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The Organization

Discuss about the Human Resource Management Report on No Name Aircraft.

This is a report on the state of the human resource at the organization "no Name aircraft".  The company is facing some hard times due to the loss of their profit margins. This has been attributed to quite a number of things. The company which is operation in Four countries (namely, Australia (main), China Singapore and Vietnam) builds and sells aircraft to many countries worldwide. It is estimated that they see their aircraft to about fifty countries worldwide.  The operates in a way that the parts of the planes are produced in china and in Japan whereas most of the designing is done in Singapore.  The planes can then be assembled in either Singapore or Australia.

Over the years the company has experienced some shortcomings and it is facing a possible takeover in the near future. And therefore there is sufficient need to look for ways of maximizing on the shareholders' return on investment. This is through obtaining a high share price. A human resource professional generally develops and assists in the development of policies, and assists in their implementation. These policies are geared towards ensuring that human resources are used in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring the organization and employees all get value from their investment and efforts.

 I have written this report in an attempt to try first and identify all the issues that the company is facing. This includes the issues in the management of operations across the different countries that the company operates in. This will have to include the incorporation of both customer and staffing policies. This report will also address the issue that the company is facing in the management of its structures in regards to the international standards. This includes performance management, training, and development issues that the staff members face in each country. The report will finally conclude with a conclusion and some recommendations of exactly how the company can benefit from this report by incorporating a new plan.

"No name "Aircraft is a company that is known worldwide for the production of Aircraft and aircraft parts. The company operates in four countries but its products are sold to more than forty countries all over the world. The main branch of the company is in Australia, but there are branches in China, Singapore and in Vietnam. This shows how the organization can be diverse. This is because of the many countries that they are operating in. with all these branches it is noted that there are different types of employees in the whole organization as a whole, therefore diversity is deemed to be evident in its operations.

Human Resource issues faced by the organization

Due to the diverse nature of the human resource, this large organization is bound to face very many human resource organizational issues (Chen, 2009). This issues might be the ones that are causing many problems to the whole company, causing the  expected imminent takeover, Some of this issues have arisen from:

  1. culture
  2. Diversity
  3. Training and development of staff
  4. International performance management.

Culture in business is defined as the various values and beliefs that are able to determine how a company's employees and the management of the business interact and how they handle business transactions both inside the business and outside the company (Noe, 2006).

In this case, we are seeing a company with quite numerous problems in the communication within its own structures. The company has seen the rise of a very negative structure and way of operations. The staff workers have been noted to have some form of don't care attitude whereby they only aim at completing their works and not making sure that their work is up to the right standards.

I have noted that this lack of connection between the employees also translates towards their relationships with other branches in the other countries. This is then translated to the way the production occurs. This is because the people who make the parts in one section are not in connection to the others who make the complimentary parts who are in another section.

This was further enhanced by the revelation that the company workers are divided into groups.  These groups are responsible for the production of different parts of the plane. And with the poor form of communication in the company creates some form of quality compromise. This has led to the numerous complaints by clients on the quality of their products.

Diversity refers to the different natures of people in an organization who work together. There are various forms of diversity. This includes race, gender, age, personality, education and ethnic groups (Collins,2003). In our company, the fact that it operates in four different countries portrays an image of its diverse nature. This is however not the case on the ground.

Kumra, Manfredi & Vickers, 2011 explains Diversity in an organization is where people from different cultures and age are employed to work as a team in the same place. This management style is essential since it brings a lot of advantages with it. It is important to note that employees from different generations will think differently and have different suggestions and ideas. Therefore, managers and supervisors should find ways of bringing these individuals together for the proper running of the organization We have identified that in the main branch there is an issue regarding how employees of the different generations. This is seen as the senior staff members are not in good relations with the junior staff members. This has been noted to hinder the development of the organization as a whole since there is no immediate connection between the staffs. Apart from that, I noted that the organization in China does not employ persons with disabilities. This is against the laws and it gives out quite a bad image for the organization as a whole.

Possible solutions to the various Human Resource issues

This, therefore, shows that the company lacks a clear set of rules that govern the relationships of workers in the company as a whole.

Due to the vast nature of the organization, there are numerous employees who were noted to be moving from one country to another so as to work at different levels. The fact that the organization is the same does not mean that the workers in all the countries will be performing their duties in the same level (Chen, 2009). It was noted that when a staff member gets a transfer to another country, they were not provided with sufficient training. Apart from that, there are no adequate methods of determining whether the training that has been offered to an employee is adequate for the work that they are supposed to do.

Apart from that, I noted that there was no form of systematic planning and management programs for employees. This is attributed to the fact that the employees are not aware of career prospects. This was because the company has been noted not to implement their development plans.

