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1.Conduct some research on potentially useful services, available in your local community, which you may be able to reach out to for your work with families. List and briefly describe two or three of these services below. 

1.2Identify the needs of people involved in the relationship and determine appropriate support and response options
1.Select one of the areas listed above, and complete the following tasks:
a.Outline what specific issues may occur in this area for families. 

b.Indicate the potential needs of family members who are experiencing issues in this area. 
c.Indicate an appropriate response that meets these needs of family members. 

Methods of sourcing client information

Ways in which you might source information about your client’s background and situation, so as to better communicate with them.

While getting information from the clients it is important that we focus on the appropriate ways in which we can source that information. Depending on the client's perception, it is also important to know what kind of information we need from our clients. Interviews, This one of the simplest and appropriate ways of getting information from the client, an interview could be conducted over the telephone or the organization's facilities. Questioning techniques it is also one of the alternatives of sourcing information about your clients. It is divided into opened and closed questions.  Open questioning techniques require the client to give more details about specific subject whereas the closed questioning technique requires the client to give yes or no answer to the subject matter.

Ways in which you might proactively identify the needs of your clients.

The most effective ways of identifying the discerning the needs of clients are observation and discussion. It is essential to building sustainable relationship with your clients by identifying their needs by observing their reaction on certain matters. However, discussing with clients is also another way of identifying clients’ needs, by discussing issues client are able to give their grievances to the relevant person.

Three potential responses that might assist clients who are experiencing issues in their relationships.

Clients who are experiencing issues in their relationship obliges a person to have appropriate response while listening to the clients. Counseling is one of the potential approaches to using to assist clients who are experiencing issues in their relationship. Counseling can be done, over the telephone, face to face or even online. Family Dispute Resolution, FDR, is a substantial approach, which can be used, it allows people who are in dispute to talk to each other and settle disputes. The primary purpose of implementing on FDR is to help people to talk and discuss issues in a supportive atmosphere while they look for a mutually satisfying solution. Legal information is also the appropriate approach which is used as a response especially to that client who have issues relating to their relationship. Sometimes, they need to seek legal information about their relationship, making it be relevant response.

Four strategies for helping someone to identify the positive aspects of a relationship.

The process of identifying the positive aspect of a relationship is complicated to some extent, it obliges somebody to help a person to realize the importance of being in a relationship. Working collaboratively, it implies that it is more important to work collaboratively with clients. For instance,  a community worker, working with people in a variety of relationships, the role here is to collaborate with the clients to assist them to discover for themselves what their needs are, as well as teaching them about where and how they can be able to improve their relationships with other individuals. Identifying positive elements in relationships with them is also another relevant approach, it is important to help your clients to have positive perception towards their relationship by helping them to identify the mainstream of a relationship. This can be done through, support, fairness and equality, separate identities and good communication.

Identifying client needs and relationship issues

Importance to work collaboratively with your clients.

Working collaboratively with clients is pivoted aspect which promotes supporting of a sustainable relationship. Collaborating with clients promotes self-awareness between you and the clients, clients tend to be aware of their role in the relationship they are involved. Learning many things is also an important aspect, collaborating with clients helps to learn more lessons, especially on how to deal with different issues affecting relationships.

Three potential barriers to positive interpersonal relationships.

According to the study, they are many barriers, which affect the positive interpersonal relationship, it is important to understand the issues which affect interpersonal relationship, and thus affecting the relationship between people. Family violence is the primary barrier, it covers a long range of relationship perception. Family violence can be child abuse, violence between adult and sibling abuse. Substance abuse is also another main factor which affects the interpersonal relationship, drug abuse is the basis of substance abuse, it is considered as the factor which has increased the number of children who are compelled to child protection systems in Australia. Gambling is a silent killer to positive interrelationship when critically analyze, it leads to financial difficulties, someone loses trust and security and physical and verbal abuse. However, it is also known that disability imposes an extra demand of challenges to the family individuals, although disability is not inability it can lead to low self-esteem as well as losing the emotional energy.

How to  help your clients to identify the barriers to positive relationships, and the key issues that require change in their own lives? Outline at least one strategy.

Helping clients of identifying the barriers of positive relationship require me to have an extra knowledge of understanding the client needs and demands. It is also important to collaborate with my clients, as it is one way of understanding them better. After understanding their relations one of the primary strategies is to implement the relevant solution on how their relationship will be changed.

