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You are currently reviewing a project you have worked on. As part of this review it is necessary to reflect on (critically analyse) the project team leadership adopted in the project. If you do not have a workplace project that you can draw upon, find a project in the literature that you can critique. The findings of your critical analysis are to be presented in a report format that includes the findings of your investigation and subsequent recommendations. You are required to examine the project team leadership literature to inform your critical analysis. It is suggested that you use figures and tables where relevant to support your analysis and recommendations. 

Analysis of Telstra Corporation's Leadership

This report has been prepared on the leadership intents and theory which could be used by the leaders to positively influence the employees in their work process system. The main purpose of this report is to implement the critical analysis on the Project team leadership done on the leadership theory and collaborative and productive project team environment by analyzing the positive and negative factors which have directly and indirectly has resulted to changes in the work process of the employees in the organization. and its alignment with the different leadership theories. Additionally, this research report is helpfulll to analysis the facts and issues given in the report prepared on the leadership and its related theories.  In addition to this, it also focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of the leadership which could be used to implement the further research study on the implementation of the leadership role in organization. Leaders need to analyze the key factors which may directly and indirectly influence the employees and their work. Leaders are the backbone of the organization and they take imperative decisions to positively influence the employees. They also push team development to create synergy in the business process. This research report covers the qualitative and qualitative data on the leadership theories and details given on the Telstra Company

The leadership theories and other details has been given in the assignment shows the deep understanding on how leaders should act and how company could grow on the basis of the leader’s directions. The Telstra Company has been indulged in providing the telecommunication services to clients around the globe. With the expansion of its business, the complexity to manage the work functioning is also increasing the throughout the time.  It is analyzed that the project is based on the analyzing  leadership theories in context with the business process system of the Telstra Company (Turner, and Müller, 2015).

This report reviews the team leadership characteristics in a project of an Australian Telecommunication company, Telstra Corporation. The Company has been providing the telecommunication services to clients around the globe, and with the expansion of its business, the complexity to manage the work functioning is also increasing the throughout the time. The project disuccussed here has been taken up by the company in order to develop their existing telecommunication machineries and apparatus. The company and the marketing team has proposed the building up of high facility towers in order to introduce new and developed spectrum in the telecommunication facilities and pave way for the initiation of 5G services in the telecommunication line. To this end, teams have been formed. This assignment shall mainly deal with covering aspects of leadership related to these teams. The project teams were structured with members consisting of 10 highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Staff in the company having a minimum of 2 years’ experience were only be chosen, so that issues and problems that would be encountered by the right staff. Additionally, imparting them with the specialised training had helped them in succeeding with their roles.

Team Leadership Characteristics in a Project

It is analyzed the various leadership theories such as autocratic, trait and behavioural theory has been followed by the leaders in order to influence the employee of the company and align their interest with the organization’s development.  The Theory and Practice implemented by P.G. Northouse is one also one of the adopted theory by the leader of the Telstra which may face issue in setting collaboration among employees. The teams and managers must also possess the high interpersonal skills as it highlights the importance of teamwork training to instill a positive and productive spirit in the team members. With the increasing business complexity and intensified competition, leadership skills in the project team are very much required for the business success of the organization. Telstra Company has been operating its business on an international level and faced various team building issues in its process due to the leadership issues (Turner, and Müller 2015).

It is considered that the team development, leadership method has been followed by the leaders of the Telstra Company to strengthen the business process outcomes. (Østergaard, Timmermans and Kristinsson, 2011). The leaders should push employees to strengthen the business outcomes and increasing the overall outcomes in an effective manner. It will not only increase the productivity, but also result to increase in the return on capital employed.

A Communicative Perspective is also one of the major aspect of the leadership. It is helpful for the leaders to mitigate the problems and issues which may arise in the work process of company. However, this has shown the way how organization should act and formed if it wants to effectively grow in market but the view point analysis of the internal factors which might impact the employees is not given. This would be the biggest failure of the implemented strategies plans by the leaders. The team building and communication among the employees are the key factor for the business success of organization and same have been given. This would be the plus point when the leaders of the Telstra implement their strategies and goals in the best interest of the organization. Therefore, guidelines put forward in Fairhurst and Counnaghtonwill play would help in the team building and effective communication among the employees in the project team development leadership plan. In addition to this, the importance of the team diversity and interpersonal skills have been analyzed which helps in evaluating the employees work program and how it has been impacting the business outcomes throughout the time (Prabhakar, 2015). It is analyzed that a leader of the Telstra needs to focus on the collaborative work approach. It shows that if the employees are working with the collaborative behavior in the team of the diversified work culture, then it will not only increase their learning but also strengthen the business outcomes (Turner, and Müller 2015).   Nonetheless, it would be hard for the leaders to manage the complexity of the team work approach without the use of the advance technologies and system.

