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Read through the case study, and write a Report -style is necessary for this assessment and therefore you need a table of contents, headings and sub-headings and numbering.

In this report you are acting as a HR Consultant to the company (case study). The report is to be written in report format with a table of contents and headings, sub-headings and numbering for each section and sub-section. The report must provide a clear purpose, scope and limitations of the case study. The report will identify the issues in the case study and provide an understanding of such issues related to the operations across different countries, and customers and staff. You will need to explain how HRM should ensure the issues are not repeated and take into consideration the international environment. The report must have a strong conclusion and include an implementation plan. Remember you have to come to conclusions before you can develop any plan/s. As the HR consultant you must write the report as you would present to the organisation (case study). Note: In Assessment 1 the four concepts were clearly provided in the criteria. Remember, you are an International HR Consultant for the case study organisation. In this assessment you need to use your consultative skills to identify the issues, relate them to HRM and develop a plan to ensure the issues are managed/overcome.

You will need to link practice to the theory we have covered in this subject.

Read through the detailed assignment instructions and assessment criteria (below) carefully before you start your work on this assessment activity.

You are an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant. You have been given a contract to go into the organisation and it will be your responsibility to respond to the following three questions:

1. As an International Human Resource Management Consultant what are the issues? In this question you need to explain what the issues are in the case study.

2. How should Human Resource Management deal with the issues in the case? You need to explain how HRM should ensure the issues are not repeated, taking into consideration the international environment.

3. What is your plan to present to the organisation? You need to make a solid recommendation to the company and present them with an implementation plan to eliminate the issues.

Importance of Human Resource Management in No Name Aircraft

The organization No Name Aircraft is a very well known aircraft manufacturing that has been headquartered in Australia. The company is quite famous its international clients and customers for its high-quality services. In that context, the company has also its subsidiaries within many countries like China, Vietnam, and Singapore. Thus it clearly indicates that the valuable assets that the company possesses are its employees (Chang, 2016). The employees are only responsible for the enhancement as well as the degradation of the organizational reputation within the international market. It is because the organizational reputation along with its functionality and the operations are directly associated with the performance of the employees.

In return it eventually the flawless, as well as the efficient human resources management in the organization, will result in the achievement of goals and objectives of the organization. Thus being appointed as the Consultant in the No Name Aircraft in to handle the International Human Resource Management it is necessary to go through all the aspect of the issues and concerns associated with the aircraft manufacturing company. In addition, the report that has been prepared by the Consultant for viewing all the aspects will basically be helpful for the expatriate employees. With this expatriate staffs those who are working across the border in the subsidiaries of the company like in China, Singapore and Vietnam (Cohn, 2015).

As mentioned earlier the No Name Aircraft is quite well known in the international market for the high-quality of its products in the international market. But on the gradual process, the organization had faced many issues that led the degradation of the services which disturbed the customers and made them dissatisfied. This action of the company is faced with the issues raised within the human resources management on an international basis (Flörke, et al., 2013). Thus the variations in the human resources management in the subsidiaries of the company have the direct implications over the organizational profits with the course of time. At the same, it is also noticed that if such issues that have been raised within the human resources management is not addressed properly then it will result in the takeover of the company.

For that reason, the company had planned for bringing the optimization within the return on investment of the shareholders of the company. In addition, the management will also carry out the processes to achieve the high prices of the shares to establish its sustenance in the market. Therefore the perfect sustenance of the organization can only be achieved when the human resources management of the organization becomes clear without any kind of issues facing within the international market. In that context the major issues that has to be considered within the aircraft manufacturing organization as per the case study is the workplace culture as well as the corporate culture, diversity management of human resources, management of the performance of an international level and the provision of the effective training and development for the new entrants or the expatriates within the organization (Forsgren, 2013).

