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To access the defined targeting segment a positioning and unique marketing-mix, which fulfils the consumers’ needs and wants, is essential (Ang 2014; Schiffman & Kanuk 2010; Elliot et al. 2010). In the case of Fentimans a differentiated strategy (target marketing) will be recommended (Kotler & Keller 2016). Fentimansshould offer their ginger beer to differentsegments with slightly modifying their communication mix. However, due to the limited resources of the company, Fentimans should focus at the beginning on the “female student”-segment to increase their marketshare.

Make ginger beer sexy in the Swiss market.

Priority:Increase product and brand awarenessin the Swissfemale market.

Push sales to gain 1% brand share in the Swiss beer market within the next 5 years.

Adjustment on packaging of the craft beer to attract the female segment

Pink colour of the bottle for women

Include “new” label on the packaging

Memorable andshareablepackaging (buyers emotions)

Small portions/ 275ml or 330ml to target female segmentalreadyexisting

-> women drink less than men

-> reduced ginger beer volume as part of cocktails

PET or can packaging for student events

Functional packaging and increased convenience: re-usable packaging (shaker for cocktails)

Transportation carton forfour beersis available and could be used to promote the product

-> “Ginger beer not only for you, but to share with your best friends”.

-> Cardboard package could include cocktail recipes On-Trade / beer glass

Nice beer glass shape for bars

-> High possibility for brand recognition

-> Sensory marketing / Presentation of the drink

->Visible andword ofmouthrecommendation at the POS

Possibility to chat and have a nice experience with the barkeeper during drink preparation

Target Market: Female Students

In the intense competitive business environment, appropriate marketing of products is highly significant for securing a stronger position. Goworek et al. (2015) stated that this strategy serves the organization with the ability to sustain a long term relationship with the customers which is very much needed for strengthening the public image of an organization. With the assistance of strong and proactive marketing strategy, the organizations keeps the customers informed which is highly required to generate satisfaction among them. Present paper puts forth the discussion of the marketing strategy in the context of Rock Star Energy Drink. This is one of the famous drink companies in US, which produces energy drinks especially. The report will highlight in-depth analysis of the US energy drink market along with the market segmentation strategy, followed by the company. The significance of consumer decision making. Strategies for positioning and branding of the product will also be discussed.

The energy drink industry of US comprises of multiple energy drink mixes, which intend to serve the customers with extra energy. The market comprises of majority of household along with children who consume significant amount of energy drink. In addition to that, the energy drink market of US also consists of wide range of health conscious customers who are extremely interested towards consuming healthy and nutritious products (Malhotra and Peterson 2014). Rockstar is one of the leading companies in the market with 14% market share.

This is the top energy drink brand in the entire industry which is now operating their business in more than 27 countries. Rockstar is available in the market with several brands which can have a firm impact on attracting a strong base of customer and thus increase rate of profit margin. Rockstar serves the customers with an incredible energy boost ( 2018).  

Market segmentation is considered as the process of dividing the market in accordance with the age, demographics and personal choice. Age, ethnicity, education and income are the major factors of market segmentation. One of the greatest advantages of market segmentation is that it supports in exploring the needs and requirements of target market and act accordingly in order to generate satisfaction among the customer (Chernev 2018). Market segmentation comprises of dividing the population into certain groups in accordance with the characteristics. Both demographic and psychographic segmentation strategy are being followed for Rock star energy drink in terms of operate their business as per the demand of the customers.

Health focused customers are the fundamental focal point of Rockstar. This type of market segment comprises of those customers who are more likely to consume products that have rich nutritional value. As Rockstar energy drink us highly intended to boost the energy level among the customers, therefore, they have focused this target market. This segment of customers are highly intended towards making prompt purchasing decision (Foxall 2014). This is paving the way for Rockstar energy drink to increase their statistics of profit. Another major target market of Rockstar energy drink is the sporty customers.

Packaging Adjustments

Such type of customers are highly intended to boost their energy level while engaging in any sports related activities. This type of customer segment is strikingly different from that of the health focused customers, who generally explore the functional benefit of energy drink. One of the greatest benefits of such segment of customer is that they are more attracted towards simple solution with greater quality (Solomon et al. 2014). This type of customers are more likely to consume sports drink that can act as a water replacement which can facilitate them to boost their energy level. Young adults aged in between 25 to 34 are one of the major targeted customers of Rock star energy drink.    

