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Physical, psychological and social impact of bereavement on individuals

Task 1

1. Explain the physical, psychological and social impact of bereavement on individuals (that is; the bereaved person).

Task 2

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of organisational policies and procedures of supporting bereaved individuals e.g. Mrs Garry and their social networks.

2. Explain how others in social networks may provide support to bereaved individuals

3. Evaluate the suitability of external sources of support available for bereaved individuals.                                            

Task 3

1. Analyse possible organisational responses to the need to support individuals experiencing a significant life event.

2. As a health and social care professional, reflect on your own personal contributions to the support of individuals experiencing significant life events such as bereavement.

3. Make recommendations for improving the support available in a Care Home for residents and their social networks when affected by significant life events such as bereavement.

Apart from these the people who get involved in the bereavement or who have an influence are nurses, counsellors, and various employees of the health care agencies. In case there is loss for Mrs. Garry, the services of the home care also get impacted. The nursing staffs that are hired to take care of the George’s mother are finely aware of the health issues and the issues of forgetting things like “dementia”. The proper knowledge of medicinal schedules as well as what all is needed for proper care of Garry. George also is impacted because of the behavioural changes in his mother due to the disease. After the sudden demise of his mother, George has been feeling sad and experiences loneliness even if the friends & family is all around. He has to get in touch with the health care firms as well as hospitals to share his feelings so that he doesn’t undergo depression (Chochinov & William, 2010).

As per the studies related with grief, generally the people who stay with the patients get to be low with the death of patients. The nursing staff might feel like gloominess, sadness, crying as well as other feelings that effect their way of working as well as family relations. As per the assigned case study, George is impacted due to dying of his mother, so his working & family life is influenced. George has a need for assistance to get used to the situation and manage his own health. The staff would not be able to understand his feelings for his dying mother. So, he felt neglected and sad. He wanted a helping hand from the staff of hospital so that he could be assisted with this feeling of negligence. Being upset for such a long time had made him feel emotionally tired and upset.

Organizational policies and procedures for supporting bereaved individuals

It is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of the business policies & processes in the environment of HSC in case of significant life events. A lot many firms and agencies operate in HSC, so there have to be set guidelines which all employees need to follow.

The HSC homes approached by George have to see that the care is provided to George to cope up with the situation. Within UK there are policies by which the bereavement care is offered to patients depending on the age-group. The policies and procedures cannot be ignored anyhow. The effectiveness of polices might be taken as quantitative or qualitative, and in case the speedy recovery is required then all suh policies and procedures need to be thoroughly followed. In case the agency gives proper & timely treatment then the patients feel good & motivated. The impacting policies in UK for treatments of patients are:

Inside of the communal policy writing bereaved individuals in UK to be a gathering at specific danger of destitution and issue obligation. Demise of an accomplice has been demonstrated to be a set off for guaranteeing pay bolster (denotes tried social help) and has been recognized like an explanation behind vagrancy (Zisook, 2000). A period spent looking after an incapacitated or sick relative can have unfavourable impacts on salary and business, and build living expenses and danger of obligation. The contrary monetary results of care-giving might persevere long past the passing of the individual taken care of and decrease annuity qualification.

As per the law of Standards for Bereavement care 2001 being reviewed in 2012, all services need safety and taking care of bereaved people. This kind of care is not anyhow restricted to the sufferer’s age, so it has been seen as extra efficient. The care from health agencies and social firms has to be at the apt time and apt place. The policy is so clearly laid that all the details of the care-taking people are verified well in advance from the criminal bureaus.

As per the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) When it is suspected that a man might be deceased inside of the following couple of days or hours ...

1. This probability is perceived and imparted unmistakably, choices made and moves made as per the individual's requirements and wishes, and these are routinely checked on and choices overhauled as needs be.

How social networks can provide support to bereaved individuals

2. Sensitive correspondence happens in the middle of staff and the diminishing individual, and those recognized as essential to them.

3. The biting the dust individual, and those recognized as critical to them, are included in choices about treatment and care to the degree that the diminishing individual needs.

4. The needs of families and others recognized as essential to the diminishing individual are effectively investigated, regarded and met beyond what many would consider possible.

5. An individual arrangement of care, which incorporates sustenance and beverage, manifestation control and mental, social and otherworldly backing, is concurred, co-ordinated and conveyed with empathy.People can take help from Macmillan Cancer Care policies and procedures having the informational stuff on cancer & its effects. These  resources for info are meant for the :

  • Citizens existing with and ahead of cancer.
  • Families, acquaintances and carers of public existing with and subsequent to cancer.
  • Wellbeing and social care experts.
  • For anybody anxious regarding long-standing circumstances related to cancer.
  • For persons who are concerned in relation to their health.