Leadership Theories Implemented

The collaborative leadership work approach is also be positive but without the use of the advance technologies employees might face issue in communicating with the others. It is analyzed that leaders of the Telstra need to focus on adapting the employees with the changing business policies and work functions. Therefore, leaders must analysis the impact of the technologies on the work functions of the employees how they could positively impact the employees in the best interest of the organization. Another research review is made on the Reinventing Project-Based Learning which has been incorporated in the process system of the Telstra organization given in the document. It is analyzed that leaders of the company has given the process system which will help company to offer quality goods and services to clients. However, if these leaders make the organizational more employee oriented and strengthen communication system process with the clients is done then it will allow Telstra to deliver more customized products and services to clients.

The study on the Creating Effective Collaborative Learning Groups in an Online Environment by Jane Brindley, Lisa Marie Blaschke and Christine Walti given in the analyzed report has reflected that online business functioning will be helpful in increasing the business outcomes and increasing the quality of the products and services. The collaborative work behavior has been divulged in the report but the same has been analyzed to its certain limit of organizational behavior. The report should have also divulged the key details on the adaptability of the employees with the advancement of the technologies. If leaders want to strengthen the business outcomes then they will first have to mitigate the diversity and adaptability issues of the employees toward strong business outcomes (Turner, and Müller 2015). It is analyzed that leaders firstly has to identify the motivational factors and other external factors which may directly and indirectly influence the business and how well it could strengthen the overall outcomes throughout the time (Geoghegan, and Dulewicz, 2008). If leaders could make effective use of the resources then it will not only increase the overall outcomes but also strengthen the project team leadership in th business which will create value on the undertaken busins process.

These research methods have shown employees and managers are the key pillars of the undertaken project team leadership. The main purpose of the project team leadership is to strengthen the business outcomes and increasing the overall efficiency of the employee. The most important factors considered in project development and development of project team leadership is identifyng relevant stakeholders, leadership skills, interpersonal communication, encouraging and motivating work environment. Furthermore, other factors need to be considered such as:- technologically advanced skills and knowledge required, imparting training and development to the internal stakeholders, interpersonal relationships with external stakeholders.

Factors Affecting Employees and Leadership

These project stakeholders could also be the reserchers, employees, directors and managers of the company who have direct and indirect interest in the business functioning of organization.  The shareholders of the Telsttra Company would alos be indulged in qualitative and quantitative information on the company to make their investment decisions. These stakeholders are very much interested in the businss process of the organization Stakeholders are those persons who have directly and indirectly get influenced by the project. 

In this research. We have used secondary sources such as using the journal articles, official gazettes, documents and other details which reveal all the qualitative and quantitative information on the company.  The secondary sources of data are useful to analysis the positive and negative impact of the leadership and how it has influenced the employees. In order to analysis, stakeholders, we could also use survey and quantitative data to identify the person who will directly and indirectly influence by the undertaken report. If it is taken in effective manner then they could also enhance their overall outcomes in effective manner (Yang, Huang, and Wu, (2011).. It will assist compaby to develop an effective team to navigate to achieve the set goals and objectives in effective manner.  The project stakeholders are those who directly and indirectly get affected by the project and are involved in the project team. In this research report, the internal stakeholders are the marketing team, 10 highly skilled staff with 2 years of working experience and are knowledgeable, the managers, and the project teams.

Project team leaders will have to identify the skills required for the project in a team and then on the basis of the same groups of teams with individuals having most appropriate skill sets complementing each other will be made.

All the stakeholders of the project such as employees, shareholders and other who are directly and indirectly interest in the prepared resreach reprot on the business functioning of company would be indulged in proper communication program. Communcition in the process is set by implementing the proper functional program and manging the complex business process. Therefore, the human resource department must focus on the above factors to ensure successful initiation and completion of the project.

