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The Trainer or Assessor wants to check whether you can able to analyse energy audit data for Global Personal Marketplace (GPM). You are required to give the following demonstration to your trainer or assessor. 

Note: The required resources of hardware and software will be provided in our computer lab. 

1. Categorize energy usagewithin the scope of the ICT project and provide a detailed report for Global Personal Marketplace. 
2. Assess potential energy savings for Global Personal Marketplace and payback periods for recommended actions. 
3. Evaluate the carbon dioxide (CO2,emissions for the Global Personal Marketplace Project. 
4. Check the estimated CO, emissions with comparable benchmarks forGlobal Personal Marketplace Project. 
5. Make recommendations for GlobalPersonal Marketplace in order of priority and give i estimates of implementation costs on integration of sustainability for other ICT projects.

The impact of energy efficiency and sustainability on the ICT industry

Drawing from Van Heddeghem, Lambert, Lannoo, Colle, Pickavet & Demeester. 2014,Energy efficiency and sustainability inventiveness have a huge range of possible results in energy, cost and other parameters. The bearing of ICT and its related substructure, a synchronized tactic to this growth of energy metrics for ICT paraphernalia is encouraged for a great deal by various multinationals.

Local user commitment and well-organized partnership with project cohorts all over the whole life cycle of energy efficacy measures are very essential to realizing energy efficiency results.

Kramers, Höjer, Lövehagen & Wangel. 2014 writes that In this times, computing has turned out to be a very influential reserve in almost every sector for diverse reasons that includes processing and automation and repossession of informationIt is projected that computing munches not less than 3% of global electricity and the rate is rising progressively. These are well elaborated by Vereecken, Van Heddeghem, Colle, Pickavet & Demeester,  2010, March.

This is an energy consumption category that is on the rise trajectory significantly and it involves computer applications and memory usage. Covering programming and application use by the computer users themselves.

This is one that would take the largest share of the 3% of the energy consumption, it ranges from mobile computing to the actual computing through laptops, pc, desktops and tablets and I-pads due to the fact every person in the world is at least connected to two social networking platforms for communication either for official use or social use.

It is also contributing to the global statistics in the energy consumption significantly as security is always a challenge regardless of the tremendous innovative measures for cyber security, this has seen the coming up hardware security gadgets say things like biometrics, the face recognition that is really integration of the hardware and software though more of hardware for security reasons.

Global Personal Market place basically is wide market actually world market at a personalized level say from one’s comfort of home or office or just any other place but the logic here is that one accesses a world-wide market without the need to necessarily move up and forth.

GPMC is an ICT-business integration of ideas and functionality as way of innovation in the business world and a huge milestone in the field of ICT, this is an enhancement of the global village aspect of the current technology buy making communication very easy and convenient not necessarily requiring one to physically travel.

Local user commitment and efficient partnerships for achieving energy efficiency

There is no really specific intended audience, this is due to the fact we all rely on business almost entirely and since business organizations and transactions are going digital in terms of operations and even services we therefore need to follow the suit.

As elaborated in the introduction part of this report, this is generally a system an e-bay to say which brings together buyers and sellers from wherever the place in the world as long as they are aware of the GPMC and have access to the internet Creque & Gooden. 2011Puts it.

Everything made has a purpose regardless of the fact that some inventions are discovered accidentally but eventually serves a role though, GPMC is a well thought idea of how to bring close the buyers and the seller.

Goals hand in hand with the goals but rather this are long term visions to be achieved after a certain period of time. Every business organization must have some visions which it wants to achieve after a certain period of time the GPMC should help the firm realize this.

Gopalakrishnan. 2012 states that whereas the operator oriented design stresses on user essentials, and information architecture stresses on content. Effective GPMC from the very basic website to the fully fledged one requires an involvement of well-know how of the context. Information architecture stresses on the two aspects but is not exhaustive and the environmental context is not provided. Market is made of both buyers and the sellers and the commodities themselves, it is to an agreement that there is a lot of completion in the marketplace hence calls for an exhaustive analysis of the market and be able to come up with strategies that will help curb the ever increasing competition which also has to be fair thus calls for total compliance with the market regulator terms and conditions as provided by the laws concerning the field.


The GPMC in enhancement of the global village aspect in the marketing and business field at large is the a good strategy of securing the future of business in technological perspective.


The GPM is an all-sufficient system to say supporting various forms of transactions even up to digital currency, the bitcoin. The billing cycle is as to the provider some preferring pay after delivery or pay on delivery plans, whichever the case it is very formal and very secure to cater for the issues of fraudsters. This could be internet-mobile banking or entirely internet banking such as the famous pay-pal services.