Things that you might do with your client, to help them build a positive picture of the future.

Many people tend to give up in their relationship because of the tendency of breaking up at every time, clients may find it difficult to foreshadow about their future because of their current state in the relationship. It is important to understand the clients’ current situation as well as what they are feeling current, this may assist them to forget the issue forever. Secondly, it is also important to under existence of the relationship as well a the problems affecting its progression, by having a full comprehension appropriate solution that predicts positive future will be generated. Thirdly, it is fundamental for clients to reflect on their past events and learn from them, this will help them to have positive picture in their relationship.

Assisting clients with relationship issues

How might a family’s relationship goals, plans, and actions be recorded

While working with families, it is important to consider the SMART policy while developing goals ad plans. Subsequently, after these plans and goals are developed, they can be kept for future reference. They can be recorded in a formal list and noted, can be made into a case plan and put in a formal written document that is distributed to the families.

Reasons why it is important to document family goals, plans, and actions.

When working under the SMART policies with the families, documenting the plans, goals, and action is important because it is one approach of showing seriousness when it comes to family issues. The recorded documents can also be used for future reference when needed. Essentially, they are critical since they provide the details about every resource needed for every action, plan or goal to be achieved.

Examples of situations in which you might model positive interactions or interpersonal skills with others.

Supporting and building good relationship is important to every human being who lives on the earth. Modelling positive relationship is based on the physical demonstrations with other people. Modelling good relationship takes two option formal and informal. The situation of modelling positive relationship may be interacting with the parent and encouraging them to interact with their children.

“It is important to remember that both negative and positive emotions will occur in a relationship and that in fact both of these things can help a relationship grow and strengthen.”

Explain your understanding of this statement in your own words.

According to this statement, it is vital for clients to know that there are sweet and bad moments in a relationship. They need to have self-awareness that, in a relationship they are anything can happen, any issue can bring positive of negative impact to them. By having self-awareness, client need to develop the ability to live mindfully about the impact of relationship, self-awareness helps relationship to grow and become strong.

Questions that you might encourage a client to ask themselves, in order to identify their own strengths and resources.

Assisting clients to identify their own strengths and resources is important section in supporting relationship between clients. While assisting them, they need to ask themselves about few aspects. What value to they have in a relationship, the impact they have in a relationship as well as bearing in mind positive and negative outcome of a relationship.

Building positive relationships with clients

Questions that you might encourage a client to ask themselves, in order to identify resources and strengths that they may need from others.

Identifying resources and strength from other is an aspect which builds and supports positive relationship for a client. It is essential to encourage clients to bear in mind certain question before identify resources and strengths from other. They need to ask themselves if there are some area they are struggling to cope? is there any are they require help from others? Is there anyone whom they can approach? If there is someone they can approach, then what is the thing they can ask them to assist with?.

Examples of positive affirmations.

Appreciating somebodies actions or activities is something ignored when we fail to appreciate somebody or give a positive affirmation the possibility of hurting someone is high. A person can be overwhelmed, disheartened and after being completely discouraged.  The positive affirmation is the use of phrases such as; You’re doing a great job”, “Well done”,” You did really well today”, “Congratulations” and “You can do it”.

Least five characteristics of helpful feedback.

Feedbacks seem to be the opposite of positive affirmation, they are delivered where necessary depending on an action done. Feedback can be formal or informal, subsequently, useful feedbacks are given depending on verifiable and observable facts and not an opinion from neither parties in a relationship. They are specific, they tend to eradicate generalization of statements, they are also related to specific behaviors in a relationship.

Five things that you could do to ensure that your client is able to access the services to which you have referred them.

After making referrals to the clients, it important to ensure that their needs and demands are addressed. It is important to encourage clients to give relevant feedback on how the services can help, making a direct contact with the client within 48 hour of referral, accompanying the client to the first contact, following up if the client fails to keep an appointment and identifying the relevant barriers to engagement as well as developing appropriate strategies to overcome them.

Examples of situations in which a client’s needs might fall outside the scope of your or your organization’s service delivery.

Ultimately, when making referrals to clients is when I am not able to provide the needs and demand they require. Some situations might fall outside my role comprise; issues that require service that my organization does not offer, situation where more technical response is needed and maybe I am not confident to give, situation which relates to the child abuse or neglect and threatening situations to the clients.