Consume decision making is considered as the process, through which the customers explores their needs and requirements, gather relevant information related to the product, evaluate the other options available in the market and thereby frame purchase decision. This is the way, through which the customers becomes more inclined towards a product. There are certain factors of a company, which play a very significant role in strengthening consumer decision making process (Baker 2014). For instance, logo of a company is highly imperative factor for reinforcing the psychological bond among the customers towards certain brand.

The lucrative logo of Rockstar energy drink is acting as a driving force behind the customers to initiate their purchasing decision. With the assistance of lucrative logo, Rockstar energy drink has creates a strong brand identity in the market which is the key of promoting consumer decision making. Relevant information regarding a product is also a significant factor in promoting consumer information. With the rapid development of technology, the customers have become more inclined towards gathering information from internet before purchasing a product (Armstrong et al. 2015). All the information related to Rockstar energy drink are available in the official website of the company which is making it easy for the customers to evaluate the product before making their purchasing decision. Detailed information in the official website is also helping the customers to evaluate the alternative products before making their purchasing decision (Hartline and Ferrell 2014).        

Implementation of strong marketing strategy is very much significant for promoting the products appropriately in the market and thereby strengthen the public image. Marketing strategy for Rockstar energy drink has been discussed below:

Proper positioning and branding of products is very much needed in terms of gathering attention of target market (Lusch and Vargo 2014). Being the top brand in global energy drink industry, it is imperative for Rockstar to follow a strong and proactive strategy for placing their products. Boosting the energy level among the customers is the underlying aim of Rockstar energy drink. As the sports men are mostly intended to consume energy drink, it is imperative for Rockstar to place their products in this segment in terms of catching the attention of this target market. They can also place their products among the young adults as they are more likely to consume energy drink.

Sensory Marketing and Presentation

Appropriate branding of products is very much needed in order to catch the attention of customers. Branding allows the companies to be differentiated from that of the competitors. There are some of the unique approaches, which needs to be followed by Rockstar to make branding of their products (Zeriti et al. 2014). It is imperative for them to execute on-brand activities in terms of amplifying loyalty among the customers. They can also promote their products in several sports events such as motorcycle racing motorcycle racing, music events and sponsors by famous athletes in terms of catching the attention of the customers.  

  Price and quality of product play a significant role in catching the attention of the customers. Subsequent discussion will help to highlight the strategies which Rockstar can implement for increasing their product line and execute effective pricing strategy (Kotabe and Helsen 2014).

Product is the core factor for catching the attention of the customers. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the management of Rockstar to ensure that hold amplified product line to generate loyalty among the customers. A specific product formula is needed to be followed by Rockstar in terms of high energy products. Specific ingredients such as glucose-fructose syrup, salt - sodium chloride, citric acid, natural lemon and several other flavors are needed to be used while producing Rockstar energy drink. This can help in improving the attention of the customers and thereby catch the attention of the customers. According to the product mix formula, it is vital for the production department of Rockstar to focus on the taste and nutritional value of the drink.

Price of a product is a significant factor for generating satisfaction among the customers. Therefore, Rockstar must follow premium pricing strategy to make their product affordable among the targeted customers.  

Point of scale can be considered as that situation when the entire process of retail transaction becomes completed. It is extremely important to modify the behavior among the customers at this point in order to attract and retain more number of customer and thereby increase rate of profitability. Brand loyalty among the customers must be strengthened by providing them with high quality of products. Initially, Rockstar should explore the requirements of customers and work accordingly to generate a sense of satisfaction among them.     


To conclude, it can be said that operative marketing strategy plays a significant role in strengthening the public image of a company. Being one of the leading drink companies across the globe, it is the prime responsibility of Rockstar to initiate robust marketing strategy to make their position stronger in the market. It is true that they have implemented effective market segmentation strategy to target a certain range of customers. Rockstar should focused on making proper branding of the products in terms of reinforcing psychological bonding with that of the customers.

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