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You are an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant. You have been given a contract to go into the organisation and it will be your responsibility to respond to the following three questions:

1.As an International Human Resource Management Consultant what are the issues at No Name Airline (insert the name you have given the airline)? In this question you need to explain what the issues are in the case study.

2.How should Human Resource Management deal with the issues in the case? You need to explain how HRM should ensure the issues are not repeated, taking into consideration the international environment.

3. What is your plan to present to No Name Airline? You need to make a solid recommendation to the company and present them with an implementation plan to eliminate the issues. The implementation is very important because it will be the 'how' you as the consultant will resolve the issues.

Cultural problems

Human resource management is a core aspect or element of overall organizational management within a business entity. Human resource management deals with the human resources available within a company and the workforce of the firm in order to conduct the operational activities of the organization. The purpose of the current assessment is to show skills and knowledge related to identification of Human resource problems and the ways in which such problems can be managed in a significant way. The scope of the assessment will be to portray significant knowledge in respect of Human resources management whereas the knowledge and theories provided will be only related to HRM which will limit the information provided in the assessment to only Human resource management. The assessment will identify the HRM issues in RS aircrafts and the HRM strategies or approaches that can be used in order to mitigate the such issues within the firm.

The issues faced by RS Aircraft through there Human resources are discussed as follows:

Cultural problems: Through assessment over the cultural aspects of the company’s Human resources it has been seen that the workforce culture of RS Aircrafts does not support communication and coordination. It can also be stated that the workforce culture within the company does not promotes establishment of proper communication as there are worker with a negative approach to build communication with faraway groups of teams. This creates communication gap between the headquarters and the delegated offices of the company affecting the overall operations within the firm (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It has been observed that the teams within the company significantly work in there areas of operations only and have low amount of communication and coordination with their counterparts. This has created various sequences of events causing in communication failures of the company (Collings, Wood and Szamosi, 2018). Due to communication failures the company has faced various problems in operating within countries like China, Singapore and Vietnam. It has been seen that due to ;lack of proper communication and communication failures the company has also not been able to provide quality service to the customer which will eventually affect the company both operational and financial. Customer have report degraded quality in the products and services of the company which is they have restricted payments to the company in future before the issue is solved. Thus it can be said that this will affect the financial stability of the company in the market. This shows that the non communicational culture of the company is a big issue which affect the company's operational activities.

Diversity management

Through the observation of the RS aircrafts case it has been seen that the company has been facing a problem related to managing diversity in the workforce of the company around the world (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). AS the company is operating in an international way it is important that the diversified workforce is managed through operational efficiency and that every worker has an equal opportunity. The company has very simple policy that it has set for managing diversity within its workforce (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). The policy is to simple for a international firm as there are various diverse worker working in the workforce of the company.  It is to be mentioned that there has been problem for discrimination of seniority which is to  be mitigate in a healthy workforce environment. The company has also not be be promoting a workforce which support recruitment of person with disabilities. It can further be stated that the recruitment of person with disability has been rejected on various occasion which has degraded the diversity management procedures within the company in a very prominent way. The company has an issue with their policy and value that they have set to management diversity within the company (Albrecht et al. 2015). As the policy is too simple bypassing such policy has not been hard for the workforce. Discrimination has been there in the company which has led to decrease in employee performance within the company. This has directly affected the overall operational efficiency of the company (Brewster et al.2016). Hence it can be said that diversity management has bnot be up to the mark within the company which has created problems within the working environment of the firm affect the organization overall performance (Storey, 2014).

International performance management issues: The Company has faced issues relating to the performance management of its international operations. It can be seen that as the human resources of the company is international located the performance measurement system of the employees as well as the workforce should also be well distributed and expanded in company (Jackson et al. 2014). However, it can be seen that the company has reported that the performance management system within the company has not been able to record and measure international operational performance of the workforce in an efficient manner. This is because the performance measurement system within the company has lacked essential things that are necessary for the company to measure and management workforce performance internationally. There are been inefficient and manual performance appraisal within the international subsidiaries of the company which has eventually degraded the performance management system of the company. One of the main issue which can seen in this case is that the HRM within the country has failed to underpin a proper policy or procedure that the management can follow in order to measure and management workforce operation internationally (Purce, 2014). It can be stated that the company has failed to set up effective measure in which it it will be able to measure and management employee performance international that affect its workforce operation in countries like China, Singapore and Vietnam. Hence it can be said that there issue with the performance and management measurement system of RS aircrafts which is affecting the performance appraisal procedure within the company and this indirectly affects the financial stability of the company as this misvalue’s  the expenses of the firm.

