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Why Consider a Job at Classic Hospitality?

Discuss about the Management Principles for Motivation at Hospitality.

If you were interested in working in the hospitality industry, would you consider a job at Classic Hospitality?

If were interested in working in the hospitality industry then I would consider a job at classic hospitality due to the following reasons;

  • The Classic Hospitality is an organization that value so much the talent and career of the employees and they retain talents and skills in the organization because they promote employees from within.
  • This organization tries as much as possible through good management to attract and persuade good employees.
  • Hospitality industries are so competitive in the whole world, and classic hospitality tries to retain their employees normally through motivation.
  • Classic Hospitality organization strives to appreciate the role of the family to their employees which is very vital. 

  How many activities in this case can you tie into specific motivational theories? List the activities, the motivational theory, and how the activities apply. 

  • In classic hospitality, there are rules that supervisors follow in undertaking their duties especially during delegation of work and making orders where the supervisor treats the employees fairly and equally (Equity motivation theory). Equity, in this case, leads to motivation and hence quality work.
  • The cleaning section of the classic hospitality the staff has a book recorded the performance of cleaning the rooms and managers usually refer and analyze the performance in the check book. In this case after some period when the employee has performed well, for instance, a greater percentage of good work he will be rewarded an extra pay (Reinforcement theory) (Chin, (2015) this case hard work results to reward.
  • In classic hospitality in hotel sector when customers come in a high number that exceeds the targeted percentage then staff are rewarded (Need theory). In this case, discipline and hard work of staff result in more customers hence bonus.
  • At classic hospitality, the management has a way of measuring the productivity of their product at a given period of six months to check whether the target is met or not (Expectancy theory) in this case an increased effort will result in increased outcome hence staffs are rewarded on that.

Do you believe that bonus programs, such as an extra week’s pay if at least 95 percent effectiveness of a job is achieved, transportation assistance, and the like, would work in other types of jobs? If so, which ones, and why? If not, why not? 

Yes, I believe for the small businesses and enterprises to make a good profit should give a bonus to their employees once they have reached the expected target.  

For company or organization through appraisal program, they should give a bonus to their employees in order to motivate them to work hard for the benefit of the organization (Saxena,2009). 

Hotels can benefit so much to meet their goals through motivation by rewarding their customers’ bonus the good service they deliver to the restaurants. 

Companies need to motivate their customers; in this case, they should have something for them as a bonus for the success of the organization. 

At hospitals, doctors and nurses should be motivated through their hard work for example transportation assistance, especially for the administrations. 

 Security is vital the running of any organization hence the company should give bonus for the guards and police 

“All managers should be leaders, but not all leaders should be managers.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position. 

Yes I agree with the statement due to the following reasons; 

  • You can be in management in management team as a position or title, but it does not guarantee good leadership.
  • Through the experience learned and spent in the field enable one to a manager of something but may not have the intelligence of being a leader (Zaccaro, (2007).
  • A manager is entitled to manage the specific field in the company, but a leader has the experience to influence, inspire and build people up to do things.
  • An employee in organization can have the qualities of leadership skills than managers
  • Managers do their job at personal interest unlike leader have an active attitude towards the organization and goals
  • Managers understands that work involve group of people and procedures to do it, but leaders take risk position and relate with in a good manner for the sake of the organization goal 

“Charismatic leadership is always appropriate in organizations.” Do you agree or disagree? Support your position.

I agree

Charismatic leadership organization if the members or management understands each other will be appropriate in the achieving of organization objectives (Singh,2017).

Charismatic leaders help the organization in occasions of crisis though at the end they should be compensated.

If the leadership is related and works together, then the goal of the organization is achieved easily.

The management would value each's interested in an organization hence quality work from each member. 


The project/team: What was it? Who was involved?
 Volleyball members were the project. Students with volleyball talents were involved

Application of Motivational Theories to Different Activities

The goal: What was the goal of the team? How was the goal communicated? Was it commonly held among members of the team?

The goal of the team was to nature volleyball talent in the community. The goal was being communicated through training new members who have little skills of volleyball to make them expose their capability of playing.

Your role: What role did you take on? Why? Looking back, should you have taken on a different role? Explain your reasoning.

In the team, I was acting as an assistant captain of the team where I was assigned a role of mobilizing and conducting physical training for the whole members every day. I was also in charge of balls that are how many balls to use in training and type of uniforms to use. I was capable of training the whole team, and I had a management skill that is why I was given those roles to play.

I would not have taken on a different role because of the following reason (Donald,2013 ),;

  • This role enables me to retain my training skills and help others to achieve the goal of the team.
  • As a good leader, it’s good to associate with different people of different class and capability, in this role I was able to relate with people and this showed how effective of in my leadership.
  • The role trained me the qualities of good leader since we were having forums of leaders

Management and Motivation: What management strategies did the leader of the team use? Was it effective? How did the leader motivate the team? Did his or her strategies work for you?

The leaders used the following management strategies Chin, (2015).

  • Responsibility distribution where the leader sometimes distribute responsibilities to other members of the team for them to gain skills through practice.
  • Being honest and open to the team. The leader was honest us as a team, and in the case of any information, he was open to reveal to members.
  • Chance of improvement. The leader was encouraging the team in case they have failed to win since people should learn from their errors.
  • Self-denial strategy. The leader used to give him fully to lead and manage the team denying his on duty for the sake of the team.
  • He used to motivate the whole team through the following ways;
  • Gifts for the whole team after winning a match
  • Rewards for the two people who were always punctual in the field
  • Come together party after every semester
  • Purchase of balls from his money

The above strategies were so effective for the success of our team, and it can work for me.


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