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Literature Review

Discuss about the Business Research Analysis Challenges In Oversees Management.

The quality of learning, prosperity, productivity, management and operation of the organization depends on the knowledge and experience of the entrepreneurs (Bandura, 1977, p. 100). The level of experience and knowledge among entrepreneurs depend on their learning process and the learning process depends on reflection (Bass, 2012, p. 166).  Despite having, more benefits of entrepreneurs carrying businesses overseas there are challenges of the managing this business at different regions that may hinder prosperity if not addressed. Therefore, reflecting on what we have learned will help us determine the usefulness and effectiveness of managing business activities overseas, draw judgments on observations  and opinions made in the process of learning, ways in which it will be useful in the course, career, general life and program and application of reflection learning in future.

This research will help us bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and knowledge application through practice to help in growth and productivity. The major objective this research is to determine challenges of managing overseas businesses and a solution to problems. This research will help to bridge the gap between the past and current experiences through theoretical knowledge and knowledge application in practice to help in growth and productivity.

For any business to succeed, the following objectives will serve the purpose in our research:

  • To determine the challenges managers are facing in the process of growing their markets overseas.
  • To determine the importance of learning management course in terms of program, career and general life.
  • To determine solutions necessary to manage issues overseas.
  • To determine how and where to apply the knowledge acquired in future activities.

Management Learning

Learning is the process of gaining knowledge, skills, and ability to do something. Learning occurs naturally and knowledge comes from experimental and personal experience (Bolton, 2010, p. 64). Learning starts in early childhood life. Some people learn theoretically and others through practice. It involves engaging and transforming mind (Bound, 1983, p. 176). There is a relationship between communication and learning process.  Learning involves the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Learning develops and builds from reflection. Learners always use new experience, observe others, conceptualize and experiment decisions. It involves emotional and cognitive information from tactile, auditory, visual and kinaesthetic.

Reflection happened when we link current situation with the previous situation.  Reflection uses learning and insights from the past.  Management provides knowledge on business, economics, finance and marketing (Chickering, 1977, p. 45). Management learning offers an opportunity for further projects. Management begins with setting goals, career assessments and coordination of employee’s efforts. Management also refers to people in leadership. The aim of the topic is organization leadership and social development. In most organizations, there are different levels including senior managers, who make strategic plans and decision making, middle managers who communicate strategies and supervisors oversee workers tasks and giving direction to the factors of production, management is one of them. Management is the basis of innovation and marketing. It relates more on the learner and learning environment. From Aristotle, we learn by doing things. Teaching is very important since it motivates people to work. When the learner has an interest in developing new ideas it makes learning effect fully. Kolb model of learning is based on the individual where one has to observe and interact with the environment as opposed to reading from books (Felicia, 2011, p. 300). Therefore, one gets knowledge through experiments and discoveries instead of just hearing. It requires the learner to initiate the process.

Challenges managing overseas businesses

Lack of managerial knowledge and skills managers lack necessary knowledge and skills to manage employees overseas. People from different countries differ in terms of language and therefore managers need to apply necessary skills to curb this problem. They need to initiate a platform through which people communicate freely by having interpreters and video conferences to assist convey the same information to different people.

Availability is difficult for manager and staff to share knowledge and skills among people from different regions. Distance and time are the factors affecting communication managers should organize teleconferences to reduce time wastage as well as allow sharing of knowledge.

Culture conflicts differences in culture make it difficult to interpret the likes and dislikes of different people this hinders growth. Therefore managers should hold cross-cultural meetings to train and address these cultural differences. This will help people understand each one's culture.

Slow decision-making decision making is slow due to different geographical areas. A lot of time is wasted organizing meetings to discuss issues in order to make decisions. Having teleconferences and representatives from each country in formulating policies will help make quick decisions.

  1. Course/program

Management is theoretical as well as practical in day to day activities. One is able to build good relationships globally by gaining business skills and techniques as well as how to apply them in real life. We are confident that whatever we learn will have a positive impact when it comes to application. One can be able to combine all related courses to achieve their learning goals.

  1. Career

Managers learn with the assurance that they are going to put in practice immediately after completion of course. One is able to specialize in a selected area and have necessary skills to do a particular job involving expertise.

  1. General life

Managers are equipped with practical knowledge and skills as well as knowledge in areas of technicality. One is able to apply skills globally since businesses are everywhere in the world today.

  • Experience is the first process of learning and observation makes managers identify what is succeeding and falling. This will assist managers to improve a new attempt to solve a problem or make a decision.
  • Provide a solution for making judgments to problems relating to the businesses
  • It increases productivity  due to learning from experience and build managers confidence
  • Managers are able to develop more skills when they do practice.
  • It deepens the knowledge of the managers in the business
  • Forms the basis of new ideas in real situations.

Ways in which reflective learning process will be useful

  1. It will provide an opportunity for learners to interact well with the diverse group. One is able to gain knowledge that is more creative when they interact with other groups.
  2. Reflective learning will offer conditions necessary for supporting learning and therefore entrepreneurs are motivated especially when they know the importance of what they are doing.
  • Provide an opportunity to business people to have experience of managers’ position (Larrivee, 2000, p. 266).

Course and program

It will benefit managers to build good relationships with employees of different communities from different countries. It increases thinking and reduces emotional changes.


Reflective learning will provide an opportunity for managers to be competent in achieving prepares them for career purposes and responsibility.

It will produce self-directed managers who are able to identify what they already know, what they do not to know and how do they should learn. They transfer previous knowledge to the current situation.

General life

It will be helpful in improving happiness and personal fulfillment since we can understand our personality better.

Suggestions to Management

  • There should be a link between learning by experience and learning by practice to ensure performance.
  • Organise training and meetings to help attain goals
  • Dedicate a lot of time on thinking about work and life.

Justification of Research

In the current world growth and diversity in experience is the key factor. Through reflection, entrepreneurs are able to gain more knowledge and skills to best manage their organizations (Baumgartner, 2007, pp. 230-245). For them to operate effectively they need previous learning to link with current learning. Due to the rapid expansion of businesses, managers will be able to gain necessary skills and ability to use those skills in order to effectively perform their duties.


Case studies and surveys were conducted among 500 entrepreneurs to analyse the usefulness involved in the reflective learning process of managing overseas businesses (Lawrence, 2014, p. 435). The data will be analysed using MS Excel and statistical (SPSS). The research will help know the challenges of the reflective learning process and thereby providing a solution through critical analysis of benefits of reflection in the management. The knowledge and skills obtained will benefit other entrepreneurs by provides an opportunity to interact well with people from the diverse environment. It will offer conditions necessary for supporting and sharing information among different entrepreneurs. They will be motivated especially when they know the importance of managing business overseas.

Lastly, provide an opportunity to business people to have experience of managers’ position. There are several benefits of reflection in learning management as well as challenges involved. Possible solutions have been provided (Moon, 2004, p. 322). One of the challenges of reflective learning in management is a lack of knowledge, availability, slow decision making and culture conflicts. Where managers with Low intelligent do not effectively manage others, they cannot apply what they learned before.  With reflection learning, many companies are expanding towards the global world and ensuring prosperity in businesses. Change in business structures influence the relationships and how people work at different levels of the organisations. There has to be a link between learning through practice and theoretical knowledge and therefore they require the conducive environment to learn and apply those skills. It is crucial for the business to think logically and identify plans and justification necessary for operation (Bound, 1983, p. 55).


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