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SWOT Analysis of Charles Sturt University

Discuss about the Description of Current ICT Service Management .

Nowadays change is needed to be implied in every organization for more development and improvement of the organization. Implications are analyzed by those modification technique which acts as business strategy in the organization (, 2016).

“Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long term, which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competences.”

-------------------Johnson (2009)

There are various schemes and techniques through which changes can be brought in by identifying the problem. Strategic decisions in an organization can be brought by different planning system which is mentioned in the figure below:


Among all the strategies SWOT analysis of Charles Sturt University is described to develop positive changes in the organization. SWOT analysis is a technique of business analysis which can be performed by any organization for markets, services, products and for improvement of the future growth of the product (Overton, 2007). Identification of strengths and weakness and understanding the opportunities and threats of an organization is the main function of SWOT analysis. It is the responsibility of a manager to think about the development of the organization and bring profitable growth in the organization.  SWOT analysis template of Charles Stuart University is described below:

Organization: Charles Stuart University (CSU)                   Date:23.9.16

Description of current or new ICT Service

As CSU is a university, so proper learning environment is needed to be described here with proper application. An integration of Interact online learning environment is administered with collaboration and delivery systems which is used for learning and teaching in single fundamental space. Its source of learning is Sakai Open Learning Management System (LMS). Generally this source is used for professional improvement in research about learning and teaching (Dolphin, 2011). Especially this is made for distance education students. The interaction based on academic principal which is related with technology development in the organization.


·         The university’s system and service of the work process modernize the resources and facilities of the work progress of students and teachers in the university by eliminating the problems of the staffs and the students in the university.

·         The research collaborators and the students are facilitated with remote access technique. This helped the students to learn fast and teachers to make them understand properly.

·         Cost effectiveness is less as the open-source Sakai LMS is used as the software in the organization. The innovations and training materials are also shared by other organizations and universities (Kumar and Lin, 2013). The code are accessed by IT staffs and customized with the changing circumstances in the university.

·         The sharing and repurposing of content can be readily done with activity which is related to various researches. They are explained by templates and materials and by this reduction of duplicate work have done.

·         Operational errors, redundant training costs, automation process for downtime with centralized function’s costs are reduced by LMS.


·         No support service available because of use of LMS. It is necessary that the service management should be hosted by the university. Direction in deal of IT infrastructure is found which is inconsistence and cannot be handled properly by other several browsers and this causes trouble for the IT staffs.

·         Teachers are not provided adequate time, so it is tough for the teachers to give feedbacks after checking the online forums. For that reason coping up with the studies are tough for the students and they are unable to self motivate themselves with proper direction.

·         Online applications cannot be filled up by the students properly because the level varies on IT. Issues arise because web accessibility problems are not designed by the content and activities. Training is not provided by open-source vendor.

·         Driving teaching styles by innovative method cannot be provided by LMS (Kats, 2010).

·         Update of Sakai software has not been done for a long time period is the university. The accessibility standards with conformity of the rival products are limited and it is hard to be operated outside the tools. For software update there were no plans for apps and mobile interface.


·         There are many students who are studying by distance, for them increase of diversity with flexible study arrangements and development for distance learning can be given as an opportunity.

·         Undulating mobile ownership on smart phones, tablets among students and teachers with desire to complete work on technology.

·         Broadband internet has been started to be used in large number in Australia.

·         National Broadband Network is developed and used in large amount in residences and offices of Australia.

·         Other technologies are also introduced in large amount and they are needed to be developed with high speed.


·         Inflexibility, instability and clumsiness have been increased because of lack of competition among the LMS companies which are proprietary. The choice several companies have been commonly developed with personal contribution and other source.

·         From Sakai LMS, the organizations and universities are moving and its community will shrink (Overton, 2007).

·         Online education has been made for the distance learning students and if update in information is not done then the reputation of CSU will be affected.

·         Problem can be raised if the teaching styles are not innovative which can affect the future of the students.

·         Is the service management is not developed then learning styles can be affected in the university.

Summary and Recommendations

Charles Stuart University (CSU) is one of the leaders in distance education and learning techniques which is flexible. Significant weaknesses and threats has been analysed by the recent system of the university. The strengths mentioned above should be developed more and positive position should be brought in the sector. Especially the remote access facility with streamlined experience with development in accessibility with interoperability in the online education system with competitive improved system. The market value of broadband has been increased because it has market force as NBN is commonly used in schools and homes. Various application of online learning is needed to be developed with LMS in CSU. Mobile version wit use of smart phones and tablets should be developed in latest version (Overton, 2007).

The Enterprise Architecture and Liaison unit has some objectives which is fragment with integrated system which is scalable and sustainable. There are some goals which is achieved by ICT system which is needed to be diversified with sustainable and technological limits which is open sourced with LMS and these issued are resolved with update done in Sakai with un sustainability process in users community.

