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Identify potential for conflict and take swift and tactful action to prevent escalation.

Identify situations where personal safety of customers or colleagues may be threatened and organise appropriate assistance.

Identify and use resources to assist in managing conflict.

Establish and agree on the nature and details of conflict with all parties and assess impact.

Manage conflict  within scope of own role and responsibilities, and according to organisational procedures.

Take responsibility for seeking a solution to conflict within scope of own role and responsibilities, seeking assistance where required.

Identify and evaluate impact of conflict on business reputation and legal liability.

Evaluate options to resolve the conflict, taking into account organisational policies and constraints.

Implement the best solution and complete required reports.

Communicate with parties involved to seek and provide feedback on conflict and its resolution.

Evaluate and reflect on the conflict and effectiveness of the solution.

Determine possible causes of workplace conflict and provide input for workplace enhancement and improvements.

Identify need for coaching based on a range of factors.

Identify specific coaching needs through discussion with colleague and organise coaching sessions.

Explain overall purpose of coaching to colleague.

Explain and demonstrate specific skills.

Communicate required knowledge and check colleague understanding.

Advise organisational procedures for completing workplace tasks.

Provide colleague with opportunity to practise skill and ask questions.

Provide feedback in constructive and supportive manner.

Monitor progress of new workplace skills and provide supportive assistance.

Report progress to the appropriate person.

Identify performance problems or difficulties with coaching and rectify or refer to appropriate person for follow-up.

Identifying and managing potential conflict

  1. Recently many complaints are being heard from the head chef of the Hotel restaurant about the issues with inadequate cleanliness.
  2. Customers have placed complaints about the lack of enough and efficient measures and devices for cases of fire.
  • Customers have placed several complains about room services arriving very late due to which they are facing inconvenience.

       All the manager of the department (housekeeping and Safety) who are responsible to solve issues that are faced must be informed about it and provided a guideline to follow and make sure the issue is resolved as soon as possible. A mail must be sent to each of the managers to take care of the issue and even consulted personally to discuss the same.

A meeting that will include the head of the hotel and the managers of the departments responsible in this case must be conducted and further an official draft must be created in order to send to the stakeholders by post and also in the form of an email so that they are informed about the issue on the correct time (Locke 2010).

A handbook will be provided to all the employees where all information of the actions that have been decided to be taken is mentioned and a list of their responsibilities is also provided. The PDF file where all this is mentioned, is also sent along with an email in the form of an attachment to all the employees.

  1. An employee is responsible for performing all of his/ her tasks not only in accordance with the set target but also to produce work high in quality, take care that no rules are being broken and work is proceeded ethically to ensure maximum satisfaction of customers (Tsai, Tsang & Cheng 2012).
  2. An employees work abilities, ethics and behaviour must be humble and polite to ensure that his/her co-workers do not face any issue (Park & Levy 2014).
  • An employee must oblige to all the rules and provide quality work in order to please all the people around (Kandasamy & Ancherib 2009).
  1. The members are responsible to keep a check that all the rules and regulations that come under WHS are being followed and no violation is done (Archer et al. 2012).
  2. Keep a check on the functioning of each and every employee.
  • Make sure that the rights of the working population in the organisation are also being taken care of (NEWCASTLE n.d.).
  1. Maintain a book of customer complains to keep a check on them and draft necessary measures for correction and prevention in future (Association 2016).
  2. Regularly communicate with the staff and the customers to keep an eye on the overall functioning of the Hotel (Boehmler 2014).

           The consultation with external stakeholders and the WHS committee will be in the form of exchange of official mails and video calls.

The Work Health and safety issue that requires coaching for the staff member in the Wallington Hotel is inadequate performance of the room service.

All the workers associated directly or indirectly with this particular issue will be made to gather in the conference room and a class will be held by the manager who will be lecturing and interacting with the staff about all the basics and even complex theories associated with issue that has to be resolved and their roles and performance.

An objective test paper will be made to solve by the employees in order to check their learning in the end and help them further if they are still lacking.


The Work Health and safety issue that requires coaching for the staff member in the Wallington Hotel is to teach them proper food presentation to customers.


  1. Hotel manager of Wallington who also has past experience as a professor in housekeeping in a reputed Hotel Management College will lecture the staff about their roles, does and don’ts to resolve and avoid the issue, inform them about changes in policies that have been decided by the hotel In order to resolve issues in order to make them perform accordingly.
  2. The manager will perform an interactive session with the staff where they will ask their queries that have arrived after the lecture and the queries will be answered.
  3. The trainees will be made to solve an objective test paper in the end to measure their understanding and learning.
  4. Their scores will be studies and further teaching will be proceeded in accordance to that and if they perform very well the training will be stopped right there.
  5. A practical session will also be held in the end where trainees will be given tasks of food service and will be judged and rewarded according to their speed and performance. This will encourage them to learn maximum and also motivate them to work with dedication.


The session planning will help to achieve results in an organised manner and perform as a guideline to carry out the entire process. The steps are in progressive series to determine that teaching method is adequate and efficient.

