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Produce a report that describes a challenge or problem in your workplace or an organisation you are familiar with. You will then be required to develop a solution that addresses this challenge or problem through the application of the key concepts relating to:

1.Entrepreneurial mindset
2.Transformative innovation

Stage 1 Challenges faced by the workplace

There is no doubt about the fact that organisation in Australia whether small or big can be a tough game at times.  Moreover, at certain times, the challenges can be unbeatable. Specifically, the problems are increasingly seen in case of the restaurant industry. However, Australian Chefs are planning to stay positive and are trying to adapt the challenges with the suitable solution.  In this context, the study focuses on the challenges faced by Quay restaurant in Australia owing rise of workplace Labour, increasing competition and increasing capital in Australia. Quay is a restaurant located in Sydney, Australia. The organisation has often appeared amongst the 50 best restaurants in the world. They offer signature dishes with contemporary Australian cuisine (Quay. 2018).

From the ABS retail data report, it has been found that the retardant and catering industry has grown by 4.1% in the last 12 months till November 2017. In this context, the total turnover of the industry is almost $44 billion (refer to appendix 1). However, in spite of the strong financial results Quay restaurant may remain prone to challenges. In this regards, the problems may take place due to the lack of sourcing of expertise employees that are needed to run the organisation. Every month all the team members of the organisation work hard to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Yet every month, when the deadline is near, it is found that the team in the organisation is running behind the deadline, in the following month an individual employee reports that there is the issue in the software glitch. In order to solve this issue, the organisation brought new software.

However, in the next month, it was reported that there is a lack of marketing resources that was causing the issue. Again, in order to address this issue, a stern letter has been written to the manager of marketing for asking an explanation regarding the issue. In the later period, it has been seen that team is late again wherein the team members of the organisation explained that the problem is associated to the slowdown of a network as a result of which the delivery of the order is failing. IT expert has been called to solve the problem, but in the following month, it has been found the team members still missed the objective. These are the major issues faces by the organisation. As a result of all these issues, the customers providing negative feedback on the service facilities (Otley et al. 2016). These issues are taking place due to lack of skills and experience employees and lack of price control over the food items.

Stage 2 Solution to the problem

In the existing workplace, performance management and improvement of performance are increasingly popular in the organisation. It is due to the fact the business pressures are ever increasing. Therefore, Quay restaurant is needed to act even more effective and efficient in their operation of delivery thereby executive better business method for sustaining competition. In this context, as stated by Karadag (2015) the restaurant needs to set up a properly constructed appraisals for highlighting the summary of the ongoing progress of the organisation. Moreover, the manager of the organisation needs to focus on the only yearly appraisal to avoid confusion in the workplace.

Strategic management theory is the process or planning made by the organisation by which there will be able to accomplish their desired objectives. According to Shin and Konrad (2017), the theory is usually engaged with the higher level of management, and decision making of the management led by the executive manager of the company. In this context, if the business organisation adheres to string strategic management theory they will be able to achieve strong results. These can be done by the company by formulating, implementing and analysing the cross-functional decisions.

Quay restaurant needs to implement effective strategies of performance management for evaluating and measuring the individual performance of the employees and to align the employees regularly activities with the strategies objectives of the business. As stated by Limnos et al. (2014), the manager of the restaurant as well is required to provide visibility and clarified responsibilities to the employees associated with the expectations of performance. Moreover, they are required document individual employee performance to assist compensation as well as decisions regarding career plan. Apart from this, the team members of the organisation are needed to develop a focus for the development of skill and increased learning activities for the employees (Hanson et al. 2016). By doing so, the employees will be able to manage the minor issues by themselves and will be motivated to work as per the requirement of the organisation.

The problems within the restaurant are repeatedly occurring due to poor engagement between the employees that shows that the employees are not performing at their best. Moreover, inconsistent criteria of evolution can result in mistrust amongst employee provided with lower productivity and high amount of employee attrition (Eriksson et al. 2015). In order to address this issue taking place within the organisation, the restaurant needs support performance in a positive way so as to increase job satisfaction, retention of the employee. As stated by Kipping and Üsdiken (2014) they will be able to do this by providing the employee with regular feedback on their job and by communicating clarified performance expectations amongst the employees.

