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Personal SWOT Analysis

What Is The Experience Source Of Learning Development?

A personal development plan is essential for the evaluation of every individual. There are some key goals and strategies that important for the development of personal knowledge and understanding. In this development plan, self – assessment and need of understanding the goals and objective of the life are very important. There are some cases, where decision-making situations are not easy or on the other hand, the entire focus of the learning and evaluation may state something different. In that case, the strengths of my characters or instincts will help me out with the successful implementation of the plan. This is basically a plan that fits the goals and objectives of the personal understanding. This must be a plan to be formulated and these plans help me to reach or ensure better positional stage in my career.

I am learning through my MBA course and want to become a Chief Executive Officer of an organization. I am eying for the Chief Executive Officer post of National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC), as the company is one of the largest food –processing and agricultural companies in entire the Middle East and North Africa (, 2018). I get to know that 20% stock of the company is owned by the government and rest is driven by the private sector. So this is considered the joint stock public company. The company owns six dairy firms and 60,000 cows and the total capacity of 1.5 million liters of milk are needed for daily basis. As the company has a good history and the served quality products to their customers so I wish to indulge with the company as a Chief Executive Officer. The company founded in 1981 and has more than 200 numbers of products so I have more business opportunities with those foods and agricultural options. 

I need to expand my horizon as I am focusing on such big companies like Nadec. In this personal development plan personal SWOT analysis identifies my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats and this evaluation helps me to identify the weak points where I need to get focus and through the action plan, I also understand the possible planning that I need to take for the betterment of the gaining positions.

This section analyses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for me and those will influence my future chances of getting better job position.

  • My personal administration sill is good and understands the importance of knowledge along with the general sound of training.
  • In between the MBA course, pressure situation is quite adjustable for me and I am used with those situations and from these sections I gain confidence from them.
  • I can manage a team and I have the potential to do so. In that case, my leadership quality will be an extra factor for the selected organization.
  • I have good demonstration knowledge and in case of any objective demonstration, I will able to take any sorts of responsibilities in the organization and my leadership quality to manage the situation also becomes the strength for the organization.
  • I am hard working and that will help me to sustain my position in the organization. As organization always wants that their leader has a hard-working mentality of work progress. In this globalized business, gaining competitive advantage for the company is a huge opportunity, as well as the hard-working mentality of the leader; motivate employees to work in an efficient manner.
  • I can balance the workplace handling and work-life balance procedure, In case of my MBA, some of the sections need extra care and time, in that case, study pressure maintenance and balancing my personal life is a learning curve for me.
  • Communication is not a strong aspect for me. I am not comfortable enough to communicate in a significant manner. There are some cases, where conflict situations can be mitigated by the effective use of communication. However, I am not quite able to do that.
  • Decision making is a big aspect of leadership and I have not got expertise in decision making. In some big decision for the organization, decision-making statements are important and that highlights the entire scenario of the organization to step forward and the good decision for the organization sustainability (McGrath, 2014).
  • Planning perception is not good for me and I am not a future planner at all. The vision needs to be in future and that will bring more prosperity to the organization.
  • Sometimes I feel unsure about the positional perspective and have not made my mind to express the feeling. Lack of confidence is the concerning aspect for me and I need to overcome this barrier so that I can maintain my good run in learning and job getting the arena.
  • I get some opportunities in case of learning period and through the MBA learning course, I get to know some elements of learning through this process and these processes help me find out the right way to pursue my education.
  • Company activity learning and problem-related situations are also provided by the learning course and that helps in case of making my career (Eisele et al., 2013).
  • I learn the line manager concept, roles and responsibilities and these processes help me to find out the better managerial outcomes for me.
  • There are some organizational commitments that make threats to me. The organizational process is very important in that aspect and the focused procedure is needed in that case, but due to inexperience mindset commitments are not fully acclaimed by me and that becomes a threat for the organization as well (Zepeda, 2013).
  • Balance in work needs some strategies and if strategies are not implementing in an effective manner then major threat has been faced by the organization.

Goal Setting

  • Some of the goals that I have to set for my development and these are the required goal lead in the positive framework of the work.
  • The widen form of leadership understanding is another aspect that I need for the development of the personal understanding.
  • Personal fitness is an important aspect of my development. In that case allocation of personal development is the concern matter for my future and I need to take care of this.
  • The next goal is considered with core business analysis skill and this skill development is essential for that case (Kukulska-Hulme, 2012).
  • The next goal setting arena is associated with improved planning and decision making skill of mine. I am the concerned person in that case and I need to motivate my own instincts to deliver the process is a right way to execution.
  • I need to build my confidence as I want to be a leader so my perception and organizational knowledge is important for me.
  • Communication is the most effective aspect of personal goal setting (Furman, 2012). In that case, my next goal is to improve my communication so that effective conflict situation can be mitigated.

There are some resources from where I get some knowledge to improve my development plan. The resources are like from where I am pursuing my MBA right now, which means universities or any of the learning sectors can be considered as resources. Some of the active learning sessions and line management process are the concerning aspect of personal development (Pedler, Burgoyne & Boydell, 2013). Advice from the senior managers also considered as resources from where I can understand that part of my leaning. As the senior colleagues are more experience than me so their practical experience helps me to extract the needed aspect of learning.