Key Issues in Human Resource Management

It is one of the primary issues that take place within the work culture of the organization. In that context, the cultural issues are the primary issues that are mostly faced by the management of the No Name Aircraft and its subsidiaries. Thus the cultural issues raised within the organization are judged from a lot of communication gaps as well as breakdown. The communication gap is the factor that specifically affects the team along with the entire management process (Gould, Pellow & Schnaiberg, 2015). Thus it eventually hinders the process to get completed effectively. In that condition, the employees of the organization become quite resistant to adopt any kind of innovation or any kind of new measure in the official environment. The aircraft manufacturing company also faces the same issue that affects all of its international business including its subsidiaries.

Furthermore, in the initial phase, the company is quite well known for its high-quality products along with its delivery services. But gradually the quality decreased and the customers get dissatisfied with the issues related to the quality as well as the delivery. All these are the resultant of the communication barriers or the gaps that specifically happen in its subsidiaries along with headquartering. It can also be seen that eventually there has been the decrease in the integration and coordination in between the employees as a result of the communication gap. Thus this issue is very clearly reflected in its degree of deterioration in its quality along with the management services in all the branches of No name Aircraft (Gupta & Shaw, 2014).

The diversification of the workforce is the natural part which is present in all organizations. Thus the part that matters the most is the treating the workforce equally and managing the workforce equally irrespective of any kind of discrimination. Specifically, the organization lacks to manage the issues that have been raised within the senior employees as well as the junior employees or the subordinates (Haufler, 2013).

These issues become a major reason for the creation of misconception which hinders the growth of the employees.  The hindrances in the promotional activities of the employees result into the employee resentment which has the direct implications upon the product quality (Huws, 2014). Thus the inability of the HR manager becomes the major reason for the rises of this kind of discriminations in headquarter as well as the subsidiaries of No Name Aircraft.

Workplace and Corporate Culture

This is one of the basic issues that have been raised in the case of the expatriates which can be said to have the relation with the appraisals. More specifically the expatriates who have been relocated to the subsidiaries in China, Vietnam, and Singapore face this issue by having a lack of the formal appraisal of performance (Jones, 2014). But on the other hand, it is also found that the headquarters take the decision regarding these issues which has not been followed by the branches which affect the productivity as well as the performance of the employees in the No Name Aircraft.

It is another issue that enables the distance creation within the employees. Due to this, there has been the lack of coordination in the organization. It raised due to the inadequate training to the expatriates within the subsidiaries. As a result, the expatriate will not be able to get through the culture or the organizational scenario of Singapore, China, and Vietnam (Kim, Farmer & Porter, 2013).

With the irresponsible nature of HR manager, the expatriates did not get adapted to the new environment which affects their performance (Knox, Agnew & McCarthy, 2014). Along with that the lack of workforce planning as well as the management also responsible for this issue up to a certain extent which leads to increase in professional inefficiency with the employees of No Name Aircraft.

The relevant issues with respect to various implications within No Name Aircraft are the factor that provides the proper realization Along with that there has been the acceptance regarding the significance as well as the merit associated with the diversifies workforce within the aircraft manufacturing company. For that reason, it is necessary for the management to initially go through various implications associated with the issues. In relation to that the management of the company must take care of the benefits associated with the diverse workforce within the organization. This will enable the company to take required efforts regarding the talents as well as the skills of the employees (Locke, 2013).

Thus this action of the management of the organization will lead to the condition that leads to the employees to respect and appreciate each other’s efforts in the organization. This appreciation, as well as the acceptance, is carried out irrespective of any kind of discrimination such as age, gender, etc. In addition to that the management should carry out the processes as well as functions like the meetings and get together whether the employees should be provided with proper addressing regarding the issues (Mander, 2014). Along with that, the employees can also be given proper chance by which they will be able to present their opinions as per the case scenario.

Diversity Management

Thus the decision regarding the meetings or the conferences or the training programs will be quite beneficial for both management and the employees. At the same time, the action is supposed to make the realisation of the employees about their individual performance in the company. In relation to that, the employees within the organization need to maintain a very good cooperation with each other which eventually will result in the enhancement of the productivity as well as the efficiency of the employees for the growth and success of the company. With an enhanced cooperation, there will be the development of the effective communication that will be responsible for eradicating the misconceptions within the workplace by enhancing the reliability (O'brien & Williams, 2016).

