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Singtel Telecommunication Company Overview


Case study on the "Singtel- A telecommunication company of Singapore".

Singtel is a well-known telecommunication company of Singapore that provides telecommunication service including fixed line, mobile telephony, internet service, broadband, digital television, IT and network services. Being established at 1995, the company has expanded itself in many regional areas and out of their home country. It is the largest organization in Singapore by its market capitalization and holds a significant market share in the market of Singapore. The general plan of Singtel Telecommunication is to be the market leader in Singapore and implement cost leadership strategy. The focus of this company in Singapore is to provide premium WiFi Service with increased 5x speed and enjoying unlimited data usage and hotspot (, 2016).

The study will describe job analysis of 2 positions in terms of job description and job specification. The positions that will be chosen for this study are marketing and sales manager and human resource manager. One job design for the post of human resource manager will also be described in this study. The study will also describe recruitment and selection strategy of the organization. Apart from that, the implementation and detailed plan of job description, recruitment and section strategy will be described in this study. 

2.1 Job Description for Marketing and Sales Manager


Marketing and Sales Manager




Marketing and Sales Department


Marketing and sales Manager has to establish well contact and relationship with the customers of the organization. They have to attract the customer toward the product of the organization. Apart from that the manager has also to develop and apply suitable and persuasive salesmanship in regards to selling products.


The prime duty of the marketing and sales manager will be to fulfill the sales quota. The manager will also be responsible for aligning with the promotional activities of the organization. The duty of this organization will also be to meet the marketing and sales objective of the organization. The responsibility of choosing market opportunity for seeking consumers will also be the responsibility of the manager.

Working Condition

The working condition of the organization will be normal like any other organization.

Report to

Marketing in marketing and sales department

Table 1: Job description of marketing and sales Manager

(Source: Sanchez & Levine, 2012) 


MBA in Marketing from any recognized university


The manager would need at least five years of experience.


Strong communication skills and ability for handling complex situation should be there within the manager. The manager should also be flexible enough to accommodate himself in dynamic situation.

Skills, abilities and knowledge

The manager should have knowledge for marketing and sales. The manager would also be able to convince people in purchasing the product of the organization. The manager would also have strong negotiation skills in selling the products.


The manager would be less than 40 years of old.

Table 2: Job Specification for Marketing and Sales Manager

(Source: Algera & Greuter, 2013.)


Human Resource Manager




Human Resource Department


The human resource manager will be responsible to direct all the human resource activities of the organization. The manager will also to ensure that all the human resource policies, procedures and strategies are as per the organizational context.


The human resource manager should ensure proper implementation of recruitment, selection, training, development, performance appraisal, safety and security compliance in the organization. The manager will also be responsible for transferring all the human resource related information to upper level management of the organization.

Working Condition

The working hours for the organization will be normal like 8 hours per day and 5 day per week.

Report to

Director of human resource department

Table 3: Job Description for Human Resource Manager

(Source: Cucina et al., 2012)


The manager will have a degree of MBA in human resource or PG diploma in human resource or MA in industrial psychology.

The manager will also have degree or diploma in industrial labor.


The manager would require at least three years of experience in similar position in any telecommunication organization.

Skills, ability and knowledge

The manager should have knowledge in human resource management practice in any competing organization.

The manager would also require skills in techniques of employee management.

The manager needs the ability of making job description and conducting meeting with the organizational members.

Work orientation factor

The manager may require at least 20% of travel.


Below 35 years of old

Table 4: Job Specification for Human Resource Manager

(Source: Thurgood et al., 2013)

Job design is the core function of human resource management that requires specification of job contents, methods and relationship of job for satisfying organizational needs as well as personal needs of the organization (Wood et al., 2012). The job designs for the post of human resource manager of Singtel are as follows:

The Human resource manager will be responsible to give notice and advertisement for vacant position in the organization. According to the vacant position of the organization, the human resource manager has to arrange and schedule interview for recruiting the new employees in the organization. According to the exact requirement of the vacant position, the managers have to select appropriate candidate for the organization (Freeney & Fellenz, 2013). Apart from that, the manager should have the skills of developing the human resource of the organization through proper performance appraisal system. The manager will have to make health and safety programs for the employees of the organization.

The manager of the organization will have to check daily attendance of the employees for the organization. The manager will also be responsible for investigating the absence of the employees. The ability to initiate proper disciplinary action within the organization for maintaining disciplines within the organization (Cullinane et al., 2014). At some time, the HR manager has also to counsel the employees for the betterment of their job performance.

Job Analysis of Marketing and Sales Manager

The HR manager will be responsible for variety of task for reducing boredom of doing one type of task. Apart from recruiting and selecting the employees, the manager will also be responsible for give training to the employees for enhancing their skills. For increasing the motivational level of human resource manager, the manager will be provided with challenging work that would increase their pride level (Freeney & Fellenz, 2013). In this context, the manager will be responsible for counseling the low performing employees to increase their performance level.