The social networks might be useful for provision of support to bereaved people in terms of emotional as well as financial terms. The principles, as per the result from a 3 year Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)-financed venture, put forward that those who are bereaved subsequent to family death due to drugs or alcohol regularly get poor, cruel or stigmatic reactions which can worsen their sorrow. The best thing that these social networks do is listening to the depressed people. This is the time when the people most badly need social support (Zhang et al 2011). Nobody in the social networks can advise the best or say anything but the best felling is that the mournful person sees that he is supported by others. Many a times the people are unable to express their feelings and sadness to everyone, however, they can indulge on social networks, and get connected to counselors and helpers in this way. Even if social networks are useful but it’s not necessary that all the individuals can benefit from these. It is totally as per the unique needs of grieving individuals (Wooliams et al 2009). The support might be supportive for the participants to be specified procedures of modification to bereavement and awareness of cooperation no less than two times (previous to and subsequent to the intrusion). Bereavement is a kind of the largely complicated and agonizing experiences individuals have to carry out in a life span; some resources successful in the mitigation of a little of the sorrow and agony are worth the moment used up to discover and describe those resources.

  • Jewish Bereavement Counseling Service (JBCS)- There are counselors who comprehend the detailed problems raised by bereavement in a Jewish framework.  A Jewish service might be receptive, conscious and well-informed in relation to communal, enlightening and spiritual requirements.
  • Compassionate Friends – They can assist the sufferer with support and times spent together so that there is emotional support and help in overcoming the greif.
  • Cruse Bereavement Care – It is a charitable trust/ group of volunteers assisting the bereaved people in the hard time. The trust is there to pay attention – offering an unbiased ear lacking plan – or it can hold up via tête-à-tête counseling conferences where one can effort throughout the sorrow. Or it might be that one needs assurance that other citizens have been experiencing a like occurrence.
  • The bereavement Partner support - The death of a companion, family member or respected one can be devastating for anybody, however by being part of a well-built support method one can be having an vital responsibility in his or her therapeutic procedure. Being a good listener is a particular, however by knowing and understanding the usual phases of curing and how they have formed, the sufferer will be in a much superior arrangement to assist associate in his or her sorrow.

The people who are closely connected to the deceased are the ones who get effected the most. Herein, George is bereaved one since he has lost his mother to death. He needs various types of supports to overcome the grief like physical, spiritual, societal, psychological etc. These supports can be attined from various internal & external sources. The internal sources of support include family & friends (Murillo and Holland, 2004). However, in case of external support, the ways are:

Analyzing organizational responses to support individuals experiencing significant life events

a) Physical support

The physical support can be provided by the therapists and care takers with the help of wheel chairs, bed resting equipments, aids to remember things, etc. Even the therapy can be done by changing of interior furnitures or stuff at his home so that it doesn’t always remind him of his mother.

b) Social care

This would include provision of support by co-ordination of all the social arrangements towards the support of bereaved individuals (Shear et al 2005). The experts might help bereaved to be socially active and interacting with the people & groups who can help in recovering from grief.

c) Psychological support

George will require the number of sittings to be counseled. After the significant life events in his life, he has not been able to manage his life well. So, he can get psychological aid from the specialists and the care homes in terms of therapies for relaxing of body and mind. He needs therapies for overcoming the sleepless nights as well.

d) Spiritual Support

Yoga as well as meditation is a way of healing spiritually. George can use these techniques to build confidence and self-belief. This would make George get busy towards his own healing and make him attain huge support for lifetime.

The people experiencing the significant life events can cope up with the challenges in life with the help of external sources (Boelen et al 2006). Sometimes these diseases only can be cured with the assistance of specialists and medical treatments. Whatever kind of support is chosen, the external sources are supplementary to the internal supports. These make sure that the bereaved person is cured faster and leads a normal life once again.

George can seek help from the volunteers and organizations that have been explained above. The counseling & friends can be of great help in George’s overcoming of situations. He can seek support and become normal to his surroundings & situations. Since George’s mother wants to donate her organs with the nearing death, George can get in touch with the similar organizations and assist her in doing so. As George’s mother doe not wish to be alone at the time of death and wants to be back to her home, George must arrange for nursing staff & equipments at the residence. This would allow him to provide with last-days care to his mother. The nursing staff will help the patient with the dietary needs and all the care needed.

Reflections on personal contributions to supporting individuals experiencing significant life events

There have been guidelines laid by the rules of 2014. These guidelines have to be followed, failing which Department of Health might look for alternate options or take corrective actions. The needs of individuals vary and these need to be catered to differently. The care organizations need to make sure that the caretakers are properly verified in terms of their background prior to becoming a part of the association. The lawful arrangements need to be made to ensure that the patient is safe and protected with the caretaker or assigned nurse. The staff must be aware of the history of the patients and the medical needs, to ensure proper care for the patient. The organizations need to provide the sufferer with the adequate, timely as well as most suitable support to the patients for quick recovery, and their cure(Aveyard, 2010).

