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Event Planning for Glorious Golden


Discuss about the Event Management of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the ABC Company.

ABC Company in Singapore is a wholesale retailer of garments and clothing both in the country and abroad. It was established in 1967 with only a handful of people but at present it has more than 3000 people at their 30 stores spread all over the world. They also export raw materials and resources to other smaller companies as they believe that by helping others they will be able to develop their own company. On their 50th year of inception, they are very excited to celebrate the golden jubilee in a unique and extraordinary style. An event consultant was hired to plan the event and arrange it accordingly for making their golden year all the more bright and shiny. The whole report will look into the details of the glorious event (Andersson et al., 2013).

For organizing an event it is essential to formulate an idea which will be beneficial for the operation in a smooth way. To celebrate the golden jubilee of the ABC Company the event consultant had aimed to bring together all the stakeholders, internal and external publics of the company and others who are directly or indirectly connected. The event will be a three- day program which will include inauguration, refreshments, AGM, future prospects and cultural program. As it is the golden year so the main theme of the event will be to color everything with a golden splash. It will be held in the gorgeous Fullerton Bay hotel of Singapore on 18th – 20th December 2017. The event was named as, ‘glorious golden’. There will be estimated invitees of around 5000 people in the event (Atkin & Brooks, 2014).

The grand event will take place in the Fullerton Bay hotel of Singapore which is located at an amazing place on the bay where the visitors can experience a great view of the marina. The prominent location of the particular hotel is the heart of business, arts and culture. The popular and iconic cultural landmarks of the city are situated at a stone- throwing distance from the hotel as well as the shopping stores of Suntec City and the Orchard Road. The nearest metro railway station is a five- minutes walking distance and the nearest bus stop is also three minutes away. The Changi international airport is no more than thirty minutes drive from the hotel which contributes to its major access (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2013). 

The Venue: Fullerton Bay Hotel

The social impact of an event is the most on the host communities with a strong financial impact. As the event of golden jubilee celebration is a high- profile event therefore the political implications are large. The impacts will involve the improvement of the image of the place which will allow other companies which will other companies to invest and it will flourish tourism. The environmental impacts include the use of eco- friendly products in the event by thinking about the long term sustainability effect. The cultural impact will vary among the diverse population of the place. The local community might have a different attitude towards the hosting of the event as they will have to suffer from certain negative effects (Brown et al., 2015).

The sponsorship will be collected from advertisements and revenues. The stakeholders of the company will be approached and the current employees will also be requested to contribute for the grand event. Funds can be raised by various sources for adding to the investment of the company. The hotel and hospitality industry will also be approached for sponsorship. While collecting sponsorship the team of event management might find some sponsors who are doing this task for a long time. The sponsors will be related to the target market for the particular event which will be beneficial for them as well as for the company. Appendix 2 showcases a model of relationship in event sponsorship (Geraghty, 2016).

There will be pick- up and drop down facilities for the guests who will come from far and accommodation for all of them. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are mandatory on all the three days but dinner will be served only on the first two days. The event will take place from 18th to 21st of December, 2017. The inauguration will be held on the 1st day at 10 am in the conference room of the hotel by the CEO and other dignitaries of the company (Wee, 2016). The inauguration will be followed by breakfast for the guests and a welcome note by the guest of honor. Then there will be an AGM which will discuss the past success of the company and the upcoming future prospects. After serving lunch, the guests will be entertained by showing short films and video clips made on the life on the company’s journey and the interviews taken from each and every employee. The 1st day program will end at 5 pm with a round of snacks. The second day will present the guests with a one- day tour of the city which will end at 6 pm and then they will be served evening snacks. On the third day there will be cultural program from different states of the country and cake cutting with a concluding speech by the CEO of the company which will bring a musical closure to the 3- day long celebration (Getz, 2013).

Program Schedule of Glorious Golden

The main stages in strategic marketing are considered to be segmentation, targeting and positioning.  It is an important part of event planning to develop a list of invitees for making correct marketing decisions (Stadler, Fullagar & Reid, 2014). With a fixed target the correct strategy, price, promotion and place will be fixed. The market segmentation will be done on the basis of demographics, geography, psychographics and behavior. It will be considered that the segments are measurable, accessible, profitable and reachable. The specific event was also segmented to target most of the invitees which will be profitable for the market. This will help in highlighting the marketing budget and the promotional resources. It will help the event consultant to save time and money on the non- respondent target group (Getz et al., 2015).

