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HRM Practices Based on Textbook Illustrations and Figures


You work for a HR consulting company and, Inc. has hired your firm to conduct an HRM analysis and make recommendations to better align HR practices to the key business initiatives of the company. In order to accomplish the goal:

1. Analyze the organization and develop a set of HRM practices based upon textbook illustrations and figures. You will develop a 10 page research paper (not including the title and reference pages) modeling one or more of the illustrations from the course text. Your paper should also:

2. Identify the firm’s history, strategy, market position, and specific area of alignment.

3. Provide job pricing and compensation package.

4. Describe and analyze the current and targeted work processes as well as the respective knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to achieve the organization’s objectives.

5. Incorporate a discussion of relevant technology considerations to achieve work output in the context of the organization’s goals.

6. Provide a discussion of the labor market and the appropriate labor law context. Identification of companies that are preparing to address the changes.


7. Prescribe a set of HRM recommendations, specifically tailored for the selected firm, consisting of choices from the 19 dimension of an HRM system presented in Chapter 3 of the course text.

8. Describe other HRM issues as applicable.

9. Must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement

10. Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph

Zappos is basically an online shopping website which gives the best experience to the customers. It believes in delivering the best quality service and deals with the understanding of the customers. In this assignment we would be talking about the various sustainability innovations which the human resource management in zappos work upon. This organization believes that the people or the employees have a huge capacity to work, but similarly it important to understand the willingness of the employees. The manager should ensure that the employee is free to work and should have the passion to work for the organization. also undertakes many employee engagement programs which keep the organization active. If the employee is well motivated it gives the best results and helps to achieve organizational goals.

Hence, in the below assignment we would discuss the different faces innovations which theof Human Resource of uses to keep people alive and exited.

The Basic 2 components of Zapoos,com are culture and customer service.

A human resource manager has to work under multifarious pressures. There are various elements both inside and outside the organization that directly or indirectly affect the business enterprise and the employees of the company. (Niederle and Roth, 2010, pp 14,) There are rapid changes in the society or the external environment like technological changes or sometimes climatically change. An HRM has to deal with such changes systematically and efficiently and motivate the employees to work to and achieve the desired goals of the organization. An HRM has to balance between the internal problems and external problems of the environment.

Culture and Customer Service at

The external environment comprises of the working condition taking place outside the organization. The external environment has significant effect on the working of HRM: ( Niederle, 2010, pp 18)

All the processes of are in and around culture of the organization and customer service. is basically into largest selling of shoes. It is one of the fastest growing company and the reason behind this is only one that they believe in customer service. The organization tries to implement each and every feedback and tries to match each and every expectation of the customer. They deliver flowers to their customers on different occasions. They also provide various facilities to the customers which help to delight the customers.

The human resource management in believes in care and goodwill of the employees as well as the customers. They have various engagement programs which help to understand the employee as well as the customer satisfaction level. has various events like 3 Day culture camp, coaching event, school of wow etc. These events help them to train their employees and get better ideas from the employees. They also help in employee satisfaction and to make employees feel comfortable and happy at the work place. The organization uses balance scorecard method to check the performance quality and quantity wise of the employee but at the same time they use employee engagement programs etc. many companies in today’s generation is facing the problem of employee level of satisfaction.( Ordonez, 2009, pp 78)The structure of business is designed by understanding the problem of the customers in a better way and analysing a structure solution for the customers. They help their customers in improving their results, helping in better decision making and increasing productivity.

The right location for our business is determined by the nature of business we are undergoing. If the business will grow by attracting more customers, then it should be located in the middle of the society. The location of a business must be determined by various factors that influence the business in a direct or indirect way. The availability of resources, availability of raw materials etc. We should make sure that the business is in such a location where the transportation costs are also reduced. While selecting the right location we also take care of various costs which incur in my business (Niederle, 2010, pp 22).

We should respond to changes in the competitive landscape as soon as we start feeling the change. Changes in the society and the product are very important in every business concept. If the product is a fast moving consumer product then they need to be analysed rapidly. These changes are very important in the competitive market. We should always be up to the mark with all the other places in the market. We should make sure that our product should not lag behind in any feature that the customer is expecting today. Perfection and up gradation is a must ( Ordóñez, 2009, pp 82)Sometimes an organization may need to re-design their quality control methods. Re-designing quality control methods in an organization should have the same common goal, which is to increase the business’s capability to execute its strategies and decisions to meet customer demands and produce quality products.