Possible TNA that would affect the training

  • The Hotels goals and its effectiveness in reaching these goals
  • Discrepancies or gaps between an employee’s skills and the skills required for effective current job performance
  • Discrepancies or gaps between an employee’s skills and the skills needed to perform the job successfully in the future

These gaps will be determined

  • by ensuring that a common goals is being addressed and it is addressed efficiently
  • Teaching will be preceded in an easy method and the lecture will start by addressing basic theories so that all the trainees are able to understand it.
  • Opportunities will be provided and test will be conducted in such a manner that workers will be able to learn and perform efficiently in spite of their variability’s in skill set and capabilities.
  • Test and tasks will be designed in a manner that it is challenging enough to ensure maximum learning but in moderation so that employees are not stressed to much and their performance does not gets affected by the pressure.

Preparing trainees

  • A mail must be sent to each one of them as an order for attending the training.
  • Ask them to complete the attendance sheet
  • Motivating them to learn and perform adequately.
  • Link the learning to previous experience
  • Give them an introduction of them what will be taught, method of teaching and expectations from them.
  • Keeping the teaching speed moderate and addressing the lecture step by step.
  • Give importance to practical learning.
  • Organize test
  • Provide learners with evaluation sheets of the training session
  • Review main points
  • Complete documentation

Date: 20/01/2019 Time: 12:30 pm

From: <Sender email address>

To: <Superiors email address>

Subject: Purposes and outcomes of the coaching program.


Respected sir,

Purposes of the coaching program

  • To address customer complaints and take necessary actions in order to solve the related issues and avoid them in the future as well.
  • Maintain and enhance organization reputation.
  • Enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of the workers because their work determines the overall performance of the management of the Hotel and that is what shapes the reputation and abilities of the organization as a whole.
  • Enhance talking abilities and overall personality of the trainees to enable them to interact smartly and conveniently with the customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Increase the profit of the organization as a whole as a result of better performance and enhanced reputation the organization will achieve after training the employees.
  • Create a stronger bond with the workers by direct and personal discussion to increase and ensure their job satisfaction.
  • Motivate the workers to perform better to extract more positive outcomes.
  • Unite the entire team of workers so that they can work as a team and achieve the set targets and match the standards of the quality and ability of the organization with reference to the services that they provide to the customers.
  • Let the manager personally know each and every work to be informed of their knowledge and capability so that work can be distributed to them in future according to their specialty.
  • Judge the special abilities of the workers and improve them in the areas they are lacking.
  • To make the stakeholders and internal customer have knowledge of the fact that extra efforts are being put in to improve the work so that they are relieved and have faith about the working force of the organization.
  • The skill set of the workers will increase and with that their performance will enhance as well.
  • This training session will provide the workers with personal advantages as far as their career is concerned.
  • The work has enhanced and with that more customers are being attracted towards the services provided by the Hotel that has directly increased the profits.
  • Positive reviews are continuously being received by the organization by the customers.
  • More and more partnership offers are being received due to enhanced reputation of the organization in the hospitality market (Lee 2011).
  • Bonds between employees of organization from all the designations have been strengthened due to this session.
  • The manager now has knowledge of the abilities of each and every worker and that will make the distribution of the work easier.
  • The force of workers now works as a team and team work has enabled the targets to be achieved sooner and in a more efficient manner.
  • Personality and communication skills of the workers have enhanced and that has made them more confident and efficient in their speech and that has enabled them to interact with the customers in a better way that has directly enhanced the customer satisfaction levels (Sisson & Adams 2013).
  • Almost no complaints are being received by the customers and they leave the hotel with a smile on their face which indicates their happiness and satisfaction.
  • Better preplanning as discussed and planned in the training session is now being implemented which has made the work proceed very smoothly and efficiently (Steiner 2010).
  • Employees are very motivated and dedicated towards their work.
  • A positive and friendly harmony is established in the work atmosphere that has enhanced job satisfaction of the customers directly increasing their performance (Gibson, Greenwood & Murphy, Jr. 2009).

For Promotion:

  • Computers for sending emails
  • Machinery such as printer and scanner so that the drafts and papers required in the training session can be made.
  • Paper in which the notice informing about the training will be sent.
  • Uniforms
  • Batches to identify them as trainees

For training:

  • Tables and chairs for the sitting of the trainer and the trainee.
  • Refreshments to consume in the break during the training.
  • Pens for the test givers.
  • Projector and laptop for projecting the presentation to be used for giving the lecture.
  • Papers
  • Stationary set up of a platform and microphone for giving the lecture
  • A wireless mobile microphone to provide to the trainees so that they can ask questions
  • The utensils in which the refreshments will be served.
  • Notepads and pens for taking notes
  • Cutlery, food, table napkins, spoon, fork and knife that will be used during the practical task that the trainees will be made to perform.

Record keeping: 

  • Notepad to store written information.
  • Laptop to store information in a soft copy.
  • Video camera for recording the lecture and tasks being performed for future use.
  • Voice recorder to record the lecture in the form of a podcast.


  • Notepad
  • Pen paper
  • Laptop
  • Soft copy of questions and assessment requirements.
  • Self-evaluation check list
  • Checklist for measuring learning and performance
  • List of plans and guidelines to be followed in future.

(Name of the training manager)

(Designation of the training manager), (Department)


Archer, J, Borthwick, K, Travers, & Ruschena, 2012, WHS: A Management Guide, Cengage Learning, Australia.

Association, AV 2016, 'Work health and safety resources and advice', Australian Veterinary Journal.

Boehmler, TD 2014, 'Lisa sorts WHS (and colour codes it too)', Newsmonth, vol 34, no. 3.

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Locke, M 2010, 'A Framework for Conducting a Situational Analysis of the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions Sector', Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, vol 11, no. 3, pp. 209-233.


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