The event of golden jubilee celebration is a striking example of tourism regeneration strategy led by business or corporate activities. Singapore being a industrial place has attempted to get over its tradition of deindustrialization and create an economy on the basis of their service by reconstructing the image. The hosting of the event had encouraged many foreign visitors to the place which enhanced Singapore’s profile.  The event had provided jobs to many people by boosting urban tourism and paved the way for future events. Showcasing the beauty of Singapore to the foreign visitors will help in the regeneration of the place by tourism inflows gained from the representative (Gration et al., 2016).

For this event, the event consultant did not only pay attention to the perception of the guests in the event but also of the organizers themselves to get a lesson for developing their services in the future events. It is not a very long time that a larger view of the impact of the event has been taken into consideration rather than only economic impacts (Hallak et al., 2016). The sustainability and the environmental impacts are significantly taken into account when it comes to evaluation of the event. It is a tough challenge for the event organizers to make sure that there are a sufficient number of evaluated dimensions which will make way for holistic evaluation. The evaluation of events uses the tools of content analysis, visitor exit survey, economic impact assessment, social impact analysis and environment impact analysis (Rojek, 2014). In the given event of golden jubilee celebration of the ABC Company, the guests will be given feedback forms to be submitted in a drop box. After one week of the program the guests will be sent emails asking for suggestions as to how they can improve their services and what did the guests like in the previous event. A survey will be conducted online which will analyze the collected data and the findings received from the respondents.  But there are problems in event evaluation if the opportunity to detect the fault is missed therefore strong focus should be given at the planning phase for effective implementation of the strategies. There are three critical factors of significance, success and sustainability in the approach of event evaluation (Jones, 2014).

Impact of the Event on the Host Community

The pre and post event activities are equally important in an event as they decide the effectiveness of the main event. The pre event activities involve proper planning and arrangements so that the main event can take place in a smooth way. The event consultant who was hired for arranging the event in the given scenario will need to make a detailed list so that nothing is missed out (Larson, Getz & Pastras, 2015). He will have to allocate teams for separate activities within a stipulated time. The planning must be done by keeping in mind the immediate remedies to be used in emergency crisis situation.

The partner program in this event will include the companies such as Archie’s from where the gift and decorative items were bought and the food and beverage company such as Wong Food and Beverage who provided refreshments. Then there were other partners such as the music and light companies and the tour and travels company. With the initiation of the partner program both the companies will get benefitted which will develop an effective business transaction. A partner program will help to define each and every partner of the company for valuing the customers (Leino, 2016).

Evening program for the particular event will include the cultural program of different province which reflected a rich cultural and traditional history. Light snacks along with the tune of melody will give rise to a serene ambience for the audience present in the hall. They will be able to enrich themselves with the experience of something that was unknown and unseen till that day. The program also included a short play on the life of the employees at the ABC Company which broke their monotony of the daily work. The celebration also bridged the gap between the existing and the previous employees and paved the way for new opportunities (Martin, 2015).

The success on the part of the event consultant will enable them to get contacts for further events. If they can get contacts for overseas events then they will be able to earn more than local events. The event management team can also use innovative ideas such as flashing their name in between the play or using colorful banners at the premises of the event. Flashing of their names will grab the attention of the guests and there is a chance that they might visit their next event. This visit might evoke another great opportunity for the company which will be helpful for them (McNeil, Frey & Embrechts, 2015).

Event Evaluation and Pre/Post Activities

The event experience can be enhanced by involving the guests at the extreme level which enable a two- way communication. This involvement will let the guests enjoy the program and will feel the warm hospitality. Using more audio visual media will let the guests enjoy better than just speech and meeting (Getz, 2017).


Thus, it can be concluded that event consultant will be successful in his task if the guests who were invited are satisfied with the services provided to them. The success of the event consultant is associated with the success of the ABC Company. This is because there might be some individuals among the guests who can provide once in a lifetime opportunity for the specific company and it cannot be afforded to miss. This will not only help the company to develop but the country will also gain foreign income. Overall, the economy of the country will be affected in a positive way by boosting urban tourism and regeneration. So, it can be seen how the success of a big event can be advantageous to the company as well as the country.


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