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Write about the importance of communication in maintaining quality and timely delivery of project activities. with use of UK case studies. 

Aims of the Research Project

Effective communication leads to better project management. Communication is about speaking to and hearing from people. This also includes understanding the entire message. It refers to the exchange of data. This is done from one particular stage of the project to the other point efficiently.

However, various difficulties are faced while implementing that because of different factors such as nature of a project, organizational structure and so on. “Project management communication” is a practical skill and it can never be perfected. However, it is always open to development.

The following research proposal considers the significance of communication in maintaining quality and in-time delivery of different project activities. At first, it discusses the aims of a research project. Then prior researches done in various literatures are reviewed. Next, an outline plan is proposed regarding conducting this project. Lastly, a critical discussion is made out of this proposal.

Communication is regarded as a crucial element for every project that are well-managed. There are primarily two main groups of people with whom the project manager requires to assure effective and a very clear communication. They are the project team and stakeholders (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). The aim of the research project is highlighted below.

  • Firstly, projects are intended to be sponsored by an element of business along with a stake in every outcome.
  • Next, they are presumably to be presented on different project board that sets some objectives for projects and controls development in due time.
  • Providing regular updates to every stakeholder and ensuring communication with them is complete, transparent and consistent.
  • Project managers must assure that everybody is aware of what they can achieve and requires reporting on progress to project board and projecting sponsors. 

It must be understood that there have been many scopes of things that might be going wrong as any smart communication is not maintained and established.

Project manager and a team are able to identify communications that are required with the help of stakeholder analysis theory. Communication management plan could be deployed to document and organize processes, expectations and types of communications. For this modifications could be done in the following sectors (Heldman, 2018).

  • The first one is stakeholder communication requirement for communicating proper information as demanded by stakeholders.
  • Next one is the information regarding what is needed to be communicated. This has been including content, details along with expected format and so on.
  • Next one is detailed on how required data flows through a project to proper people. This structure of communication must help in documenting the location where various data can originate. This also includes the idea to whom information could be sent and what modality the data is acceptable (Schwalbe, 2015).
  • Then there is the schedule of when different kinds of communication can take place.
  • Processes of escalation and timeframes to move issues upwards in any organization are other modifications. This occurs as they could not be resolved at lower strata.

The scope of above-discussed aims is analyzed keeping the whole industry sector in mind.



Political scopes

Whenever many groups get involved, there exist scopes of some vested interests. This also includes different power games getting under path of communication. As soon as political players are identified, project managers can undertake steps for gaining confidence and buy-in over project goals. Thus, it helps to eliminate political obstacles towards project communications (Heagney, 2016). Hence, it can be best settled at the level where they originate. However, it must be kept in mind those escalating political issues upwards hierarchy never help. It could even be counterproductive.

Cultural scopes

Organizational cultures that are often referred to as the total of values and assumptions held commonly under any organization require being efficiently dealt. Such difficulties could be eased by project managers through knowing divergences in attitudes between involved parties. This acts as intermediaries for facilitating communication (Carvalho & Rabechini Junior, 2015). Differences between regional cultures come to play within different geographically distributed or virtual teams,.

Linguistic scopes

Linguistic requires being understood considering a sense of specific terms utilized by various disciplines of marketing, IT, accounting and so on. As specialists from different sectors get together for discussing project-related concerns, there are tendencies for every side to make those assumptions. This can be done regarding c general understanding of specialized technical languages. It can lead to incomplete or incorrect communication (Todorovi? et al., 2015). Hence practical techniques might act as the scope to resolve different barriers as discussed that are required to be implemented and identified. Stating otherwise, sharing of communication is the smartest method at any level of the project conducted.

Purpose of communication management plan is to describe methodologies that could be utilized to manage communications under any project. It is the output of communication management process detailing particular communication frequencies, timelines, recipients, events, products and additional pertinent communications information. The project management deliverables are also referred to as essential communication tools by Haimes (2015). However, under most scenarios, communication management is always a straightforward and simple delivery-enablement process. It uses a relatively standard toolkit.  Besides, under the first change and initiatives of business transformation, engagement and communication represent primary focus of project and notable proportion of project work effort.

