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Intrepid Travel Company Overview

Discuss about the importance of sustainability in Intrepid Travel Company.

The objectives of this task are to elaborate the importance of sustainability in Intrepid Travel Company which provides various services to the public globally.  The operations of Intrepid Travel Company will be discussed.  There are many macro-environmental factors that influence that growth of the company. This paper also gives emphasis on planning, human resource management, leadership styles and The Value chain analysis. It elaborates how sustainability assists to make proper plans and to improve human resource management in the company.  It also elaborates mission, vision, values and sustainable practices in the company.

Intrepid travel is adventure travel Company who provides more than 1500 itineraries in across 120 countries.  The travel destinations of the company are the Middle East, Asia, North American and Australia.  The company was established in 1989 by Australians. Headquarter of the company is located in Melbourne Australia. The Company employs more than 1600 employees and the structure of the organization is attractive. Top management manages all the functions of the organization so that overall objectives can be attained effectively (Intrepidtravel, 2017).  Macro environment plays an important role so that long-term benefits can be achieved in an effective manner.

The external factors are political, socio-cultural, economic and legal factors. Innovative technologies are considered by the company so that trading activities can be flourished easily. The competition level is so high that gives direct impact on the activities of the organization.  The competitors are Fleet pro passenger ship management and Holland American line.

The mission of intrepid travel is to offer assistance to the people and the company conducts the activities in a smart way to accomplish positive outcomes.  The vision of intrepid travel is to be one of the unique and trusted travel companies globally. The aim of the organization is to offer good travel services to the consumers across the world (Bcdtravel, 2017). 

The company gives emphasis on making next generation to travel globally.  The values consider innovation, good leadership, teamwork and proper management.  The organization gives emphasis on growing the business globally so that customers can be retained in an effective manner.  Through innovation, the organization is able to handle the problems related to proper management (Albrecht et al., 2015).

Intrepid travel takes into consideration goal setting practices of the organization. The organization set proper objectives so that the revenues and returns can be minimized.  The workers of the organization try to work together so that the activities of the organization can be completed in a proper manner. Types of planning are tactical, strategic and operational planning that assist to compete in the competitive market.  The operational plans of the organization are analyzed so that the activities of intrepid travel can be conducted efficiently (Kausar et al., 2017).

Macro-environmental Factors Affecting Intrepid Travel Company

Planning is one of the essential functions of the organization as it helps to accomplish goals and objectives effectively.  There are various theories that are considered by the company to increase the overall profitability and outcome of the organization. The approaches are inactive, pre-active and proactive. Intrepid travel takes into consideration various approaches so that the competitive advantage can be achieved. Sustainability has a great role in intrepid travel. The travel company gives emphasis on maintaining proper sustainability in the workplace. The company considers holistic and systematic approach so that the trading activities of the organization can be managed. Sustainability also helps to take proper decisions of the organization so that the activities can be conducted smoothly.

In intrepid travel, human resource management plays a great role to conduct the activities in a smooth manner.  The company maintains proper sustainable human resource management so that the legislation and rules can be considered (Marchington et al., 2016). It helps to retain and attract more candidates in the market.  It is seen that the company recruit and select candidates to conduct the activities of the organization in an effective manner. Human resource professionals offer cross-cultural training and development coaching the members of the organization. It assists to evaluate the culture and language of different countries (Cascio, 2018).

The company takes into consideration various strategies so that sustainability can be maintained and also the activities can be managed in a proper manner.  The organization considers many strategies so that the customers can be enhanced in the market. Intrepid travel considers growth strategy and porter generic strategy so that the company can earn proper revenue and outputs within the company. Intrepid travel considers porter generic strategy to differentiate the services from the competitors. It helps the company to survive in the competitive market.

Human resource professionals have the responsibility to recruit and select right candidates for conducting the activities.  There are many strategies that are considered by the company so that the employees can be retained in the organization.  Human resource management takes into consideration recruitment and selection techniques so that correct candidates can be selected. The human resource also helps the employees to motivate and encourage the employees so that the work can be conducted efficiently.

Various laws and regulations are considered so that capable candidates can be selected.  Human resource executives give correct directions to the workers so that they can accomplish the objectives (DuBois et al., 2015). They are responsible to resolve the conflicts and handle the issues of the employees so that proper relations can be maintained. It also gives direct impact on enhancing the satisfaction level of the employees.  The company considers proper selection process so that right candidates can be given job according to the capability.  Human resource professionals also offer incentives and bonuses to the employees so that the motivation level can be enhanced by the employees. 

Mission, Vision, and Values of Intrepid Travel Company

Proper vision and mission are created so that performance level of the employees can be increased.  The action plan is also considered by the human resource professionals so that the progress can be made.  The activities are monitored to enhance the potential and capabilities of the employees. Analyzes is made of the employees so that they can achieve proper outcomes form the activities conducted by them.

Sustainability is related to the capability to maintain an ecological balance in the environment. It has an important role in intrepid travel company and focus is given on mission and vision of the company in the market. The sustainable practices assist to enhance and increase results and revenue of the company. Through sustainability, the company has been able to maintain proper external factors like economic, political, socio-cultural, legal and environmental factors. It also assists to compete with the competitors in the market.  Through sustainable human resource management, the organization helps to offer job security and job satisfaction to the employees. Sustainability is an important process that is considered by HRM in each and every organization.  The organization is not able to survive for the long term if proper sustainable human resource management is not available.

Leadership is a process that gives direct impact on the performance of the individual so that the goals and objectives can be accomplished.  Leadership influences the process of followers and helps the leader to accomplish mission and vision of the company. Leaders play an important role to conduct the activities of the organization smoothly. The emphasis is given on the performance and productivity of the employees so that the results can be positively achieved.  The leadership styles are considered by the organization so that the efficiency can be achieved and monitored with the subordinates of the organization (Goleman, 2017).

