource of the company and work according to maximize their benefits as well. They shall maintain good communication in the management of BHP Billiton (Stone, et. al., 2015).

There are numerous ways in which the organization and secure their position in the target market and gain competence by following the below mentioned strategies in their organizational culture.

BHP shall initiate effective recruitment process through advertisement in their system so that all the candidates are aware of the vacancies present in the company. The advertisement is necessary for the company so that the information is communicated to all and prospective people can apply themselves. This will also help the company providing job description to the people, by looking at which people will apply for the job (Armstrong, & Taylor, 2014). 

The process of employer branding shall be applied in the management of the company. It helps the company to develop the brand of the company as an employer. The company BHP should communicate with the employees in order to resolve the issues faced by the company. (Budhwar, & Debrah, 2013). Furthermore it will also assist the company to change the perception of people and make them work according the requirement of the business process. Apart from that the company shall also exercise advertisement in order to solve the recruitment and selection problems.

The company shall initiate the performance reward strategies, as with the aid of such strategies the employees will get motivated it to work better. Also, it will attract the outsider as they will feel that with this process they can earn more over and above their basic pay. The top level of management shall delegate their responsibilities to the lower level of management; this will motivate them and make them responsible to do certain tasks due to which they will properly take care of all the activities of the management. Assisting to it they shall also purposefully evaluate the performance their employees and provide recognition to people who have achieved their targets. This will also motivate them and lead then work more of the company BHP (Sparrow, Brewster, & Chung, 2016).

Equal remuneration system shall be applied by the management of BHP. They shall remove the gender bias activities from the business, and initiate to equally recruit both the genders in the management of the company.  Women shall also participate in all types of activities which a male employee performs in the company. Also, laws shall be made to safeguard the interest of female employees in the business. There should be strict code of conduct for the personnel of the company, and the top management shall not practice any activity which can harm their interest. Also, the top level management should responsibly train the staff of the management so that innovation practices are implemented in the business. Apart from that, they shall also recruit young talent in the organizational culture so the competitive edge is achieved by the company in the global market (Jackson, Schuler, & Jiang, 2014).

So, the above mentioned are the following strategies which the company shall apply to remove the issues faced by BHP Billiton.


In the limelight of above mentioned events, it shall be noted that the company BHP Billiton is facing issue in recruitment and selection process of employee. Thus, they shall use adequate strategies to resolve them create competence working of organization.


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