Documenting family goals and plans

Six steps to making a referral.

It is more essential to follow the correct procedure while making clients referrals.

Step one: to identify the needs that cannot be provided by my organization

Step two: to discuss with client the need of referral as well as identifying alternative services

Step three: to make a document the information as well as notify the supervisor of the referral

Step four: to contact the relevant service provider

Step five: to negotiate with the client and alternative services to arrange an appointment and make relevant information to the alternative service provider.

Step six: documenting the contact with the client and the alternative service provider.

Principles of strengths-based practice, as it relates to your work with families and relationships.

The strength-based practices are explained as the practice which is used to focus on available strengths within a relationship and rather focusing on problems, these strengths are used to positively build and support healthy relationship. Its principles comprise; using is not primarily forgetting and ignoring the existence of problems, Children and families are more important that the problems and all families have strength in their relationships.

How you think strengths-based practice could bring about positive changes in family relationships.

The strength-based practices could bring about positive family relationship because it focuses on general understanding of strengths rather that only focusing on issues affecting the family relationship. On the other hand, it will also promote positive relationship since it identifies the contribution of both parents and children where needed, this is where better ideas are generated, and therefore, support the positive family relationship.

Barriers to change in strengths-based practice

Since the strength-based practices are focusing on building and supporting positive relationship, some factor might affect its implementation. Low self-esteem is the primary factor when a family member is having low self-esteem one cannot add any value towards building positive relationship. Inability to identify own strengths also is a factor, which affects the strength-based practices. Shame, defensiveness and lack of rapport are the other barriers of strength-based practices.

Tools for strengths-based practice.

Strength-based practices are implemented and conducted using the following tools. The tools are essential while implementing the approach since aid in identifying values and strength of the family relation. These tools comprise Questionnaires, the role-play scripts and the list of the potential values and strengths.

Community resource or service

Developing strong family relationship is part that requires the implementation of appropriate measures, family relationship involves the contribution of each member of the family. According to the research, there are community resource and services that are set aside by the relevant authorities to enhance the support of building family relationship. Family Relationships centers are the platforms, which are used by the government in Australia to ensure those good family relationships are built and supported. These Family Relationships centers platform is created to provide services to the client who is affected by the family issues, it is established and funded by the Australian Government, the organizations are staffed with professional, qualified and confidential staff.

The Family Relationships centers allow their clients to access their services through online services by encouraging clients to visit their websites, they also provide resources and services to their clients by informing them about centers which are opened in ever part of the country. For instance, the Family Relationship Centre, which is, locates at Bankstown, it address is street Bankstown NSW 2200.

Communicating these services and resources is also the pivoted factor that needs relevant and effective measures. The Family Relationship Centres, are the organization which many people may ignore their roles in the society, and especially building and support family relationship. Broadcasting through national radios, televisions magazines and newspaper will be the appropriate measures of communicating the details about the Family Relationship Centre as well as explaining their role in family relationship.

Policies of Family Relationship Centre

At the Family Relationship Centre organization policies are the engine of defining their success as well as gaining trust from the clients, the organization recognizes the importance of abiding by the installed policies and procedure which will guide in any matter relating to the client's information. While striving towards accessing the external services, the company is able to apply the existing rules and regulation in order to gain trust from the clients. Communication is the first policy of the organization, appropriate communication needs to be made to the relevant authorities before any action is taken or any pieces of advice are given to clients. Defining the process of networking with other external organization is also another vital policy, the organization has the correct method of ensuring that they communicate with the external service provider in relation to the clients' demands. It is the policy of the organization to provide free services without charging any fee.

Family Relationship Centre is the organization that provides essential services that relate to relationship to the community, its main focus is to identify better ways of ensuring that positive family relationships are developed. According to the research, the department of human services consider the fact that many children and parent have special circumstance that they are not reflected in their service provision. Where relevant services are needed, the Family Relationship Centre through the department of human services decides to make relevant referrals to immediate service provider. The department of human services can refer parent to Family Relationship Advice Line, this is an institution that is set aside to resolve family disputes as well as providing counseling services, the organization tends to make agreement with the client on the terms relating to their services.

The legal or ethical consideration that you will have to take into account in your work with families and relationships

Children in the workplace

It is the legal and ethical responsibility of the employers to ensure that there is safety for visitors which includes children at any workplace. In case of any harm cause to children employer may be responsible for the damages. While supporting family relation it is important to enhance safety for the children.

