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The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices

Discuss about the Business Research Methodology for Human Resource Management Practices.

Human resource department is one of the most prestigious divisions of every business organization based on which the company intends to run their entire process of business successfully. This particular study has provided an in-depth knowledge and understanding regarding the importance of human resource managers and their impact on the performance of employees. Some of the major factors that highly affects on the human resource development have also been pointed out in this particular study.  

The article “The impact of human resource management practices on turnover, productivity, and corporate financial performance” published by Huselid, (1995), pointed out that high performance work can be evaluated only when human resource managers expand their hands towards the employees. This particular department plays a major role on employee motivation. An entire performance record of the employees has been maintained in the human resource department. Based on the performance, employees have to been allowed for their further appraisal process.

The presence HR managers in the farm are indispensable as the key of controlling the farm always remains in his hand. A farm without an H.R means “a ship without a rudder”. The HR managers being the eminent departments of the management team have look after every aspect of farm and so without them the work culture inside the farm would never be in full swing. The atmosphere of the farm would not favor rapid progress, as there will none to control, plan and aid with innovative thoughts and ideas. The farm/company will regress in want of proper guidance.               

This particular article has raised some of the major positive outcome of having human resource managers for a business organization. Among those outcomes, employee retention plan and the business financial growth are most prominent. If the employees become motivated with the guidance and co-operation provided by the HR managers, the business organization would be able to render success. The success or the achievement of a business firm is highly dependent on the performance of employees. Like the similar way, if the employees feel comfortable within the work environment, they would never like to decide for resigning the firm. As a result, the frequency of employee turnover would be checked automatically. Employee should know how to co-operate with every individual employee at the workplace in order to make happy and satisfied.

The Human resource mangers play a pivotal role in a business firm as they have to maintain every aspect of the organization keep them within grip .He is responsible to and liable for every bit of work and activity of the institution .He generally performs multi-dimensional activities for the smooth and successful running of the farm.

Previous Literature Review:

The HR manager has to undertake a recruitment procedure to form a team of skilled and efficient   management .He takes up a definite recruitment policy:

  • Publication of advertisement of job vacancy 
  • Inviting profile of the interested candidates through  mail
  • Forming a selection committee
  • Arranging interview sessions with the selection committee
  • Short listing of candidates
  • Arranging final interview with himself
  • Arranging written test
  • Final selection of candidates

The H.R managers are always in hunt of those candidates who can match their work culture and so they publish ads for job vacancy to reach proficient candidates. A selection committee is formed to make a fair selection. An H.R does not always rely on written, viva with the selection committee and academic career of the candidate. That is why the H.R takes the final interview and recruits suitable candidate.                                                                                            

An individual HR manager is assigned to manage everything of the farm for its success:

  • Maintaining attendance
  • Determining work schedule and duty hours
  • Giving assignment
  • Maintaining discipline inside
  • Sanctioning Leave and urgent need of the staff
  • Maintaining sweet and cordial relationship with the staff
  • Looking after the refreshment of the staff to avoid monotony of ceaseless work
  • Arrangement for regular payment
  • Looking for incentive of the staff

 The HR manager has to take initiative to maintain a good management in the farm. The HR thus keen watches on the attendance, discipline, work schedule, duty hours, assignment payment, incentive, leave etc. The HR has to be acquainted with the day-to-day schedules and assignments. The staff in various fields is the main workforce. Human resource managers are always in touch of the demands of the staff and try to satisfy them as much as possible to maintain good management.

The factors that highly affect the entire process of human resource development are as follows:

Economic factors:

Alfes et al., (2013) stated that economy has always been considered as one of the major factors based on which the business organization cannot precede their process of business towards growth and progress. Due to the lack of sufficient economic strength, business organizations often have to compromise in developing their process of business.

For an example, if the customer service department of a particular business organization fails to maintain a balance between supply and demand, this particular organization needs to enhance their number of workforce. Kehoe & Wright, (2013) opined that human resource managers should recruit more employees in that specific division so that service providers can fulfill the demands of every individual customer effectively.  In this kind of cases, economy is a major factor based on which the organization would be able to pay the sufficient workforces they have recruited in this specific division (Ulrich, 2013).

Technological Factors:

Epstein & Buhovac, (2014) stated that technological factors are one of the most important factors based on which the entire business process is highly dependent. In order to keep a constant control over the entire process of business, the human resource managers have to keep a constant data regarding the performance of every individual employee. Therefore, HR managers have to maintain Microsoft tools for maintain those database. Armstrong & Taylor, (2014) opined that if the organization were not constituted with the advanced technology, the human resource managers would never be able to maintain a database on employee performance. Therefore, technological advance is highly important for maintaining a systematic database on the way of growth of a particular business organization.

The Responsibilities of Human Resource Managers for a Business Organization:

The impact of human resource management practice is truly undeniable. The major positive impacts of this particular division on a business organization are as follows:

Maintaining organizational culture and discipline:

Employees are free to share their any problem with the human resource managers regarding the business goal. As a result, before breaking organizational culture and discipline, the employees tend to make a face-to-face communication with the HR managers. Bratton, J., & Gold, (2012) stated that motivating the employees at the workplace and providing them effective guidance on how to maintain organizational culture and behavior are the primary responsibility of human resource managers.

Receiving an effective training and guidance if necessary:

Sometimes it has been observed within a business organization that employees fail to provide an effective performance for several months. At that time, the business growth of an organization is hampered seriously. In this kind of situation, the human resource managers tend to play a major role. Buller & McEvoy, (2012) opined that the employees who have been selected as an underperformer are decided to provide effective training and guidance in order to groom them up. The HR managers tend to shortlist the name of those employees. An efficient trainer has been hired for this purpose. With the earnest effort of human resource managers, the entire procedure of training session is arranged in accordingly.

The previous research work was primarily concentrating on the impact of human resource management practices and its various aspects. The author has not intended to mention in this particular article regarding the various factors that influence human resource development and the employee performance simultaneously. In order to deal with the human resource management and its impact on the employee performance, the author should focus on the several factors affecting HR management development. However, while discussing the various impacts of HR managers on the business organization, the author has focused to discuss only on the positive outcomes.


The entire study deals with the impact of human resource management for the development of a business organization. In order to run an entire process of business human resource managers have to leave immense contribution. The performance of every individual employee is highly dependent on the training and guidance arranged by the human resource managers.

The human resource managers need to be disciplined, technical and innovative in their thought and action. Otherwise the farm would not be developed. They should plan beforehand for bring pace in works. As everything depends on their decision and as they are the final decision makers of the farm, they have to be diplomatic at every step for the flourish of their farm. Therefore, this particular study has provided an in-depth understanding on the importance of existing human resource management division. The study has also focused to discuss on the primary responsibilities of HR managers at the time of running the organization. 

Reference List:

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