Various instances can be given from the articles that have influenced this research. Guo et al. (2014) mentions that an organization that embarked on company-wide up-gradation of desktops. As technical employees arrived for installing new technologies, employees asked the reason to do that. Thus this updating has been a painful experience for both customer personnel and providers. In another case at the beginning of software development project, client queried project manager for a written and weekly status report. Then project manager accommodated willingly. As this project gets finished within budget, on time and to specification, the client fills out a satisfaction survey, where he reported his dissatisfaction with his project. Again, as shown by Ramazani and Jergeas (2015), a vendor organization consisted of four-hour standard to react to reported malfunctions in their critical components of the hardware. Then, as clients discovered to their dismay, the first time they called about any malfunction. Further, another instance is shown by Stanciu, Condrea & Zamfir (2016), where a network management group updated networking technology utilized by their internal customers. Most of them were largely dissatisfied with service delivery of groups. Here customers have also been asked to be involved in this effort. Hence, network group got compiled. Moreover, nevertheless, customers stayed unhappy. A well-liked manager has stopped by their cubicles of various employees as shown by Webb (2017). This has been a high-pressure project for seeing how they have been doing and offering encouragement. As mentioned by Taylor, (2015), IT personnel at an organization were eager to restore their once-positive reputation that is implemented on various service improvements. They have been justifiably proud and wished a huge leap towards customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, judging from various survey results, customers have hardly cared and noticed.

Modifications to a Theory to Enhance its Value or Validity in a Particular Context

However, there have been various gaps in the current literature that this research must fulfill. While communication gaps rise between staffs, outcomes often lead to confusion, misaligned priorities, indecisive actions and unclear motives. These communication gaps are technological needing updating the equipment of office computers. Further, the article does not mention about personal problems that can arise from differences in personality. Moreover, the articles overlook the example of next generation who are more inclined to depend on technological devices regarding communication. Besides, the previous generation has been shying away from this kind of communication at work. Thus, irrespective of reason, bridging of these gaps needs extensive assessment of issues and proper steps for rectifying the issues. 

For conducting this research market research is done interviewing employees from various organizations. This falls under primary qualitative data analysis considering communication in maintaining quality and timely delivery of project activities.

This qualitative market research must take into account feelings and opinions of employees as far as maintaining quality and timely delivery of project activities is considered. This research must go beyond employee’s mind to fathom what they have seen to lack or they have genuinely liked the project implementation.

The primary role of a type of research is to provide businesses with a detailed view of consumers and customers for satisfying their needs better. This process is integral to able to compete with other payers under the same industry and helping to assess things like market needs and competition. This research should make use of statistical and analytical methods and techniques for gathering and interpreting data in an organized fashion. It can also include opinion, social study and many more. It is vital for current rising complicated business scenario.

The research must retrieve ideas of necessities of customers and some factors that could be examined by this process are given below. This should verify the following needs.



Trends in a market

 It denotes movements of a market within a particular period.

Segmentation of market

 It is the division of a market into subgroups with same features. It is required to develop a distinction between personalities, genders, choices, demographics and so on (Mok, Shen & Yang, 2015).

Available information

 The employees should be asked about prices of various products that are present in the market.

The effectiveness of marketing

 This must take into account product research, risk analysis, competitor analysis, customer analysis and so on.

The research would be beneficial for following fields:

Tapping opportunities

 It is one of the most significant advantages to conduct market research enabling to find out different opportunities in the market and making that possible for tapping into them efficiently. For instance, it is helpful to find whether the product has been suitable for audiences who are targeted (Jónsdóttir, 2016). As there is no targeted audience found, market research helps in identifying the appropriate audience.

Encouraging communication

 The research is helping to find out best possible methods for communicating with customers. As results are obtained, the dislikes, likes, personalities, nature of the audiences are known. It helps to connect easily with them and then reach out to them.

Minimizing risks

 Another advantage of this research is that it would be helpful for business to reduce risks by considering actions over certain subjects. For instance, it is useful to incorporate particular qualities to products that might reach out to various people. This declines scopes for the products not going to be used.

Establishing trends and standing of a market

 Market alters continuously and continuously. In such case, through market research helps in creating current trends and formulate plans as per as existing customer requirements and needs.

Finding particular problems

 As market research brings about customer reactions, preferences, choices and many more business can change product as it is under designing or manufacturing process. It has been simpler to seek problems and work on them as one has research outcomes in hand.

The rationale of the topic:

The topic of the importance of communication in maintaining quality and timely delivery of project activities is chosen for various reasons. The factors are discussed below.


It is one of the most common problems possessed by businesses. As miscommunication is avoided, business activities turn out to be more efficient. It often happens at various management levels for any industry. For example, as any member of senior management issues any memo, it gets misinterpreted by additional staffs of the organization (de Carvalho, Patah & de Souza Bido, 2015). For preventing miscommunication, it has been vital to think about what is said and how other parties could interpret that. For instance, as the memo is finished writing, it could be read out loud such that one can slow down and then think about what the others would hear as they understood that. 

Review of Previous Research from Various Literatures


The topic is chosen because of its various benefits. Firstly, efficient business communication keeps relationships healthy. It helps in relying on business partners or suppliers as a part of success for a business. Thus a constant level of interaction is needed to be maintained. This helps in communicating efficiently, avoiding vendors, clients, employees to make invalid assumptions harming business. Further, another advantage of efficient business communication is that it is helpful for saving time. Rather than having to clarify all the things, one can move on after issuing or receiving orders. 

