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Background of the Rolls-Royce Company

Discuss about the leadership is the main factor to perform a new task in an organization?

In this competitive world, it is quite tough for all peoples to work with different leading peoples. This assignment main motto is to provide the information about how to lead effectively. In this assignment, the researcher applies its knowledge that is gained from several multi-national companies in the time of recruiting and selecting various Rolls-Royce Company employees. Below are the details of procedure of recruitment and selection.

Rolls-Royce is a British multi-national automobile Rolls-Royce Company founded in the year 1906. The Rolls-Royce Company manufacturer cars and aerospace power systems. The Rolls-Royce Company is known for moat branded cars worldwide. It works on some elliptical policy. The policy is that the Rolls-Royce Company does not sell its cars to any illiterate persons. It must hold some criteria that are very valuable to Rolls-Royce Company resources. The Rolls-Royce Company has more than six sub-divisions with BMW as a parent Rolls-Royce Company. The Rolls-Royce Company manufacturers and produces a large variety of cars with advanced and innovative technology inbuilt. The Rolls-Royce Company has its headquarters in United Kingdom (UK). The Rolls-Royce Company is hiring its new staff members in its UK branch. The researcher has provided a pure documentation of Recruitment and Selection process with respect to Rolls-Royce Company.

Official Logo of Rolls-Royce

Figure 1: Official Logo of Rolls-Royce

(Source:, 2016)

Identification of job role with job specification and description

In every multi-national organization, the factors of human resource play a very vital role in assuring the success of organization. As the Rolls-Royce Company success is depends upon the skill, talent and creative labor force, the steps of recruiting and selecting desired candidate is becoming very important in every organization. The procedure requires several important documents that need to adhere in a strict Rolls-Royce Company statutory law (Bratton and Gold 2012).  In most of the companies the process of recruitment, selection and retention is maintained and manipulated by department of human resource of a Rolls-Royce Company. It prepare crucial document for the desired candidate to select a new candidate for a Rolls-Royce Company abide by several Rolls-Royce Company rules and regulations (Alfes et al. 2013)

The Rolls-Royce Company is hiring 10 new staff members. The department of human resource of Rolls-Royce Company will prepare the following prescribed document of new staff.

Recruitment Approval

The process of organization recruitment process is started with the grand permission of Rolls-Royce Company authority. The related departments of an organization who will hire new employees send an inbuilt draft with the details of position description and qualification document entitled with post.  After approving the authority draft; it directly sends to the human resource department of a Rolls-Royce Company (Bratton and Gold 2012). The procedure of recruitment and selection of the Rolls-Royce Company will not be started until it gets the required permission from the department of human resource. The grand approval should contain the electronic draft description copy and the advertisement.

Recruitment, Selection and Retention procedures

Position description

Before giving any advertisement the Rolls-Royce Company must needed to outline the position. It basically includes the responsibility and the duty works of new staff members. The department of human resource of a Rolls-Royce Company mentioned the position descriptions as “Staffs”.


It is the most efficient and most effective way of highlighting a detail description with necessary updated news. It enables the organization to work flexibly and saves many times as it is very efficient and most complex way of inheriting the advertisement. There are various kinds of online and offline advertisement and promotional mix like media print, media electronics, open advertisement and etc (Li et al. 2013). The concern department of a Rolls-Royce Company will choose its path of advertisement and announce the related Rolls-Royce Company position description. For instance the advertisement highlight of a Rolls-Royce Company is mentioned below:

For driver:

Closing date of application: 31/03/2016

Location: UK

Salary: $1200 pa

Situation vacant: 30

Working hours (per week): 40 hours

Post responsibility:

It must agree to maintain and manipulate a relation of cooperative with co-worker.

It must agree to go all places in UK.

It must agree to deliver goods safely.

It must agree to maintain excellent professional skills.

Knowledge and skill required for the post:

Positive and flexibility working attitude.

Creative and self motivated.

Full experienced.

Basic knowledge of English.

It must acquire a legal and valid UK driving license.

The procedure of recruitment of selection initiates the legal laws of a Rolls-Royce Company management. The awareness of various rules and regulations might help the Rolls-Royce Company to minimize the management of risk; job offers checking and interview questions (Townley 2014). There are some vital related laws related with the procedure of recruitment of selection which includes sex discrimination act, equality of employment and relation race act. Some of are described below:

Impact of sex discrimination act

Most of the multi-national Rolls-Royce Company maintain and manipulates the discrimination of sex act. If any desired employees or candidate is qualified for their specified job description whether it is male or female; the Rolls-Royce Company is bound to recruit them. Any Rolls-Royce Company cannot discriminate on the basis of gender (Langley et al. 2013). 

Impact of relation and race act

If the Rolls-Royce Company advertisement for job calls for particular country nationality; it will definitely break the initiation of relation race act. If any person is belonging to a particular community or region; the Rolls-Royce Company is bound to recruit it anyway.