Generally, normal working hours will be set for the human resource manager of the organization, but the manager may have to work for longer time as per the organizational requirement. The manager may have to spend long hours sitting and use organizational equipment and computers that can cause eyesight problems (Algera & Greuter, 2013). However, some of recreational activities will be set for the manager to reduce their stress level.

The mental capacity for the human resource manager should have strong mental capacity for to deal with complex situation. The human resource manager of Singtel will also have the ability to deal with number of task one at a time. 

Recruitment strategies are referred to the process of finding the vacant position for the organization and sourcing for the best candidate that can meet the job requirement of the vacant position. The organization can source for the vacant position either externally or internally.

Direct Walk In

Singtel can organize direct walk in interview session for recruitment of the employees in the organization. The organization will give advertise of the vacant position in new paper and other media channel from which the interested candidate would know about the job requirement (Mügge, 2016). The interested candidate can find their matching with the job requirement and come to the organizational campus for giving interview.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are some kind of organizations that sources various types of skilled and knowledgeable candidates. Singtel organization can ask for the recruitment agencies for hiring the candidate that match the requirement of the vacant job position (Buller & McEvoy, 2012). The recruitment agencies keep the record of various types of unemployed candidate and from that, Singtel can hire for best candidate. The organization can use this recruitment strategy for saving time for non-core hiring activities and concentrate on their core activities related to telecommunication. 


One of the best internal recruitment strategies for Singtel would be internal promotion of the employees to fulfill the vacant position. In this strategy, the organization can internally promote the employees to the vacant position in top level, if the skills for the vacant position is matched with any of the employees already works in the organization (Sanchez & Levine, 2012). Through this process, Singtel can reduce their cost of recruitment strategy and increase the motivational level of the employees.

Selecting top talent from within organization

In this strategy, the organization can set merit test examination for the internal employee of the organization. In the merit text examination, the organization will be able to select top talent from within the organization for matching the vacant position.

Job Analysis of Human Resource Manager

The following strategies will be selected for choosing right candidate for right position for Singtel organization.

Preliminary Interview

This interview will eliminate those candidates, who do not match the skills for the position of Singtel. In order to select human resource manager, the selection board will check the required qualification, skills and experience needed for the positon. 

Application Blank

The candidate who will clear the preliminary interview will fill the application blank. In this application blank, the candidate will record their qualification, experience, reason for leaving the earlier job and their age.

Written Test

Various written test will be conducted in term of aptitude test and personality test for checking the ability of candidate in interacting with people. It would not be biased.

Employment interview

In this strategy, one to one interaction will be conducted between the employer and candidate. The aim of this strategy will be to justify the suitability of the candidate for the Human resource manager position (Algera & Greuter, 2013).

Medical Examination

Medical test will be conducted for checking the physical fitness of the candidate. It will reduce the chance of absenteeism rate of the employees.

Appointment letter

The organization in this strategy will provide appointment letter to the candidate after making referencecheck. 

6.1 Implementation of Job design

Job design will be implement according to the mandate of the organization. Signtel will define their needs of human resource manager and accordingly set the skills and knowledge for the required position. The organization will ensure that their mandate support the organizational goals. After analysis the organizational goal, it would task analysis, task identity and task significance. Task analysis in job design will enhance the simplification of the job position. Apart from that, the job design will also be implemented for skill analysis that demonstrate skills variety required for the job position.

Recruitment strategy will be implemented through finding vacant position in the organization and sourcing right candidate for the vacant position. The organization will give job advertisement in various media channel from newspaper to social media channel. The hiring team will apply two types of recruitment strategies for sourcing candidates namely external and internal. In walk in interview method, the organization will invite different candidate that would match the required criteria for the vacant position of human resource manager (Freeney & Fellenz, 2013). The candidate will directly come to organizational campus and give interview. Apart from that, the organization can also source candidate from recruitment agencies.

Signtel will implement selection strategy through arranging proper interview with the candidate from the shortlisted candidate of recruitment strategies. A written examination board will also be created for conducting written examination that identify checking the personality and skills of the candidate for the post of HR manager (Sanchez & Levine, 2012). A separate room will be arranged where, the hiring manager will take one to interaction with candidate for justifying their suitability for the vacant position. One medical board will also be arranged by Signtel for checking the fitness of the candidate. 

7.0 Conclusion

While concluding the study, it can be said that Singtel is the largest telecommunication organization in Singapore by its market capitalization. Job analysis of two position for this organization namely ‘marketing and sales manager’and ‘human resource manager’ has analyzed jib description and job specification. Job description for the two position suggests the required duty and job summary for the positions. On the other hand, job specification suggest the required qualification and experience needed for the job position. Job design for the position of human resource manager suggests the required efficiencies, motivation and mental capacity needed by the position. Recruitment strategy suggests the proper way and sourcing the candidate and selection strategy suggests way of selecting proper candidate for the positon.  


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