International performance management issues

Training and development: Training and development within the company also faces some issue as there is some indication the training and development procedure within the company is inefficient to produce effective training and development programs for the employees to perform well at workplace.  Training programs are must for employee in order to get customer to the working style of the organization whereas development programs helps employee to develop their skills at workplace. Both of these programs help in development of an effective workforce within the organization. Hence its is needful that an organization has effective workforce environment combined with efficient training and development programs to enhance their operational effect (Bratton and Gold, 2017). In case of RS aircrafts it is seen that the company has not significant training and development programs which engages the employees to get accustomed or develop their sills in the workplace. As a result of which the company is not able to extract the full potential of their employees in an dominant way.  The lack of a proper policy which depicts the goals and objectives of training and development programs is not there within the company which is why the company is not able perform there training programs to train the new recruits. Due to lack of such policy the company is also not able to provide efficient developmental programs which enhance the work skills of employees in a significant which directly affect the operational efficiency of

Discussion over how HRM will deal with such issues

It has been observed that the Australian teams of RS Aircraft have not been functioning properly and gap has been created between the teams that have been integrated and also across the teams and  the management. This has developed as a result of the staff being resistive towards change and has extended this attitude towards communications between the headquarters and the management (Noe, et al. 2006). One Of the Australian teams have pointed out that the parts arriving from China and Vietnam are not upto the mark and this has led customers, both governmental and non governmental to complain about the quality of the end product. But after observing the assembly line it can be pointed out that it is not due to the lack of quality of the parts but rather the lack of unity amongst the three different teams of the assembly line, which has caused this complication. Frequent inspections of the assembly line needs to be organised by the HRM to deal with this situation and any kind of Hostility that may be observed between the different teams needs to be mitigated immediately and on the floor. Such aggravations should not reach upper management as it will hamper the efficiency of the whole process (Stone, Salas and Isenhour, 2004). Better means of communications need to established between the different teams and communications experts need to hired in order to avoid any kind of indecisions or miscommunications. Bias among teams should be avoided at all costs and individuals responsible for creating such environments need to cautioned immediately.

Training and development

RS Aircrafts believes in a sample policy when it comes to Diversity management. Every individual is equal in the eyes of the organisation regardless of their race, religion, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and other philosophies. But issues have risen regarding the implementation of this policy (Legge, 1995). At the headquarters there's a growing trend among olders staff members who have been intolerant and hostile towards the employees from other generations. Secondly in their Chinese base of operations the management has showed bias against people with disabilities. To deal with these complicated issue the HRM should bifurcate there approaches and different individuals will have different reasons for this cultural bias. Workshops that will educate the workforce about the rich value of working in a diverse atmosphere and group interventions that will help point out the different issues that the employees face while working with each other, needs to be organized to identify the primary reason and accompanying mindset of the staff that has led to this aggravation. Most common causes for such a distress is cultural bias and ignorance (Sumner, 2000). Regular workshops and frequent corporate events will help the staff  that will help the employees in socialising with each other need to be organised. Socialising plays a huge part in remitting unhealthy attitudes and create a healthy unbiased popular opinion.

There is a lack of  international performance management as though performance reviews are conducted at the headquarters no such reviews are conducted at any of the other subsidiaries. The company needs to understand the value of such reviews and how they have the capacity to increase efficiency among the workforce. Lack of such reviews at the subsidies lead to an imbalance amongst the headquarters and the subsidiaries and also create a lack of understanding amongst each other which contributes in creating the communications gap that has been discussed earlier (Sumner, 2000). Is the headquarters issue a directive without a proper situational analysis of the subsidiaries there is a huge scope for misunderstanding which will ultimately lead to losses for the whole organization. The HRM need to organise performance appraisals at an international level and form a congruence among each of the different organs of the company. This will help the employees understand and communicate better with their colleagues across the world leading to a release in pressure that have been a complaint of the employees for so long.

Dealing with cultural problems

The company lacks a systematic planning and management of the workforce that is a primary necessity for any company to function at its fullest potential. There are no development programs for the management that contributes in its lack of understanding the workforce. This has been a primary contributor in all of the above mentioned problems.  The HR does not provide any face to face solutions to the variety of problems that the employees face but refer to the online resources with the assumption that they all of them have the same disagreements and needs (Challis, Samson and Lawson, 2005). Expatriates are not aware of the environments they will be working as here are no dedicated workshops or training exercises that will prepare them for the upcoming challenges. HRM not only needs to organize proper training regimens for the employees but also need to organize themselves into different organs that will verse different training procedures like freshman training, expatriate training and management development. This should be organized throughout all their base of operations and significant professional development needs to rewarded with promotion so as to save talent from being poached by competitors.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Diversity management has been observed to be one of the most common difficulties or problems for the international companies in the modern market to maintain during the year. as for the RS aircraft it is observed to that the diversified operations across the nation as well as the overseas market has been maintained with quite carelessly in the recent years. The market valuations along with the company activities needs to be well maintained and organized in order to get the maximum results from the diversified activities and thus the improvements must be incorporated with the implications of the HRM policies. Through this RS aircrafts will be able to properly set a culture which promotes communication, create policy for training and development and will also be able to create effective policy for the purpose of managing their performance internationally. The following recommendations is to followed by the company in order mitigate the issues in a significant manner:

1. In order to mitigate the issue of cultural problems which eradicate proper communication its is important that the company sets a plan under which there are identification of prominent communication channels which the company can make. Based On this the company can take major steps towards creating communication line between the headquarter and its subsidies. After this the importance of communication should be promoted within the workforce. The company should also create incentives for employee who make proper performance in reporting all the key matters and information to the hierarchy in a significant manner which will help the company in building a culture within the firm which promotes communication and helps the company in proper coordinates of the operations within the company.

2. The company should create effective diversity management policy that focuses on equal opportunities for all employee. The policy should promote recruitment based on skills and performance of employee that will help the management in managing diversity within the workforce.

3. The company should also make prominent policy for both training as well performance management which will help the company in determining the objectives and goals which it will need attain in order to train and measure employee performance.


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