Carbon dioxide emissions evaluation for GPMC project

This goes systematically from the billing services such that there is communication between the buyers and the sellers, the information flow should be provided explicitly and in a secure way since it might involve the use of personal account numbers. This therefore hints about the presence of secure database server to facilitate the communication.

The system should be able to keep a good record of all the transactions done over a certain period of time and the records retrieved anytime they are required for use. Word-press website serves the best in report generation even though we can be able to generate these I-Reports from web applications aided by Java, C# or ajax programming languages. The code can be customized to generate the very specific report the user might want.

Having in mind the great impact of computing in the consumption of energy in the world-wide energy grid, it is very important to use the available energy conservatively for obvious reasons one is because it would be very economical for the firms involved and to try to evade the global warming and climate change issues.

This can be achieved by various means one of them being the green computing technique, this is the ecologically responsible and eco-friendly use of computing gadgets, according to the International Federation of Global & Green ICT, Gai, Qiu, Zhao,  Tao & Zong. 2016 found out that it is the learning and practice of environmentally maintainable IT.

Green computing is very possible if every stakeholder plays an active role in the realization of it, both the users and the enforcement teams are involved not leaving out the policy makers, this could be realized through software and disposition optimization, the efficiency of algorithms significantly affects the quantity of computer assets needed for a given computing role, algorithms could be switched from slow to much quicker algorithms thus calls for design of very efficient algorithms in terms of speed and even size such as the hash algorithms. Virtualization also plays an important role, it refers to the notion of resources in the computer, this may be processes of execution or even rational computer systems on a hardware. Terminal servers have also been employed in this field largely, the operator at a terminal joins to a chief server, every computing activity is done on the server but the operator has a taste of the OS on the terminal and cuts down 1/8 of the energy consumption that is involved if otherwise.

Strategies for reducing GHG emissions

This has not yet been achieved greatly. The involved agencies have to partner with the local users to see this becoming a success, It can be recommended that the stakeholders make this a legal procedure in every way from the manufacturing point to the using part of it in all fields.

4.1 Evaluation of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission for GPMC project.

Research by Ecofys in partnership with WWF, focusing on the openings presented by the ICT to minimize GHG discharges by examining and likening the present literature on the Carbon dioxide discharge lessening hypothetically by the ICT and suggesting a procedural tactic to clout the current literature gain intuition on the ICT bearing on CO2 secretion. Sample studies on ICT and GHG emissions, EPA?LBNL 2000-John retrieved from Classified under Commerce and services such as E-commerce done on the GPM platform do have a significant role in the secretion of CO2, described by Uziel, Elste, Kattanek, Hollosi, Gerlach & Goetze. 2013, October. 

Whereas the emitted content of CO2 may not be noticeable, Banzhaf, & Kasim. 2016 writes that its impacts on the other hand are eminent in the global warming perspective, There is no specific amount of CO2 released but the fact is that the amount is on the rise trajectory due to ever growing computing world. According to the Department of Energy and Energy Information Administration in the United States of America and China this are the statistics from years back to the vision 2030 as far as carbon dioxide emission is concerned. Retrieved from https://www/


Following the GPM capabilities such as the employee, Alden, He & Chen. 2010. Writes that the user and other capabilities, The GPM system has to perform in some manners there should an improvement in some aspects of its formation and operation. On the functional part the employee such as the accountant should not be given the security module of restricting users rather this should be done in the system security module such that the accountant can only view and make changes to what belongs to the accounting department. Also still on the accounting module the reports should be auto generated, this is due the fact that the reports are in bulk since the system has many users.

Reuter,Foerstl, Hartmann, & Blome. 2010 found out that this would entirely rely on the functional requirements of the system and the more effective the system is the high the implementation cost naturally. This takes into account security features too which also hikes the cost. There cannot be a cost amount but the projected cost would be generally high if we are to take all these sensitive factors into consideration.

Alden, D. L., He, Y., & Chen, Q. (2010). Service recommendations and customer evaluations in the international marketplace: Cultural and situational contingencies. Journal of Business Research, 63(1), 38-44.

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Uziel, S., Elste, T., Kattanek, W., Hollosi, D., Gerlach, S., & Goetze, S. (2013, October). Networked embedded acoustic processing system for smart building applications. In Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP), 2013 Conference on (pp. 349-350). IEEE.

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Vereecken, W., Van Heddeghem, W., Colle, D., Pickavet, M., & Demeester, P. (2010, March). Overall ICT footprint and green communication technologies. In Communications, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP), 2010 4th International Symposium on (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

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