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JBS Human resource plan

Discuss about the Case Study of JBS Ltd.

Human resources are important part to the success of any organization. Human resources enable the management to combine input in the process of producing output for the organization (Boxall, and Purcell, 2011). The human resource department has a responsibility to support the organization by availing labour. Human resource management is therefore involved in managing people through staffing, designing work, employee compensation, and benefits. The human resource management plan is an important activity to aligning the current organization human resource needs and the resources available in the process of achieving organizational goals. The HR plan enables the HR department to forecast need and formulates strategies to ensure availability, retention, and smooth both induction and succession of human resource in the organization.

The following report researches planning requirements a case study of JBS Australia. The report also analyses development and implementation of JBS human resource strategic plan. JBS Australia is leading largest meat processor in Australia. The company also produces other products that are by products of meat production such as leather, cleaning products, biodiesel, and pet products. The company has 8500emloyees in different departments in the organization. (, 2017).

JBS Human resource plan


The JBS HR plan objectives are as follows;

Reduce turnover rate by 5% for the next one year.

Recruit 400 new employees for the next 12 months.

Increasing training sections to 3 per 6 months

Establishment of the management performance to all employees

The following objectives create direction for the human resource management of the organization in supporting the mission of the company.

The meat industry workforce is faced with several emerging trends that are affecting the planning activities of the human resource management. First there has been increasing need to accommodate and respect LGBT group in the workplace. This trend requires equal treatment that affects how informal interactions are done in the organization. This trend affects the how training are to be done and educating employees to be tolerant and appreciate them in the workplace (Valentine, Mathis,& Jackson, 2013). Secondly, there is increasing favors of the locals in terms of job opportunities in the company. Employees with visas are the first to be retrenched in case there is downsizing or redundancy in the company. This trend is likely to decrease diversity in the organization.

The company labour needs are divided on 5 feedlots, 10 meat processing facilities, and 7 distributing centers in Australia. The company currently has a total of 8500 employees. The company demand for labour is projected to reduce to the increasing competitions especially for lamb meat across the globe. These increasing supplies from other companies are predicted to lead to reduction of employees by 2% in the organization. The company is also expected to lose employees on voluntary turnover of 9% and retirement of 2% per year (, 2017).

Emerging practices

Advancement in technological has improved informational systems that have enhanced communication and interactions. The technological advancement is enabling the human resource information system to monitor, evaluate, and control employees. For instance, the social media is creating a platform for the human resource department and the people to interact and give feedback about policies implemented in their workplace. The information technology is also enabling the HR department to create videos that are changing the way training, counseling and inductions are done.

There has been increasing influence of the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU) for the past 3years. The industry union is planning a solidarity role with the employees in the industry requiring the company to meet certain requirement if it has to retrench employees. This industrial union requires prior communication and reasons for retrenching that influence the HR department ability to make independent decisions amount optimal labour in the organization. There is also increasing legal requirements that are against workplace bullying. Several organizations have also joined the movement against bullying. These laws against bullying require the HR to be educating employees about it and safeguard people the organization against workplace bullying.

HR strategic management refers to activities formulated and implemented to support the organizations long term goals. HR strategic plan enables the human resource department activities to align with the overall organizations strategy (Belcourt, & Belcourt, 2012). For instance operational cost reduction organizational strategy can be supported by reduced human resource strategy of reducing turnover in the organization.

The following section contains a human resource strategic plan. The report also describes how I will consult with managers in the process of formulating a strategic plan for the human resource department.

This is the first process in formulating HR strategic plan. Consulting with the managers involve getting the management preferences in the human resource. These managers include the line managers, operations managers and top level managers. The process of consulting is important to incorporating overall organization preferred strategies to the human resource strategy. Different level mangers execute different strategies that are aligned to the overall organizational strategy (Mitchell, Obeidat and Bray, 2013). These different viewpoints support the formulation of an inclusive, effective, and realistic human resource strategic plan. Managers will be required to provide the number of employees they require, job roles and duties, working hours and skills and knowledge they require an employee to have in order to perform task in their workplace. This information will be used to plan for the human resources required for a given period of time in the organization in terms skills, knowledge, number, and responsibilities. The information from different department is then analyzed and evaluated to create objectives of the strategic human resource plan.

