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The key moral principles are respect for autonomy, non?maleficence, beneficence and justice. In this essay please discuss the importance of complying with ethical framework in professional practice. 
Your essay should answer the following questions: 
1. What is informed consent
2. How would you check to see whether you had informed consent
3. What are the limits of confidentiality when working with clients
4. What is a professional misconduct 
5. Explain what is meant by an ethical framework. 
6. In your opinion ? who should be providing the ethical frameworks for various professions.

Ethical framework in the organization

Ethics is an important part of every organization and also it plays a great role in the whole community. Ethics should be considered in the operations of the organization. If the ethics are implemented successfully in the organization the efficiency of the organization is enhanced for long term. There are many organizations that cannot perform ethical management just because there is lack of human nature and control system of management. The performance can be enhanced if the business organization follows the ethics and also the business can retain superior quality staff and customers. For establishing an ethical organization the time and effort is needed more.

If the staff members are not properly trained they cannot achieve the objectives of the company also the trust cannot be maintained easily. There should also be proper communication within the organization so that the illegal or unethical conduct cannot be presented easily and it should properly be managed. The discrimination may also occur on an individual race, color, gender. This offense should not be there in the organization for smooth conduct of the business. So in this essay the discussion is made upon the importance of the ethical framework in the organization.

Ethical framework in the organization:

The ethical organization has the ability to achieve good performance in long run. They have the capability to attract and retain employees and customers in the organization. Organization requires more time and effort to create high level of integrity. The reason behind this is that the human beings are not morally perfect. If there are no ethical employees or customers in the organization then it is not possible to achieve better performance. It is a fact that unethical organization can make profit in short term but it cannot make profit for long run. The organization that follows competitive advantages attracts high quality employees and enhances the level of satisfaction and also the loyalty. The ethical organization can be compared with unethical organization (Jeurissen, 2007).

 It attracts and retains the employees of higher quality and also customers, suppliers and investors. There is no or less employee supervision. Many organizations are ethically challenged by human nature and also by control system of management. Ethical framework is essential for the organization it helps in hiring the ethical staff. The ethical and unethical behavior must start during the hiring process. The employees who have the high integrity do not share ethical point of view because every person have ethical point which is given by parents, teachers. The code of ethics minimizes the risk by communicating with the employees at the time of making decisions.

Let’s take an example which high lights the four guiding principles which include open communication, respect for others, personal integrity and performance excellence.  Communication refers to the employees which are connected with communication with each other. It needs time to talk and listen to each other. Respect means everyone should be treated as the way they want them to be treated (Solomon, 2009).  No one tolerate disrespectful treatment. Also the organization should not adopt the arrogance behavior. Integrity needs employees to work with the customers in honest and sincere way. Excellence refers to that employees should achieve satisfaction with nothing which is less than everything. The code of ethics should be followed and implemented in effective manner.

Importance of following code of ethics

It enhances the code of ethics and also satisfaction of the employees and their commitment towards the organization. For implementing the code of ethics it requires support from senior managers (Tsalikis and Fritzsche, 2010).  At the time of orientation the employee should sign the codes. Without training many managers realize that every business should follow the ethical business structure. Training in ethics creates a culture of trust (Snell, 2011).Many people who are employed in organization have a positive perception about the ethics of organization and also it enhances the job satisfaction. Training is essential and it should be given to everyone in the organization.  Long term employees of the organization give shape to the organization in ethical way.

If the employees don’t have the knowledge of ethical structure that it is difficult to achieve goals and objectives of the firm. Training which is given to long term employee leads to the training of ethics and also helps in the difficult situation of the organization (Gatewood and Carroll, 2011). Ethics is a structure which set the actions which should be taken into consideration and also determines the actions in good or bad way.

The stakeholder involves owners, customers and suppliers. If the organization gives permission to the management staff and the employees to share the views and idea and also it enhances the performance of subordinates then it is considered ethical. If there is no proper ethics then employees have just two options which can cause major disadvantage to the organization. The employee remains silent which gives adverse effect on the organization reputation (Miller, 2013).

 Managers are major element of every organization. The way the manager treats the employees it sets the standard for acceptable behavior in the working unit of the organization. There are some organizations where implementation of the ethical management is considered as a very difficult task.  Sometimes the employees do not feel comfortable to tell their problems to the senior team so there are many cases where unethical events have been seen. There should be a proper communication system to minimize the ethical problems. The organization can also appoint an individual who can collect the ethical information which conducts the operations of organization.