Employee and Customer Engagement Programs

A process is any part of an organization that takes inputs and transforms them into outputs" and the process method establishing a sound foundation, regarding moving an organization in a positive direction to accommodate customers’ needs and to produce quality products.

Employee is treated as an asset of the organization today. Hence it is important that the assets of the organization give their best input to give the best to the organization for which they are working (Ordóñez, 2009, pp 84). Organization today focuses on training their employees so as to ensure that the employees are well suited for the organization and perform to an extent. Training helps the employee to get things updated and to know more about the organization. It helps the employees to get the knowledge about the recent updates on technologies, processes, culture etc. training helps the employees to groom them which will give them the strength and ability to perform in an organization.

Employee is the one who bring business for the organization; therefore it is essential to train the employees according to the requirements of the organization. Training will help the employees to be connected with the organization and to know about their businesses in a better way. Hence employee developments have become the key area where the organization is really focusing on. Employee development tool focus on the requirements of the organization as well as how the work can be done by an employee (Jensen and Meckling, 2009)

The supervisor along with communicating should also encourage all the male employees to help the new female joiner by helping her to understand the new job requirements and roles. The manager should encourage all male employees to treat her equally by virtue of formal lecture to them and making them realize how important the new female employee is for the department in order to improper the performance and achieve overall objectives of the other department. Thus it will helps in creating a feeling of team bonding and eliminating the chances of discrimination of the newly recruited female employee.(Muriel Niederle, May 26, 2010, pp 20 )Process automation of different processes at organization offers various advantages to the organization which includes higher outputs, increased productivity, standardized product, improving quality, improving safety, reducing cost and many more. Process automation is very important for organizations in order to sustain in this competitive business environment.The main objective of the process automation is to make the process standard. The standard process result in uniform output and the variations in production of goods are avoided. All the work and final outputrelated to production like feeding of raw materials to processing and the production of final product is carried out by machines and thus there is uniformity in quality of products produced. Process automation also helps in eliminating the human errors associated with the manual handling of process and thus further improving the quality of the final output.

It is important for the organization that they would create their value as employer of choice, due to which employee can value themselves and also look to retain in the same organization for long term. It is the responsibility of HR department of the organization that they take care employees welfare, motivation and satisfaction related functions.

Importance of Location, Responding to Changes, and Redesigning Quality Control Methods

Before making a decision the campus recruiter should study the hiring pattern of the organization and clearly understand the hiring process. If he would have taken care of some small things he could have made it successful. The major areas which need to develop in today’s human resource management are the attrition rate. Human resource management in today’s organization needs to concentrate on attrition rate of the employees. The organization should treat the employee as their asset and not their liability. The organizations should value the employees and show them how important every employee is to the organization (Huckman and Staats, 2009). Employees learn more and more activities along with their own profile work. This helps the employee to identify their own skills and abilities and makes the employee aware of what areas do the employee should really focus on for better development.

This helps the employee to give better performance which increases their chances of promotion and earning incentives. Employee development tool helps the employee to understand what performance is expected from the position they are given. Their are various types of training methods viz:- on the job training, off the job training, conference method, case study , programmed instructions etc. the training method depends upon the type of employee, meaning it depends upon how the employee performs and how he needs to be developed. Employee should not feel separated out while he is on training. Motivation is the key factor which helps the employee to perform better and better and keep up the expectations of the management


Many Organizations must have tried a dozen or more combinations before they discovered that the most decisive factor for growth and sustainability is not only capital but human capital.  The essential ingredient of an outstanding business success depends on the crucial aspect that differentiates exceptional organizations is its software - the people. But people do require the right atmosphere, right platform to showcase their inherited competencies and skill sets. Human Resource Development deals with creating conditions that enable people to get the best out of themselves and their lives. Development is never ending process. As people develop themselves in new directions, new problems and issues arise, requiring them to meet the changing requirements, aspirations and problems. This requires an appropriate climate and culture to be developed in the organization.


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