Codes of conduct

Family member have the responsibility of showing good moral as well as abiding by the legal legislative rules. It is legally considered that a person has to seek consultation from the relavant authorities, this will make him or her to have better relationship with the family since he receives legal advice.

Duty of care

The primary factor that keep good family relationship is the fact that privacy exist between the family members, it is ethically accepted for member to keep their information to be private and confidential.

Human rights

In supporting goof family relationship, it is ethical to have respect to every member of the family since they have right to be given family respect. However, it should be considered that it is ethical for individual to have fair trial.

Mandatory reporting

Mandatory reporting implies the legality of using the correct procedure while reporting a case which involves the family member. It is the right of a plaintiff to have the legal reporting procedures, when involved in any crime.

Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure

It is very importance to consider that is ethically acceptable for every information that involves the family member or the general family to be kept in a secret confidence; they cannot be disclosed to any person who is not a member of the family.

Records management

In records management, it is ethical to keep the records of the family in a substantial way, this is to allow access procedure to be generated and implemented when the records are necessary needed.

Rights and responsibilities of workers and employers

It is the ethical for the employer, especially family employers, to ensure that they overlook the welfare of the employees. Employees should also ensure that they provide the required services which reflect the set goals and objectives.

Work role boundaries – responsibilities and limitations

It is ethical for every family member to support good family relationship by not crossing over to the boundaries of his or her colleagues, once has to consider not bothering with other family members.

Work health and safety

It is legal to put another person to the right medication, on the other hand, it is ethical for family members to provide health safety to others, especially children.

How each of the following individual/personal issues might affect healthy, effective and lasting relationships.

Work/ live balance

It is an important factor which can positively or negatively affect your relationship. Work-live balance is basically adjusting the day-to-day activities, this is with the aim of achieving substantial balance between work and the personal life. When a person has positive work-life balance, it chances of having effective and lasting relationship is high, compared to negative work-life balance.


It is a  personal issues which have allot of impact to a relationship, disability is inability this is the phrase that most of us used while trying to build and support relationship with those people with disabilities. It is important for people to positively take the assumption of disability and not taking the negative value of it, this contributes to neither supporting effective and lasting relationship.

Beliefs, values, experiences, self-esteem

Beliefs, values, experience and self-esteem are the essential factor which have great influence to effective and long lasting relationship. Certain beliefs affect people perception, there are belifes which have negative impact while other having positive impact. Societal and the personal values also has an impact since they define personal personality, personality defines the kind of relationship someone is having with other. While experiencing low self-esteem, a person may have poor relationship, and thus affecting the process of building better relationship.

Grief and loss

Grief and loss are essential personal trait that affects the existence of effective and lasting relationship between people. These personal character trait obligate a person to have efficient measures of controlling them, grief is a natural response to loss. When you lose something or somebody, tension is created and one may affect his or her relationship with other. It is important to acknowledge the pain and seek face-to-face support.

Aloneness and isolation

Aloneness and isolation are the main concept which define the extend of a relationship. According to the research, these two factor are critical when it comes to the process of supporting people to have good relationship. When some has created a habit of staying a lone, he or she develops the tendency of affecting effective relationship. On the other hand, when a person isolate himself or herself from the other, effective and lasting relationship is affected.


Ageing is also another factor which affects effective and lasting relationship, it implies the time when a person is growing old. Apparently, it defines the concepts of ageing in relation to effective and lasting relationship, this is relates to values a old person can contribute towards a relationship.

How each of the following health/lifestyle issues might affect healthy, effective and lasting relationships.

Alcohol and other drugs dependencies

Alcohol other drugs dependencies greatly affects effective and lasted relationship, it is known that many family relationship breaks up because of members involving themselves into drug abuse. Drug abuse and consumption of alcohol lead to lack of trust and even leads to bankruptcy since one only is focus to purchase drugs and alcohol.


Gambling is a factor that many people have involve themselves into in 21st century. Gabling leads also to lack of trust from the family members, financial risk and related impact are generated through gabling, and thus affecting effective relationship.

Mental health including depression, suicide/self-harm tendencies, bipolar, anxiety, post -traumatic stress disorder

These are the common factor which affect effective relationship. Based on the study, traumatic stress compels a person to isolate himself or herself from others. Self-harm tendencies, bipolar, anxiety, and mental health are also forcing a person to be avoided by other parties in a relationship. This affect the process of supporting good relationship.

