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Organizational Change and Its Benefits


One of the more recent issues in management is role of change management in organisational effectiveness .You are to undertake a literature review discussing the impact of change management on organisational effectiveness. literature review should consider : What is change management.What are some of the major challenges when trying to manage change in organisation.What are some of the current theories on change management.How can current change management theories be applied to support organisations.

Organizational change deals with proper resource and it build the sustainable competitive edge across the business world. This also creates and restores the capability of the organization to function effectively. It integrates the effectiveness with business strategy and aligns the capabilities with effective implementation. The change in organization creates flexible and reliable communications within the work place. It also helps to increase the productivity and the work is integrated in a smooth manner. The perception of employees also changes with the process of change and they are the major target to influence the employees properly.

People in an organization have the same aspirations towards change and they help to see the connection to improve the transition. It also identifies the models of planned change and different levels of strategic change process. Mutual trust and cooperation is important for the foundation of effective work team that develops major productivity. Successful change begins with competitive situations and management also supports the flexible policies and procedures. They foster change through trust and cooperation. The team is responsible for progress evaluation towards a real situation and change is important to improve the performance. It also helps in subsequent understanding of change. Thus it ensures to achieve the performance successfully. The clear goals and motivation supports the system to ensure higher level of success. Change is driven by situations and the leaders possess high set of skills to deal with the change. Thus the assignment will discuss the theory and approaches of change management with major challenges and also it will analyze the challenges.

Change management 

Change is necessary and is made to deal with serious challenges. Change always impacts the work place and it is the modification to improve the organization performance.Change is difficult in any organization and it is the core of an increasing number of programs. This way, it shapes the direction and commits to provide the best efforts. It contains skills, definitions and addresses the curriculum. Thus it intends to develop high capacity and to adapt to renew the organizations. It is based on human values and ethical concerns such as social justice, choice and fairness. Thus it seems there is a conceptual background and it is more embedded with the culture. (Worley & Feyerherm, 2014).OD will continue to deal with the research that describes the effectiveness of change theory and it is to coordinate the research and theories. There is an ability to deal with the effectiveness of an organization. Change management is known well as unfreezing, moving, refreezing the values and goals within the work place. Change is the identity that is common for employees and communication plays a vital role in change management. (Zell, 2014).Change management is known as the continuous process that is redesigned for proper direction, structure and capabilities. There is no doubt that the organization is able to meet the needs. (Todnem, 2005)

The Role of People in Change Management

Anderson (2011) says that organization is the planting of the change process that is to be followed when the guiding principles in the organization with the leading changers is seen in the way that will implement the positive changes to bring out the challenges that are faced in the daily life. There are some of the major challenges that are faced when one makes the try to have the change in the organization. These are explained with the procedures and the illustrations below:Lack of cultural backgrounds: Donald (2011) says that there is always the lack of the cultural backgrounds especially when the employees are running in the organization without having the knowledge of the culture of the backgrounds. Then the tasks that are to be performed by them are to be maintained in the manner that will give them the look to their works. This is the process of the changes that is desired.

No resistance: Brown (2011) says that it is generally desired that when the work is done in the organization then there will be made no resistance as all the members are the same party and they belong to the same organization.They believe in the best of the organization. But, when the organization and the process that is carried are not done in the proper way then it is desired to have the dealings of the process to be done with the resistances. (Agnieszka, 2014)Employees awareness: Burke (2011) is of the view that when the employees have no proper awareness then the thing that is considered is that there will be made available all the employees and they should work in the proper manner so that there will be made the proper will and the determination with which the organization will carry on the business.These very businesses are to be carried in the proper manner. What is expected is that when we are able to have the workings and the operations in the organization, then we are desired to have the goals and the goals are accomplished in the proper manner.Without knowledge of company’s operations: Warner (2011) states that without having the proper knowledge of the company’s operations and the way the process in the organization to be carried out there can be made no kind of the systems that are prevailing in the organization.In this regard, when, the organization is carrying with the proper way then the organization will give the best of its awareness and the employees will be able to work on the way it is required.What if no kind of ‘yes’ is made to organization: Cummings (2009) states that when there is made no kind of the yes that means that when the people don’t have the time to get the agreements and the consensus then how can they make their organization and the works to be performed in the well manner.There is always said that when the organization is to be run, then all the mangers, employees and the chief officer of the organization is expected to have the same.Worley (2009) is of the view that these the very challenges are faced by the organization when the change is desired and the reason for this is that when the change is to be brought then there is seen the various kinds of the challenges for which the organization has to made the strategies to cope up with it.