In case of project objectives, there are three sectors like Short-term Goal, Medium Term Goal and Long-term Goal (Larman, 2012). All these goals are presenting the objectives actually in form of resulting the prioritizing my ability and evaluate my position in this globalized competitive market.

The Short-term goal will be significant cross-cultural function determination and effective strategies to meet these goals. The process will take maximum 6months and I want a place where managers' engagement is relatively very high so that will encourage my short-term goal and help to retain the goal in quick time.

The Medium-term goal will be the mitigation of communication problem. The improvements in the sector and conflict challenges are there, but most of the time in case of organizational advancement better communication is required. Through the communication, enough support and significant process of management build up are there and interaction is the only process that helps to mitigate conflict situation and doing favour in case of retaining employees. It will take almost a year to complete (Dowling, 2014).

The Long-term plan is to understand the roles and responsibilities of a manager. As a manager, I have to take care of every single situation and that will impact on my organization. I need to improve the decision-making process as in case of crucial situation leaders or managers doing the right thing to decide the possible strategy for the organization, so I need to improve the section also. I am quite good in team management, but team bonding activities are also required in an organization, I need to improve this aspect also. The entire process can take almost 2 to 3 years and I need to plan for this entire process



Time Frame

Person responsible


1. Learning development process

(Business external activities)

In this process, I need to take care of my learning activities so that I learn enough from my seniors, past experience and form the development program in the learning institutes.

2. Cross-cultural management

(In between the organization)

In some cases, an organization has cross-cultural employees, who are delivering their best and also expertise in their own field (Kolb, 2014). In that case, a communication and cultural gap are persisted between them. As a manager, I need to take care of that and also maintain the organization balance by mitigating those situations.

It takes almost 2 or 3 years as this is the entire process of the action plan that management relies on.

This is another learning process for me and I have to learn the aspects of cross-cultural problems and then indulge my activity with the real situation of cross culture and then try to mitigate the situation. This is a significant process that I have to learn within 6months.

All the expertise, faculties, seniors all is the responsible person and for them, only the learning process will be developed.

The situation is the only responsible thing in the broader perspective. This is kind of situation, where decision making is the only part that engrosses less intervention of others.

I need to invest my time; time is the concern factor for this case. I also deliver my efforts to learn this thing quickly and efficiently.

I have to observe that situation and think about the situation that to mitigate this. If the formulation is right and effective in some cases, the implementation of this will be helpful for the small or large organization as well.

3. Communication problems

(Verbal and non-verbal communication )

The communication problem is one of the challenging problems for me and I admit that. However, to be a leader or a manager, I need to take care of communication and interaction with my employees in the verbal or non-verbal way. Body language can be considered as the language and that is the reason in some cases leaders' body language states some effective scenario over the critical situation (Gjedrem, 2012). In case of cross-cultural communication management, I need to communicate with my employer so that I can get closer to them mentality to provide support to their situations as well.

I have to join some professional interaction class and then only my internal shell will be broken and I will become smarter and friendlier than what I am right now. The session can take 1 year for the entire learning period. Getting gel with the new environment is also a challenge for me, due to my introvert characteristic, but in case of organizational demand, I have to communicate with other employees.

My professional learning faculties are liable and responsible for that. In such cases, my communication is not perfect, and then I need to change some of the skill activities for me so that I can learn from them and earn respect from other employees as well.

I have to deliver my cent percent so that communication problem can be uprooted from my side and that is the reason I have to spend more time over this professional learning sessions so that my activity will improve and I gain enough confidence to stand over that situation for the further development. 

4. The responsibility of a manager

(To manage the entire process in the organization)

A manager can take care of the entire operational process of an organization. In that case, I am doing my MBA course and I will make this process happen where all the responsibilities are coming towards me and I have to take care of all these liabilities. In a broader term, an organization depends on both employees and managers as my decision making, training and development deliverance is the key aspect of the organization (Cunliffe, 2016). Along with this, in case of the conflict situation and employee retention situation managers are delivering a vital role in the organization and that need to understand and properly delivered by me in an effective manner to become a successful manager.

This is the most important process and after that process, managerial aspects will evolve in my behavior. So successful completion of this process is necessary and that is the reason I need to learn this process in a slow and steady manner. It will take 2 to 3 years of course for learning every single aspect that a manager has to know in case of operating an organization.

In this case, my faculties are the responsible one who can take of this situation. I also liable for this situation as well, where I have to decide the right way to become a manager.

All the inputs that I may deliver in case of learning the aspects of managerial decision making can be addressed by me in an effective way. I will deliver my effort to learn the situation and to know more about the managerial and executive process that help me to evolve my organizational position as a manager.



Therefore it can be concluded that personal and professional development plan is needed for the development of personal positioning and to get better position in the organization. Own goals are the concern matter for the personal development and identify those goals and work over them is the best part of personal development planning. In case of fulfilling my study, I need to understand my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that I prepare my learning career according to this. The paper has state all the possible understanding of this manner and deliver the best plan for the person.


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