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Part 1: Job Market

The report discusses the present and the future scenario of the job market in Australia and in the global context as well. The term job market entails the conception of the competition among the various labor force present in a country. The job market is not a physical place, but a conceptualization of the various and trending jobs in the market of a particular country or sometime in the global context. The growth of the job market is depended on the demand of the labor and supply within the economical context of the specific industries, specific education and the specific job function and preferences. There are in fact, several factors that determine and drive the trends of the job market. The economical and the social conditions are also responsible for the determination of the sustainability of the jobs in a country (Badland et al., 2016). However, the following report discusses and presents almost every aspect and factors of the job market.

Considering the fact about the current trends in the job market, there are number of career options to the young generations. The most five predicted career trends in market of the job are the computer programmer, day care provider, elder care specialist, management consultant and the photographer or graphic designer (Hajkowicz et al., 2016). These five top jobs are currently dominating the current market for the careers. There are other jobs that are also influencing the young generations, but as per the research and the prediction of the current and future career trends, these jobs are more demanding in Australia as well as in the global market.

Several researches have been conducted on the current job trends in the global market. It is found from the most of the research and study that the demand for the part time job is increasing and the demand for the full time job decreasing in a diverse proportion. It is found that the people are moving towards the part time job and this is the reason that the young people are finding interest in the career of care executives. Another reason for choosing the career of the part time job is either over qualification or the under qualification. A study from the Australian context it is found that the being overqualified as well as under qualified is an issue to the young generation for finding the right career (Healy, 2016).

Predicted Career Trends in Next Five Years

While discussing the trends in the current job market, there emerge some expected trends in the same context. The expected trends that are prevalent in the job market are switching jobs, salary hike, growth in certain occupations such as health care, service employees, computer programmers and so on, freelancing and others (Denny & Churchill, 2016). The tools that are responsible for driving the trends in the current job market are initially the globalization. Apart from the globalization, the economical sustainability, advancement in the technical qualification and the lack of opportunities as well can also be considered as the driving tools for the career trends in the job market.

Within the context of the paid occupation, occupational and environmental health professional is one of the jobs that can be chosen. the professionals working in this field ensure the occupational and environmental health and safety of the people and assist the injured workers through the help of compensation and the rehabilitation process (Frumkin, 2016). There are several post included in this career opportunity such as environmental officer, occupational health and safety advisor and coordinator and so on.

The activities that I am supposed to undertake within the chosen career include the development, implementation and review of the environmental and occupational health management and safety plans, implementation of the strategies for proper disposal of the waste, inspection, identification and the control of the workplace risks, hazards and pollutions,  training of employees and promotion of the ergonomic principles and the proper investigation and care of the injured employees in the workplace (, 2017).

The job requires certain educational qualification as the eligibility of the position. A graduate, diploma or master degree certificate on the educational subjects such as the biology, environmental science, business studies, outdoor education, health, and social science is necessary for applying for the job. Vocational training and research on the public health will get priority for the certain job. In addition, the registration and license on the specific field is required.   

The likely income for a graduate as the occupational and environmental health professional is $88,723 annually. The income may increase up to $111,981 annually with experience (, 2017).

The skills from this job can lead me to the other jobs like medical imaging professionals, nutrition professionals, health diagnostic and promotion professionals, and pharmacists. The skills and training on the public health and the educational qualification on the health and biology can help me to find these jobs.

Careers Generally Increasing/Decreasing

The social value of the professional working in this industry is high. Providing workplace safety to the workers and maintaining the environment indeed adds value to the society. This specific profession also adds value to the economical context since the profession offers number of jobs with good salary.  

The chosen organization for this section of the report is the Conservations Volunteers Australia. This particular volunteer organization connects people with the nature. The purpose and the function of the organization are to preserve the nature and build connection between the people and the nature (, 2017).

The activities undertaken by me, as the volunteer of the organization is to work together with other volunteers and increase the resilience through the maintenance, protection and the restoration of the environment. The activities are mainly the based on the practical work.

