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Importance of technology in Dominos


Discuss about the International HRM for Business Information Systems and Technology.

The question is related to how technology can help the structure of Dominos. The biggest pizza company is domino which conducts the activities on a global basis.  It is analyzed that the structure of the company can help to achieve overall profits and give a positive impact on the overall operations of the company. If the emphasis is given on the structure of dominos, then it is seen that product delivery time and interaction with the customers plays a great role. Technology helps in giving proper assistance to the customers so that they can avail the services by sitting at home. They can order food by sitting anywhere and can solve the queries by interacting with the employees with the help of chat service or through mobiles (Molinillo and Japutra, 2017).

Technology can assist the structure of the organization by giving effective services to the consumers through strategies like 30 minutes delivery.  It is evaluated that the organization considers the technology in every activity conducted in the company.  The latest technology is used to make bill payments and also helps in taking orders from the customers (Dornberger et al., 2018).  If a company focuses on latest technology then it can be easy to achieve success in the market. For instance: Dominos give a 30-minute challenge to deliver the product, so the process is completed effectively just because of latest technologies.

The company is situated in many parts and there are various languages which are used by different people. The cultural difference that impacts the overall performance of the employee is a change in the language. It is seen that it is not possible for the employees to learn each and every language so it is difficult to perform the activity in such situation (Ang and Van Dyne, 2015).  For instance: If an employee understands English but the customer speaks French then it can create difficult situation for the employee and activities cannot be conducted in an effective manner. This situation can also take place between the employees of the company. It can create conflict between the employees and hinder the activities of the company conducted on a regular basis. Change in the language of the employees can affect the performance and also reduce the overall sales of the company (Hopkins, 2016).

 Therefore it can be analyzed that change in the language can affect the performance of the employees and can also reduce the overall activities of the company.

It is seen that in the company corporate culture have given emphasis to the employees who treat the employees with good communication skill and enhance their satisfaction level. They solve the queries of the customers in a proper way. The employees of the organization try to speak the language which can be understood by the customers and they consider the method of greeting in which the outlet is located.  It is also seen that company focuses on maintaining corporate culture by considering the rules and regulations of the country (Malyuga and Tomalin, 2017).  It is seen that also according to festive seasons they offer and create environment accordingly so that customers can be attracted and can also be happy with the services offered to them.

How language barriers affect the company's performance

For example: it is seen that in many countries people are greeted with flowers at the time of entering. It makes people happy and creates a feeling of respect within them. So, it can be evaluated that company focuses on considering national and culture blend together.

It can be analyzed that global networks of the company are management by the top management. All the directions and messages are conveyed from headquarter of US.  All the decisions are first approved in headquarter and then conveyed to all the employees of the organization. All the activities and changes are made with the help of direction given by the top management. Without proper decisions given by the management, it cannot be possible for the subordinates to manage the activities.  It also assists in making coordination between the activities of the company (Barakat et al., 2015). 

For instance: the message is conveyed from the top management to bring change in the packaging then the change will be considered by every outlet. Global networks are controlled and managed with the assistance from top management. So, it can be analyzed that it is important that company consider rules and regulations imposed by the top management so that success can be achieved in the market.

It is seen that in every organization diversity has an important role.  The company emphasizes on selecting the people who are capable enough to conduct the activities with efficiency. The individuals who are selected are from a different culture (Martin, 2014).  Dominos should focus on maintaining the goals so that the employees can conduct their task accordingly. It is important for the company to give the same treatment to the customer so that diversity can be managed (Benschop, 2016).

Training is one of the important methods that can help to manage the diversity of the company. The training that should be given to the employees is concerned with communication.  Training that is given to the employees can help in increasing the communication between the employees and the management in a proper way. Dominos help to create diversity by offering good environment so that people can feel good when they visit the outlet. If the same type of service is given to the customers at every outlet then it can enhance the confidence level of availing the services and products given by the company (Harvey and Allard, 2015).

For instance: the company trains its employees that how to communicate with the customers and also it not only give a positive impact on the working pattern but boost the morale of the employees. So, it can be seen that by focusing on diversity it can be easy for the company to achieve success.

