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Identify 3 recruiting methods you would use to recruit applicants for this position with the goal of attracting a substantial pool of qualified applicants. Provide a detailed description of each method. Explain clearly your rationale for selecting each method. Your rationale should be based on the background information provided as well as your knowledge of recruiting methods. You may also want to discuss your choice of method in relation to type of job, location of job, qualifications, labour market, or budget.

The Importance of Recruitment Planning and Alternatives to Hiring

The company is planning on expanding into the education sector in the upcoming future and at the same time there is no direct competitors. Few members have just resigned who was previously working in the role of the assistant manager – customer service and sales. So, there is some urgent vacancies in that role and they need some fresh people to be recruited. As the budget is on the lower side, they have to arrange some of the cost effective recruiting methods. They should have to arrange some methods of recruitment which fits in the budget of the company.

The process of attracting individuals on a timely basis in a sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualification. When there is a requirement for additional labour, the planning indication is coming from the HR department (Burbano 2016). This may be the first step in a full-scale recruitment and selection process, but sometimes hiring additional employees is not the best method to obtain additional labour. It may be appropriate for an organization to consider alternatives to recruiting, such as outsourcing or contingent labour, instead of hiring regular employees (Janssens and Zanoni 2014). If this is a temporary fluctuation in work volume, the simplest solution may be part-time labour or overtime by existing employees (Sherk 2015). The costs of recruitment and selection can be staggering; hiring new employees should occur only after careful consideration and only when the organization anticipates a long-term need for additional labour. Estimates on the cost to replace supervisory, technical and management employees run from 50 percent to several hundred percent of employee salaries. Careful HR planning must consider the overall growth prospects of the organization and accurate forecasting of future labour needs. Recruitment planning begins only when other alternatives have been considered and eliminated. Employers use a wide range of recruitment methods to fill vacancies. Accordingly, it is important that job seekers adopt a variety of job search strategies to avoid missing out on potential employment opportunities (Ekwoaba, Ikeije and Ufoma 2015). 

In preparing recruitment materials, the researcher should consider the purpose of the research, the setting in which the research will be conducted, and be particularly cognizant of the special problems of research involving vulnerable populations, such as children, prisoners, pregnant women, individuals with impaired decision-making capacity, or economically or educationally disadvantaged persons.

There are several recruiting methods which can be implemented by the company keeping in mind about the issue of budget. The three cost effective method that will be organized by the company are as follows-

Recruiting Methods for Filling Vacancies

Online advertising

The most significant change in recruiting practices has been the rise in the use of online recruiting. Many organizations post job openings on their web sites or on specialized sites like Career Builder and, and some accept only online applications, completely eliminating the hard-copy application. There are advantages to online recruiting (Nikolaou 2014). First, it costs less than traditional advertising. It’s easy and quick to post an ad then the responses arrive faster and in greater quantity and a wider range of applicants can be generated. Online processes can also screen applications and administer some selection tests, thereby significantly reducing the HR time required to generate a pool of qualified candidates (Sharma 2014). The online format is immensely popular with job seekers as well because the ease of submission allows them to send out dozens of resume with just a few mouse clicks. This can create a problem for HR, however. There must be processes in place to filter out those who do not meet minimum job qualifications. The ease of applying for a job online can generate a great number of applications, requiring HR staff to spend time sorting through applications to glean out the few that are actually qualified for the job. There are as many different methods of recruiting as there are organizations, and there is no one best method for recruiting job applicants. Most organizations use a variety of methods, depending on the nature of the job to be filled, the time needed to properly fill the position and the size of their recruiting budget. Your organization may already have a valid track record for recruiting that will determine what methods work best for your situation (King, O'Rourke and DeLongis 2014). 

Internship programs

An internship strategy which is effective within the enterprise can really have the opportunity to give you a chance to meet fantastic employees in the upcoming future. The benefits of the company to have an intern is that they are very keen to learn and they are generally very keen on gathering the right experience at the right time in an industry. Company keeps many interns in free of cost (Durrant 2013). Anyone can often find company who are in need of interns in your area, and few of the colleges as well as universities fund their top star internships. The value of internship is very high for all sorts of company. A good program of internship is a great opportunity for the young talents who have less experience or no experience in job because a company treat those interns as a real company employee who generally perform all the given task or work assigned to them. These programs help a company to decide many things:

  • Evaluate the potential hiring skills required for the job – The company can have an access upon a performance of an intern before making a decision whether to keep them after finishing the period of internship period or not. If an intern performs well during the internship period, then the company had to take further decision to extend an offer of employment to them (Blickley et al. 2013).
  • Cultivate teaching as well as skills of leadership – Current employees had the chance to develop their abilities of training as they are hiring as well as mentoring the interns who are working in their company.
  • Revealing the areas for the improvement – Interns may offer some of the new perspectives and they may ask several questions that can threw a challenge to the status quo.
  • Showcasing your company – Internship can provide a valuable way for connecting with the recently graduated people who will going to learn about the culture of the company and he /she may be a leading candidate to fill up the roles of entry level in the near future.