The aim of the organization is the basic attraction for me to join the organization as the volunteer for preserving the nature. The activities of the organization such as community and living heritage conservation, restoration of the nature and the wild places have attracted me to undertake the job in order to discover new elements in the environment.

There are no such eligibility criteria for joining as the volunteer of the organization. Anyone from anywhere can join the organization as the volunteer for the preservation of the nature. Moreover, no special training or educational qualification is needed for joining the team of volunteers. In fact, any person irrespective of the qualification or experience can join the organization. The only criterion for joining the organization is the reasonable level of fitness and health (, 2017).  

There is potentiality for having the paid position in the organization. The purpose of the organization is to conserve the environment and the work is completely based on the practical field. Therefore, the organization requires a team. Consequently, the teams need the team leader, supervisor, managers and other staffs to properly execute the aim of the organization (Tseng & Yazdanifard, 2016). These positions in the organization are definitely paid as these are the higher positions and full of responsibilities.

The organization undoubtedly adds value to the organization. The organizational operations and the work such as the conservation of the communities and the environment, the preservation of the heritage and the wild lands, protection of the threatened species and so on are definitely adding values to the organization. This is evident from the revival program of the wetlands in the coastal area of the Australia.

Expected Trends and Tools Driving the Trends

The organization is also adding value to the economical context of the country. The organization provides short courses and the vocational training n the conservation skills, which helps the people finding a good job in the same context. The stated fact is evident from the training center website of the organization.  

Numerous companies in Australia are competing in the market of recruitment. The companies are not only providing the recruitment service within Australia, but also are doing business worldwide (, 2017).

1. Seekis founded in 1997 and providing work force recruitment service to the companies in Australia. The organization is one of the best placement agencies in Australia and the site offers best features and advantages for the job seekers. The company presently is providing its service to China, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

2. Australian JobSearchis a government aided free database that provides opportunities to the jobseeker to find right job. The website offers a range of beneficial service to the people such as information on employment and training service programs, relocation guide within Australia and so son.

3. MyCareeris another service provider like Seek and offers various job news and opportunities to the job seekers. The well-organized and updated site of the organization help the people find appropriate job for them.

4. Jobseeker provides all kind of job new and vacancies across the country. The simple interface of the site is user friendly and helps the people find job according to their location. However, the site do not provides features like other recruitment websites such as resume storage, skill-based recommendations etc.

5. Indeedis another database site on job opportunities around the globe. The site offers well-structured job opportunities and provides all kind of advantages features that makes the searching easy for the job seeker.  

With the pace of time and the effect of globalization the trends for recruitment is also changing. The following section discusses the predicted future trends for the companies seeking for recruitment of new employees. The major future prediction of the recruitments is the talent acquisition, diversity recruitment, advanced technological qualification, more competition, use of smart data, emphasis on the professional experience of the candidates (, 2017). These trends are believed to be the major and basic trends for the recruitment in the next five years. The recruitment trends depends on the numerous factors, these trends are to be constant for the next five years.

Part 2: Paid Occupation

The target for my future employment is the companies, which work with the environments and workplace.  A thorough research on the market of the industry need to be done before applying for a job. The research must include the company review by the people who have worked there, market position and growth of the company, sustainability and the business rank of the company (Bonoli, 2017).

Communication skills, management skills and professional skills on the certain position of the job are the three ways that can make the employment easy for me in the specific industry (Robles, 2012).

According to me the interview process in the recruitment options is the best for me, since it will help the interviewer to understand and examine my personality as well as the professional skills for the specific position of the job.  


This can be concluded from the above report that the job market of any country is determined and dominated by numerous factors and variables. Moreover, the major factors are also influencing the future trends of the job as well as the recruitments. The variables of job market in a specific industry or country also determines the increase and decrease of certain careers. The report summarizes the domain of the paid and unpaid occupation and the required education for the same. It is evident from the report that the recruitment companies also plays vital role in determining the job market and trends of a country. In regard to this, a brief synopsis of the major competing recruitment companies in Australia is presented in the report to provide as clear idea of the workforce service provider companies. In addition, certain strategy for the employment process is also presented in the report. However, the report provides a clear and precise idea and understanding of the workplace learning as the conclusion.


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