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Consumer behaviour

Discuss about the integrated Marketing Communication for Coca-Cola HBC.

Coca-Cola HBC is the world largest bottlers Company. It manufactures soft drinks with the highest quality. It established in 1981. It is a world sustainable leader in the beverage industry. In 2017, it sold 2.1 billion units of product with the help of 600 million people. The company delivers their services in 28 countries across the three continents. It is a B2B or B2C company. The company has 600 million customers in the market. In 2017, its net sales revenue is $6,522m. The company uses minimum natural resources to minimize their impact on the environment. The company has to attract, retaining, developing, and engaging talented people who work for the company. It tries to develop the work efficiency of the employee. Coca-Cola HBC employees collaborate with the customer and connect with society to spread the brand awareness. Coca-Cola HBC has 31,083 employees in which 88% people are engaged to perform well. Coca-Cola HBC employees come under the high performing companies in the world. In 2017, the company net profit rises by 24% by improving the economic conditions that helped to increase sales and operating margins. Coca-Cola HBC increased their revenue by 4.9 to 6.52 billion. It grew 2.2% volume in a year. It is the main dealer of the Coca-Cola Company. The company has many competitors but the main competitors of the company are Gerresheimer and Tricorbraun (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, 2018)

In this paper, Coca-Cola HBC is going to establish in Bhutan by analysing the consumer behaviour. The company makes the internal communication plan for promoting the product with the help of an external agency. It enhances the credibility of the company through campaigns or different types of messages.

Coca-Cola HBC is entering into Bhutan market. It is an opportunity for the company to enter into Bhutan market in terms of revenue but it also improves the way of business work. The company gets the benefit by moving into the new market. By moving into Bhutan, consumers are the biggest advantage for Coca-Cola HBC. Teenagers or big beverage companies are the main target consumers of the company. A large number of consumers in the market means higher profit margin available which is the big asset of the company. Coca-Cola HBC has the advantage to enter into the Bhutan market because their main dealer Coca-Cola established in Bhutan. The company has a good image in the market, therefore, the company has less risk to enter into the Bhutan market. Consumer preferences are the primary preferences of the company. The company has to satisfy the customer needs or desires (Hur, Kim, and Woo, 2014). Coca-Cola HBC consumer always searching the product which is better and contain less harmful ingredients then they buying and disposing of the soft drinks. The company measured the preferences of the consumer in terms of the level of satisfaction. Coca-Cola HBC chooses new technology that provides the greatest level of satisfaction. Not only teenagers but also the big company Coca-Cola is the main dealer of the Coca-Cola HBC. The company classified the soft drinks into the major heads by the name of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. The company tries to target the new consumer by classified the soft drinks according to the targeting of consumer satisfaction. It produces the sugar-free drinks for diabetes patient. Coca-Cola consumers attract the consumer by satisfying their needs (Szmigin, and Piacentini, 2018).


More consumers

Coca-Cola HBC h1as advantages to enter into Bhutan market. It attracts the new consumers toward their product. Large consumers means high profit margin of the company.

More Variety

To enter into the Bhutan market, the company classified their soft drinks according to the consumers. To Entering into the Bhutan market with classification of products, increase the more competitive prices for the brands.

Learn more

Coca-Cola HBC learns more by expanding the business in new market. Every different market has different technology and techniques and entering into the Bhutan market company can contribute to learn more techniques.


Coca-Cola HBC use telephones as internal communication method. The company give the information to the employees by the help of telephones. It uses this source at the time of personal information.


The company can communicate their budget for the raw material made in the annual general meeting. In annual general meeting, the company make the report for the expenses or other budgets. This report is uploading on the websites of the company (Nguyen, 2015).


Coca-Cola HBC mails the documents to the employee. The company send the important information or information related to employees with the help of mails (Shen, 2016).

Face to face communication

Face to face communication is essential for the Coca-Cola HBC. Face to face, conversation shows the value of a person which encourage the employees to do their best for their company. Due to face-to-face conversation, top management gets a quick response from employees and they understand their reactions. It enhances the trust and credibility and builds the good relationship with the customer (Negoita, Purcarea, Negoita, and Ghituleasa, 2016).

Visual communication

Coca-Cola HBC is the world largest bottler company. The company operates in many countries therefore the company has to communicate the other branches or offices. For international conversation, Coca-Cola HBC has to use the digital communication. Digital communication can done larges distance through internet. It gives the facilities like video conferencing that save a lot of money, time, and efforts.

Oral communication

Oral communication includes individual meetings, informational meeting, telemetering, and conventions and seminars. The company can organize the meetings to communicate with the employees. In the meetings, all the information related to the company can discuss which build the trust. These meetings prevent the biasness in the organisation (Brink, and Costigan, 2015).

Internal communication is necessary for the company. By organising the meetings, Coca-Cola HBC is the meetings in which they provide the information to the employees related to the employees. It is essential to the employees to know about their organisation.