Labour needs

The following means will be used to consult with the managers in different levels;

Questionnaire: This will involve emailing questionnaires questions to different mangers to give their preference.

Video conferencing: This will allow one on one interaction to understand managers’ preference.

Telephone: This involves calling manager and interviewing them to give their viewpoint.

The JBS philosophy is based on the following values;


Equality in both job opportunities and promotion




The above values represent what is generally agreed upon in the company by the managers and employees. Therefore, the strategies will be based on the above strategies in order to get support from management and employees in different departments.

The human resource strategic plan objectives are as follows;

To give equal job opportunities for applicants

Equal promotion opportunities to all employees in the company

Employment decisions are to be based on an individual ability and qualifications to perform assigned work.

The HR strategic plan will reduce the costs of the company that will otherwise have been incurred. The following analysis shows the benefits of the strategic plan and the equivalent cost that the benefit have to the company. These benefits include;

Retain employees: The HR strategic plan will ensure the employees are retained that will reduce the cost of recruiting and training. It will also decrease skill and knowledge loss from the company. Experienced employees are effective and efficient that increases the company performance (Rothwell et al., 2008).

Avoid being sued: The HR strategic plan ensures there is equality to all applicants and employees in the organization. There is promotion of diversity and equality in the company. This reduces bullying and industrial actions in the company. This reduces possibility of property destruction or failure to perform task that can lead to losses in the company. Bullying can lead to the company being sued that can make the company incur costs defending itself in court of law.

The following technology will be used to support the HR strategic plan;

E-learning technology: This technology will be used to educate and train employees in the company.

Performance management monitor: This technology will b used to monitor and create a reminder to both the company management and the employee to ensuring actual performances is in line with the predetermined performance.

The following system will be used to support the HR strategic plan;

Learning management system: This system will be used to manage employee learning in the company.

New Technology

The following risks are associated with the JBS HR strategic plan;

Increased turnover

Financial difficulties

Increasing competition

The above risks will be managed in the following ways;

Monitoring employees

Signing agreement about their tenure

Getting a third party to supplement budget

The following section will address the implementation phase of the formulated HR strat5egic plan to make it meet it objective in the company. This will include working with others, monitoring the plan, reviewing the plan, adapting the plan and evaluation of the performance.

The HR strategic plan will involve working with other stakeholders in the organization to implement the plan. These stakeholders include HR personnel, supervisors, and senior managers. The employees are also required to corporate in order for the plan to be effectively implemented. In order to ensure smooth working together, it important for all stakeholders to be informed about the HR strategic plan objectives and benefits to the organization (Daley, 2012).

The second step is monitoring the plan to ensure the actual activities are as indicated in the plan. Monitoring will be periodic to continuously check the progress of the activities in the company. Monitoring of the plan ensure that only the planned activities are implemented in order to attained the set goals and objectives (Garavan, 2007). This step also shows what can be done to improve the implementation process of the strategic plan.

The third step is reviewing the plan to make changes if need be. This step evaluates the implementation of the strategic plan against the set standards to outline what can be done to improve and meet required standards (Arora, 2016). Therefore, reviewing is an important step that will involve evaluation and feedback used to make changes that will correct the implementation process it incorrect.

The fourth step in the implementation process will be adapting changes from the previous steps. Adapting to change involve incorporating changes either in the company or legal environment that were not varied in the formulation of the plan. It also involves suggestion of better ideas or newer ways that can be cost effective to the company. Therefore, the adapting step will be important to enabling the company make changes when implementing the strategic plan in order to attain its objectives effectively.

Lastly is the evaluation performance step of the implementation process of the HR strategic plan. The evaluation of the strategic plan involves assessment of the implementation process against the set plan objectives. This will involve assessing the achievement of the strategic plan and the predetermined impact. The evaluation phase is important because it will be used to report to the stakeholders about the success of the HR strategic plan.  


From the report on JBS HR strategic plan formulation and implementation, it can be summarized that human resource management is interdependent function that require other stakeholders support in order to succeed. It requires resources to implement and top management for the strategy to be functional and achieve objectives. Lastly, the HR strategic plan should align with the overall strategy of the organization


Arora, R. (2016). Role of Performance Improvement and Instructional Design in Strategic Human Resource Management. Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, 5(1).

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