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Information and Network Security

Galaxy Software Inc. is a startup software company situated in Melbourne Australia. This organization has been started four years back. We are dealing in software products related with information and network security. Our clients are basically from Australia and belong to small and medium sized organizations. (natrajan, 2013) Right now, the company is working on two types of projects: the in house projects which are being developed in company and some are off the shelf projects from larger vendors. Company is planning to grow its business across the country through new branches. The main concern in this new venture is that company will deal with critical organizations which are from pharmaceutical and health industry and most of the new clients are demanding the information and network security implementation in their business. Main requirements are from online presence of organization, security of websites and databases. (Hogg, 2016) The clients of these organizations can access their websites from anywhere and they must register themselves before any services they want to access. The security of these websites are the top concern, as the clients of Galaxy Software Inc. want authentication of their clients and prevention of any type of security breaches. (walton, 2015)

The purpose of this report is to analyze the requirements of clients of company and plan accordingly to implement them with maximum efficiency and best quality services. The owner of Galaxy Software Inc. Mr. Roger Philips wants to use the latest technology to fulfill the needs of the customers. In today’s world of Internet, the technology is drastically changing day by day. Every organization is in the race of online presence and for the same they need best technology with maximum security. The main concerned area for Galaxy Software Inc. is the financial status of company, which must be analyzed properly so that company can plan about the expansion in their business.

Information And Network Security is a term which consists of some protocols about to restrict and monitor the unwanted access and modification of any organization’s resources which may be databases, network devices etc. (D., 2014).The implementation of network security is the responsibility of network administrator. It can be implemented through hardware and software tools which are being used in the organization. The aim of information and network security is to protect the information from unauthorized access and security breaches. For any organization, the security of personal information of clients and their databases is must be the highest priority. (James, 2009). The latest innovations in the field of ICT consists of cloud computing and digitization.

Cloud computing is used to store the whole data of any organization which may include documents, files, programs, database and other most important resources on cloud (Internet). This technology may be used by Galaxy Software Inc. to fulfill the needs of their clients if they have critical and large amount of information to save. Using this they can store the data on Internet which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The extra overhead of saving this data on their premise database server will be saved in cloud computing. Some of the websites which are using this concept of cloud computing are:

Hardware in ICT

Google Docs is an application of Google which offers the facility to use office applications (Smith, 2013). It is available on Internet, and there is no need of installation. If any document is shared by Google docs, it can be modified online from anywhere.

It is a popular music streaming website, where music is saved on remote server and can be accessed through website only. User must log in if wants to access the music file. These files can be played online and the user cannot download it. (S., 2013)

One latest innovation of ICT is E-books, which is the revolution in the world of digitization. Today almost books and magazines are available online in form of E-books. It can be accessed from any smart device and gadgets through compatible applications like Amazon kindles. These books may be downloaded on user’s device for future reference. (torbjornzetterlund, 2015)

Business growth is a catalyst to improve the competitive advantage of any business. Innovations in business can be driven by the necessity of problem solving zeal and hunger of new opportunities. There may be different strategies to find out the best way for the growth of business. One of them is ICT. (Patterson, 2014). In the past 20 years the small business organizations have extensively used the computer technology in their day to day activities. Now not only the desktop but also the laptops and smart gadgets are mostly used by the companies. The Galaxy Software Inc. is planning to deal with large organizations and now it is necessary to represent themselves as the technological masters. Till now all the business communications with clients was very formal and it was lacking of modern technology but with the growing phase, and to gain the maximum benefits from their business it is now preferable factor. This report will keep focus on this factor.

To setup the ICT infrastructure, the organization must need some of the commonly used hardware devices, which are mostly used by other businesses as well. Some of the hardware devices preferred for this setup are:

  1. Cash register
  2. Telephones
  3. Printer, scanner and copiers
  4. Portable devices
  5. Smart gadgets

Software is the set of programs, which can be used to accomplish a specific task. Mainly in business two types of software are needed while implementing ICT. It may be system software and application software. System software provides an interface between user and hardware. Mostly it is provided by the vendor or manufacturer. On the other hand the application software are used to fulfill specific need of user. Such applications may be Microsoft office suite, web browsers and Mailing utilities. (Khidzir, 2010) along with antivirus programs for ethical security detection, prevention and analysis.

