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Overview of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL)


Discuss about the Management Analysis of CSL Limited Australia.

Adoption and implementation of sustainable practices by an organization is an important process for the development and success of that organization. These sustainable practices may assist the organization in attracting and enticing a maximum customer base inside and outside the country. It is essential for an organization to create effective marketing strategies and operations. Marketing analysis is a technique, which is used by an organization to implement, handle and review the marketing resources and strategies. It includes various processes, which play an important role in planning, organizing, leading and controlling the organization. These practices include planning and strategy, Human Resource Management and value chain and technology. This discussion includes various marketing and sustainable practices of CSL (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) organization. The company is implementing various sustainable practices its business operations and management. At the end, it will recommend some strategies, which should be implemented by CSL in the future.

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) is an international biotechnology organization with an effective product portfolio of life-saving health supplements and medicines. The organization is engaged in the business of manufacturing and delivering both the medicines, which are used to treat immune deficiencies and hemophilia and vaccines as well to inhibit infection. Since its establishment in the year 2916, the company has driven its promise to save the people’s lives by adopting latest and advanced technologies (CSL, 2017). Currently, the organization is offering these biotechnological products in over 60 countries including United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and United States. At CSL, there is a combination of research and development focus, financial strength and functional excellence that enables the company to recognize, create and develop innovative practices for the patients. In brief, CSL Limited is an international biotechnology organization, which examines, develops, produces and markets the medicines to cure and protect them from serious human diseases. The products of CSL include vaccines, blood plasma derivatives, cell culture reagents, which are used in different genetic and medical manufacturing and research operations (CSL, 2017).

CSL Limited is an organization that is offering biotechnology medicines for the people to save their lives. The company is very important for the country and international environment, as it offers biotechnology medicines to the people. It has importance for Australia in all the aspects, i.e. social, economic, public health, environmental. In today’s scenario, use of biotechnology tool has a large positive impact on different areas of a country. Primarily, the medicines of CSL assist the country in improving the public health. In relation to CSL, it is important to consider that it uses the modern technology, which can be processed with public health practices for Australia and it is enhancing the efficacy of the country. The company has offered many effective and efficient tool to the country, like; new drugs and vaccines, effective treatment, innovative approaches to the therapeutics etc. In addition, CSL Limited provides some environmental benefits to Australia, as it restores the soil, water and natural resources at low cost (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker and Brennan, 2015).

Importance of CSL to Australia and the Global Environment

Furthermore, CSL has helped Australia to enhance the quality of lives of people. Its products have the potential to make changes in Australian society. It is reducing the need and use of chemicals in the medicines, which may impact the public health and environment. It is working with Australian Government to make investment new and innovative technologies, which may benefit the population with hemophilia worldwide. CSL is assisting Australia in controlling the pollution by reduction in the utilization of chemicals (Barney, 2014). There will be saving of refined resources as the company is utilizing natural resources for manufacturing medicines. In addition, CSL is very important for Australia in terms of economy, such as; the company claims a market capitalization of 32$ billion and providing employment to more than 14000 people in over 30 nations. Apart from its importance to Australia, CSL is offering the benefits on international level. One of the biggest subsidiaries of CSL, i.e. CSL Behring is working as an international leader in plasma protein therapeutics and has its primary premises in Germany, Australia, Switzerland and United States (Bock, 2015). Thus, it can be said that business and operations of Australia are very important for Australia and global environment.

As CSL Limited is engaged in manufacturing the products by using natural resources, this is the major point, which can be considered in implementation of sustainable practices by CSL. The company is incorporating sustainable practices in its marketing strategies, i.e. product, pricing, place and promotion (Berkowitz, 2016). In Australia, the company is performing very strongly in corporate responsibility and staying on its commitment to responsibly attain growth and success by effective implementation of business strategies, making investment in research and development process to develop advanced biotherapies for serious human conditions and via its promise to gain efficiency and productivity. According to the Corporate Sustainability Report, 2013, CSL has created a significant development in evolving a sustainability culture and implementing globally-identified sustainable practices.

Under its product strategy, CSL offers the products in the eco-friendly packaging, because it is very much concerned about the societal and environmental aspects. In addition, the company is using sustainable pricing strategy, under which it if offering the medicines on fair prices, so it can achieve a significant market share and increase its customer base. For promoting its products in Australia and international market, CSL is adopting various effective practices, like; sales promotion, personal selling, advertisements etc. These promotional tools will assist CSL in gaining competitive advantage and sustaining the competitive environment in Australian industry (Chandrasekaran, 2016). It is engaging in corporate social responsibility activities. The distribution channels and network of CSL include different parties, wholesalers, retailers, financial institutions and logistic companies. It helps the company in timely delivery and distribution of products and services. Thus, the marketing mix of CSL includes various sustainable practices, which enhance its business operations.  

Sustainable Practices of CSL

Strategic planning plays a vital role in organizing and leading the organization successfully. CSL limited is adopting various strategies to effectively plan the processes and activities effectively (Crommelin, Sindelar and Meibohm, 2013). The product concept of this company is very innovative, as there are very few players in Australia those are engaged in biotechnology medicine manufacturing. Under this planning, the company has developed and maintained strong and long lasting strategic partnership with other firms and academic institutes in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

These partnerships assist CSL in conducting innovative research and development programs, comprising both applied and basic research in vaccines, plasma therapeutics and recombinant biotechnology. By promoting its strategic planning, the company is maintaining corporate governance for maximizing shareholder value. It is attaining a better brand image by effective strategic planning, transparency, risk management and engaging in corporate social responsibility. In addition, CSL is planning to develop licensing agreement around the innovative technologies and products.

