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Course Code:COIS11011
Published on: 12-01-2021

The five different types of IT megatrends that shape the digital futureThe incorporation of the IT megatrends has a great impact on the digital area which is the main topic of discussion of this paper. The five different types of IT megatrends that shape the digital future are as followings: Changing means of access and consumption: One of the most significant IT trends which have an impact in the Digital futures is the extensive use of ins...

Course Code:DMKT5008
Published on: 30-12-2020

Traditional vs Digital MarketingThe concept of digital marketing can be considered to be one of the area in the recent times which is playing a very vital role. In recent times it can be stated that many of the organisation try to indulge into the concept of digital marketing due to the advantage which is achieved from the concept. Digital marketing enable people to have a clear idea about the products and the services which are being offered ...

Course Code:POLS1201
Published on: 24-12-2020

The Emergence of CNN Effect in the 1990sThe concept of ‘CNN effect’ first emerged in the year of 1990s. At a time when the political as well as economical crisis emerged during 1990s drew the attention of the entire world, the ‘CNN effect’ was first recognized (Badsey, 2013). Over the years, the term ‘CNN effect’ has been a discussion. In connection with the term, the role of the popular broadcast channel ha...

Course Code:11550
Published on: 14-12-2020

Similarities in social roles of Indian Hijras and North American Two Spirit PeopleThe similarity social role played by the Indian Hijras and the North American Two Spirit People is that two-spirit was just a traditional setting and it was concerned with the gender analysis but not sexually oriented. The role of the two-spirit associations is more associated with the traditional setting of understanding.  In both Indian Hijras and the Nort...

Course Code:HI6008
Published on: 03-12-2020

Project ObjectiveIn the current business era, the organization has needed to understand the application of the internet to sustain their position in the marketplace. Multinational organizations used many communication techniques to communicate with their specified consumers like official web, email, and social media sites (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). These methods could enable the firm to increase their brand awareness among the consumers in the...

Course Code:EDU10010
Published on: 03-12-2020

Cost-effectiveness of Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing There are various advantage and disadvantage of social media marketing. According to Vinerean (2017), it has been seen that in the present scenario, it is important to focus on considering the social media marketing so that it can be easy to promote the services and products of the company. In this paper the focus is given on advantage and disadvantage of the social media mark...

Course Code:NURS11159
Published on: 01-12-2020

Code of Conduct for Nurses Code, policy, ethics, and standards are essential for the nursing and midwifery profession since it acts as a guide to safe practice when undertaking their role (Ross, Barr, & Stevens, 2013). Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia NMBA is vital when it comes to regulating and guiding the nursing profession within the country (Crettenden, et al., 2014) NMBA is an association that was established by the parlia...

Course Code:MKTG2006
Published on: 11-11-2020

Communicating with Target AudienceThe fashion business is a standout amongst the most powerful and flourishing ventures on the planet. It consolidates a huge assortment of exercises, from the best possible generation of items, the change of prime materials, and the production of pieces of attire, shoes, and add-ons among others. One of the skeletal supports of this part is the point of sale. The retail market represents 1.1 billion dollars per...

Course Code:COMM 276
Published on: 28-10-2020

The Challenges that New Media Journalists EncounterThe source of information determines the credibility of a journalist. In most of the times, social media journalism has a characteristic feature of citizen journalism where journalists who are not professionals undertake media roles, and that's why their credibility is always in doubt (Hamilton, 2014). To be concise and straightforward, the new media journalists are not regarded as being ...

Course Code:ITC563
Published on: 22-10-2020

Universal education made accessible via online learning The main motto of World University is about universal education. Education is not a privilege but should be accessible to all. Here, professors from different campuses around the world will be able to cater to the needs of students based worldwide and provide services to them. Courses that would be taught would be diverse. A student will be able to sign in from anywhere and study. Since ...

Course Code:MKT302
Published on: 04-10-2020

Digital Marketing Failure of DoveDigital marketing strategy is one of the major aspect of the marketing campaigns of global companies. Digital marketing is a must for companies in order to maintain their long term sustainability and competitive advantage. This report will analyse the digital marketing of Dove to identify the failures in their marketing strategy and provide valid justifications for their failures. The next part of the report wi...

Course Code:MKG203
Published on: 16-09-2020

1. Importance of investing in digital marketing capabilities for HMVThe current report is based on the investigation of few new strategies for strengthening and reinforcing the digital marketing capabilities and expertise in the context of HMV. HMV is an entertainment retailing organisation operating in UK. HMV has nearly 125 stores in the nation and it operates under the name of the Fopp brand ( 2018). The main products of the organisa...