Furthermore, the employees of the organization must be provided with the training regarding the adaptation to the environment by accepting all the possible challenges as per the requirement in the organization. In that context, the employees will get the proper idea of how to behave as an expatriate in the organization. By that manner, the employee should also the cultural priorities associated with China, Vietnam, and Singapore (Palan, 2013). Moreover, the training program, conferences as well as the gatherings provide employees the proper time schedule to mix up within themselves and get bonded with each other. Thus the regular training, as well as the meeting sessions, is the basic part which will help in solving the issues of communication breakdown.

It is because this is the only process by which the cultural gap can be reduced in various subsidiaries of the No Name Aircraft. Furthermore, the initiation of the process of the benchmark setting will also motivate the employees in giving their best for the betterment of the organization. On the whole, this will become important criteria during the judgment of performance appraisal. It will also make the employee assessment quite easier. Thus it will also help in reducing the gap with the creation of a framework. In addition, the management should also go for the incorporation of the rewards as well as incentives for the motivation of the employees (Ravenhill, 2014).

With motivation, the employees will get dedicated towards their job role and complete their responsibilities by creating a healthy competition within the organization. In this way, the employees will also the proper chance of getting involved with adaptation process with a proper framework (Redclift, 2013). Along with that, the management will also take care to manage the behavioural aspect of the employees so that the expatriates will get familiar with the official environment and get adapted to the official environment of the subsidiaries of No Name Aircraft situated in the locations of China, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Performance Management

The above section of the report provided the description regarding various issues that are raised within the human resources management along with the processes by which the issues can be dealt. Thus as the person to be appointed as the Consultant in the International Human Resources Management, it is recommended that the organization need to establish a proper system which will make the performance appraisal of the employees based on the scores that the employees have scored. These scores can be said to be quite culture-specific. In addition the No Name Aircraft can be also recommended to make the provision of proper training procedures which will enhance the idea of the employees through the interaction, experiential as well as the sequential training (Schmitz, et al., 2014).

As a result, the employees of the organization get the sufficient and adequate training which will be helpful in completing the mission and vision of the organization without any issue. Moreover it is seen that the aircraft manufacturing company and its subsidiaries face many difficulties due to the communication gap so in that case adequate amount of training after being expatriate to the countries of Singapore, China and Vietnam the employees can be able to know the cultures and act as per the cultural environment (Staeheli, 2016, February). Based upon that there should be the performance appraisal. Due to the implementation of the appraisal design, the employees will get serious regarding their performance and they will act accordingly. Thereafter the management of the No Name Aircraft is recommended to implement the evaluation system making the performance evaluation in regular intervals.

The reason behind is by this kind of evaluation the management will be able to know the extent up to which the employees are getting adapted to the culture which is the main barrier. The employees getting adapted to the culture of the subsidiaries like China, Vietnam, and Singapore will result in enhancement of the productivity of the organization on the global level. Other than that the management is also requested to opt for the communication tools which will help in gaining more effective interaction in between expatriates as well as the employees which will result in the effective achievement of goals and objectives. Thus the efficient communication brings out an effective productivity for the organization (Steers & Nardon, 2014).


The report has provided the clear illustration of all the possible issues as mentioned in the case study of the No Name Aircraft organization. All the issues are being studied quite keenly from the point of view of the appointed Consultant of the International Human Resources Management. Thus based upon the knowledge as well as the experience of the consultant there will be the description of the various perceptions of the employees in the subsidiaries of China, Vietnam, and Singapore. By viewing the proposed issues of the No Name Aircraft the management of the organization prepared itself to formulate effective strategies to mitigate the issues raised within the organization.

Employee Training and Development

It will result in the closure of the communications gaps present within the employees or in between the various departments or in between the subsidiary branches and headquarter. In return, the analysis done by the consultant provided the scenario that there should be the inclusion of the culture as well as the performance appraisal systems which will result in the designing of the effective human resource management system. This will further result in the better sustenance of the No Name Aircraft in the global market. Thus the establishment of the perfect human resources management in the organization will eventually enhance the global economy of the organization in the international market.


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