There are many leadership styles considered by Intrepid Travel Company so that the experience of the travelers can be enhanced with minimum budget.  The company uses Comfort and original leadership style so that the satisfaction level of the workers can be enhanced. By considering these styles the company is able to create a good image in the market (Vann et al., 2014). Autocratic leadership style and cross leadership style is considered by the leaders to achieve competitive environment.

Team leadership is considered so that proper coordination can be considered by the employees of the organization and also cooperation among the workers (Arnold et al., 2015). Leadership also helps the employees of the organization to attain the desired results so that the activities of the organization can be conducted smoothly. Proper leadership helps to conduct the activities in hassle-free manner. Teamwork is also important for Intrepid Travel Company to enhance the motivation level of the employees. It also helps to conduct the activities of the organization according to the rules and policies of the organization (Anderson and Sun, 2017).

Planning and Sustainability in Intrepid Travel Company

 Leadership helps to motivate and attain the desired outcomes and demands. They give emphasis on maintaining specific standards and policies at the professional level and on a personal level. Leaders try to create a positive environment in the organization and help to increase the confidence level.  The emotional stability is also minimized and stress is reduced of the employees (Edgell Sr, 2015).It is seen that leaders should be honest and creative so that positive attitude can be achieved.  The leader should possess maturity, intelligence, and dedication. The information should be shared in such a manner with the employees that the level of confidence can be enhanced. These are the basic leadership features or traits of the Intrepid Travel Company (Mittal, 2015).

Transformational leadership styles are also considered by the leaders of the organization so that proper assistance and guidance can be given. These types of leaders help to enhance the subordinate's motivation outcomes. The morale and motivation of the employees are enhanced by the giving guidance to the leaders of the organization (Choi et al., 2017).

Sustainability is an important part of the leadership that assists to complete the demand and needs of the travelers. By considering the practices the leaders try to maintain proper cooperation and communication in the company. It also assists to create proper diversity and culture in the organization (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy, 2014).  Leaders can easily consider the structure and strategies of the company by considering the practices of sustainability. All the risks and problems of the organization can be managed and controlled by giving focus on sustainability in the company. Intrepid Travel Company is not able to achieve proper sustainability without effective leaders of the organization.  It is the duty of the leaders to communicate the vision and mission with proper strategies so that the programs can be implemented effectively (Higham et al., 2016).

A value chain is a group of operations that manage the activities of the organization so that the products can be offered to the customers. Intrepid Travel Company take into consideration valuable chain processes so that unique and good services can be given to the customers in the competitive environment.  Carbon management initiates the value chain analysis and also the company is known as carbon-neutral travel company. There are 27 offices in a total of carbon-neutral management globally.  With proper value chain analysis, the company can consider innovative techniques so that negative results can be minimized.  The company invests a large amount on the renewable energy projects to offset the carbon emissions (Reiche et al., 2016).

Human Resource Management and Sustainability in Intrepid Travel Company

 Operation management of the organization is unique so that the activities can be managed properly. Operational management is related to design and controls the production process so that the organization can conduct the activities smoothly.  With proper operation management, the company can conduct proper planning so that the services can be rendered successfully. The company also has proper supply chain management to enhance the number of travelers globally.  The scope of supply chain and logistics management is enhancing day by day.  In the present situation, the company is trying to enhance the supply chain management and also the practices of the organization (Sigala, 2014).

Sustainability also has a major role to manage the value chain and technology in the company.  It is seen that there should be proper resources and business operations. Intrepid Travel Company gives emphasis on the practices of sustainability so that proper decisions can be taken. The company also provides proper training for the organization so that the guests can avail benefits in coming future. Women's also manage and handle the practices of sustainability and promote the services of the organization. In this way, the organization is able to participate in the process of decision making (Nguyen et al., 2017).

Intrepid Travel Company implements various unique and effective managerial future strategies so that many competitive benefits in the future. The strategies and recommendations are:

The strategies that should be used by Intrepid Travel Company are related to pricing. The pricing should be less so that more customers can be attracted towards the company.  The company set prices for rips and travel services.  It will assist to hit the competition level globally and offer good option to make a proper image in the market.

It is important that company should give focus on promotion strategies so that the customers can get knowledge about the services and products.  Promotional strategies help to increase and encourage the people of the organization.  It assists to enhance sales and profits for the company. It will also help to create good image and goodwill globally. By having proper promotional techniques the organization can easily accomplish overall goals and objectives of the company (Trujillo-Barrera et al., 2016).

The company should take into consideration cross culture training strategy so that the culture of the organization can be evaluated and analyzed.  It will also assist to minimize the issues related to cross culture training and problems.  The company should also take into consideration proper teamwork so that the cooperation can be enhanced effectively.  If a proper team is there in the organization then the information related to the packages and trip of the consumers can be minimized.  It is also important to collect feedback so that the customer mindset can be evaluated and also improvement can be made properly. By this, it can also lead to enhancement of the services.

Leadership and Sustainability in Intrepid Travel Company


It is analyzed that sustainability has a great role to conduct the activities of the tourism and travel industry. Intrepid Travel Company is one of the largest adventure travel companies that help to explore the business activities globally. Proper planning and leadership play a great role to operate the activities. Proper planning helps to maintain sustainability so that the organization image can be enhanced in the market. Sustainability is related to styles of leadership and value chain of the company. It is recommended that the organization should give emphasis on the strategies of marketing so that the growth can be achieved. It also helps to compete effectively in the competitive environment.


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