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The student provided a paragraph describing the role and actions as a coach for an individual with a specific need. For example, low literacy, inexperienced

The student provided a detailed reflection (500 words) of how to meet the specific needs of an individual that considered the questions provided as below.

a) How or why did this need arise

b) How was it determined that you would be an effective coach

c) What qualities did you have to offer the coachee

d) What on the job coaching did you provide What occurred in the process

e) How did you provide constructive and supportive feedback

f) Did the values, beliefs and behaviours in the workplace support the coaching opportunity Why / Why not

g) What internal or external networks or supports were identified to support the coaching process How were they implemented.

h) Did you seek additional specialist advice or further training Provide details

i) What legislation or organisational policies did you source to support your role or the coaching process

j) What was the outcome of the coaching process For the coachee For yourself.

  1. This assessment is to be completed in conjunction with assessment four (AT4) Develop and implement a coaching plan.

The purpose of this assessment is to practice peer coaching through the medium of blogging. As you progress through assessment four, Develop and implement a coaching plan, specific points will indicate when to blog (as listed in this assessment).

The blogs may incorporate the following features of informal coaching –

  • Responding to peer questions
  • Encouraging others
  • Informative responses to readings, videos, supporting materials
  • Transferring knowledge and skills
  • Sharing ideas or innovations
  • Reflections
  • Peer reviewing or assessing
  • Providing feedback. 

It is paramount to the success of this assessment that confidentiality is maintained for the coachee and supervisor at all times. Legislation in regard to privacy must be respected. Real names are not to be used except for your own.

  1. You will contribute to the blog in a consistent and meaningful manner.

Indicators in the coaching plan will prompt you when to blog.

You may also write additional information or ideas in blogs at your own convenience or as the stimulus provided motivates you. However, the following questions are mandatory as a requirement of this assessment.

  • Were there any barriers to identifying the coaching need?
    • At first there were significant amount miscommunications in the proper identification of the coaching needs as it was significantly difficult to understand where the gaps were. However with the systematic research on the student of the school, it was clear that the incapability of the teachers was the main issue in this case.  
  • What solutionssupported any barriers or challenges?
    • As it was obvious that the teaching style and the performances of the teachers were the main reason be issue and the teachers were facing considerable amount of difficulty in the effective communication with the students. Hence the general idea for the solution is to make sure that the student and the teacher relationship get better. In order to get that, the activity or engagement plans were necessary.

Strategies & Environment (1 blog)

  • Howwere the appropriate strategies to meet the learning style of the coachee decided upon?
    • The decisions were made after effective consultation with the students as in order to get important insights regarding their learning style, the student are the prime resources.
    • Along with that, it was visible that there is a need to introduce effective competency building plan for the teachers.
    • Hence in order to counter this, the introduction of the student teacher engagement activity and the enhancement of the skills of the teacher was much needed as decided.
  • What learning supported these decisions?
    • In order to make sure that with the formation of the strategies which will be in proper alignment with the learning style of the coachee, the evaluation of the learning style becomes significantly needed. Hence the base of the decision was the consultation with the students on their learning styles.
  • How is legislation and or policies guiding your plan?
    • Each and every school is observed to conduct sessions for their students which will be significant for the Teacher student engagement activity and on the other hand majority of the quality education providers are observed to produce training sessions for their employees which will also be helpful for the development of the skills of the teachers.  
  • Is the coaching progressing as planned?
    • Follow up of the specified path is able to guarantee the success and progression of the coaching plans.
  • What features are incorporated into your feedback template?
    • A general survey form.
  • How was this decided?
    • As the improvement of the teacher-student relationship was the requirement, hence it will best to hear it from the students. Apart from that the improvement in skills of the teachers will also have the chance to be reflected from the student’s opinion.
  • What was your experience in the review and sharing session with your supervisor and coachee?
    • To be honest, it was significantly informal and productive as well.
  • What amendments were required for the coaching plan? Why / why not?
    • The amendments that were required in this case where the reduction in the fear factor of the students regarding the exchange of information of their teachers. Hence there was need of fun sessions with the students to make sure that they feel comfortable with the consultants.
  • Were the coachee needs fulfilled? Why / why not?
    • Yes, because the coachee was needed to improve two things which are the communication with the teacher and the reduction in the fear factor during the exchange of the information regarding the performances of the teacher.With the introduction of the engagement activity, the preliminary concern is solved as well and the fun sessions are significant in for the second case.
  • Self-evaluate your experience as a coach?
    • At the preliminary stages, it was difficult to understand the need of the coaches but later it went well.
  • Did the goals require review?
  • Based on your own evaluation and feedback from others what do you consider your strengths or areas for improvements?
    • The strengths was the ability to gel with the coachees in a significantly easy fashion. On the other hand the incapability of appropriate assessment of the student’s body language and facial expression is a part for the improvements.
  • What could you have done differently?
    • It is controversial to claim any different approach for this. However the performances evaluation of the teachers w the statistics would have been a fine option as well.
  • How were difficulties rectified?
    • Through consultation
  • Think about the impact or difference the coaching plan had for the individual and the service?
    • In terms of individual, the plan has the potential to help the individual development of the teachers and in terms of collective responsibility; the implementation of the developed skills of the teachers has the capability of helping the students.  
  • How was the coachee’s confidentiality ensured?
    • With ethical and strict follow up on the fact that the students’ information and the identity is not going to be exchanged under any situation with anyone.

Other considerations to be included in the blogs include legislative and organisational information relevant to the coaching plan.

Include references or links to:

  • National Quality Standard
  • Early Years Learning Framework
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations
  • Code of Ethics
  • Organisational policies, procedures, philosophy.
  1. Upon completion of the blogs write a self-evaluation of your experience in the learning process. Consider the following in your response –
  • Did you find coaching others through the mode of blogging successful? Why / why not?
    • To be honest, coaching is a method which primarily helps the coachee to get better and in that case it is significantly needed to make sure that the coachee’s faults in the operation or the progress is evaluated and examined by the coach. Through blogging, the conduction of the processes like the follow up of the progress of the coachee and the production of solutions for the problems that the coachees face is significantly difficult. Hence, for me, the coaching others through blogging is difficult and often unsuccessful.    
  • Was the coaching you received beneficial to the success of your coaching plan? Why / why not?
    • The coaching I received was significantly helpful in this case as being a coachee, even I felt the fear of exchanging important inputs regarding the performances of the teachers. In such case, the consultant trained me to express without any sort of fear for anyone and that he implemented with the activities that were significantly fun making and was able to involve me as a main part in it. It was a wise step in order to make sure that I feel comfortable with him in exchanging the important insights and that too without any sort of dilemmas or fear in mind.   
  • Overall was this a positive learning experience? Why / why not?
    • To be honest it was a positive experience. As it was significantly helpful for me to understand the general issues of the coachees. The impact of the communication in the fruitful conduction of the educational sessions is a significant experience for me from this. I was able to understand the general reason of the conflicts between the students and the teachers is the ineffective and improper communication. The plan was significant in understanding the reason behind the ineffectiveness of the communication and that was the fear factor of the students. The reduction of it with the conduction of the fun sessions is also a great experience and learning as well for the future usage.  
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