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Course Code:HC1041
Published on: 04-09-2021

Why IT is important for business survival?The “Commonwealth Bank of Australia” is the multinational bank in Australia providing various services like institutional banking, business, insurance, retail and investment. IT has been responsible for technological advances in business. The impact of IT over “Banking and Finance” is required to be assessed. A research is required to be generated on the real life scenario of C...

Course Code:IRHR2270
Published on: 20-08-2021

The Power of Global Media in the Foreign Policy-Making ProcessModern diplomacy promotes states cultural, economic, and political interests. Diplomacy aims at enhancing peaceful co-existence, maintaining excellent relations, and advancing the interests of the country through negotiations among states representatives. Global media in modern diplomacy play useful roles through which sound relations between states are enhanced. Most worlds' govern...

Course Code:GSBS6014
Published on: 15-08-2021

CompetitionSephora was founded in 1969 under the name Shop 8. The company began by identifying a niche market of selling high-end makeup. When it began operating, Sephora was the only seller of this product with the exception of department stores. Therefore, in the early years when the store was formed, this was a brand new idea where the different Sephora stores sold makeup exclusively for various brands. The concept spread among the people v...

Course Code:JOUR1001
Published on: 06-08-2021

Challenges Faced by Journalists in MalaysiaJournalism is a broad field of which investigative journalism is a significant part. As compared news journalism, investigative journalism has a different agenda as it highlights reporting on subjects that are considered to be crucial by the journalist in regards to the moral issues and complications associated with the subject. An important feature and common aspect of investigative journalism is hig...

Course Code:MRKT20019
Published on: 30-07-2021

Factors Contributing to Early SuccessSmartphone market has experienced a colossal rise in the last decade, owing to rapid development of mobile technology. As a result, the global Smartphone market, which was earlier dominated by big players such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Apple, has seen entry and growth of several other Smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus being one of them. With the decline of reputed brand name such as HTC and Nokia, Smartpho...

Course Code:H2100C
Published on: 29-07-2021

InvitationsThe proposal is based on an event plan of “Techinnovation Networking Welcome Dinner”. It is an annual event which brings to explore of technology throughout innovation. The event is going to host 500 guests. In this project framework, a networking welcome dinner is conducted for the interested delegates after the exhibition and conference.   The data of the event is 21stOctober, 2018 at 6 pm onwards. The selecte...

Course Code:A6030
Published on: 25-07-2021

Targeting 60-70-year-old males: Campaign for Mercedes S-Class SaloonAnswer 1a Mercedes should use television ads, ads on the radio, newspapers, social media ads and personal marketing to target the 60 to 70 years old males who are more exposed to television and radio ads. Mercedes have always used newspaper as a medium for giving ads to make customers aware about their products. The automobile giant can resort to car branding and bus branding...

Course Code:MNG93210
Published on: 03-07-2021

Institutional Background Business strategy plays a significant role for the business organizations as this determines the success of the company in the competitive market. As commented by Verbeke (2013), business strategy is defined as the choices about business positioning relative to competitors. As the customers are easily bored with a similar trend, the demand, and expectation of the customers’ changes. Therefore, the business organiza...

Course Code:BUS208
Published on: 28-06-2021

Innovative leadership styleMark Zuckerberg was born in White Plain, New York in 1984. Mark’s parents were doctors; Mark’s father was a dentist and his mother a psychiatrist and also grew with three sisters. Mark in the sophomore year dropped out of college so as to focus on the Facebook. In 2004, Zuckerberg set up the first office after turning down many proposals to sell the projects to companies. Nevertheless, Mark‘s passio...

Course Code:ICT50915
Published on: 23-06-2021

DiscussionFacebook Inc is one of the popular and significant online social media as well as social networking service organization of America (Bakshy, Messing and Adamic 2015). This social networking site was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his fellow students of Harvard University in the year 2004. Initially, the founders of this website restricted the membership to only students of Harvard. Since 2006, access was given to anybody with age li...

Course Code:10904NAT
Published on: 17-06-2021

Background of the clientNike is primarily famous as one of the most recognizable American multinational companies occupying immense recognition in manufacturing, designing and developing footwear, apparel and other necessary accessories. With Worldwide social media presence, the brand has already grabbed immense attention in the international market. Every retail store of Nike is endowed with three primary counters where the clients can meet t...

Course Code:MNGT6275
Published on: 19-05-2021

Case study 1 : Managing people for organizational effectivesa. The issues that are faced by the organization are based on the ill- management and lack of motivation to the employees resulting to maximization of the staff turnover rates. The former CEO of the organization aimed at undertaking lean management in order to reduce the costs that were incurred by the business. Therefore, the management undertook the strategy of dismissing staff memb...