In any given organization it is always vital to conduct some forms of performance reviews (Chen, 2009). In this company, it was noted that they only conduct this performance reviews in their main branch i.e. Australia. The other branches of the company do not conduct performance reviews. This is worrying since most of the work is done in the subsidiary branches. Therefore performance reviews in an attempt to know the quality of otheir products could be carried out across the whole organization.

In order to create a good and successful business, there should be a formidable culture in the organization. This culture should include the values which are upheld by the company itself. The culture should also include the standards and beliefs that the organization is supposed to attain. In short, the culture should be in line with the goals of the organization.

Since the culture of an organization is portrayed both by the relations of employees inside and how the general public views the company, it is mandatory that the culture is instilled in all the branches of the company. This is because as long as it is the same company, the perception will be taken as the general culture of the whole company.

In this company, there should be structures put in place to monitor and encourage the employees to strive for success. This can be brought through the use of reward systems whereby employees who exceed their expectations are rewarded. This will encourage them to give their all in the work that they are doing. With the implementation of this, we will see quality products being produced through the organization.

Apart from that, the various teams that work under production should be linked in a way that they coordinate instead of working separately.  This will prevent the different teams from getting into each other's way.

In order for the organization to manage diversity, it should be able to create forums in which the young and the senior staff members can work together.  This is because what one person knows can be used to complement the other person.  The senior members have the experience of how most of the things are supposed to operate whereas the young staff members are more skilled in terms of the current affairs such as the use of technology.

In the attempt to improve the organization's management, diversity must be upheld. This will ensure there is efficient production as quality products will be produced. This will be because of the merge of the abilities and skills of the different sets of people.  The organization should also consider the disabled people when they are looking for employees, provided the people are qualified and skilled in the post that is vacant. This is because regardless of their disabilities some of those disabled people are even more skilled and may perform much better for the organization in general. Diversity can be upheld in the organization through the different work groups incorporating both the young and old, males and females. This will create an environment of unity whereby all the different people can work together for the success of the organization on general.

Organizations that benefit from employees feedback are richer in a number of ways. They have people on the ground giving them quality feedback, which is invaluable for business. Furthermore, this opinion is from experts in the business, who are loyal to the organization, and are therefore likely to give honest opinions. It is therefore in the organization’s human resource department to encourage not just advice and such opinions, but any concerns they may have regarding ethical conduct on the part of any of the stakeholders in the institution.

To encourage this feedback and communication from employees, it should be safe to do so. This means that employees who air their views should be able to do so under the full protection of the organization. They should be able to air any grievances without judgment or retribution for threatening the prospects of others. For this to succeed, the organization should encourage and even reward honest opinion from employees. It is important for employees to know that not only will they be safe to air their views up the chain of command, but it is the right thing to do, and that it may even yield rewards (Economy, n.d.). 

In addition to opening up communication, and making it safe, employees should find that their views and comments, when wrong, are criticized in a constructive way, and not with an aim of putting them down. Not all ideas put forward are right for the company. Not all issues, ethical, cultural or otherwise, are as they seem, sometimes suffering from bias. Despite these weaknesses, the comments should not be discouraged, since this may also take away great ideas too.

This is one of the most vital functions of the human resource. In this company, it has been noted that there is no adequate training of employees especially when they are moved from one region to another. This has caused employees to take a lot of time in transmission (Kochan,2003).  

A solution to this can be laying down proper foundations and orientation programs for either new or employees who have been moved from one branch of the company to another. The company should have their human resource team work hand in hand with all new employees in their departments. This would enhance their transition period and therefore help them settle down easily in their new workplaces. This would thereafter increase the company's productivity. This would create some form of systematic workflow for employees.

The company should implement the performance appraisal methods. This is because the performance of the business is very much reliant on the performance of the different individuals in their workforce. This would help the organization attain all its goals.

The company should employ the various performance appraisals. This would work along with the performance reviews that should be implanted in all the branches of the organization. This would create a well-functioning team of employees who are mainly work oriented.


In conclusion, in order for the company to avoid the takeover and retain its customers and its reputation, it should focus on the employees, their relations and how motivated they can make them. This would lead to higher productivity and hence bring more customers for the company. The success of an organization depends on how well it organizes its operations. The successful integration of the organization`s process with technology and the right human resource strategies will enable the company to operate at an efficient level. The human resource manager should ensure that the each department`s goals are aligned with the company`s overall objectives. Moreover, the manager should ensure that he adapts a viable philosophy that will inspire the company`s progress and ensure that the company is on the right track in the quest for operational efficiency. This philosophy will inspire various principles like adaption of total quality management techniques which have organizations become a necessity in modern.


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