Time Frame:

While trying to develop communication within an industry, it takes little time to develop systems that work. Every employee is not aware how to communicate with others efficiently. They require devoting some resources for training, seminars or classes for teaching all the people how to communicate effectively with others (Brière et al., 2015). As procedures and policies are instituted, the effective communication process turns out easier.

Difficulties or uncertainties foresaw on communication in maintaining quality and timely delivery of project activities:

Difficulties or uncertainties


Practical problems

Maximum of national languages already assures daily communication and it never seems that the function already gets taken over by distinct code. Communication problems happen in specific communication circle like an institution on clients in a wider sense. Meanwhile, it is needed to differentiate between multilingual and monolingual corporate communication. Using national language is beneficial for communication within companies (Fang,  Marle & Xie, 2017). National languages display a similar impact for creating an effective corporate culture along with communication and company team.

Employees working under monolingual companies can inter-connect better with their co-workers. This is because they possess a mutual language reducing the occurrence of any misinterpretation. This fact shows a great disadvantage towards external communication of organizations. This happen between communication with another company in a given market or various clients residing outside national markets. Moreover, at a functional level, sharing of similar language reduces level of potential distortion. This take place in translating action into language and language into action (Cheruvelil et al., 2014).

Political problems

 Political factors have been affecting business that has been provided with a lot of significance. Various aspects of government policies have been transforming an industry. Every organization should be following law. Every manager should see how future legislation could change the activities. Political scenario has been affecting business companies in various ways. It has been adding risk factors and leading to a substantial loss (Martinelli & Milosevic, 2016). Political considerations have the power to alter outcomes. It has also been affecting different government policies. This is done at local and towards federal level. Additionally, the companies must be ready to deal with both domestic and the international political results. Further, many people have been actively opposing globalization, outsourcing and additional international business practices. One might lose some customer base as one start trading in external nations. Further, a company gets involved in various human right abuses in other countries, without having any idea how these abuses have been taking place, one might be subject to an onslaught of mediocre publicity and lost businesses.

Ethical problems

 For employees to efficiently make sense what business has been considering ethical practices, it is needed to be efficiently communicated to staffs. Ethical behavior is required to be delivered daily to employees and this includes identification of employees who have been acting ethically. Further, it provides praise to employees for well-doing jobs. Apart from this, it helps to set ethical standards for other employees in a business (Golini, Kalchschmidt & Landoni, 2015).

Much business lacks written policies detailing what is expected of staffs in the industry. There are several instances where communication has been lacking regarding what business believes about ethical standards. Examples of this include being smart and honest in contact, method of dealing with customers and staffs fairly along with reporting ethical violations witnessed by employees. Many policies have been devoid of outlining results if acting unethically under small business (Badewi, 2016). This kind of systems must be signed by employees on their employment acceptance and approved and reviewed on an annual basis. Since the idea of ethics has been differing for every people, it is vital that business must conduct ethics training for every company. This has been lacking in many organizations. Many employees have been considering business supplies for personal usage unethically. Industry must educate employees regarding their ethical standards through role play and hypothetical scenarios. It has been helping staffs in identifying what business has been considering unethical and ethical.

Suitable alternatives to proposed methods:

Some of the other options have been effective for the above-proposed solutions. They are analyzed below.

Designing communication plan

 This must help in avoiding problems such as a decrease in employee productivity, high turnover or rise in absenteeism. It helps in making recruitment of new associates more straightforward.

Connecting changes to corporate culture

 It must help in explaining latest marketing scopes, growth expectations and reaction of employees.

Anticipating reaction of employees

 This can be done by making a list of various potential responses and questions.

Keeping messages simple

 For this crucial message, points are to be shared in plain language, avoiding jargons and legal terminologies.

Developing communication schedule

 Managers and leaders at every level require in-detailed data regarding what they share with employees. The messages should be consistent for avoiding feeding the mill of rumor.

Use of various communication vehicles

 This is to be done by keeping communication flowing through sharing messages across multiple channels.

Fine-tune communications

 As the first wave of information gets released, follow-up messages must have carefully listened that requires being shared. This includes points that need clarification along with quickly addressing concerns and issues.


It is seen from the above study that business communication is an essential element to run and manage businesses. Employees, managers and owners should efficiently convey thoughts and ideas to other people who are working in companies out outside stakeholders of an industry. Various kinds of communication processes are available for people working in a business environment. Every method has been offering people with scoped to opt for how they can convey a message and develop particular communication style for different receivers. Business kind of communication is considered as a general language for various companies irrespective of the expertise area. The report shows that the primary purpose is to improve organizational practices, decreasing errors and then deliver proper guidance for every team members. However, though it has existed for a very long time, business communication has enhanced a lot in the past few decades. This series of business communication types have evolved in the current world that is suitable for various circumstances. 


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