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Discuss About The Among Best Education Institution In Australia?

Holmes institute earlier known as Holmes College is privately owned and it’s located in different parts of Australia. Some of the places that are located include Gold Cost, Cairns, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The institute is strictly committed to offer and provide the highest quality of education and that is most appropriate to enhance the proper development of the students for self -improvement irrespective of the student’s nationality as it offers education to international students as well as the gender, beliefs, and values of the students (Sigurdsson,  Menon, Sigurdarson, Kristjansson & Foxall, 2013). The institute forms the basis of a corporate world in the education system as it has been rewarded respectively for its developing services and ability to shut off all the negativities related to the education system both in Australia and in the international scene. Among the best pleasing institutes, Holmes happens to be one and with the most appropriate and relevant courses offered to students, the high-quality facilitation of the institute, as well as institutionalization of both the staff members and the students as they are the main actors, is also a positive factor. The positive relationship of the institute with other education sectors in the region and internationally has been viewed as the most enhancing factor that has resulted to the positive reception by the members of the state as well as the international context (Ellis & Waller, 2011). The international requirements on the education levels by the international education bureau has been evidently enhanced by the organization in question. With clear and simple procedures to the application process, the cost, rate of acquisition as well as the ability to deliver are also among the many factors that enhance the development of the institution.  Students from the main set of actors to whom education skills are impacted on and the reason for the functioning system of the institutes. Among the many characteristics exhibited by the students, some of them include demographic and psychographic factors as discussed below in the body.

To enhance our research, a sample or a section of the students was okay to enable as understand the relevant characteristics of the students within the Holmes institute. However, the demographic characteristics that mainly involves the number of students both female and male could be found in the recorded content by both the students and the significant members of the information bureau of the institute. The psychographic characteristics relate to values of a given gender, level of lifestyle, education level, and attitudes among others.

Demographic and psychographic characteristics of the sample student

Demographic characteristics are behaviors or conduct that give a valid analysis of the socioeconomic characteristics of the students, age composition in relation to their achievements, religion, family relations among many others. Education is given to those willing to learn and acquire skills that are important in helping personal development and achievements. The students at Holmes institute are both males and females. The number of both the males and female varies from time to time as the intake of students does not restrict a specific number of males and females to be taken in a specific course or unit (MIKHAILITCHENKO, 2017). The main driving aspect is the level of education one has to enable him or her to being admitted in the institute. Being one of the best international institutes in the world, Holmes do not dictate the careers taken by a specific gender as every gender either female or male has equal ability to acquire the skills offered in any field. The age at which education is given in the institute varies as individual’s age is different and the level of acquisition to the institute depends on the level of qualification in relation to the set requirements in order to join the institute (Favaloro , C 2015). The students within the institute are from different nations and others from Australia forming the majority, their values and beliefs are not defined as the Holmes fraternity is very welcoming and are a respecter of other people’s culture. This makes it easier for the international students to cope well and fit in the environment with a lot of ease. The level at which every member whether male or female joins the institution and is evaluated to performance do not in however encourage inequality, this is because all requirements to join the institution gives the common people as well as those in high-class adequate chances to deliver as they form the main basis of the fraternity to grow and develop together with the institution.

These characteristic are less the same as the demographic characteristics only that they deal with the feelings acquainted to the characteristics discussed above.  The issue of the age bracket to join the institution derives the aspect of qualifications in terms of both the education and socio-economic qualifications. The ability of a student to participate in developmental activities also positively enhances the ability of the student to excel. The relating values to the courses offered and its relevance to the society development today. Students at Holmes institute are focused on achieving their targets as well as that of the institution (Skene, Pollard & House, 2016). The values and beliefs of both the students and the staff members are respected as the school constitution or rules are formed on the basis of value, respect, and support of all relevant stakeholders within the institution. The abilities of the students to achieve their set goals is relevantly improved and supported by the tutors who teach and encourage the students to better performances. Carrying out of the main education practical’s is also adversely supported by proving all the equipment’s required to help achieve the expected goals and desires of the student in line with the set educational objectives. All education abilities within Holmes fraternity are highly valued and developed to be the best.