Strategic management theory

In order to develop meaningful objective and develop effective ways to motivate the employees, the restaurant manager needs to connect the strategy and goals with the larger organisational ambitions.  In this context, employees who do not understand their roles they have within the organisation are more likely to turn disengaged with the work practices (Brannen et al. 2017). Therefore, all the employees working in the restaurant are needed to understand the larger picture of the things that go wrong in the restaurant. Moreover, it is necessary for the employee to give their efforts that feed upon a broader strategy of the company regardless of any situation.

Since the employees working in the restaurant are the ones who are ultimately accountable for reaching the objectives of the organisation. Therefore, the employee needs to have a strong effort in setting them as well. The manager is required to ask the employee to draft the goals for contributing towards the organisational missions (Tong et al. 2015). Apart from the manager of the restaurant needs to regularly monitor the progress of the work to check if there are any troubles in the early phase.

As stated by Chih and Zwikael (2015), they should not be waiting until the end of the project for reviewing the long-term and short-term objectives. This is because even high performing employee within the organisation needs a regular feedback and training for their task. In this context, the manager is rather needed to ask the employee about the type of supervision and feedback activities that would be helpful for them specifically if the task is challenging for them.

Quay restaurant is a structured restaurant, which is required to implement strategic decision making to accomplish their business objectives and to develop a strong structure for a sustainable future of the organisation. There are several types of strategic decision making that the organisation need to engage in for making a discrete choice. According to Ekrot et al. (2016), by making a strategic decision the organisation takes the decision to implement strategies to solve the challenges and issues faced by the organisation.  This process will help Quay restaurant to be more adaptable with the latest technical process and methods in all the aspects of the business. Therefore, all the valuable and scarce material of the organisation will be utilised by the organisation in a best possible method at all the optimum levels. In this context, strategic management is a necessary part for all major organisation and without having understood the subjects, the employee’s within the organisation will not be able to achieve success in their organisation (Hörisch et al. 2014).

Effective performance management

The organisation have seen to be often facing issues in their data and method of payment that is due to the rise of mobile payment and digital method of payment. In this context, the major challenge faced by the retardant is due to the increasing cost and the staffing issues. In order to address this issues of staffing and operations, the restaurant is needed to train all the employees in such a way that they are able to deal with the problem (Fleming and Spicer 2014). By doing so, the company will be able to work inefficiently while offering their services. There is also a drastic number of entreats in the market, which may offer competition for the restaurant. As a result of which customer as well may shift to other restaurant fir availing better service.  

Therefore, in order to ensure that the restaurant has a differentiating service within the competitive market, the company needs to implement a unique system of decision making within management to improve and increase the efficiency of the employees and management operations. According to Costa et al. (2016), this will not only improve the performance of the staffs but also will motivate them to work under challenging conditions thereby improving the system of service delivery. This allows the restaurant to differentiate the restaurant from others provided with unique customer service.

The manager as well needs to take the entire responsibility to control the planning system of the management decision, with regular audit planning process, and supervision of the employee activities. In this context, he is needed to define and illustrate the employees with the proper responsibility of managing their individual work. Before the beginning or the task, the manager needs to ensure that all the work are properly understood by the team members. As stated by Cândido and Santos (2015), the manager as well is needed to discuss and consult about the arising problem taking place within the workplace with them. These will help the manager to understand the present situation about unpredictable risks taking place within the organisation. This will as well help them to estimate the total effort and duration of the work provided with the shared process of management within the workplace.


Therefore, from the above study, it is evident that Quay restaurant is facing major problems in meeting the regular deadline owing to the poor scope of control in management and improper planning of decisions. Poor estimations about the task and regular issue related to operational failure are delaying the ongoing tasks. To address this, the study has successfully explained steps to manage the issue. The manager of the organisation needs to follow the recommendation to address the issue faced by the management and the employees.

Employee engagement and feedback

Employees are needed to be motivated in such a way that they will be able to work in all kind of situation.  By implementing the recommended advice the restaurant will not be able to improve performance but also will be able to deliver effective service to the customers as per their demands. Therefore, it can be concluded that the manager needs to spend a minimum amount of time in planning the strategic management decision making for addressing the existing challenges.

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