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Imagine you have been tasked to prepare a report of up to 800 words by the divisional head in your organisation.

Define recruitment and selection. Relate this definition to the compliance of the Fair Consideration Framework.
Explain the impact of person-job match and person-organisation match in the hiring process.

The Importance of Recruiting the Appropriate Candidate

The major globalization has summoned some of the most significant and remarkable speculations about the global economic conditions where distinct organization have turned and twisted some of their rules and strategies to make the work environment more effective and efficient to help it gather enhanced opportunities in terms of competitive advantage. Human Resource management in one of the crucial tool of an organization that is instrumental to help achieve the organization to reach better heights in terms of business and growth (Hendry, 2012).

This report deals with the rational validation and the importance of recruiting the appropriate candidate for the job, the benefits of employee referral programme and the human resource planning from the external source. This report further deals with two major question related to the recruitment and selection in the workplace as well as identification of other recruitment procedures.

The purpose of this report is to understand the importance and validity of the methodologies used in human resource management strategies that are used by different organizations.

In terms of human resource management the age and millennial are two important factors that plays a crucial in determining the right candidate suitable for the job position. The millennial generation born between 1980 and 2000 are currently entering various positions in the organizations that would be crucial in the shaping of the workforce and economy. Attracting best of the millennial is hence crucial for the future of the organization’s business (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014).

Millennial and age are not only crucial in terms of the previous generations but they are also numerous than the previous generations. They are important since they would serve a larger generation as their life expectancy would increase. Attracting the right and younger talent is one of the biggest challenges that any organization would face. It is clear that millennial are one of the powerful generations since they are technologically more advanced and have proficient knowledge about handling more advanced form of the digital world. It can be justified that the different generations have different demands. Both the generations have their different needs and demands. The concerns of the younger generations would have different demands than the older generations. But the crisis lies in the identification of the needs and demands of these individuals. The younger generation would be more intellectual, strategic, improvise in their outlook, agile and flexible in their output than most of the individuals of the older generation. Henceforth the selection of the right candidate for the job is extremely important (Wren, 2013).

Employee Referral Programme Benefits

Employee referrals refer to the hiring process of candidates by the opinion of other employees of the organization. Although the process of referrals might be new in its nature, it is still and old methodology for the recruiting of the candidates. However this process has several benefits in its own terms. This kind of method attracts the vouching of the best quality candidates, the monetary bonus that the company offers is a good crowd puller. It is one of the best alternatives for the recruitment channels as well as the rate of the retention of the candidates are much higher in terms of referrals (Jiang et al., 2012.

With reference to the contract terms, certain agenda should be implemented to prevent the breach of terms by both ends. Certain key elements should kept in mind whole considering any form of employment contract.

  • The clarity about the relationship between the candidate and the employers should be determined with reference to the person and the company.
  • The returns that the employee is entitled on behalf of the company or the service
  • The service that the employer gets on behalf of the benefits that are provide to the employee which related to the employment contract regarding the designation and the responsibilities
  • The nature of the service should be clearly stated such as full time, part time or internships as well as service that should or can be given to the other employers
  • Clear information about the discharge or the duties as well as the terms that can disengage or discharge an employee from duty
  • Information about the benefits that an employee is entitled after the discharge of the duty should be clearly stated and justified in the terms
  • Term related to the duties that an employee towards the employee after the discharge of the service should be clearly justified such as the non- compete and non-solicitation terms and clauses

The key areas that should be taken into consideration while appointing of the external sources of recruitment are the review and the ability of meeting the exact requirements of the organization. The external organizations that are involved in the sending of employees to the organizations for recruitment should considerably have a good database with a varied number of candidates to meet the criteria of the organization. The second area that should be considered is the ability of the agencies to provide good qualified candidates for the job. The sending of quality candidates instead of the quality is more important to be considered.

Recruitment and selection are the two primary process of employment. Recruitment is defined as the searching of and deriving a pool of prospective candidates with the desired comprehension, proficiency and experience to allow an organization to choose the most suitable candidate to fill job vacancies adjacent to distinct designation (Taylor, 2014). Selection refers to the process of identifying and sorting the pool of candidates, those of whom have been acknowledged through the recruitment procedure. The most suitable candidate or candidates are identified through a selection process counting but not restricted to only interviewing, reference inspection and taxing (Garner, 2012.

With reference to the recruitment and the selection process, the fair consideration frame work gives a priority to the Singaporeans in terms of employment. It is a part of the government’s effort to strengthen the Singaporean core in the workforce and sets out a clear expectations for the companies to consider Singaporeans fairly for the job recruitment and the selections. This policy is applicable to all the companies of Singapore who are liable to comply with this policy in terms of recruitment and selection of candidates based on openness, merit and non-discrimination, whereas the Singaporeans are considerably to be given the first priority.

Human Resource Planning from External Sources

Person – job is classified into the demand – abilities and the need – supplies perspective. As per the demand – abilities perspective the fit of the demand – abilities can be achieved if an individual implies sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the job parameters. The person- organization is the correspondence between an individual values and the organizational values and norms. The impact of both these terms is highly influential in terms of the productivity of the individual and the organization. Both the criteria meet a better job satisfaction as well as the candidate retention in the organization with a better productivity and the higher job commitment. Employees with better attachment to the job as well as with proper knowledge and skills are considered as employees with better prospects and growth in the organization (Warr & Inceoglu 2012).

With reference to the internet recruitment system on personal opinion it can be justified that adoption of internet recruitment facilities by the employers is more than the technicality. This type of recruitment system is capable of identifying potential and able candidates. The selection process being sound based and with credible criteria as well as the tracking process being able to integrate with the pre existing systems (Holm, 2012). The most significant feature about internet recruitment is the alteration of the culture and behavior within the human resource and the managerial level. It can be considered about the development of the capabilities of the HR to facilitate about the system and the revise the staffing procedures as an end-to-end methodology that is quite similar to that of the supply chain management (Stadtler, 2015).

The other appropriate recruitment methods besides internet recruitment for the core workforce who are professionals and managers in your organization are newspaper, employment exchanges and employee referrals. The newspaper advertisements are one of the most effective ways to recruit employees since it is a diverse form of communication that is spread amongst a large segment of people. Some companies do not post their individual advertisements instead, they hire agencies to do the job for them. Employment exchanges are also beneficial for the recruitment of candidates since they send the desire candidate as per the work experience and the capabilities that is allotted according to the organization’s requirement parameters. Employee referrals are also a good scope of both internal and external form of recruitment and selection since the best candidate can be selected by the organization as per the recommendations of the both the internal staff and the external agencies (DeVaro & Morita, 2013).


With the help of this report, it can be concluded that the human resource management is one of the important strategic tools for selecting the best candidate for the job and maintain the productivity of the organization. This report justifies that age and millennia is one of the major criteria that meets the job requirements since the age and the millennia defines the work methodology and the expertise of the individuals. The terms related to the employment contract needs to be clear and justified to avoid future concerns from both the employees and the employers.

The recruitment and selection methods determines the selection and hiring of the best candidate for the job as well as good person-job and person – work is good co ordination to determine a better job satisfaction and organizational productivity. Several external and internal methods of recruitment defines it own efficiency in terms of sorting and recruiting candidates.


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