Consumer decision process involved in choosing Holmes over other institutes

The consumer process involved in making a decision in joining Holmes institute over other institutes in Australia involved a series of steps that include;

  • Identifying the need or the reason to join the institute. The student has to identify the main need of joining the institution which is education (Aldrich, R 2009). Determining the level of qualifications for the student to that of the institution and see whether it will fit the students desire to achieve.
  • Carrying out information search. After identifying the reason for joining the institution, the student will have to carry out a search and determine whether by joining the institution the student will acquire the skills he/she desires. Relating the set levels and qualifications.
  • Identifying and evaluating other alternatives. Here in Australia, there so many institutions that offer education to students and once that have good reputations relating to education packages. The student carry’s out a comparison such that enables helps her or him to understand whether the option at hand is the best or another can be instead.
  • The fourth step is where the student makes the crucial decision of joining the institute for studies. During this stage, the decision can be easily influenced by related information from other customers or members of the institution. The student positively agrees to study in the institute after her/his decision is supported by other stakeholders or members with experience from the same institution.
  • Post signing of the decision to studying in Holmes. After making the decision on studying in the institute, the student carry’s out an evaluation on what is offered relating to the expectations at the beginning of the study.

Relating to other institutes, Holmes have more advantages that influence a high student entry in to the system and with the required qualifications. These advantages are in line with the courses offered, the duration of every course and its content, cost paid as tuition fees, security of the stakeholders, relevance of the type of the skills offered in the global market as discussed below;

  • The course offered at Holmes institute are short, intensive and valuable importantly to be quickly incorporated into the trade industry by also advocating the use of technology and innovations in the emerging market.
  • The cost of tuition fee at which education is offered at the intake is affordable and all members of any level access to help educate their children.
  • Security of all members of the Holmes fraternity is highly observed and maintained by the significant security personnel.
  • Incorporation of technical advancement and other new trends in the global market in the teaching content is very important to develop the student’s ability to deliver in the market. This has been evident in the teaching quorums within the institute.
  • Duration at which the master’s students acquire is short and relevant enough to help the students join the trade market. This is unlike in other institutions where the master’s student take even up to four years delaying them to joining the productive market.
  • Good researching facilities are available in the institution to help the students the practical concepts given by the teachers or rather the tutors involved.

Student’s motivation and personality, as well as emotions, are very important in helping a student in purchasing decision in that, the institution that would fit the student's requirement only would be the best institute to that student. Motivation ensures that the student only chooses the institute that supports personal development towards achieving desired goals in future. Personality ensures that the decision made does not negatively affect the personal values and norms that also relates to the society of identification. Emotions are also very important in helping the students to identify and the only institution that would enhance her development without encouraging sadness and failure but support development and happiness of the student. The students who make the purchasing decisions without considering their motivating factors, personality as well as their emotions are likely to fail and so students should be enhanced to consider when purchasing decision.

All education providers with an aim or those recruit international students should enhance the following factors;

  • Ensure that visas for the students are straight forward and fair adequately given.
  • Ensure that all the education facilities among them the research facilities required are given to enhance proper impacting of skills to students required in the global market.
  • Cost effectiveness on the tuition fees
  • The process of application should be clear and one that is easy to understand with forms made available to all relevant locations in the world.
  • Courses offered to the students should be intensive and of high value to enhance the development of trade industry and the global market at large.
  • Security measures to ensure the safety of the students should be enhanced at all times.


The education system in Australia is appropriate and more affordable compared to other nations and offers a good quality of high standard, excellent facilities, security of the students and other stakeholders, good living conditions as well as a peaceful multicultural society. Being among the best international institutes globally, Holmes has enhanced growth and development of the education system as well as skills enhancing the growth of the trade industry. The ability of a student to purchase for choosing Holmes over other institutes in Australia has been influenced by personality, emotions and motivating factors towards a certain set of goals that is very important. Other institutions with a view to providing international studies to international students should ensure that the appropriate factors are put in place to enable an appropriate environment for all stakeholders in question.  Education is only favorable when offered at the right time and to the right person in the most favorable education environment.


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