Internal communication method


Internal communication educates the employee for their personal development as well as the growth of the company. Personal development of the employee is also essential for the company as well as for employees.

Big issues

Internal communication solves the big issues of Coca-Cola HBC. Through face-to-face communication, misunderstandings and the personal issues are solved which is beneficial for the company.

Coca-Cola HBC is the excellent portfolio of more than 130 brands. It is the best known and biggest selling soft drinks Company in the world. It is the main dealer of the Coca-Cola Company. It has the support of the Coca-Cola Company therefore; they help to the company to achieve the consumers target segment in the Bhutan market (Allman, Fenik, Hewett, and Morgan, 2016).

It ranked as the third most valuable global brand at the international level. There are many competitors of the company in the soft drink industry. Because it is the three-ranked company in the beverage industry, then they can easily enter in Bhutan market with the goodwill or they did not require any extra benefits in government documents.

Coca-Cola HBC is the world largest producer of the beverage companies. It is the well-known company in the world. Coca-Cola HBC soft drinks have less sugar or low-calorie for every type of consumers. It serves their services to Coca-Cola Company for their soft drinks. Therefore, the company already have the goodwill or the consumer know about the company. Because it is well known company it means consumers know about the company or brand. Coca-Cola HBC save their cost by did not investing in the advertisement or organising seminars. It invests in the other activities from which they can increase their sales and earn revenue.

Coca-Cola HBC is the multinational company or comes under the world known companies. The consumer likes their quality of the product or it satisfies the consumer needs that are why the consumers of the company buy the product at the higher prices (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, 2018).

This communication model is using for interpersonal communication in which the sender and receivers exchange their views and ideas. Coca-Cola HBC should apply this model to the organization for giving the information to the employees. The company gets quick feedback from the consumers at the time of decision-making. Feedback from the consumers is a new message for the organization to enhance the credibility. The company should provide the honest information to the consumers (Hur, Kim, and Woo, 2014).

Three appropriate internal communication methods

The company set the campaign to distributing the samples to the consumers. By distributing samples, consumers believe on their product by using the samples and give the feedback. Best quality of product enhances the credibility of the company. It also promotes the product by organising the events for making sales of the product.

Coca-Cola HBC used this model to enhance the credibility. In this model, the company used new communications like the internet. Through the internet, the company spread the awareness of the product. The company should be known to accomplish the goals and the customers need and requirements. The company spread the awareness as per the customer demands. Knowledge of the product like price and quality enhance the credibility of the company.

By organising the advertising campaigns, the company spread the awareness of their product but also increase the sale of the product. By advertising campaigns, the company give the information of the product of the product but information would be sensitive which attach the customer emotionally or it should be correct information. Salespersons never talk or write in Sales-Speak.

Emotional messages express the sad feelings or connect the person’s feelings. Emotional message used in advertisement to show the emotional videos or sending the emotional messages to attract the customer toward the product. It increases the sale of the product of the company. At the time of sending emotional messages, the company has to consider the other feelings and recognise the misunderstandings that help to attract the customer (Araujo, Neijens, and Vliegenthart, 2015).

Informational messages are the messages that tell the correct information of the company and their product. The company give the correct information to the customer related to the brand image or product quality. It builds the trust among the consumers.

Ethical messages are the messages, which are relating to moral principles or branch of knowledge dealing with these. The company should always follow the principles at the time of providing the information to the customers. The company give the messages to the customer that fulfils their customer needs with their customs.

Coca-Cola HBC is the partner of Coca-Cola HBC. Coca-Cola is established in the Bhutan. Therefore, Coca-Cola has the ability to promote the Coca-Cola HBC is the Bhutan market. The company has advantages to work with the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola Company is the world largest manufacturing company of soft drinks. The company has unique quality of the product that did not have others that is why the company is the world famous beverage company.

Role of internal communication

Ability to make a difference

The Coca-Cola Company is the company from the Coca-Cola HBC make a positive mark in the world. Coca-Cola HBC make the goodwill in the new market through Coca-Cola sustainability initiatives, human rights work or the economic impact which each person create doing their job well.

The Coca-Cola Company is one of kind experience. The company is working with the global beverage leaders. It is an opportunity of the Coca-Cola HBC to be a part of something that affects the world. Coca-Cola has the opportunities to create a long and successful career (Shi, Connelly, and Hoskisson, 2017).

Coca-Cola Company serves a compass for their actions and describes their behaviour in the world. There work with the leadership, passion, integrity, innovation, quality, diversity and accountability Which help the Coca-Cola HBC to make the good image in the market.

The Pepsi challenges

Coca-Cola HBC is the partner of Coca-Cola. Pepsi is the main competitor of Coca-Cola Company that is why the company did not deal with the Pepsi Company.

Lack of innovative ideas

Coca-Cola Company is the main dealer of the company. Coca-Cola HBC did work as per the coca cola demand that decrease the innovative ideas of the company.