The study reveals a significant importance of teamwork; Therefore, the leaders must ensure that the diversified teams work holistically and homogeneously towards achieving the company goals and objectives. The study, however, revealed the importance of small teams which are easily controlled and their functioning is managed effectively and efficiently. The literature review proves a significant relationship between team homogeneity and heterogeneity, it is found that team must be diverse to pull creative solutions and ideas and are homogeneous to stay in line with the organizational goals and policies. It will be useful for the readers to understand the business fucntionign of company and how it is competeing in market.  Experts employee in the proess is also depedent upon the hiring the right staff and providing them with accurate training are a must for success of any project. The project team leadership and identifn the right stakeholder of the propject is the one part of the project which is very much require if leaders wants to accomplish the desired goals. Nonetheless, it would be hard for the leaders to manage the complexity of the team work approach without identifying the impact of project leadership on the stakeholders. therefore, they will also have to use the advance technologies and system to strengthen the identifying the team leadership program.

Effective Collaboration and Team Diversity

After analysing all the articles and literature review, it could be inferred that employees are the main stakeholders of this project and they should be motivated by using the motivational theories by the leaders. The project team leaders are indulged in pursuring the employees to accomplish set goals and targets. It is analyzed that the  employees in the Telstra are from the different culture and work environment who may face issue while working in the team (Geoghegan, and Dulewicz, 2008). Therefore, all the line managers of the Telstra before building the team first needs to arrange the proper team building approach which would be used by them to pursue the main stakeholders i.e.  employee for their learning. It will further help them to strengthen their work for increasing the productivity of organization.

Building and managing relationships with project stakeholders requires leaders to promote meeting, social functions and holding employee observartion greinvacne programs. It is crucial to build and manage the relationship amongst the project stakeholders (Bourne, 2016).  Leaders could use social meeting, employee discussion forms to promte and building the relation with the project stakeholders. In addition to this, monthly team get together will also behelpful in the team building. The Telstra Corporation has its base in Australia and is working internationally with various teams, they come across team building and leadership issues to be dealt with. Due to the fact that the employers are from diverse locations and experiences it becomes imperative for managers and project team leaders to build productive and positive relationships (Turner, and Müller, 2015). A communication perspective given by (Pinto, Slevin and English 2009) reviews the style of leadership which sounds the most appropriate for the Telstra Corporation.

Problems that arise due to the lack of communication and dominating situations can also be avoided using this theory of leadership. The initiating step to create a positive relation amongst the stakeholders is to improve communication. This will further improve the understanding between each team member and project requirements will be further more transparent. Many times it is observed that the projects are delayed due to the miscommunication within the project team and managers. According to the report and literature review, reinforcing a two way communication process will help represent individual weaknesses and strengths.  Another important report presented by Yang, Huang and Wu (2011) for collective leadership shifts the researchers focus towards the team coaching and training. This book provides a different perspective to look at tools and techniques for building and managing project team relations. The review stresses on project team training. This will help transform the current process to increase project team productivity and performance. The research shows that leadership is not about forcing the decisions and having one way communication. To develop and maintain healthy relationship among team members and project leaders, managers and stakeholders it is important to focus attention towards more two way communication by sharing the ideas, strengths and weaknesses. The report should have also focused on the demonstrations to avoid mishandling the project, honesty and clarity in communication. Another report is given by Anantatmula (2010) where they elaborate the project based team learning. A relationship between stakeholders is important at every stage of the project right from when it starts to when it ends. This review emphasizes on the tools and techniques which are necessary to start a project (Aga, Noorderhaven, and Vallejo, 2016).

Technological Advancement in Leadership

  The project leader must identify the skills required for the project in a team and create small groups of teams with individuals having most appropriate skill sets complementing each other.  Anotehr method for the telecommunication project would be installing 5G towers that has to be designed by understanding the need of the external stakeholders as well. The review suggests that this book in particular works best by sharing details of real life projects to be applied during interpersonal arguments and task installation and completion (Müller and Turner, 2010). It will provide the way interpersonal communication training must be given and how teams must be trained in order to work in a hassle free environment. It is analyzed the book must have also provided the innovative and creative solutions to overcome the disputes arising within the teams. On the contrary, Müller and Turner (2010) argued and explored in the area to make project teams more interactive by following the various steps towards improving the inter team communication (Verburg, Bosch-Sijtsema and Vartiainen 2013) suggested that communication is the key which on performing in a healthy manner can elevate productivity and improve working environment. An additional technique stated was to create smaller teams in order to have effective and efficient control and leadership over the team performance and behavior. Nevertheless, this research also has certain limitations in the area as to how to divide members in a team efficiently (Fung, 2015).

