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Assessing Present Levels of Performance

Describe about the Service Needs among Latino Immigrant Families of Implications for Social Work Practice?

Special education is the specific need of the students, which help them to study and to help them in the education process. It is a unique process of channeling the particular needs and wants of the students. Apart from this, the students learn the entire course without feeling aloof from other students or peers. The differences and the needs of the students are monitors carefully and the teaching method entails uniformity.

The assessment of the performance of the student is through the method of PLAAFP that entails the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Statement. The teachers and parents may analyze the performance level of the students with the use of an analysis on the current level of the understanding of the student. In the present case the mental state and the poor quality of adaptation of the student in the social context is analyzed with the help of understanding. This makes the efficient use of the functional level of the student with the implementation of communicative, academic measures. The analysis of the general intelligence and the social and the emotional content of the students are important. The report and the analysis of the improvement time-to-time give a clear idea of the needful for the students, which help them to enhance their performance. The observation of the students in the classroom is another method of assessment along with the integration in the peer group. This helps the student to share their views and the feelings, which they have inside them.

Most of the present level of the student is monitored through PLAAFP, which includes

Academic skills

Present living condition and the idea of self help

Social skills


Sensory skills

Communication skills


Another major analysis is the strength of the student which helps in the helping the student to boost their skills. Teachers to understand students with special considerations and self-awareness analyze this.

Social or emotional learning or SEL may be  defined as one of the most necessary aspect which includes the self improvement in the education sector (Ayon, 2013). Students who need special care show improvement in their acceptability and the education system more with the particular structure or system. This helps in the following ground:-



Relationship skills

Social awareness




This further uses the idea of tolls, which are important for focusing along with the attempt to highlight the tools. This helps in the process of analysis along with the integration of the programs (de Souto Barreto, 2014). The evaluation process is important along with the integration in the intended population. This helps to know and understand the issues, which the students are facing in the social and emotional front. In the present case, it might be said that the student has been not effective in social front. The problem in such case is lack of communication and the integration with the peer group. The understanding in the peer group and the reading skills has been poor. In such, case the issue mostly faced by the student in lack of integration in the peer group and interaction (Giberson, 2010).

Assessing the Social/Emotional Needs of This Student

There are different categories of disability in the present case, which includes autism, deaf-blindness, deafness, emotional issues, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, specific learning disability, speech impairment, traumatic brain injury and such other impairment or issues.

In the present, case the specific disability of the student is both hearing impairment along with problem in reading. This includes the fact that he may not understand the senses in the text and the books that he reads in his class. Along with this, the issue relates to the specific leaning disability. He may not be able to relate to the understanding of the studies along with the interpretation in the texts. The students might have some issues relating to emotional disturbance, which might have been created in the minds of the customers (Hortobagyi, 2001). This is seen in the easy distraction problem that is faced by the student in the day-to-day life. This is the reason he might be having inappropriate feelings, easily exhibited in peer group. Hence, in this regard it might be said that the student has multiple disability. In this regard, the problem faced by the student at the same the monitoring by the teacher must require proper channeling. It is through the monitoring and daily analysis that the teacher can find out the right strategy, which helps in the improvement of the student. Test reliability is the method through which the teacher can monitor along with the interpretation of the student. Classroom teaching method is another prospective method to know about the student and interact effectively.

The major needed accommodation in case of the special education includes the use of the certain factors, which are helpful in channeling the accommodation of the special students. Most of the issues faced by the students make use of fact that accommodation is important with success in schools. Accommodation helps the student in the present case along with a change and modulation in the setting, formatting, timing, scheduling, presentation and response. There are different aspects, which is tested through the accommodation. This helps in the integration of the teacher with the students along with the retention of the value if the assignment. In such case, the major issue faced by the teachers is to know and channel the work.

In the present situation, the accommodation is required for the student. This helps in the monitoring process of the student. Along with this the modification in the assignment would help in the instruction and the interaction in the classroom environment. The curriculum for the student in the present matter might include providing summaries of the chapter. Books and audiotapes could not be used in the present case, as this is not reliable for the particular student who has problem in hearing and reading (Kim, Bonk & Oh, 2008). Apart from this, the use of index cards could be another version and to possibly find the answers in the page numbers.

Identifying the Specific Disability Category

The best instructional strategies, which could be used, may be referred as the following:-

Acknowledge- The acknowledgement of the children of the students helps them to foster in their educational area. Apart from this it is the motivation which helps in deriving the basis idea of the driving the students to the excellence. This is the method, which helps, in the channeling process and in the attention and observation. In the present case that is useful for the student, as acknowledgement would help in the enhancement of the prospects of the student (Koutsouris, 2014).

Encourage- This is the prime aspect, which motivates the student to help in the end. The teachers are the driving force in such situation and help in getting the praise, which the child or the student deserves. Apart from this, the major look pout of the teacher is to help in evaluating the student and channel the positive thinking within them (Mance, Žiković & Mance, 2015). In the present case, this would be helpful in generating the positive views in the student. The motivation and the inspiration might make him more social and adaptable to situations.  

