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Discuss about the Hospitality Management for Production and Operation Management.

Black Beans café is situated at Sydney CBD. The case has reputation and fame for providing quality coffee and beverages. A new operational manager has been hired by the management of the organization to enhance the functionalities and performance of the business process. In this paper operational strategy of Black bean Café have been mentioned. After studying the overall case study it could be said that Back Bean Café has huge opportunity in the market and it can easily enhance its business performance. Appropriate business plan would be required for accomplishing all their activities. After studying the case study it could be said that respective organization has multiple goals and targets. Each of them must have to be focused in an efficient manner so that organization can reach to its peak of success.

In this case operation management has been asked to set some fruitful strategies for the respective café so that organization can meet their target. After having the discussion it has been found that respective café wants to enhance its growth by market share and financial turnover. For doing such thing appropriate operational plan would be required (Roth, 1993). The operational plan made by the respective manager has been mentioned below;


Performance Criteria

Time frames




1. Make a contract with appropriate vegetables provider in the local market. Through this process quality could be maintained. 

Management must have to focus on this aspect so that quality of food would be good and tasty. If ethical provider delivers food then quality can be maintained.

For doing such thing respective management must need minimum of six months.

For making contract with the vegetable suppliers approximately 250AUD would be required on a monthly basis.

For handling this type of activity Operation manager would be responsible. The manager must have to negotiate with the suppliers for getting the benefits.

Resources can be generated through different sources. There are many vegetable suppliers present in the market. Management must have to be familiar with all those links.

2. Hire and recruit efficient staffs for the business process.

As the management wants to enhance its business growth, efficient staffs would be hired on the basis of their skills and knowledge on

This can be implemented on as need arises basis and all future recruitment should follow the process.

For this purpose a reputed employment agency can be contracted and this will use a commission of 100AUD for each successful placement.

The human resource department of the restaurant will handle this part of the procedure and the HR manager will handle the process.

The number of employment agencies in Sydney is high but the quality of the company has to be assured through market analysis.

3.Make sure that the employees act according to café budget and reduce wastage and increase efficiency to decrease overheads so that growth rate is higher.

Adherence to common sense along with the company policies to ensure that the employees understand their role in the improvement of the profitability of the business.

To implement this policy fully there is need of a time of three months for the café.

This will include instruction of the hired staff that will result in loss of work hour and some demonstration material must be printed and distributed so the cost will be insignificant.

The responsibility of this will fall upon the manager of the staff or the supervisor in the kitchen and wait staff.

The resources required for this is the complete guide of any cost that can be reduced by the company. So except full knowledge of the operations no other resources are necessary.

4.Marketing of the company must take a higher priority in the local market as the goal of the company is to increase foot traffic.

This requires the proper communication to the target customers and the adherence to the government policies like do not call policy.

For successful achievement of this strategy there is need for the time of six months approximately for the full effect of the strategy to reveal itself.

The budget required for this approach will cost no more than 40000 AUD. The methods like pamphlets with local news papers and signs on light posts will be carried out in that budget.

The marketing department and the manger will be especially responsible for the determination of the p[roper media and communication method to market the product of the company.

The intellectual resource required by the company is the knowledge of the customer base and the connection to the local TV channels and news papers.

5.Product development is the requirement of the café to keep the existing customers so new items must be added to the menu periodically.

This requires the attention of the chefs and baristas of the café to experiment with new recipes regularly and the resulting concoctions must be tasted by the staff and manager to judge its suitability as a permanent part of the menu.

This should take the time of two months and a new item should be added to the menu of the café in this interval and this should be a continuous process.

The budget for this should be low as the materials used in the experiments will be from the café and the cost of those can be minimal because the amount of wastage would be insignificant.

The responsibility for the experimentation will fall upon the cooks and the baristas of the café and upon the manager to approve and disapprove of the new items.

The resources required here is the experienced chefs and baristas who have knowledge of their profession and the experience to conduct the necessary experimentation with the menu.

6. Gain competitive advantage by enticing the existing customers with special offers and discounts that can not be duplicated by the competitors.

The criteria for this to not to lose any regular customers to any other shop in the locality.

For successful achievement of the criteria the time needs is the time of almost one year where the permanent customers can be marked and the success of the strategy seen.

The budget for this will be offset from the promotional budget and it will cost no more than 500 AUD per month as the attracting of new customers and converting them into permanent ones require time and effort.

The responsibility of this task falls upon the manger and waitresses to determine the likely candidates that work locally and the suitable offers that will entice them to come to the shop again and again.

The resource requirement for this task is the identification of likely potential customers and thinking up suitable offers that will attract a daily customer from the locality.

7. the protection of intellectual property of the café like the special blends of coffee and the recipes for their lunch menu needs to be protected by the staff as the only the head chef will know and control the amount of some ingredients so that the  other staff cannot betray the secrets to the competitors.

The criteria for this are to ensure that the recipes and future plans of themes of special occasion are closely guarded.

There is no time limit to this task as this is an ongoing process.

The budget for this inconsequential as the loyalty of the staff cannot be bought but there needs to be some provision for the strategy in the employment contracts

The responsibility of this falls upon the staff supervisor and the manger as they will monitor and control the actions of their subordinates.

The resources required for this task is the knowledge of the background of the staff and observe any incident that might indicate foul paly.

