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Background of Manchester United Foundation

1. Evaluate local community sports development strategies and their implementation in relation to national policy?.

2. Collect and critically analyse data that relates to local and national sport development objectives?.

The aim of this assignment is to analyze the development of Manchester United Foundation and explain its role in the development of games. It will evaluate the strategies taken for sports development and their method of implementation. It will describe how the different strategies are in relation to the national policy of the sports foundation. It will critically analyze information related to local and national sports development objectives and goals. The aim is to identify activities in their project that might require support. Based on the finding, review of their operations will be provided.

Manchester United Foundation primary purpose is to engage and inspire people through football. Using football they want to unite different communities and deliver a better life to people. There are dedicated staffs in the foundation that gives football coaching and organize educational programs. They give training for personal development and provide better opportunities to people to change their life. Their motto is "Engage. Inspire. Unite.". Aon is the principal partner of Manchester United Foundation, and he works to deliver arrange for a range of programs. His aim is to improve the life of people of Greater Manchester. They also held annual tour overseas to provide football coaching and equipment. Many volunteers have come up as a participant to support their venture. They organize fundraising programs' and till now they have got 1.4 million £ as resources from different parts of the world. They have held numerous projects in which people have given their time in volunteering for sports (Salcines et al. 2013).

Aon and Manchester United work in close partnership to combine their area of expertise and share values to boost individual achievement as well as excel in financial aspects. Their capability to build and prosper in any task is dependent on the following factors-

Talent: Their view is that great talent gives better results. So they are investing in finding new talents in and outside UK. They have identified new talents in football, honed their skills and protected them. They also arranged for acknowledgment of achievement of new talent through rewards and merits. Aon has also provided more than 800 employees with insurance, risk and benefits products (Hoye et al. 2015).

Factors Contributing to Success in Sports Development

Health: Health is vital in sports. Manchester United wants sports people and members to stay healthy. They give training to people to make smart choices to protect their health and talent. Aon has helped Manchester United to maximize positive outcomes and sustain success and ability with improved health. They also provide support to them in the form of many benefits in sports (Masterman 2014).

Risk: Manchester United identify threats and opportunities in football sports. Knowing about risk and opportunities in sports is essential in order to progress in games. Aon has provided Manchester United with a well-developed risk management programme. The aim of these programmes is to identify the risk, work on eliminating and dominating over the risk (Weinberg and Gould 2014).

Capital: In the pursuit of Manchester United's goal and objectives, right capital investment is a prerequisite and crucial thing. So they plan bold moves in this regard and try to invest smartly in the quest for success. Both Aon and Manchester United have their way of raising funds and gaining access to capitals. Both are an expert in their field and know how to secure access to capital and invest it for success (Nicholson et al. 2015).

Retirement: Both Aon and Manchester are concerned with the future of football players and their staff. They have different plans to manage the financial security of players. They have strived to give continuity to leadership and excellence. They have strategic planning for future, and they are ready to meet future challenges in sports development (Chadwick and Holt 2015).

Data & Analytics: Data and analytics are essential part of sports development. Manchester United research every detail about sports to gain and discover valuable insights in the sports world. Aon has empowered Manchester United with world-class data and analysis. This detailed reports and analysis have helped them manage risk and identify new opportunities (Mullin et al. 2014).

After analyzing the different activities of Manchester United Foundation, we see that talent search is the main aspect of their sports development. As they are constantly looking for new talents to improve lives of young people, it is identified that “Talent identification and development” would require support. So there are different strategies to support Manchester United in talent identification. Development of participant is an important aspect of sports development in Manchester United. So support will be provided in the form of helping the foundation identify strength and weakness of individual participants. So the first step is to inquire about biological, psychological and social domain of sports participants.

Identification of Key Areas of Support for Manchester United Foundation

A long-term development model can be prepared to help those youngsters who are poor in sports and hone their skills in football. So the participant’s performance will be reviewed among three domains-physical, psychological and social domains. The biopsychosocial model is a popular way of characterizing people’s development. This entire three domains has important role in human functioning. Biopsychosocial approach will be new to sports science and it will help in influencing diversity of sports participation. Excellence in sports can be reviewed by two means. One is Elite Referenced Excellence and other is Personal Referenced Excellence. In the first case achievement is measured against others with the goal of winning under highest level possible. In the second case, achievement is measured under personal milestoane and improving personal best performance.

