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Job Design In Context To Dunkin

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You will prepare a five-page paper in which you explain your chosen job design, organizational design, your recruiting strategy and methods, and your training and performance appraisal process as the new District Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts.




Dunkin’ Donuts is set for expansions in five different locations in the next two years. The learner which is recently being crowned as the district manager for the company has been provided with responsibilities to take care of the related processes. Structuring and staffing are the essential parts of an expansion which the learner will be responsible for. Hence, the study gives a full coverage to recruitment & selection process which also includes training the recruited professionals. Every identified process must be accomplished with great commitment, so that; the purpose of the expansion is served. Dunkin’ Donuts has performed exceptionally well in recent times which is why the management had wanted to take the advantage from. The expansion is viewed as an opportunity to expand the market reach and to enhance the customer base & the sales volume.

Job Design

Different methods can be used for job design like job simplification, job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment. It depends on the nature of the operation and also the management policies for job design. However, job design in context to Dunkin’ Donuts should be “Job Simplification”. Job simplification means dividing the different requirements into various sub parts, so that, there is no need for the specialized training (Marinova et al., 2015). This is feasible as well for a food and beverage coffeehouse. This is because in a coffeehouse only skilled and specialized people are recruited. For example, a chef is recruited to take care of the cooking works while bartender takes care of the front counters. Both jobs are not interchangeable as those represent the different expertise.  

Job analysis can be done with the help of different methods like interviews, observation method, logbooks and structured questionnaire/ inventory. The best method for job analysis in regards to the case study company will be the inventory. This is because effective data is required to identify the most feasible set of the job description and also the job specification. A job description is job specific whereas job specification is employee-oriented (Indartono, Chiou & Chen, 2016).

Job description means identifying the appropriate set of work responsibilities which will be allocated to the specific work positions. For example, in context of the case study company, applicants will be recruited for different positions. Hence, it is important to present the exact nature of the job, so that, applicants are easily cross-checked for their eligibility for the job (Indartono, Chiou & Chen, 2016).

Job specification presents the set of eligibility skills which, at the minimum, will be needed to meet. Applicants not carrying the same skills can also be terminated from the interview anytime (Alfes, Shantz & Saksida, 2015).


Organizational Design

There are also a variety of types of organizational design which are commonly being used. In context to Dunkin’ Donuts, three kinds of organizational designs will be feasible. Following is how the organizational design will take place (Rivera-Torres et al., 2015):

Functional structure: It consists of grouping being made of different functions. For example, there can be different departments like HR department, marketing and a finance department.  It means reporting will be done to one particular department. It also means that the five different locations of Dunkin’ Donuts will report to the head of each functional department.

Product-based divisions: This is another important form of organizational structure which will cater to divisions being made of different products. For example, there will be separate divisions for coffee and other hot beverages. There will be another division for baked goods. The other division will take care of the merchandise section.

Teams: There will be separate teams looking after the different operations. However, they will represent the lowest level of the organizational structure.

Justification: Functional basis division was made, so that, same policies are implemented across the different branches. For example, HR policies will be implemented across the different branches. Product basis division was made, so that, one operation manager is assigned to each product. Structuring in this way is necessary to promote a timely management of stocks. ‘Teams’ is selected to enhance the customer service standard. For example, the kitchen is shared by a number of chefs ranging from senior to assistant level.


Recruiting and Selection

Recruitment is done through a strategically designed approach which contains but is not limited to like catching the attention of, screening, selecting and onboarding the eligible applicant for jobs. Attraction is created by engaging advertisements on the internet, online job portals, popular daily newspapers and more (Derous & De Fruyt, 2016). Advertisements in context to the case study company will be made engaging and informative as well, so that, relevant applicants are drawn to the recruitment process. Screening is the next section of work which will be done on the basis of the job description and job specification. The job description is letting the applicants know the work to perform by bearing the separate job roles. Job specification is seeking for the relevant skills for separate positions. Job description and job specification are designed with the help of data fetched from job analysis (Abraham et al., 2015).   

There are two types of recruitment such as internal recruitment and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is recruiting people from within the company whereas external recruitment is about getting people from outside. In context to Dunkin’ Donuts, both internal and external recruitments will be done (Gamage, 2014). Internal recruitment will be done to support the supervising positions for different departments. The existing and experienced professionals of the company can support the formation of skilled workforce in new restaurant branches. External recruitment is required to fill the vacant positions in five different branches of Dunkin’ Donuts. The screened and shortlisted applicants will be selected to serve the different roles in the different branches of Dunkin’ Donuts (Gupta & Jain, 2014).


Training and Performance Appraisals

Training: Training is a way to educate staffs on different things related to the organization. In context to Dunkin’ Donuts, it is a resource to let staffs acquainted with their basic roles and responsibilities. Newly recruited professionals will be encouraged to observe their seniors who will be promoted through the internal recruitment. Moreover, emphasis will be on to learn new things every day. Staffs will be regularly communicated, so that, problems are disclosed and sorted out as well. Emphasis will also be given on means to attain the workplace safety and to let them know the ways to prevent the hazardous substances. The success of training will depend a lot on how the evaluation process is executed. It is important that staffs are regularly monitored and are given the regular feedbacks, so that, performance is improved. Performance based reviews will be done to monitor the employee performance (Sung & Choi, 2014).

Performance appraisal: Performance appraisal is one of the ways to motivate employees. It is used to increase the basic pay and done commonly on an annual basis. The first and foremost step for performance appraisal will be setting the work standards. The next step in all five branches will be assessing the employees against the set performance specific standards. Feedbacks will also be given to staffs prior to appraising their salaries, so that; they do not feel discriminated (Iqbal, Akbar & Budhwar, 2015).  



To conclude, Dunkin’ Donuts will follow a structured and an engaging way for job design to attract fresh and skilled professionals. Three different forms of organizational structures will be followed like functional structure, product based division and teams. This will help to effectively manage the different departments, products and the teams. Internal and external forms of recruitment will be used to recruit few seniors from the existing branches. Fresh staffs will be recruited from outside of the company. Selected employees will undergo the extensive training programs. They will also be monitored to evaluate their post-training progress. Performance appraisals will be done as a motivating tool and will be conducted probably on an annual basis.  



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