Course Code:ENT203
Published on: 11-09-2020

Ethical Behavior in the Case StudyEthics refers to moral principles that govern good or bad behavior. Thus ethical behavior refers to conduct that is consistent with the moral principles. Ethical principles differ from one region to another due to cultural and moral values however there are establish general guiding principles that can be used to determine whether an action is ethical or unethical (Belle, 2017). From the case study, some of t...

Course Code:466Z0019
Published on: 07-09-2020

Field notesField entry A campaign known as “Shot on iphone” have been trending for number times in the social media platforms. Apple launched this social media campaign for the first time in March, 2015 to advertise the features of iphone cameras worldwide. The campaign was a huge success all over the world. More than 24 countries and 70 cities participated in the campaign by sharing their iphone clicked pictures in their twitter ha...

Course Code:MBA 503
Published on: 16-08-2020

The Emergence of Social Media in MarketingArticle 1: The Effects of Social Media Marketing on Online Consumer Behavior The emergence of consumer behavior in marketing was during the early 40s as a distinct sub-discipline in the marketing area. In the 1st article the effect of social media on global marketing has been discussed. In this era of modernization, consumers can directly communicate with the brand representative with the help of...

Course Code:SITXHRM003
Published on: 12-08-2020

Background InformationThe first part of the paper deals with the analysis of a given case study of low customer satisfaction scenario of International Hotel Group (IHG). For the purpose of the paper, the researcher writes a letter to the CEO of the company identifying the reasons for such a low satisfaction score and recommends the resolutions for increasing the same, as below. To Bachar Naja Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sub: Report on ...

Course Code:MGT10002
Published on: 30-07-2020

Contributing factors in the emergence of ethical issuesIn the current business scenario, contributing factors in the emergence of ethical issues are more. This is due to the reason that in the current business state of affairs, there are diverse sets of factors to be considered by the contemporary business entities. However, it is also noted that dilemma is majorly being faced by the managers in mitigating the ethical issues because there are ...

Course Code:A110IAE
Published on: 30-07-2020

The Benefits of Networking for StudentsNetworking is an efficient way of sharing information. Networking develops professional and social contacts. Universities establish links with students via digital networking. It is a regular communication for the mutual benefit. In this report past and present experience of students related to networking has been reflected. The ways to develop present networking experience have been explained by universi...

Course Code:MORG4038
Published on: 20-07-2020

Introduction to Snap Inc.Snap Inc. is rated as a high tech social media company which is having its roots in America. The company came into existence on 16th September 2011 by conjoint efforts of Bobby Murphy together with Evan Spiegel.  The company is headquartered in Venice city which is also recognised as “Silicon Beach”. Moreover, it is a public company which forms the categorisation under the broad framework of Hardw...

Course Code:HEA10004
Published on: 10-07-2020

The Health/Wellbeing Context (your introduction)A social media forum is an open platform to connect. A social forum is a place where civilians, society, and individuals can meet openly. Medical settings use social media forums for marketing and communication. Social media forum opens up many opportunities for medical settings (Li, 2010). Social media forum is also a challenge for the medical setting. There are high chances of medical prof...

Course Code:MK7246
Published on: 06-06-2020

Departure from Traditional Marketing for a MovieDigital marketing is one of the important marketing procedures for all the business that are prevalent in the global marketplace. The film industry and entertainment businesses have also used the social media wisely to stir up a storm of curiosity around their new releases. Due to the flexible nature of social media and the growing importance of it in the modern world has turned it into a dependa...

Course Code:A102IAE
Published on: 02-06-2020

Benefits of Social Media for BusinessesFood delivery is now a part of any restaurant's plan, but given the volatile nature of any internet business, once one has acquired a customer base, he ought not to lose them. The problem, therefore, arises in acquiring the customer base (Taman 2014, p. 8). Most businesses use social media and social networking sites to build a customer base. A study conducted in 2010 predicted that social networking will...

Course Code:PGDAB807
Published on: 02-04-2020

Overview of Business DevelopersThe revenue generation and market sustenance of direct television (DRTV) companies or omnichannel companies depend to a great extent on their capability of DRTV companies to deliver products in appropriate state. The failure to deliver products in appropriate state to customers does not only result in short term revenue loss but actually sets into motion a chain of risks which have severe impact on company. As bi...

Course Code:HRES 2203
Published on: 18-03-2020

Classical approach and motivation Last year, it acquired the ownership of new type of Golf Club, which was invented by a retired machinist The machinist produced only few sets of the clubs, although his glory spread across the globe The company has numerous divisions and departmental units, offering choice to the clients and the customers to select their preferred brands The Corporation plans to set up new branches for making the customers ...

Course Code:LB5228
Published on: 29-02-2020

Microsoft: Dominance in Hardware and Software IndustryThe world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Considering the first sentence as the Premise for the essay, the discussion will be based on the Power of modern M.A.F.I.A (Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel and Alphabet). Mafia as a word was originated in the United States, and is used for an organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are related to racketeerin...

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