The following recommendations and support can be given to Manchester United:

Partcipant development should be the primary objective of coaching framework in football.

Inter disciplinary research team can be introduce who can research each participants developemnet based on three domains mentioned above.

Particpant developemt will be reviewed and evalauated in different context and competitive sports environment.

There should be a synergistic relationship between quality and performance.

The different policies in Manchester United can be revised according to future goals and sports objectives. All the changes should be informed to concerned parties to boost purpose-driven development.

There are sports development strategies to support Manchester United to develop the games. Arrangement can be made for many educational projects for young people in UK.  Youngsters can be given education about the inner functions of the football club and how members work to improve skills of the sports person.  Different support activities can be undertaken for boosting the confidence of players and teaching them employability and life skills. Implementation of different kinds of innovative programs can be very inspiring for players and staff. For example, a very innovative approach that can be taken is opening of regional talent club for girls. It will provides opportunities to girls to play football at the highest level and develop as international players. Players who are selected for Regional Talent Club will be  given intensive training and support in sports development. They make them competitive enough to compete against other clubs (Hylton 2013).

There is provision for a program called ‘Move with Manchester United.' It will be a physical literacy program for primary school pupils. Each pupil will be given training on physical literacy and technical and social improvement. There will also be a premiere league work program which will hone young people skills, confidence and experience to make a positive transition into education and sports.        It will give them meaningful employment options. These programs will not only improve the employability and financial skills of unemployed people but it will also help them in getting jobs and further education (Mullin et al. 2014).

Strategies to Support Manchester United Foundation

Support can be given in the form of charity work for Manchester United. It will help in assisting club’s charity partner to raise adequate funds for facilitating events throughout the year. This will also promote awareness of their programme among the masses. Theycan fulfill signed item request from charities, schools, and local sporting clubs. Different types of work in this regard is fundraising, signed item request, uniting with Unicef, match day lotteries, etc (Baena 2015).

This should be implemented in the beginning stage of the child by making them play sport at school or local clubs (Weed et al.  2015). So UK government feels that increased participation in sports will develop the reputation of the country as a sporting nation and increases the financial growth of the country. One issue is that people tend to leave sports after school and decrease their healthy lifestyle. Through their action, UK government is trying to improve sports participation and development even after school. Their aim is to engage people in sport throughout their life in spite of financial or social background.

The UK government strategies for increased sports participation are:

Funding Sports England to help community sports grow. It includes encouraging youngsters between 14 to 25 years old to keep playing sports throughout their lives.

Expanding different school games programmes. The intention is to create more opportunities for the larger number of young people to play and enter competitive sports club (Houlihan and Zheng 2013).

Investing a lot of money in sports awareness in schools. They are spending over £ 450 million in primary schools for improving physical education and sports in primary schools for the period between 2015-2016 (Phillpots and Grix 2014).

The UK Government is working with Association for Physical Education (AFPE) and the Youth Sports Trust (YST). AFPE is providing resources and professional support to schools and physical education teachers while YST is providing advice on how to use sports funding properly. It arranges sports programmes for children with special needs. UK Government is also funding Sports England to encourage more people to play the sport. Manchester United also worked in developing and implementing new community sports strategy for the club. So both local and national efforts will benefit the community (Houlihan 2014).

So, on the whole, we can see that both local and national development project has helped in improving sports development in the United Kingdom. By the activities and Programmers' of Manchester Unites Foundation, we observed how it was improving the community and lives of people through sports. It has managed to change the life of many individuals with the entry of sport in life. It has given support to people with unemployment and lower education. They have strived to make the world a better place for many people. The UK government is also working in this regard make the country a competitive sports nation. To further enhance their activities, support can be given in the form of volunteering to work with them and enhance their activities further. We could help them with arranging more programmes in school and bring more funds for the foundation. The greater the resources, the more exceptional programmers' may be organized for developing sports. Specific coaching arrangement can be made for new talent in sports. The focus on individual with great skill in football will ultimately benefit the nation as whole. When they take part in competitive sports at world level, they have the chance to bring reputed world title for the country by their victory. This will ultimately help in building the status of UK as a sporting nation, and it will bring fame and recognition to the country.


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