In Dominos it is seen that each and every country considers different staffing approach. So, it is seen that in Australia ethnocentric approach is taken into consideration. In this approach, it is seen that product is promoted by focusing on the domestic market. Next country is New Zealand which considers the Polycentric approach and emphasizes the overall requirement of the customers. So, it is evaluated that it is essential to take into consideration the approaches so that demand and wants of the customers can be evaluated. Australia has considered ethnocentric and New Zealand has considered the polycentric approach. Without this approaches it can be difficult for the company to achieve success in the market (Guo, Rammal, and Dowling, 2016).

Corporate culture and communication in Dominos

The organizational structure of the company has an important role in conducting the activities in a smooth manner. If there is no organizational structure then it cannot be possible to survive in the competitive environment.  So, by focusing on the organizational structure of dominos it is seen that division is done on the two bases. There are two categories one is a managerial category and other is a non-managerial category. By considering the managerial category it is analyzed that the employees who conduct the activities are on the top management. The managerial category consists of officers, managers and also an assistant manager.  They supervise the subordinates so that activities can be conducted smoothly.

 Next category is a non-managerial category in which it consists of the people like a trainer, salesman and also the office staff. They conduct the activities according to the decisions given by the top management. It is seen that the decisions are made from headquarter of the company and decisions comprises of rules and regulations of the company (Certo, 2018). The final decisions are discussed with the manager of every outlet and activities are conducted according to the decisions. The decisions that are made should be considered by the employees so that goals and objectives can be accomplished effectively.

It is seen that if employees conduct the activities according to the policies then it can be easy to enhance the profitability of the company. This structure is designed in such a manner which give assistance to the employees so that each and every employee can coordinate with each other.

For example: it is evaluated that when the manager receives the message from headquarter then they conduct the meetings so that employees can easily understand the change which is made. The activities will be conducted by considering the decision by the top management. Like the employee who is from sale department will focus more on sales and the person who is from finance department will focus on managing the finance part of the company. So, in this way the company conducts the routine activities in an effective manner.

Workforce planning is a method in which proper planning is done of the workforce who is conducting the routine activities in the organization. Workforce planning helps to analyze the need and want of the company. It assists to evaluate the want of the organization in terms of size and quality of the workers so that goals and objectives can be accomplished (Weiss, 2016). It can be analyzed that workforce planning is related to the function of human resource management and it helps to collect the information of the employees in the organization. It is analyzed that forecast of the activities are done by considering the workforce planning (Isiaka et al., 2016).  By this workforce planning, it is seen that strategic objects can also be evaluated.  It is a method which is considered by the top management so that future labor can be evaluated and activities can be conducted smoothly (Stone and Deadrick, 2015).

Managing global networks in Dominos

(Source: Vskills, 2018).

For instance: Domino's give emphasizes on workforce planning so that incorrect direction the activities can be conducted.  It is analyzed that if there is no proper planning in the organization then it is not possible to survive for long in the competitive environment. Workforce planning in the organization can give positive results to the company.

Cultural shock is related to the people who belong from a different background. This situation takes place in the organization when there are many individuals who are from different background and conflict take place between them. The culture and background of the people are different and they conduct the same activity as done by others.

For example: In a company, there are many issues which arise due to communication gap. It is analyzed that people are from different background and they use different language which sometimes creates frustration for the other employees.  The company should try to take into consideration the strategies so that large market share can be grabbed. If strategies are adopted effectively than it can create peace in the company. It is also analyzed that the top level management should emphasize on reducing the cultural shock in the organization so that growth can be achieved.

It is seen that cultural shock can impact on the performance of the employees as it is seen that an expatriate is an individual who stays outside of the native country. So, they face problem in making an adjustment by analyzing culture shock. When culture shock is seen the person who is new in the organization is demotivated (Mone and London, 2018).  For instance: If a person is new and does not know English well then it can be a bad situation and he or she will not be happy in conducting the activities of the company. So, the top management should focus on reducing the cultural shock so that growth can be achieved and performance can also be maintained.

It is analyzed that there are various factors the direct impact on the performance and motivation of the employees in MNC's.  One of the major factors can be incentive factor. It is seen that if the incentive is given to the employees according to their performance then it can be easy to conduct the activities in an effective manner (Beckmann and Heckhausen, 2018). 

For example: Performance should be measured according to the scale and highest performer should be rewarded.  It will not only enhance the level of motivation of the employees but also bring efficiency in the working pattern. So, this factor should be taken into consideration so that performance and motivation level can be enhanced by the employees.


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