Course Code:PP53
Published on: 06-05-2021

What is Public Interest Journalism?The public interest journalism could be considered as one of the antithesis for the darker side of media which includes the different fake new, censorship and voyeurism. Here, the outcomes are related to report about exposure to corruption, launching certain royal commissions and removing any type of improper politicians from office and jail. This journalism is not defined universally and the common understandi...

Course Code:EDUC7120
Published on: 26-04-2021

Problem StatementAfter evaluating statistical data of last five years, it is observed that the emergence of social media has left immense positive impact on the overall business success. Especially in the retail industry, the business experts have firmly concentrated on using social media channels while creating their brand awareness. Nike is considered as one of the most popular international brands occupying recognizable place in manufacturi...

Course Code:CCJ221
Published on: 12-04-2021

How does social learning explain these recent phenomena?Mass shootings are one of the social problems facing the United States of America and other parts of the world. A lot of scientific explanations have been put forward by various scholars in the field of sociology, law, political science among others to explain the phenomenal of mass shootings. The media regards mass shootings as a social challenge facing the United States of America. Ther...

Course Code:MGT100
Published on: 03-04-2021

Social MediaThe usage of social media in business has increased rapidly in recent years. It has become near to impossible to globalise without the assistance of social media. The primary reason for using social media in business is communication (Perrin, 2015). It is the communication with the world and approaching potential customers worldwide that social media makes easy. Often social media is used for communicating with investors, manifesti...

Course Code:DESI6009
Published on: 30-03-2021

Article 1News is an important aspect of everyday life, which enables one know the current happenings of the world where we live in (Shoemaker & Cohen 2012). Usually, news is provided to the people by various media such as radio broadcasting, television, newspapers, online bulletins, etc. The news covers general topics such as politics, economics, judicial proceedings, business, entertainment, sports, in addition to natural calamities, crim...

Course Code:ACCY112
Published on: 20-03-2021

Strategies for Growth in Revenues and ProfitsIn order for any company or corporation to generate sales from a specified product, potential customers need to know about the existence of such a product and why it is more preferable that similar commodities in the market. The responsibility to spread out this information rests on marketing and sales teams’ shoulders. The marketing team plays an important role at the commencement of a potent...

Course Code:MDIA7004
Published on: 17-03-2021

Customer Centric Approach of Commonwealth BankCommonwealth Bank is an Australian multinational bank with its operations expanded in worldwide locations. Majorly, their operations are expanded in Asia, New Zealand, and United States and in the United Kingdom market along with the variety of financial services. These services include investment planning, insurance, superannuation, funds management, and common activities like retail, institutiona...

Course Code:MBA8000
Published on: 16-03-2021

Related ResearchThe increased popularity and acceptability of social media platforms has made them an important source of data and information. This data aspect of the social media platforms has attracted a lot of interest from individuals and firms that want to carryout research relating to their brands (Farris & Neil, 2010; Anthony & Johnson, 2008). The main aim being to get an understanding of the needs of the clients or prospective...

Course Code:MBA631
Published on: 08-03-2021

Background of SevenlyMarketing audit can be defined as an analysis as well as comprehensive examination of the marketing activities, objectives and goals of the organization. By performing a marketing audit, it is clear to understand the way an organization’s marketing efforts are managed, planned and changed when needed. Their performance is related to their goals of actual market plans and the changes required are noted down accordingl...

Course Code:CSAL61
Published on: 25-02-2021

Factors Contributing to Leakage of Personal Information on FacebookIn the last two decades, online social networks have moved from niche phenomenon to a huge adoption. Facebook has transformed from a local college network to the most popular social networking sites among the people of all age groups. The current research also shows the sufficient evidence that Facebook is expanding as a ubiquitous giant information leakage repository which col...

Course Code:MKT01760
Published on: 15-02-2021

Overview of the United Travel CorporationThe technologies have influenced the way companies are managed and compete. The tourism is one of the most affected industries. The United Travel Corporation is a tour operator based in Melbourne, Australia. The company is responsible to provide efficient and superior quality services for both overseas and domestic travelers. The agency offers services like tour planning, travel consulting, ticketing an...

Course Code:7109LHS
Published on: 14-02-2021

ObjectivesThe main aim of this report is looking into the rights of the farmers against the Tree clearing laws in Queens land. To create public awareness concerning the act of vegetation management of the Queensland state clearing of the trees in Queens land. By understanding the vegetation management act of the State, the law states the requirement for the famers to obtain or gain the authorization of thin vegetation.  To convince t...

Course Code:MANM299
Published on: 05-02-2021

About Health Navigator Charitable TrustThe Health Navigator Charitable Trust or HNCT is an online health resource and advisory body. The aim of the body is to provide New Zealanders information, advice and consultation about heath conditions. The vision of the body is to provide authentic and free health related information to the people of New Zealand. The mission of the body is to provide online health resources that would enable p...

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