The ongoing process of the system is secured by LMS vendor with scalability and functionality reducing the pressure which occurs because of lack of training and host management process. This report shows the choice, investigation method, implementation of LMS and adaptability (Belkin, Corbitt and Wickramasinghe, 2013).               

Short Term (now)

The formation of working group will be done where LMS process is needed to be open sourced with the options adopted by proprietary company. Priority featured by LMS is needed to be surveyed for the students where prospective of the software is discussed. The open-source will be designed with LMS for conducting study.

Mid Term (next 12 months)

Representatives of vendor will be invited with group within 12 months. The criteria of the university are presented with formal tenders. The distance and online program of CSU is advantageous in negotiating phase with secured leveraged service arrangement which is frequently charged by the commercial vendors for better quality service (Belkin, Corbitt and Wickramasinghe, 2013).

Long Term (next 3 to 5 years)

In the introduction phase, for next 3 to 5 years programs of change management is projected and guided with piloting and transition guidance in the university. The channels of the communication will be kept open with frequent updates projected with students and staffs. Review is brought with ongoing consultation after educational research which is consulted with identification.

E-Business & E-Commerce Models and Strategies

The importance of E-business is increasing day by day in today’s generation. Internet has provided various technologies and business development advertises of several products which are spread in the form of advertisement sometimes (Shaw, 2003). Designs in interfacing ways with the application of internet with competitive business technology are driving the market recently. Business strategies are governed by calculative dissemination with the process of E-Business.

E-business is playing role of portal in global market in unprecedented level. There are several examples drawn such as, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Email marketing and chain management is the necessary features of E-business.

There are some strategies of E-Business:

This is handled with the procedure of chain management. Coordination and retail of wholesale in various products are analysed here. Integration of supply with the source

of chain right is observed in dissemination process of electronic technology and other supply of chain management.

Customer service relationship management

Effective strategies of E-business are involved in customer service development and it also ensures customer satisfaction. Customer friendly services are provided by e-business which satisfies the needs of the customer easily.

Description of Current or New ICT Service

Inventory and service management integration

Strategies in inventory services and integration management are developed through this system. Purchasing machines and inventory accumulation with tax implications with high expenditure is justified in this strategy (Shaw, 2003).

Operation alignment

Through the short-term goal tactical alignment is proposed in strategy planning which is coordinated with long term goal with e-business strategy.

Fast and swift process is developed by diverging style of e-business with channel integrity and other subscriptions (Shaw, 2003).

Diversification is done in E-commerce from many years. Offering delivery in fast mode in time is the facility which the E-commerce gives. There are some E-commerce business models which are used now days. They are:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • C2B

In the given figure the model of e-commerce is described below:

Business-to-Business (B2B) model

Order of purchasing is involved with electronic transactions which are used during goods trading. Subscription with manufacturing and dealings with professional services are followed by this model. An organization is guided by this model to improve the ICT system in the organization. For example is an example of B2B model.

Business to consumer (B2C) model

In a business organization transaction method are followed by B2B model for customer’s help and development (Lee, 2008).

Consumer to Business (C2B) model

C2B is business model where customer’s profit is analysed by customer satisfaction process and revenue management way (Shaw, 2003).

There are various strategies of revenue generation in E-commerce. They are purely online system; brick and click, auction, market place storing and bargaining. These methods are helpful which processes the implementation of e-commerce strategies.

There are various elements of business models:

  • Revenue model
  • Value proposition
  • Market opportunity
  • Competitive advantages
  • Competitive environment
  • Organizational development
  • Management team

The main facility is E-business and E-commerce is that, it is easy to deal by the customers. The Information Communication technology is depicted properly with the adaptability of E-commerce (Lee, 2008). The e-commerce or online business is 24 hours opened for the consumers and with one click they can view the details about the advertisement of the product and the business models with various developed skills (Schneider, 2002).

If the students in the university want to adopt knowledge about e commerce then, they have to give details description about E-commerce and E-business following all the models and strategies and techniques used by the technology which has made life easier now a days. In case of academy and education students can easily by the books and learning material; online through commercial transaction method. That’s what which can be adopted by students and teachers in school, colleges and universities and other customers are also facilitated by this service.


In this assignment various strategies of internet technology and programs of Charles Sturt University is described in the first part (Schneider, 2002). The SWOT analysis of the university is properly mentioned with long term, midterm and short term plan to analyse the process through which ICT development in the university is needed to be developed. In the second part the brief study about e- commerce and e-business is described with various models and strategies which have shown the advantages of technology and use of internet.


Belkin, M., Corbitt, B. and Wickramasinghe, N. (2013). Strategic ICT planning in pathology. New York, NY: Springer.

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Overton, R. (2007). Business Strategy Made Simple. Murwillumbah: Martin Books.

Schneider, G. (2002). Electronic commerce. Australia: Course Technology.

Shaw, M. (2003). E-business management. Boston: Kluwer Academic. (2016). Strategy skills. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Sep. 2016].

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