Illness (acute or chronic)

Some people who have chronic and acute illness find themselves being isolated because of their health conditions. Acute and chronic illness is the major aspect which lead to breaking of relationship since many people are perceived to add any proactive value to their relationship.


According to Cook et al. 2004, many traumatic survivors face many challenges since they fail to have relationship satisfactions.  Those who are traumatised are gets separated from others because they are depressed, those mostly affected are those who are sexually abuse or those who have lost their loved one through tragic accidents (Cook et al, 2004).

How each of the following issues might affect healthy, effective and lasting relationships for couples

Sexuality, intimacy, trust, respect, love 

Couple relationship is the most delicate kind of relationship, which requires both parties to take caution of the some issues such as sexuality, trust, respect and love very diligently. These factors tend to define the value as well as contribution of each person towards the relationship. Both partners needs to have respect towards ech other, they need to show love as well as they do not need to sexually abused themselves.


Affair is also the essential factor which needs to be considered critical while defining the effective and lasting relationship. Couples with affairs outside their marriage discourage the effective and lasting relationship.


Separation is a form of factor which also negatively affects the relationship of couples. Divorce is a kind of separation which affect relationship between couples, when couples are divorced their effective and lasting relationship is completely affected.


Re-partnering is also called re-marrying, it implies trying to create relationship with a different person after separations such as divorce. This may affect the relationship of couple since one partner may have his or her children, one party may not be impressed with the idea of having children outside their marriage. Therefore affecting effective and lasting relationship.

Same sex couples

Many countries are implementing measures of eradicating homosexuality. This form of issue affects relationship since  one party may find it an ethical unacceptable to be in a relationship with same sex.


Couple relationship is mostly affected by infertility, when one partner is discovered to be infertile, the other partners considers the relationship be useless. Children are the backbone of a relationship, when one is infertile, the relationship may break-up.

Power and control within relationships

Power and control within relationship between couples is also fatal factor which affects relationships. It is normally known that men mostly try to gain more power in a relationship, they tend to make major decision. Competition is subliming from women since they also want to have some power, they also need to make decisions which are effective. Competition of power in couple relationship affects effective and lasting relationship. 

Domestic and family violence and abuse

Couples effective and lasting relationship is greatly affected by the domestic violence and other family abuse. These concepts lead to isolation of people and aloneness of couples, and thus affecting the relationship between them. 


Conflict is a serious disagreement and argument between couple. Effective and lasting relationship is affected by conflicts, this implies that some partners have conflicts of interest which are contradicting, at the end the relationship is affected since every person is trying to impressed his or her interest.

Finances and financial and budgeting decisions

According to the research, nowadays finance issues and other economic concepts affects relationship of couples. Based on the study couple relationship may be affected in a way that one person is possessing a lot of wealth, definitely, a person who posses large wealth is the one to make budget decision. In this case, one party may not have any chance of contributing toward budgest and other related issues. This therefore affecting effective and lasting relationship.

Recognition and acceptance of difference

Recognition and acceptance of difference is the general idea of building good couple relationship. It indicates on the value existence of respect between partners. When one person fails to accept another, one party may have a negative perception towards the relationship, this leads to breaking-up of a relationship.

How each of the following diversity issues might affect healthy, effective and lasting relationships.


Culture is a factor that is define societal level which is the fatal factor in breaking relationship. The societal level leads to ethnic violence between people, and thus affecting relationship between people.


Religion is also a critical factor is supporting good relationship. When people are of different religion, relationship is affected since there is contradiction in terms of prayers. There are beliefs which different religion are not perceiving the same concept. For instance some beliefs between Hinduis, Christians and Islamic are different.


Men always are the head of their families, particularly in couple relationship. Women are the next after men, gender issues affect  relationship since male gender in most cases abuse the female gender, and thus affecting relationship between them.


When two or more people are of different language and culture, their relationship are affected since the diverse impacts of language are felt-out. In a relationship which one person has a different language, relationship may be broken since there is lack of understanding between them.

Education levels

Educational level implies who is more educated in a relationship. According to the study, it is found out that many relationship is affected by educational levels since those who have degrees and masters and PHDs are oppressing those who have low educational level, thus affecting relationship between them.


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