The firm where George works can support him with counselling. There can be a formal support in terms of finances neede. He can avail loan from the workplace for fulfilling the expenses of his ailing mother and also can use the family insurance sums for the same. He might also be supported by the leaders in terms of leaves & flexibility of timings so that he can spend most of his tme with his mother in the crucial days. ACAS gives some great suggestions to directors when taking care of interchanges, for example, to offer legitimate sympathies and to be delicate and empathetic. It is essential that directors try to comprehend the degree to which a worker wishes for the manager to keep deprivation issues secret from clients and associates. Declarations and interior interchanges ought to be taken care of in a delicate way to ensure worker relations, and additionally keeping away from possibly rupturing prerequisites under the Data Protection Act 1998. Loss in the working environment can be trying to oversee: representatives may need to set aside time off suddenly; discover their execution is affected, or be briefly not able to perform certain parts. However a caring and strong methodology exhibits that the association values its representatives, helps construct responsibility, diminish affliction nonappearance, and hold the workforce.

The sudden demise/deaths are seen to cause huge negative impact on people, especially the ones who are close to the dead ones. This same thing happened when one of the patients suffering from bereavement due to demise of his father needed attention. For supporting the individual I ensured that minimum standards of care were met by:

Recommendations for improving support in care homes for residents and their social networks


Services had to take care the confidentiality and security of the mourning individual and all the data shared by them, with due respect to defending, assent and information assurance.


The services offered are regard the privacy of every mourning individual's despondency and desires, with every individual dealt with sympathy and affectability.

fairness and Diversity:

Services had been non-biased and conveyed without partiality, perceiving and reacting to individual convictions and individual circumstances counting (however not selective to) age, society, handicap, sex, sexuality, race, faith and deep sense of holiness.


The services guaranteed that I and every one of those offering services to dispossessed individuals, whether in a paid or wilful limit, have the right stuff, information, preparing, supervision applicable to their part, and that services effort to enhance what they present.

Wellbeing & safety:

The services always have hearty procedures for enrollment, involving fitting levels of freedom with the revelation and Barring Service and continuous personnel/volunteer improvement. There should be expected respect to sheltered and moral exercise so as to ensure deprived individuals and the individuals who effort with them. The fundamental procedures for defending must be set up and responsibility prove through a review process (Latham and Prigerson, 2004).

An example of my personal contribution was when an occupant who had a history of falls in her room was frequently found in the storeroom region with her jeans down. I had a consideration being suggested a conceivable reason for falls was the occupant attempting to freely utilize the toilets, yet befuddling the wardrobe with the lavatory. Falls stopped after the staff set up a preventive toileting timetable and put a sign on the entryway that helped the occupant comprehend that the space behind the entryway was a wardrobe. I always wanted to help the people, however in this case I took this issue quite seriously and seeked help from my peer group to stop the falls. The patient had been a little reluctant to take help however being concerned and sharing views with her brought me emotionally closer to her. I always felt that this situation can come to anybody, so I should help her n overcoming the same. She was a bereaved individual so I left my number with her and anytime she needed to talk to, she called me directly. I had been a source of emotional support for her and thus she could bak upon me in any situation of suffering.

The recommendations for betterment of care homes are as below:

a) Better co-ordination with the service providers (Thekkumpurath et al 2009)

The care providing homes have to work in partnership with different service providers so that the nursing staff is able to attain high quality services

b) Initiating and developing better ideas

The better ways of nursing operations in care homes involves review of the existing procedures of care and then implementation of the ideas to make the reactions and responses of care staff as manageable.

  • Ongoing evaluation is an essential strategy for identifying utilization of restrictions and distinct options for their utilization, and also to bolster limitation free care.
  • Residents need regular, comprehensive assessment so that their individual consideration arrangements address needs and avoid utilization of restrictions for conditions, for example, incessant falls, behavioural side effects or meandering effective care planning involves knowing an occupant's remaining capacities and seeing how to make utilization of them to evade conditions, for example, meandering and falls that can prompt unseemly utilization of restrictions. Care home staff are in charge of attempting and reporting different alternatives to stay away from utilization of limitations.
  • Definition of without restraints
  • Restraint care and reasons why limitations are unsatisfactory
  • Myths and misinterpretations about restrictions, including, for instance, the confusion that limitations are a compelling and satisfactory way to deal with guaranteeing inhabitant safety
  • Negative effect of physical limitations on occupants and staff
  • Restraint-related evaluation strategies
  • Appropriate tend to occupants with behavioural symptoms
  • Residents' rights and lawful parts of restriction use
  • Residence restriction policy and convention for utilization in crisis circumstances
  • Families neededucation about restraints todevelop an understanding of:
  • The destructive outcomes of limitations
  • Why restrictions are inadmissible
  • Legal parts of limitation use
  • Support of inhabitant independence & freedom to move


Meant for all bereaved persons, grief is practised as per their ‘entire being’, counting their bodily, emotional, cognitive, performance based and religious demonstrations. In case the grief is difficult and long-lasting, support proposes that intercession is both designated and efficient (Currier et al. 2008). On the other hand, the accessible facts proposes that just a marginal of individuals will need expert bereavement interferences and that for the balance, interference is not effectual. Consequently, targeting limited possessions for persons who will profit mainly from them is vital. These bereavement support principles have been set up to help out calming care services to accomplish that.


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