Cost Effective Methods of Recruitment

A good internship program gives a company boost to their employer brand as well as a boon for the strategy of recruitment. They have the chance to define their needs for the hiring programs of interns and it gives a specific structure to the program to hire some good qualified people who will be adding extra advantage for the company in the future (Rangan and Natarajarathinam 2014).

Recruitment through an internship program is also very cost effective. A company’s required work can be done by them. We just have to provide a proper guidance about the work they are doing. Even some of the internship program is free of cost, company do not provide anything to the intern. In some other cases company pay a little amount of stipend to their respective interns (Din et al. 2015).

Use referrals

The current employees of the company who all are having family members or friends with more or less similar talents as well as interests, so let the work force know about the fact that the company are hiring the required people for their everyday work if a company have a vacancy for a key role which they are trying to fill it up. Nowadays most of the company especially private company offers a referral bonus to their respective employees that means the compensation given in cash if a newly hired candidates are being recommended by an existing co-worker provided that he/she turns out to be a great fit for the company. If you are wary of shelling out a referral bonus, consider this: A BNET article which was written by POM8 chief executive officer Grant Powell says recruitment agencies can charge two to three times more per hour than you would pay if you found a candidate through referral channels. Do not stop the interaction and never stop talking to employees. If the company is having a loyal customers and suppliers who generally understand the company’s business, then they may be able to recommend few suitable candidates who will fit the role of job too (Galenianos 2014). 

Details about the company:

The company has been in business for 3 years. This is one of the best centres of training by the Education Ministry and major companies all over the world. We offer development professionally as well as training programs premeditated to meet the demands of our constantly changing society. Our company’s aim is to seamlessly deliver training in Information Technology. Soft skills and English applying the step by step approach to help developing careers, giving a chance for the participants to join the marketplace at any point and feel confident in what they can do. This is a company which designs as well as distributes training materials which is based on computer to corporate clients. The materials of training which ranges from ready to purchase on-line courses and CD-ROM training programs to custom made programs tailored to the client’s needs. The company is based in Burlington, Ontario.

Online Recruiting

Position offered: The Assistant Manager - Customer Service and Sales

Job type: Full time

Job location: Burlington, Ontario

Rounds of interview: -

  • Online test (Candidates must have to bring their individual smart phones with high speed internet data plan)
  • Group discussion
  • Technical round of face to face interview
  • Managerial round of face to face interview
  • HR round of face to face interview

Desired Competencies

Knowledge required for the offered position: -

  • Basic knowledge of methods involved in designs and distributes of computer based training materials to the clients of the company
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Very good command over the language of English
  • They should have fair ideas about the education sector

Skills required: -

  • Keen interest in education
  • Being interested in the training materials range from ready to purchase on-line courses and CD-ROM training programs to custom made programs tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Communication skills should be excellent
  • Efficiency with internet browsing as well as internet researching skills
  • Analytical skills

Ability required: -

  • Ability to do multitasking with good prioritization
  • Punctual and ability to work within deadlines

Package offered: Gross salary – Rs. 30000 + incentives per month based on your performances

Eligible stream: All stream

Marks criteria: -

Secondary education (in %): Above 60

Higher secondary education (in %): Above 60

UG / PG marks: 6 CGPA or above 60%

Interested candidates must fill up the application form themselves by the below mentioned way or enrol their names for the recruitment drive by verbally communicating with our respective staffs. The contact details are given below. Please find the same. 

  • Carry two copies of your CV
  • 5 recent coloured photographs
  • All testimonials original and photocopies till date
  • Government ID

Important note: Please remember that those who are really interested or wants to go for the recruitment drive must follow the rules given below:

  • Fill up the application form by opening the online job advertisement
  • Call us (our service is open 24*7)
  • Mail us providing all the information about yourself (Attach a CV with the mail)
  • Contact Canada employment agency

Mobile no: - (+01) 9999 001 1234

Email id: - [email protected]

Websites: - 


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