Although the new technology is growing constantly and promoted smartly, but the purchasing of new technology without consideration the need is not a wisest move. (harry, 2015). The objective of business must be analyzed properly before doing any selection. The objectives of small business organizations for the adopting of ICT may be: (Gary Stoneburner, 2014)

  • Keep control on cost and increase the efficiency to gain the maximum profit
  • Keep the growth of business on pace and consistently increase the market share
  • Exchange information through productive communication

The new technology can also be used to change the working environment and work practices. (codd, 2016). The training of existing employees if required must be handled on priority basis. It must be kept in mind that all these activities may not put extra cost overhead on business.

Software in ICT

The main reasons of using ICT in small businesses: (peanupaps, 2006)

  1. Cost effective
  2. Secured storage
  3. Enhanced speed
  4. Easy accessibility
  5. Simple retrieval
  6. User friendly interface
  7. Increased efficiency
  8. Globally reachable

The conceptual framework of ICT can be illustrated as shown below. The models represent the factors which may affect the adoption of ICT. (Henderson, 2016)

The study done in this report is showing that if the chances of benefits gained by the small businesses are high then the adoption rate of ICT will also be increased. Perceived benefits, cost of ICT implementation, the cost consumed on the training and skills development of employees, the competitive advantages in market and the support of government will decide the level of adoption of information and network security parameters in small and medium sized organization.

The number of applications which can be used for the better information and network security in small business can be:

It can be used to improve the profitability and efficiency of business documentation. This will be a standard format of letters and business documentation.

It can be used to generate reports of every financial transactions, which generated the appropriate control level in business.

Cloud computing is the latest innovation in today’s scenario of digitization. Organizations can use infrastructure, services and platform as their cloud resources to save their money and extra overhead of managing them.

As per the case study the clients of Galaxy Software Inc. are related with pharmaceutical and hospitality sector. (Ion, 2010). If the software of these organizations are best on automated information system, then surely the quality of care will improve. The HELP system of clinics will be more efficient and reliable to store any kind of information related with patients, doctors and medicines. With the help of information and network security system, automated reminders can be generated for both doctors and patients. Before implementing the ICT projects for the small and medium sized businesses, the number of studies must be done by the Galaxy Software Inc. and some models have been prepared for the approval, following factors can affect the ICT projects as per the analysis:

  1. Economical
  2. Organizational
  3. Technological
  4. Organizational environment
  5. Execution

Technological integration of ICT into business organization can be beneficial for the growth, customer preferences and other shifts. To achieve the target of business, the strategies and information network security aspects must be aligned properly. In today’s scenario, the companies are paying more attention towards the implementation of on-demand business and SOE (service oriented enterprise). The SOA (Service oriented architecture) can be used to implement the ICT in business information system. To develop the business strategy, the focus must be on service strategy and the infrastructure of organization. (Habib, 2016)

As per the client’s requirements, the Galaxy Software Inc. is planning to implement the information and network security in their applications. For this the in depth analysis of the current trends about information and network security is done. Following types of security concerns are mainly focused: (Antlova, 2009)

  1. Security analysis tools
  2. Ransom-ware prevention tool
  3. Wireless security systems
  4. Data loss prevention tools
  5. Network access control tools

The main problems in ICT adoption for small and medium sized organizations are: (Prasad, Lalitha, & Srikar, 2015)

  1. Cost
  2. Lack of knowledge of IT skills
  3. Network security concerns
  4. Minimal margins initially
  5. Lack of Legal infrastructure
  6. Adaptive challenges


The conclusion of this report is that ICT can be beneficial for small and medium sized organizations in multiple services. For the expansion of business in Galaxy Software Inc. the ICT adoption can be the positive decision, if it is taken with some precautions. As the ICT implementation for a small business cannot be easy due to the need of finance and other security concerns. It must be planned accordingly.

The recommendations for Galaxy Software Inc. for successful adoption of ICT technology is recommended through following points:

It is recommended that using cloud computing technology, the small scale business organizations can save their huge amount of money. As there is no need of database storage setup and backup. In absence of database, even there is no requirement of technical person to handle the database. Company can choose any of the cloud model migrate their database.

In ICT, the most crucial factor is security, which can be easily handled by using preventive measures. Appropriate network operating system with authentication feature must be installed for the security reasons. Unauthorized access of database can be controlled by using Firewall, malware and virus detection tools.

For the official documents, presentations and mailing services, recommended tool is Google docs. It provides all time accessibility to concerned peoples with concept of sharing data.

For any organization, the technical changes are always critical. Current employees of company protest to change as they are comfortable with their current working behaviour. It must be handled cautiously. Proper guidance and encouragement is required for the same. Technical training in interesting way must be deliver to the employees so they can prepare themselves for new responsibilities. 


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