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Choose two of these and write up to (per topic) on how leadership might be exercised and what are the contextual factors that are relevant.  

The CEO of a multinational firm

In the rock band

Leadership styles of Tony Fernandes and Richard Branson

There was a leadership expert Warren Bennis, who quoted “Leadership is the ability of the individual to translate vision into reality”. Great leaders are considered as the flag bearers of the features and skills which other people look as future leaders of the future (Ford & Harding, 2018). The main aim of this assignment is to elaborate the importance of leadership for which two topics will be emphasized under this assignment i.e. The CEO of Multinational Firm and in rock group in which different team leader will be considered.

The role of leadership in multinational organization is quite different as they have wide responsibility to handle all members in an effective manner (Johnson, 2017). There are two big organizations i.e. Air Asia Group which is operated by Tony Fernandes and Virgin Air which is operated by Richard Branson. Tony Fernandes is known as charismatic CEO of Air Asia who handled entire team. He led the business into diversified business ideas as he had superior quality to analyze and evaluate the opportunities. He worked hard in the favour of achieving the objectives of the company. It is the belief of the leader that his team able to manage as well as analyze the opportunities with their intelligence (Selcer, Goodman and Decker, 2012). Fernandes was not bound till provided tasks as he started a hotel chain which is based on the no-frills concept. He had adopted a transformational leadership style and creates a strategic vision for the company. The leadership style of this leader had different elements as he was not stopped until he communicates the vision to entire team.

It has been found that Air Asia had faced number of issues in the context of t he growth of the company. in such condition, Tony had positive attitude to tack le with problem with an effective solution. There were a number of crisis occurred within the business such as a loss of Air Asia QZ8051 (Jaya, 2018). He had made commitment in front of people regarding crisis which were being a reason to make people impressed. He used social media in proper manner in order to motivate customers as well as employees of Air Asia. In case of crisis, he did not lose hope and fly through the same flight for the purpose to reach there with the families of passengers. He always remained accountable for the action of their team members (Chinchilla, 2018). According to Tony Fernandes, clients are everything and it is reality that without making satisfied employees from the services of the company, it would not be possible for any kind of company to grow in the same industry.

There is another leader of Virgin Air named Richard Branson. It has been found that the chairman of Virgin Air has spent his whole career approaching the envelope. The outcome of this effort has come in the form of eclectic and expansive set of companies, entailing a bank, airlines and most recently a hotel chain (Longenecker and Fink, 2015). He had put a lot off effort to be millionaire as he dropped out high school but never stooped to achieve his determined aims. The leader has broken down 10 rules in order to motivate people every step of the way (Business Insider, 2018). These ten rules are mentioned below:

  • Follow your passions, but protect the downside.
  • Do Some Good
  • Believe in your business
  • Have fun
  • Don’t give up
  • Listen more and talk less
  • Make room for personal time through delegation
  • Go out and meet people
  • Communicate among all level of you company
  • Be happy

Leadership lessons learned from the Beatles

According to Richard, there are a lot of problems and confusion around the subtle but it is necessary for the employees to make difference between delegation and relegation. Transformative leadership style has been adopted by this leader to lead his team. Delegation is referred to handle the responsibility for a condition together with good decisions to resolve it (Zhang, Ahammad,  Tarba, Cooper, Glaister and Wang, 2015). On the other hand, relegation is referred as the simple pushing a issue to shoulder the blame. Poor leader are unable to make difference between the delegation and relegation and they blamed other for mistakes instead of finding the solution of arising issues (Larsson, Schnurr & Clifton, 2018). It is vital for the leaders to be positive while handling the tasks within the business because it would be helpful for them to encourage employees towards accomplishing the task. Richard has positive attitude towards working which make him different from other kinds of leaders. He encouraged employees of the organization to work with positive attitude so that they never get bored from their allocated work.

The Beatles group

The Beatles Group were a rock band that was formed in Liverpool in 1960. It has number of members of John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Pul McCartney, this band has become popular due to its influential music band in history. It could be done due to an effective leadership style. Leadership is not only an art skill but also it has practical skills that encompass the ability of an individual to attract and motivate the individual and the company to attain the aims of the organization and attainment of the aims (Antonakis & Day, 2017). The Beatle Group had given different leadership lessons that is push the boundaries, show up fully, surround yourself with great people and build, keep it simple and nurture a fan base. It has been found that the theory of leadership is classically featured with decision making. The emphasis is one the musical group the Beatles and it has paved the way of success not only in the music world but also in the public opinion world. This group has become a noteworthy example for the world as the entire of their achievement was so much greater in comparison the total of its parts (Nahavandi, 2016). It has been found that they worked together to achieve a common goal which being the major cause of their success. It shows that the team collaboration keeps huge importance in the growth of the business.

It has been found that there are many rock bands that produce the similar kinds of songs, over and over again. The main aim of Betles group is to increase the interest of the audience towards their music by making continual evolution of their music, from album to album. It has been found that an individual would not be able to attain what an entire team can get in the business workplace (Sobel, 2018). Democratic leadership style has been adopted by this band as they discussed with each other before taking any appropriate action (Adair, 2013). It is definite that affirmative synergies are developed and made at the time of working in the teams, and the team can move the mountain with their cooperative feature (Simha, Armstrong and Albert, 2012). It is the belief of many that the team work can attain in the longer run. Team work has the potential to achieve the common goals in an effective manner that provides better accountability, responsibility and commitment towards the aim of the teams (Bolman & Deal, 2017). Moreover, it is required for the team member to get aware about their roles in the achievement of the goals of the organization. Betles Group has the value team work and refers it as one of the most vital aspect of personal leadership model. Hence, these values are helpful for team work ethics and transformational leadership which amplify the model of leadership (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy, 2014).

Queen Elizabeth's situational leadership style

Queen Elizabeth has an effective leadership style which is different from others. It has been found that the queen has had to contract a variety o various skills that she has got. Every organization in today’s world is looking for best leader. The communication style keeps huge importance in the organization. It has been found from the survey that become more personal can enhance willingness for leaders to be ready to those that keeps importance to their venture outside of the typical office environment (Chang, Chen and Chiou, 2015.). It has been found that situational leadership style has been focused by the queen as she reacted as per the situation and provides solution in order to bring better understanding among people (Mabey and Mayrhofer, 2015). The succession plan of Queen Elizabeth is clear as it can be considered as Majesty’s simpler leadership tasks; there are three generations of crown succession within her sights (Leader, 2018). Motivation is important factor to encourage the entire team and push them to complete the aims of the company. Motivation has two factors of intrinsic and extrinsic by which the employees can be motivated towards performing in well efficient manner (Heifetz & Linsky, 2017). Queen Elizabeth followed motivation theory to encourage people and lead entire people in a great path so that they do not get demotivate. Good communicator can attract large number of people’s attention towards bring change within the business and this queen had same skills of attracting large number of people.


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