Identification of job role with job specification and description

Impact of advertising law

When the department of human resource adheres advertisement regarding job; he/she would make sure that is must not be discriminatory against any age, race, ethnicity or sex and etc. It must make assurance that the Rolls-Royce Company job advertisement did not break any law (Khilji and Roberts 2014)

Impact of employment right

The Rolls-Royce Company management board interview must check the legal right of candidate to work in UK or not. The Rolls-Royce Company must check the legal and criminal records of candidates.

After giving the Rolls-Royce Company job advertisement; the new task of human resource department is to take part in the process of selection. The department of human resource of a Rolls-Royce Company plays a significant and vital role in process of selection (Kuipers et al. 2014). 

Selecting a selection and recruitment panels

The department of human resource of a Rolls-Royce Company will select the selection and recruitment panel for scheduling of appointment. There are maximum two types of panels available in the process of recruitment and selection process (Jiang et al. 2012). The Rolls-Royce Company is selecting the new staff members for its Rolls-Royce Company. The process includes like:

Short listing of candidate

After receiving the application information from several candidates the panels will shortlist a candidate by using Rolls-Royce Company short listing method. Some of the common method includes written examinations, multiple questions and answers and etc. After performing the process of short listing candidates; the department of human resource of a Rolls-Royce Company will arrange the further interview procedure.


The Rolls-Royce Company will take the interview of selecting candidates. This process is a very common process of every Rolls-Royce Company. In this stage the human resource department will ask some major questions like tell me about something, the candidate experience and qualifications, their cultural background and etc (Kuipers et al. 2014).


The panels of recruitment and selection will now recommend the selected candidates who clearly satisfy the selection panels by inheriting the minimum criterion for final appointment of jobs (Alfes  et al. 2013).  The department of human resource of a Rolls-Royce Company will gives final appointment receipt to selected candidates who have passed from recruitment and selection panels.

In this assignment, I have taken part in preparing necessary documents for employee’s selection. Then, I had given job advertisement to gather several candidates. I have also taken part in the recruitment and selection panels for appointing new staffs for the Rolls-Royce Company. I play a role of preparing vital documents to appoint new candidates (Alfes  et al. 2013)

Legislation that need to recruit and select candidate for Job

Description of Leadership Skills and Attributes that required

Leaderships are a very important keyword to every organization. Every designation in an organization is a part of a leader. It plays a very vital role than Rolls-Royce Company manager. There are various types of leaderships; whereas each type of leaderships has some negative and positive impact on Rolls-Royce Company management. The Rolls-Royce Company is going to enlarge its interface by creating its new distribution. This part of assignment contains the necessary details about leadership styles and quality needed for different leaders and various motivational techniques (Jiang et al. 2012).

The Rolls-Royce Company management decides to open a new distribution for better expansion growth. The Rolls-Royce Company management appoints a person who takes the responsibility of Rolls-Royce Company new distribution. Now the question arises is that the appointed candidate has the traits of manager or leader? Some of the arguments are mentioned below:

The new candidate is responsible for Rolls-Royce Company new distribution. If the person has the behavior of manager only; he will not be accelerates and maintains the distribution effectively.

The leader has the qualities of both manager and as well as leader. The reason is that the person cannot adjust managerial ability; he will not be a leader. The leaders have some special attributes to maintain the distribution more carefully and effectively.

Approach of management or leadership that must be followed by Rolls-Royce Company candidate

There are various types of approaches present in the leadership process. Some of these are: democratic leadership, laissez faire leadership, autocratic leadership, paternalistic leadership and etc. In accordance of latest opinion it is better to chose democratic leadership to lead and innovate new Rolls-Royce Company distribution (Kuipers et al. 2014).

Democratic leadership

It is a form of procurement leadership. In this leadership approach the candidate participate in Rolls-Royce Company decision making process.  Before taking any Rolls-Royce Company decision the Rolls-Royce Company manager will take the opinion of several superiors. It reflects employee responsibility with respect to management new distribution (Alfes  et al. 2013)

As discussed above there are different types of leadership process; with different concept. Some of the explanations are discussed: Democratic leadership: In this type of leadership, the maximum candidate must take part in Rolls-Royce Company management decision making process. The chance of motivation rate is very high. Autocratic leadership: in this stage, the Rolls-Royce Company management should take the maximum decision with the absence of organization stakeholders (Budhwar and Debrah 2013).  It results a chance of dissatisfaction among several employees in an organization. Paternalistic leadership: In this stage, manager takes all management decision and there is an independence of candidates. This creates an anomaly among different Rolls-Royce Company employees that lead to dissatisfaction (Kuipers et al. 2014). Laissez faire leadership: In this stage the decision makers itself are the Rolls-Royce Company employees. They had been allowed a free allowance for providing any management decision schedule.