The officer who is concerned with ethics provides confidence to the employees who want to report to ethical problem. The officer should also see the strategy of communication and also ethic training program for the employees. Also the informed consent gives permission which gives full knowledge of the consequences and also gives about the risks and benefits which prevails in the organization. The informed consent can be a legal and ethical foundation on which the professional deliver and provides services. The consent can be applied or explicit or can be in verbal or in writing. It is noted that long term employees give shape to the organization and also helps to achieve goals and objectives of the organization.

So it is essential to share the views and stories that how the organization code of ethics was followed in the difficult situation. Ethics means principles which a person uses to determine that the action is good or bad. It consist of interacting with owners, customers and employees (Sims,2013).If the permission is given to the employees and members of the organization to share their views and also to improve the performance of subordinates then it can be ethical for the organization and will also be beneficial for them. If there is no appropriate ethics followed in the organization then there is only two ways by which the organization can be affected. The employee can remain quiet or it can also damage the organization reputation by blowing the whistle to the higher public authority.

Training in ethics

If training is provided to the employees the ethics can be followed in effective manner in the organization. Many organizations try to conduct the training in ethics for the employees working in the organization and which should also be viewed in effective manner. It is difficult on many stages for the organization to review the ethical training while is conducted in the organization. The senior management should assign a safe learning environment so that the trust can be facilitated in the training workshop. This responsibility should be given to the staff that is responsible enough to conduct the process.

Many employees are there in the organization who will not speak honestly with the staff to manage the ethical issues which are prevailing in the organization. Some employees feel fear of getting the resignation and also it gives negative impact on the performance of the organization.  The management assigns the role to the senior management and the employees (Blanchard and Peale, 2011). The role is played as an informal leader within the workplace. The facilitator of the organization has a good feeling of the ethical issues and the discussion is realistic and relevant. If the facilitator is there in the organization it gives enhancement to modify and analyze their point of view.

The most important self learning experience among participants is the discussion training. It creates some business ethics to discuss about participant. The ethical issue which employer takes into consideration is to observe, experience and also to hear about employer in current organization (Adams, Tashchian and Shore, 2011) .The employees should develop thee ethical issues and also share with others. The ethical issues are also discussed and obtained. The ethical management can be taken into consideration and also implemented easily. Also it enhances the team spirit among the employees of the organization.

There are many organizations which perform discrimination in the hiring process in small and medium business organizations. Small business organizations hiring process is by means by recruitment by word of mouth such as getting recommendations from the employees. The ethical management should focus on conducting recruitment by means of word of mouth. Many small organizations gives focus on the technical skills and rather than ethical skill. There are many job candidates who include recommendation from the employees who behave in ethical manner and also more chances in job Application. In large organization and also there is discrimination on age, gender which found at the time of recruitment (Schminke,Ambrose and Noel, 2012). 

In the large scale organization race and mental disability is found in good treatment in the workplace. The organization has different kind of jobs which is suitable for the job candidates. The organization with good image in the community attracts more staff and it also helps to increase the efficiency in long run. Also while working the confidentiality of the clients should be taken into consideration and also it helps to encourage communication in effective way. There are legal determination regarding the client and also limitations on the right of the clients in which confidentiality is important to be maintained (Stead, Worrell and Stead, 2009). 

Informed consent

There are times when the experts or the professionals try to maintain confidences but cannot do so legally. Also there exists professional misconduct which consists of act or regulations. It fails to maintain the standard of profession.  Every organization should follow ethical framework. It is a framework for making the ethical decisions. The decisions are made about what is right and what is wrong in the operations of daily life. The ethics should consider all the levels of life which consist of individuals and also it creates the responsibility of the organization and governments and also makes the society ethical. The ethical framework is provided by the organization so that the organization can achieve the goals and objectives in effective manner and also the organization can achieve its growth (Wimbush,Shepard and Markham,2013).


It is concluded that ethical management and ethics is important for every organization. Also the ethical management of the organization can be improved if appropriate code of conduct is created. The code of ethic should be implemented on all the members including the senior staff and also the junior staff. The important point is that that the senior management gives signal on daily basis that the ethical behavior is expected and unethical behavior is unacceptable. Employees take into consideration different types of behavior which is acceptable by following the actions of top management and also to listen the directions which is given by the top management team. The organization has the positive impact if it works and follows the ethical structure.

The trust and responsibility is enhanced when the organization conduct good performance. Trust is increased when the employees are treated in fair behavior with all the managers and also with the senior management. The organization will achieve business development as well as ethic management. The organization that follows high ethics will attract and retain more and more employees, customers and will also enhance the profit of the organization. Ethics should be followed by every organization it gives enhancement and growth to the business or the organization.


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