The human resrueces and diversity in the business activities play pivotal role in the project leadership team management. Such research projects require skilled manpower acquainted with the latest technology and focused towards continuous learning and development. A continuous learning process with conducive work environment is a necessity for the project team, stakeholders and managers. Therefore, the human resource department must look for appropriate candidates and appoint those who are technically strong and sound. They must also be able to train the project teams and impart knowledge and skills to the members through a two way communication by understanding their strength and weaknesses not by forcing their own thought process. According to Shen et al (2009) Human diversity is a significant part of every organization because it helps in improving the business functioning and recruiting the talent as well. It is analyzed from the literature review that the managers must first set up code of conduct and organizationl culture to strengthen human diversity in organization (Archer, 2017). Without having the right people on board the project will struggle with the interpersonal conflicts and mismanagement from the project initiation and completion due to the lack of communication. Importance of the human diversity

Importance of Identifying Relevant Stakeholders

Diversity is one of the major aspect which could strengthen the overall outcomes and if it is managed in the business process then it will also help company to develop team building effectively (Browne, et al. 2016).  The workforce diversity and heterogeneity is another important factor to be considered (Østergaard, Timmermans and Kristinsson 2011) Teams can be high performing and collaborative only when they are culturally diversified.  Each individual of the team having a diversified skill set will help harmonize the skills of other members as well. In high technology based telecommunication project there has to be diversified skills and knowledgeable staff working for the shared goal. Individuals coming from varied and diversified backgrounds usually work on the concepts of individualism which needs to be taken away entirely from each member of the team to inculcate teamwork and build collaborative project team leadership. This will also help keep the work environment peaceful, healthy and conducive to perform research and successful completion of the project. The leaders working with Telstra Corporation must own certain qualities that play an important role in the performance and productivity and overall team development. Looking at the various leadership qualities and styles from the literature review it can be inferred that the human resource must focus on leaders who are able to clearly explore and express ideas to the team members. A lot of leadership style depends upon how things are communicated within the team (Greene and Kirton, 2015).

  It is evident from the research that the Telstra Corporation also has a strong network of marketing and sales people, the marketing team and leaders must be hired who are more engaging and responsive to internal and external stakeholders must possess excellent people and interpersonal skills. The leaders having these skills will lead a healthier and collaborative internal and external stakeholder team. The review points out that the Telstra Corporation has a diversified team, to manage the diversity the human resource department must look for individuals as leaders who can fit in any corporate culture being a technologically strong corporation the leaders must also be able to work under high pressure and continuous learning and building and maintaining good relationships at the workplace (Shin et al, 2012). It is further observed that by using the effective project team ledership, company could increase the productivity and it will also result to increase in the return on capital employed. Leaders are the backbone of the organization and they take imperative decisions to positively influence the employees. It analyses the cultivation of the leadership in the team development and creation of the synergy in the business outcomes. This document will help researchers to identify the essential factors of the leaders which might impact the leadership process and traits while influencing the employees in the best interest of the employees (Yang, Huang, and Wu, 2011).


Based on the research review and the books referred so far in the review process, the following are the major findings to describe the requirements of the characteristic of the leaders and techniques used to construct and maintain relations and diversity within the project team leadership. The project works towards identifying and managing the good leader. It has been found that in any project completion the involvement of leader is a pivotal role. The paper reviews the fact that not only leaders, but hiring the right staff and providing them with accurate training are a must for success of any project. Further, the Literature review, has given a wide spectrum to understand the concept and style of leadership from autocratic to behavioral. Communicative leadership is also analyzed in the review papers, where it is found that the peaceful working environment and training have a significant impact on the productivity and positive interpersonal relationships. Although, the research findings do not make it clear how to achieve creative ways to settle arguments.

Based on the analysis and interpretation of the secondary data referred through review papers and books, findings and observations of the paper, the researcher makes the following recommendations. This recommendations have been givne on the basis of the research articles on th project team leadership development and its relation wih the effectiveness of the business process. In addition to this, project team leadership is one of the important aspects which only provides how company has managed its business and how it could strengthen its business output effectively. The finding of the compay is to strengthen the team building and increase the overall outcomes of the process. This will not only increase the overall outcomes but also assist commmany to implement the project team leadership in effective mananer. This finding has shown that employees working in the process have different culture and they have to indulged in the proper collaborative behavior while in their work process. It is analyzed that if company wants to sustain its business in long run then they will have to first focus on implementing the project team leadership to strengthen the busines process outcomes. It is further considered that all the team leaders of the Telstra company should indulgled in developing the corporative behavior of the empkloyees so that they could analysis whether they could achieve the set targets while working as team or not.


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