Specified feedback- There is specific problem with every child or student. This is the major factor for which the teachers cannot make use f generalized comments of feedbacks. This is the major issue, which is seen in many of the normal institutions. However, in social cases like in the given case study it is not feasible. Generalized comments would be not relevant in the present context. Special feedback based on the issue and the problem of the student would help in the present case (Odo & Samuel, 2014).  

Model- In many cases reading is not the solution for the students. They may not be able to retain the information in such cases. The efficiency of the student may be revealed through the ideas of using models. This is the graphical or the representation though models which helps the student to retain the necessary information effectively. In the present case, this is one of the most important attribute, which might help in the enhancement of the prospects of the students. Apart from this the information is also relevant and as per the student. Learning through models might interest him to learn and to interact in the peer group effectively.

Demonstrate- this is the process of channeling which is used in the system to help the students. This is designed as per the requirement of the student and entails the correct method of doing something. Apart from this in the present case the correct method of making effective learning techniques must be tailored by the teacher (Danyluk & Provost, 2014). This must be the correct way, which would help the student to prosper in the academic field.

Needed Accommodations

Create or add challenge- The challenge must not include which is too competitive in nature but definitely the ones, which is fun for the students. Small games along with the interpretation in the teaching method might be the right decision by the teacher. In the present situation, a small challenge like counting the number of leaves or sticks within a given time by the student might be a learning technique.

Assistance- The assistance of the teacher and helping the students in the learning is one of the most effective methods to nurture the talents within the students. This is one of the best methods, which helps, in the present case as the teacher has the right idea to channel the learning method. The care of the teacher might help the student to be more social and to interact in the peer group effectively. Asking question to the students and interacting in a friendly helps in the monitoring process (Kim, Bonk & Oh, 2008).

There is different method of instruction, which is applicable in special cases. Apart from this the major analysis of the issue can be specific to the requirements of the student. This includes the designing of the lessons as per the learning styles, which could be acquired by the students effectively. There are times when there are students who can be, categorized under a group based on the disability and the problem of adaptation. In such case, the teacher can form shared interest within a group. In the present case, this could be applied successfully along with the process of integration in the classroom. This is helpful in the present case with the support from the teacher and the peer group (Giberson, 2010). The assessment of the student might change from time to time based on which there must be changes, which could be incorporated, in the present case. This analysis by the teacher based on the enhancement of the knowledge of the student can be successful in the present case.

In the present case, one of the basic requirements is to frame a group based on the shared interest. Apart from this in a group student, find identical people they can interact in a better way. This would help in their mental growth and in removing the emotional issues, which they retain in their minds (Hortobagyi, 2001). This is also helpful for them, as they not feel the issue of being secluded in the society or the classroom. They grow the idea of sharing and to interact and enhance their feelings specifically. In the present case, the major issue, which is faced, is lack of being social. Hence, for the teacher forming a group could be one of the best methods to make the student more social. This would enhance his mentality ad the feelings, which is confined to him. This also helps in the creating the space of the student within the team. The accommodation would be effective in such case, as this would enhance the testing adaptation. This would also nurture the issues which is the student has with respect to pacing, environment and presentation of the material (Odo & Samuel, 2014).

Suggesting Instructional Strategies

The most important aspect of the technological devices could be assisted technology. The most important elements, which are seen in the present case, include the idea of listening, memory, math, reading and writing. The technology and the software includes the idea of abbreviation analysis, audio books, math work sheets, database software, graph and colorful outline, data managers, speech recognition program and many more. This helps in the analysis of the program along with the integration of the software or technology (Mance, Žiković & Mance, 2015). The software could be further divided into instructional software and universal design learning.

In the present case, it could be further specified with respect to the technology. In case of the present case study, the student can learn through various techniques, which might be used by the students effectively. This also includes the fact that there has to be certain aspects like that of the spelling checkers, optical character recognition for efficiency.

In any special case of the learning method is the most important aspect for the teachers as well as the student. In such, case most of the work demands integration within the team of teachers. This helps in genesis of better ideas ad to channeling individual process of learning. The major idea is to identify and build the process of teaching which helps in the success of the students in future. This includes the use of ideas relating like academic, personal, pursuits and vocational. The process of classroom techniques of education includes the ideas of relevant teaching methods. The finding or the analysis of the teaching program must include the idea, which is diverse, or the students of varying requirements (Giberson, 2010).

In the present case, the integration and the collaboration of the teachers might be fruitful for the student. This could help in the integration of the process along with the mental, physical and the emotional well being of the student. This helps in getting the positive version, which fosters the improvement for the student in the future.

Hence, from the study conducted it is evident that there are different methods and techniques, which could be applied on the student. Apart from this, the student might have a better understanding in the education process through the learning methods. In most of the learning methods, the teacher needs to retain the information that the student cannot read much and cannot hear. The integration of the learning method is important in the current stage, which also includes the implementation of the choice of the teachers to implement the orientation and the experiences of the students. Classroom teaching is the most effective means through which the students with disability would get the help in the future with the support of the teachers. Hence, it might be said that most of the teachers can help the students with the process of monitoring and to support them with specific learning styles. Not every student can understand the same learning technique. The information and the analysis of the students need to be tailored from time to time in order to know about the current position of the special child effectively.

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