Discussion of role within the organization in recruitment and selection process

There are various approaches of motivation to achieve the aim and objectives of the organization. Some of major motivational approaches are Maslow Theory and theory of X and Y. Most of the companies use the technique of Maslow Theory to motivate employees. The Rolls-Royce Company uses the theory as:

Reasonable payment: The Rolls-Royce Company must ensure reasonable and effective salary for all employees working in an organization. This would enhance the employees to increase a rate of motivation by offering a handsome salary. Because it fulfills the physical and psychological needs of an employees (Budhwar and Debrah 2013). 

Treatment of employees with adequate respect

The treatment culture of all employees with respect to bridging factor helps to motivate the employees. Because, it fulfills the needs of culture respect and cultural prestige (Alfes  et al. 2013)  Beside, the Rolls-Royce Company also uses various techniques to motivate several employees.

Importance and Identification of Teamwork at Rolls-Royce

Contribution to success

The team work is very beneficial for the success and sake of employees. It is very important for the Rolls-Royce Company management to work with team members; to attain a desired goal. In some situation it seems very tough for the employees to work individually; in that situation they can work as an organization team members.

Growth of efficiency

The Rolls-Royce Company team work is an efficient keyword to manipulate efficiency in an organization. It enables the Rolls-Royce Company to perform the task quickly with better effectiveness. Cooperation and compromization is the most efficient keyword in every Rolls-Royce Company management. It reduces the work stress and enables the employees to perform better with good complexity (Alfes  et al. 2013)

Development of employee relations

As mentioned above, it is very important to maintain team work in organizational work. The stage of development of employee relations tends to be much higher in multi-national companies. It reflects the relation between superiors and subordinates and between superiors and Rolls-Royce Company levels of management.

The Rolls-Royce Company has to face several intellectual situations in day-to-day organizational tasks. Some employees usually solve their issues by working in a team together. They are very much focus on organization goal orientation. The consideration of team role has been identified by applying the Belbin’s model:

Coordinator: It is considered as the orientation of team leader. He is the person who is responsible for Rolls-Royce Company aim and objectives. He is very positive minded and involves better dedications of work portfolio.

Shaper: The shaper is the most important part of an organization. He is full of energy and motivation to win challenges. He is very much focused and committed towards completing the work.

Resource Investigator: He is the person who makes and explores the organizational opportunities and makes several contacts.

Team worker: It generally contributes the objectives of a Rolls-Royce Company team to perform a vital task. He is very much useful for its technical skills within the Rolls-Royce Company team.

The Rolls-Royce Company is more effective in this innovative and competitive world. The Rolls-Royce Company has diversification of experience and knowledge that helps the organization to face and overcomes various challenges in the present world. Better efficiency and complexity enhance the organization team members to overcome the insanity of various complexities. The team also followed the Belbin’s Role with different aspects to make a team more effective and realistic. This results the Rolls-Royce Company management to reach its aim and objectives (Budhwar and Debrah 2013). 

The Rolls-Royce Company is very eminent and famous for its overall services. It tries to establish the growth of business in outside world. In this phase of activities, it needs to provide new and existing employees with high and qualified training activities and with better learning styles in a Rolls-Royce Company management. The need of analysis of Rolls-Royce Company training assessments includes:

Analysis of the Rolls-Royce Company inclusive aim and objectives.

Personal analysis: To analyze the desired and potential instructors and participants who are primarily involved in the process of management.

Task analysis: the Rolls-Royce Company management has to analyze the main task and activities of employees who need an appropriate training.

Performance analysis: The adequate training must be provided based on the performance of an employee’s criterion.

Suitability of training analysis: The Rolls-Royce Company must be ensured about the interface suitability of training analysis that is very useful to Rolls-Royce Company management.

The new staff members must be measured by their overall performance. The researcher Hs analyzed some of the measurement of performance.

Setting of random methods: Different companies use different methods to measure the performance of employees. The most common factor that is responsible is checking time consciousness that is very much attentive in employee check criterion.

Section of customer and client section:  The Rolls-Royce Company must survey their clients about their method of services and performance appraisal of organization employees.

Appraisal Interview: The Rolls-Royce Company must arrange the formal and basic appraisal interview to manipulate and measure the employee’s performance. It led the Rolls-Royce Company management to know the behavior of employees about their attitudes and quality (Budhwar and Debrah 2013). 

The Rolls-Royce Company employees must provide training to other employees to work effectively and efficiently in sequence of changing environment. The new candidate must need the training orientation for their existing employees. In this stage the evaluations of assessment of training process is quite important for the consequences of training because it directly affects the performance productivity of other Rolls-Royce Company employees (Jiang et al. 2012). The training process includes some vital steps: objectives of a Rolls-Royce Company, assessment of need, gap assessment, training objectives, selection of trainees, selection of method of training, choosing a better evaluation, administration training, and evaluation of training, projection of training activities.


This is to conclude that the leadership is the main factor to perform a new task in an organization. The leaders only can make a radical change in order to compete several organizations changing background. The researcher has also highlighted the behavioral traits of managers and leaders in any Rolls-Royce Company management. It is very important for every Rolls-Royce Company to motivate their employees in order to gain productivity in work complexion. This reflects the orientation of market and as well as customer segmentation.


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