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Viability and suitability of marketing plan

Describe about the Cultural intimacy of Social poetics in the nation-state?

1. The marketing manager will design plans which will ensure a successful launch into the New Zealand Market. The main area of focus will be to hit the entire demographic segment with its renowned designer mobile phones, covering the high income as well as the medium income group.

2.The viability of the marketing plan and strategy should be confirmed from the immediate superior, who could be the General Manager of the company. He in turn may contact the Research and Development Team.

3.It is possible to formulate a number of marketing activities to attract the wide range of customers belonging to different age, gender, profession and cultural beliefs.

Cultural & social appropriateness- One of the main motives is to hit the society at large by designing lucrative handsets according to the customer’s age and gender. Various kiosks could be set up at public gatherings or shop-in-shops can also be set up inside various shopping malls.

Cost- The cost of the handsets should be kept at a very competitive level. Neither it should be too high nor too low than the competitors. The prices should be displayed in an attractive manner through banners or hoardings both on the road and inside the shop-in-shops also.

Viability & suitability- The products should be made available to the customers easily. There should be adequate number of dealers and proper advertising and promotional events must be done to create the awareness of the brand in the mind of the customers.

For implementing these activities, permission or approval needs to be obtained from the Regional Sales Manager, who in turn will seek approval from the National Head of the organization after proper discussion with the concerned persons.

In this section we are going to elaborate the costs associated with 2 of the marketing activities.

a) Cost of kiosk set up - The average cost of setting up a kiosk could be 130 NZD. Along with that there could be some associated costs for the refreshment of the person at the kiosk.

b) Cost of shop-in-shop – The average cost of developing a shop-in-shop inside a mall could be approximately 220 NZD.

The first preference would be Kiosks as they could be set up in different locations at a comparatively cheaper cost. The second choice will be setting up the shop-in-shops at various malls, which will be obviously more expensive.

The resources required for setting up shop-in-shops as well as kiosks are a good advertising campaign, organizations who build customized kiosks and shop-in-shops, a few employees of the company who would sit in the kiosks and look after the shop-in-shops. Some people might also be hired from the outside (Brown & Harvey, 2011).

After deciding on the marketing plan finally, the company needs to intimate that to the marketing and advertising department. Each employee must actively participate in the process and for that purpose the company should design certain banners and place them inside the office premises to catch the attention of every employee and make them involved in the process.

Cost-effective marketing strategies

In order to connect with the people of different cultures, beliefs and ages in New Zealand, firstly, the organization should take care to learn the native language of the place. They should understand the socio-cultural scenario and the tastes and preferences of the entire demographic segment. Secondly, the persons associated with the company should have good communication skills, along with convincing and understanding powers.

A successful company is one who has crossed the barriers of nationality into the international market. The motto of Somotel should be to empathize with the native people of New Zealand and understand their values and culture and then provide services keeping that in mind. The company has to face many challenges while setting up business in the international market and a majority of the success depends on the proper negotiation skills.

After all the strategies have been approved by the higher authority, it is finally the time for implementation. It is very important to follow the guidelines which have been designed. The budget should be put into practice and care should be taken so that there is minimum deviation. In this way the promotional activities need to be launched.

The promotional activities should be wisely assigned to the respective persons. It is to be observed that these plans and strategies are followed religiously and there is no deviation. For this reason the supervisors should monitor what their subordinates are doing and in case of breach, proper action should be taken.

After setting up the objectives of the company, they should be properly implemented to be on the right path. From time to time the managers should monitor the business performance of the employees and see whether they are working in the right direction or not. Periodical appraisal programs should be developed for each employee.

Here we will discuss about how the marketing activities meet the various legal, ethical, safety cultural requirements. For any organization, in order to succeed in the long run, especially in the international market, it is of utmost importance to follow all the legal and ethical requirements.

The performance of the marketing plan should be monitored at every level. Every process shall be strictly monitored by the respective supervisors who have been assigned their respective tasks. It should be maintained by the entire hierarchy and strict action should be taken if any one deviates.

In case of any gap between the performance as desired and as obtained, the company should act very smart in dealing with such issues. It should investigate the reason for such gap and try to understand the reason behind it. If it is found that the employee is guilty, then at first the employer should use constructive criticism and try to deal with the employee one to one. If this does not solve the problem in future, then the manager can take a strong action against him.

In case there is an over-achievement of targets by the employee, then the company should provide him with incentives and rewards. The company should put special focus on the performing employees and motivate them more and more and reward them accordingly because this will increase their motivation.

In order to motivate the staffs to perform more, the company has to set up rewards and recognitions programs, lucrative incentive structures and promotion paths for the employees. The employees should always be motivated to work more and give that extra effort, so that they can earn their promotions and incentives.

  1. The marketing mix comprises of the following:-
  2. Product
  3. Price
  4. Place
  5. Promotion

Cultural and social appropriateness

Regarding all these criteria, it is very important for the company to get proper feedback from the customers. What the customers feel about the product, whether they like it or not, what could be improved, should be known, if the company has to sustain in the international market.

A constant research work needs to be present in order to identify the varying tastes and preferences of the customers. The world is dynamic. What is liked today may not be liked tomorrow. So the company should continuously update its products and services according to the demand of the customers (Bryman, 2012).

The SWOT analysis method can be used to identify changes in the market phenomena for new business opportunities. Here is a brief description of the process:-

Strength- identifies the strength of the company compared with the rivals.

Weakness- what are the areas of weakness where the company should rectify.

Opportunity- it refers to what could be the new opportunities for the company in the industry.

Threats- In this analysis, it is to be seen what are the rival companies and what threats they can pose for the company (Rapport, 2014).

International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS) - Incoterms or International Commercial Terms refer to various regulations relating to trade and commerce which are followed in both domestic and international trade. They are framed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It makes the international trading easier. It was passed in 1936 and has been updated over a period of time and the last one was in 2010.

Customs Legislation Amendment and Repeal Act- It refers to a bill which was passed in order to make amendments and also to revoke certain legislative clauses relating to the Customs and similar purposes. It was passed last on 2000. It is also known as International Trade Modernization Bill.

Trade Practices Act- The Trade Practices Act was introduced in Australia in 1974 in order to have control and regulation over the trading activities. It replaced the prevailing Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1971. It was passed to frame some basic set of guidelines for the legal occurrence of trade and commerce in Australia.

Warsaw Convention- The Warsaw Convention was signed on 12th October 1929 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It is a treaty which relates to various clauses relating to international aviation. It lays down various liabilities relating to the aircraft company, both in case of passenger travel and goods travel. It came into force from 13th February 1933.

World Trade Organization- It came into existence on 1st January 1995. It is an organization for the regularization of international trade. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. Its main objective is to liberalize and supervise international trade. It has currently 160 member countries under its supervision.

Organizational client relationship strategy- For any organization the clients are the main seeds of revenue and growth. So a firm should give absolute priority to servicing the clients and retaining their loyalty towards the organization for a long period of time. This can be done by developing capable relationship managers and training them well on how to service clients with loyalty and knowledge (Herzfeld, 2014).


Herzfeld, M. (2014). Cultural intimacy: Social poetics in the nation-state. Routledge.

Rapport, N. (2014). Social and cultural anthropology: The key concepts. Routledge.

Bryman, A. (2012). Social research methods. Oxford university press.

Brown, D. R., & Harvey, D. (2011). An experiential approach to organization development. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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