Change Management: An Overview

Change management is quite important for the successful business conduct and operational activities. Through this method, it is possible to control the loss that is incurred at the time of carrying out the operational activities. Changes that are intended to be implemented by the company have to drafted and implemented in the right manner. Change management is defined as the structured approach through which the required changes can be planned and introduced by the company. In this method, analysis is done to find the impact of change and this is done by understanding the present and the future goals of the business.

There are many theories that support the change management system, and it is necessary to consider the same. Nudge theory is one of theories that basically concentrate on human thinking. In this method, the ability of the people to react or to think about an aspect is analyzed. This also includes emotional analysis, which is analyzed on a rational and logical basis. Such factor also depends upon different variables that are considered to be necessary for analyzing the changes that are required for implementing the changes. In this method, human intelligence is considered as this will help in introducing the changes that would benefit the company. It is quite essential to analyze the different ways that will be followed for understanding how and why people think in the way that is usually done. It also includes analyzing the decision and the reason for particular behavior in human beings. The principles also apply to the indirect interventions that are used for improving the new choices (Carol, 2008).

This is another type of change management system, which analyzes the changes that need to be made for understanding the development prospects. In this process, the quality of the tasks that is performed by the management and the steps that will be followed for executing the work is analyzed. This is done through effective planning and implementation of the steps that will be considered to be necessary for introducing the required changes. Based on the changes that are intended to be made the management of the company has to develop and implement development strategy that will be useful in accomplishing the plan that has been drafted by the company. Some of the areas where the changes has to be implemented includes –

  1. Sales development
  2. Analyzing plans for new product development
  3. Drafting policies for new market or area development
1. Adopting new and better methods for people management and implementing communication process, which also includes training process.Introducing new strategic distribution method, which also includes partnership development (Susan, 2009).

2. Such planning is required for implementing the changes that will benefit the company. Before planning it is essential to analyze the challenges that can affect the performance of the company. The changes have to be communicated with the members as this will help in implementing the changes.

In today’s modern world, change is required to be managed correctly as it helps to develop and maintain the competitive edge. It requires proper knowledge, skills and abilities with respect to opportunities. The recent theories and approaches of change management help to achieve the involvement, aims and goals and proper commitment. It also motivates the team to manage the change and the responsibility for managing change also helps people to understand the situation and know the skills. (Hornstein, 2004)

Major Challenges and Their Impact

According to John P Kotter’s eight step of change, the stage acknowledge the model of understanding where one can see, feel and change.It is summarized as:Increase of the need of change: This motivates people to create the real and effective goals. It develops the right kind of skills and right commitment.Design a team: To entertain the right people with respect to right commitment requires proper skills and levels. This way, the team plays a vital role in managing the change.Right vision: To produce the correct vision and to establish the strategy, thus to concentrate on the major emotional and innovative aspects requires high efficiency and effectiveness.

Communication: To include as many people as possible and to communicate the effective and major appeal then to respond to the needs of people. Thus, technology also works successfully for change management.

Empower the action: To remove the barriers and to build the constructive actions and to support the leaders with proper and effective rewards and achievements that plays an important role in success.

Build short term goals: To develop the aims and objectives that is easy to achieve the success. To manage the skills and initiatives are important and there is a need to start new ones.

Encourage to continue: Foster the change with encouragement and design the future goals carefully. Thus continuous change is important for success.

Stable the change: Reinforce the change with respect to recruitment, promotion and new change leaders. (Chapman, 2014)

Williams (2014) discusses that the above eight step of change helps to analyze the problem solving, staffing, controlling and budgeting. The organization masters the skills and abilities that enhance the likelihood of success in the present and future. Leaders are designed to help the clients implement the process and to develop the skill sets to lead the change. These change skills reflect success for long term and it is found to be the best way to achieve an organization’s inspirations. It connects to the strategic and systemic to deal with the self-discovery and development and to meet the business goals.


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