Limited understanding

It is the major challenge, which Coca-Cola HBC faces by working with the Coca cola Company. There is lack of understanding between the companies related to their strategies and history.

Coca-Cola HBC targets the Bhutan market to expand the business. Market size of the soft industry has been changing. Soft drink industry is profitable but there are several obstacles in the way to capture the market share. Coca-Cola HBC has the advantages to enter the Bhutan Market because there is no bottler company and their main dealer is established. From which they save their transport cost as well as advertisement cost (Fill, and Turnbull, 2016).

It is important to set the promotional goals in order to measure the achievement. The company has to evaluate their resources then they can set their goals. The main goal of Coca-Cola HBC is to make the customer to purchase the goods or aware the customer about their Brand. The purchase decision is prepared after a long process of consideration. For this the company can divided the process into three sub groups, which are corporate marketing and marketing communication objectives (Kitchen, and Burgmann, 2015).

Corporate objective of Coca-Cola HBC refers to frame the time of communication with the customer and the success they get. Marketing objective of the company define the marketing plan from which they can achieve the objective. Coca-Cola HBC is the world famous company, which is the advantage of the company. Coca-Cola HBC takes the advantages and makes the plan based on brand position (Helm, and Gritsch, 2014).

Brand Concept

Promotional goal achieve by making the SMART objective these are


Target Youth of Bhutan and soft drinks selling companies.


Grab the bottler market of Bhutan.


By promoting the product with posting ads on websites or published in Newspapers.

Main dealer of Coca-Cola company that is helps the company.


Grab the bottler company because it comes in world largest manufacturing company.

Targeted & Time

Increasing sale,

Grab 15% share of new market in 1 year.

(Mind Tools, 2009)

To achieve the promotional goal or context analysis the company make the promotional strategies (Pádua, and Jabbour, 2015). In this strategy, Coca-Cola HBC makes the strategies by using the communication tool or medium method. Advertisement, personal selling, event, or experience is the communication plan of the company. Coca-Cola HBC also uses 3Ps those are Price, promotion and place. The company did the promotion by advertise the product in television or by organising events to aware the customer. Coca-Cola HBC set the prices of the product after competitor analysis. The company target the Bhutan market for selling their soft drinks to dealers. The company make 3Ps strategies those are push, pull and profile strategy to promote the objective (Mazzei, 2014).

To achieve the objective all the strategies and plan should properly follow by the company. Coca-Cola HBC has to gathered the information for future projects and naturally. From the gathered information, company has to evaluate the research for future (Blakeman, 2018). 



Reach/ Frequency





1million people-Twice in a month

Large number of customers to increase Brand awareness.

Sales promotion

Event marketing

Reach 50-60% people-6 events in 6 months

Marketing planner of the company.

Digital Marketing


Reach 80% people-Everyday ads posted on different websites.

Supplier also attract for dealing.

Direct Marketing

Face to Face

Salesman has to reach 20-30% people

Train the workers.

To grab the market Coca-Cola HBC has to promote the product in the market. The company advertise the product or company name by publishing in newspaper or magazines. It can reach to 1 million people in the country (Lu, Gou, Tang, and Zhang, 2016). Newspaper is the cheaper source for advertisement, which can reach every house or afford by any people. By the creative content or picture customers attract toward the product (Blakeman, 2015).

Face to face marketing aware the customer for their product. Face to face marketing is the advantage of the company. From face to face marketing, the company receive quickly feedback. The company can reply or solve problem by face-to-face communication. The customer personally attach with the company.

Digital marketing is the communication channel that attracts a lot of customer or it can reach to large number of target customers. The company use social media application with the help creative content or picture (Ma, and Du, 2018). Especially youth of the country have an account on this application that is beneficial for the company for reaching to the target customers. Social media application is Facebook, instagram and Snapchat (Turban, Strauss, and Lai, 2016).

Coca-Cola HBC promotes the product in the market for making the sale (Westberg, and Pope, 2014). For promoting the product, the company can promote their product by organising the events. In events, marketing planner of the company or sales man can tell the features or quality of product to customers. The company spread the awareness of their product (Havaldar, and Cavale, 2017).

These communication channels are appropriate to achieve the goals of the company in a new market segment.


Coca-Cola HBC is the world largest manufacturing bottler company. The company expand their business in Bhutan. It is the main supplier of Coca-Cola Company. The company has advantages to enter into the new market. For entering the new market, the company spread awareness of the product in the market. It is the world largest company in Beverage Company. Therefore, brand image help the company to target the new market. The company use communication model to enhance the credibility in Bhutan market. Different types of messages helps the company also helps to enhance the credibility of the company such as information message, or emotional message. Coca-Cola helps to the company to establish in new market. The company can learn the new technologies that adopt by Coca-Cola Company. The company also face some challenge to work with the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola HBC make the marketing communication plan for making the sale or grab the market share by targeting  the customer and marketing planner of the company. In communication plan, the company use communication channels and evaluate them to achieve the success in the new target market.


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