Meeting plan

The meeting plan will consist of two of the strategies discussed in the first part of the assignment and the explaining of the responsibilities of the people involved in the process of implementation.

The meeting will be made up of the general manager of the store the human resource manager and the head chef and the kitchen and wait staff supervisor. They are the highest ranked employees in the organization and the duty of implementing the particular strategy will fall upon them.

Step one

The first step of the meeting will be informing the individual member of the staff who are admitted in the meeting about all the new strategies and pointing out the people specifically required for the implementation of the different strategies and informing them of the details of the  plan and the implementation stages and performance criteria of the strategies.

Step two

The plans will be taken on one by one and the people responsible will be addressed directly by the manager and the plans and their role in the plan will be discussed. This is the most crucial step of the meeting as this is the stage where the staff concerns and input about the strategies will be discussed (Bjerregaard, 1979). The staff might provide valuable input into the strategy and implementation stages by both pointing out any flaw that might cause problems in the implementation stages and pointing out better and more efficient methods of achieving the same goal with less spending of time or money.

The first plan that is going to be explained is the recruitment and training of the staff. Therefore, this will address the human resource manager of the organization and the general manger himself. The recruitment plan consists of the recruitment of the capable staff with the required skills for the job. This is to be achieved by using the help of a employment agency who will be paid on a case to case basis. The responsibility of the human resources manager will be to check the market for the local employment agencies and check their success rate and suitability for providing the employees with the specific qualities that are required by the organization.

Then the choosing process will be done by the agency and will be paid for every hire made. But the final screening will be done by the human resources manager and he is free to acquire the help of any particular high ranking employee under whom the new employee will be working. He will be able to judge the competency and the knowledge of the employee and thus help in choosing the best candidate for the job.

This plan will be implemented on as needed basis which will depend on the vacancy of the posts. So, the immediate responsibility of the HR manager will be to make sure that one employment agency is chosen and made contact with so that a contract with the agency can be drawn and a rate fixed for the supply.

The next plan that is to be implemented is the plan for product development. This consists of the senior barista and the head chef of the café. This will consist of continuous experimentation of new items for the menu and new blend of coffee (Bisen and Srivastava, 2009). This is to be implemented on a continuous basis and the successful creations will be recorded and introduced to the menu in regular intervals. This process will be taken up by the head chef who will experiment weekly with some new ingredient and the barista who will do the same. The general manger and some volunteers will also help in tasting the new brews and foods and the final decision will be made by the general manager on whether to make the item a permanent part of menu based on the response from the customers.

Step three

In the third step of the meeting the people present will be given chances to voice their opinions about the plans that are to be implemented and to point out any problems in implementation and the risks that might cause a plan to fail. This is also an important step as it will ensure the success of the plan if the details of the plan are agreed upon by the senior staff and the managers. The success of the plans depends upon the cooperation of the staff members and the managers so this is the time where the details of the plan will be cemented.

Step four

The fourth and final step of the plan will be set the budgetary requirements and time limit for the commencement of the plan. This will consist of the preliminary ideas about whom to approach with the plan and listing the resources required and allocating them to the people charged with the implementation of the strategy.

The overall paper is showcasing the operational management of Black Bean Café. The organization has been running their services for a long period of time. Now the company wants to enhance its business scopes and opportunities through its quality and strategies.

Effective information gathering for the process: Operational manager must have to collect different information from the respective assessor to judge the overall basic functionalities of the organizations. Operation manager has been hired to improve the current organizational situation. In this case operational manager needs to focus on the information gathering process. Various strategies have been taken by the management to improve the current scenario. Information must have to be obtained on the basis of food quality, market environment, market share etc. Suppliers of raw materials also need to be taken care of. If operation manager could be able to collect this information, then everything can be executed in an efficient and appropriate manner. Both numerical data and secondary data have been collected for the analysis purpose.

Productivity and profitability of chosen strategies: Profitability and performance is the main element for any kind of business organization. By the help of this process management can grow their business process. The overall paper is mainly showcasing the organization Black Bean Café of Sydney that wants to enhance its product and service value. In this case strategies have been taken on the basis of marketing plan, service and quality of food etc. These strategies would be highly beneficial for the respective organization. Efficient manpower is the important aspect of the business process. Researchers stated that an organization can get profit advantage if their employees have efficiency of doing innovative products. In this case if staffs of respective café prepare different modern foods and beverages, then people could be highly attracted. This thing highly related to the organizational profitability.

After having the analysis it could be said that brand awareness among people is the most deadly element for the respective organization. The organization has multiple competitors in the local market. For this reason various obstacles are raised. Due to this issue operation manager must have to focus on this issues in an effective and efficient way so that brand value of the business could be increased.


The overall paper is made to justify the operational plan for the Black Bean Café of Sydney. The Company has hired an operational manager to check their performance and functionalities. After measuring these elements management will focus on the improvement checklist. These are the process which could be able to change the face of the business. Different types of strategies have been highlighted with their budget. Each of the strategy could be executed properly by the help of responsible person. Responsibilities of people in the case of strategy implementation also have been mentioned. Each of the activity could be executed on the basis of effective resource allocation. Researchers stated that resource allocation is the only way to get good result, if management could be able to allocate resources properly then they will definitely get good return.


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