Human Resource Management is an effective approach, which is executed by each and every organization for managing its employees. The company aims to offer a positive working environment to the employees and contractors. All the actions of employees are overseen by Board of the company. The top management of CSL treats its employees in a fair and lawful manner and seeks to produce a workplace culture of respect and mutual trust. It understands the significance of training the employees with right skills and abilities to perform their jobs and duties and identifying their contribution to the growth and success of organization. CSL promotes workforce diversity, collaboration, safety, health and well-being of employees and appreciate the work-life balancing. The manufacturing site of CSL implements effective HR policies, practices and programs, which fulfills the company’s employment responsibilities and assist its business and corporate strategy.

In managing the sustainable practices, leadership is an essential process that is important to direct and lead the business operations and employees. The global leadership group at CSL is responsible for the day to day operations of organization. The leaders at CSL, i.e. Board of Directors are responsible for the management of company and giving strategic direction to the employees and other levels of management. The organization supports leadership development via exclusive talent management programs (Cox, 2016). Leadership at CSL is very effective and dynamic, because their leaders motivate, engage and attracts more and more employees. They are practicing participative management in workplace in which, it engages others, listens and develops commitment and promise.

Marketing Strategies of CSL

As it is a biotechnology organization, so the leaders motivate the followers to become more responsible towards people and natural environment. They consider the issues of employees, which are related to their work and personal life. Talent management is an effective approach that is used by the leaders of CSL for maintaining and establishing competitive advantage through its human resources. The main objective of this program is to ensure the appropriate employees for right positions. It offers personal growth and development to the employees. Thus, the leadership is very effective at CSL limited (Witcomb, 2015). It is totally focused on followers and employees and assists them in enhancing their skills and abilities to perform their jobs and duties.

Value addition from manufacturing of new biotechnology medicines is foremost that is directly related to the treatment of patients. CSL Limited is offering the biotechnology medicines to the people for curing their life threatening diseases and serious human conditions. The value chain of company ensures that the patients receive the appropriate medicines at appropriate time (Grajales, et al, 2014). The value chain of CSL includes different components, like; research and development, production of medicines, distribution of products and delivery to end users etc. Before manufacturing a medicine, the organization needs to conduct research and development. CSL has developed partnerships with other organizations and institutions for conducting innovative research programs (Sargeant and Jay, 2014).

In next component, CSL ensures that it manufactures the medicines by using natural and biological resources and there is no use of chemical ingredients. After completing manufacturing processes, the organization emphasizes on distribution of products among customers and patients. In this company ensures that it is adopting best transportation techniques (Taske & Sarah-Jane, 2016). It handles the distribution effectively from manufacturer to end user. CSL Limited is controlling its value chain process by adopting and implementing effective strategies and processes. It is focusing on each and every process of delivering the medicines to patients. Co-creating value for partners and patients are the major capabilities of company (Hickey et al, 2013).

Technology plays a vital role in the field of biotechnology, as it offers various opportunities to conduct research and gather the biological data about patients and their diseases. CSL Limited has access to advanced technologies to support the research opportunities in the beginning stage (Hsiao, 2014). Innovation is a core of everything, which CSL do in offering its products. Technology innovation is reflected in the manufacturing facilities, plasma collection, enhancing biotherapies, searching new features in existing therapies and developing new and innovative therapeutic products for fulfilling the needs of patients (Hickey et al, 2014). In addition, CSL limited is adopting modern and advanced technology resources in the production and manufacturing process of biotechnology medicines.

Strategic Planning at CSL

Product strategy

CSL Limited has been engaged in offering a variety of life-saving medicines, which are assisting the population of Australia and all over the world. The major objective behind these products is to provide healthy and normal lives to people (CSL, 2017). There are some major products of company, which are given below;

  • Vaccines
  • Plasma therapies
  • Antivenoms
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other diagnostic products

In the production process, the company should focus on labeling and packaging of products. It will do eco-friendly packaging of the products.    

CSL Limited will offer its products on discount pricing and competitive pricing. It will set the prices of products lower than its competitors in Australian industry (Huang and Sarigöllü, 2014). Under discount pricing, the organization will give discount on medicines, in terms of volume and payment in cash. Offering heavy discounts will attract more and more customers towards its products.

Promotion is an important strategy for each and every organization. The companies need to incorporate various effective promotional tools to implement effective promotion strategy (Hsiao, 2014). CSL is adopting various promotional techniques in this competitive environment, like; sales promotion, advertising and personal selling. Maintaining sustainable practices will be another way to promote its products among people, as people are very much concerned about their and environmental safety (Luo et al, 2014).

Recommendations and Conclusion

 By analyzing the above report, it can be stated that CSL Limited is an organization that is offering biotechnology medicines to save the lives of people. This analysis is conducted for evaluating the sustainable practices of company in present competitive scenario. It includes all the important processes of organization, which are practiced for enhancing business, like; leadership, planning and strategy, human resource management etc. Furthermore, there are some strategies, which can be used by CSL in the future.

It is hereby recommended that the company should focus on the quality and prices of its medicines as it impacts the health of people. They should try to make the people aware about this new and innovative concept in medical science. In addition, they should use only healthy and biological ingredients in medicines. It will not affect the health of people adversely. There should be effective management of human resources, so that company can complete its manufacturing and delivery process successfully. Thus, the company should be engaged in more promotional activities, like; offline media, print media etc. It will increase its presence at both domestic and international level as well


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