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Part A: Separation and Termination

Discuss about the Manage Separation and Termination.

This report deals with the approaches of human resource management for the CoffeeVille in Melbourne, Australia. This small café was founded by two siblings Emma and Rufus Belacastran in 2009. The major characteristics of this café are it involves local products as the resource, serves fair trade and certified coffee and possesses friendly working environment for the employees (Weske 2012).

This report has two parts, one has explained the management criteria for the Termination and Separation and another one is based on the Redundancy Program of the CoffeeVille.

There is no potentiality of occurrence of any non-conformance issues in the current business scenario of CoffeeVille. CoffeeVille has focused on the maintenance of their service and quality of the products. However, they can make efforts to achieve maximum employee satisfaction. Moreover, CoffeeVille can also be careful in case of its ingredients supplier.

Positive aspects have involved the fair trade concept of this company; moreover, they have also set their business goals by valuing the local culture and requirements. Apart from that, they strongly follow business ethics.

CoffeeVille can amend the employee management policies so that better steps can be taken by the management authority while handling the critical issues regarding the human resource management.

In case of employee relation and employee dismissal legislation Fair Work Act, 2009 can be stated. This act was passed in Australia by the Rudd government for the purpose of reforming the industrial relations across the world. Thus act deals with the equality, rights and fair wage system for the employees. Moreover, the important aspect of this act is it provides protection to the Australian employees from being terminated by the imposition of any unfair dismissal law.

CoffeeVille may terminate the employment if the employee has not improved his performance and skill as per the expectation even after giving the opportunities with sufficient period of time.  The minimum standard of performance and conduct is required by the employees. CoffeeVille can give the employees time to enhance their performance as well as can help them by providing training. As mentioned by, (Kramer 2014) each employee must be given the support so that they meet the expectation; employees can be counseled and given additional time for their development. However, if an employee breaches the policy deliberately and gets engaged in misconducts frequently company can give specific notice prior to the termination of the employee. Updated policy and procedure for the CoffeeVille can be as below:

  • First, the manager should give advice regarding the performance standard and the inappropriate conduct in the workplace. The manager can explain the appropriate policy and can give the example of the deficiency of the particular employee. The employee should be given the chance to give his opinion in the regard.
  • After the employee gives the response managers should go through it and decide if any developmental plan is required for the employee.
  • The manager is required to make a note when he is giving any verbal warning to the employee.
  • The manager can further notify the employee with issuing a written warning letter where the reason behind the warning and expected standard is included. Moreover, warning letter should include the organizational action that has supported the employee during the course of his improvement and consequence of failing to develop the performance and behavior.
  • The company must continue to support the employee by means of training and counseling for the employee. However, if the required improvement is not achieved CoffeeVille can issue the final warning letter to the employee that can be followed by the termination of the employee if the expected outcome is not seen.

CoffeeVille Operation Review

In CoffeeVille summary dismissal of the employees can be conducted if there is any serious allegation of misconduct for an employee. Steps in this concern are as follows:

  • Managers should investigate the alleged misconducts. Managers are also allowed of talking to the witnesses if there are any.
  • The manager must provide the opportunity to the alleged employees to represent his opinion and justification behind such activity. Managers should evaluate the response and situation of the employee.
  • After the investigation, manage can terminate the employee if it is appropriate action against the allegation.
  • The manager is required to keep the record of the evidence and actions taken for the incident.

For redundancy, CoffeeVille should first justify the current situation of the company and take action accordingly. If the company faces financial constraints then they investigate the facts that whether the employees can be given any alternative opportunities of employment or they must be compensated with sufficient packages. Moreover, if particular employees have become less productive and functional they can be terminated with the provision of appropriate notice and justification of the termination (Jensen , Johansson and Löfström 2013). It must be kept in mind during the termination of the employees that the full-time, pat-time and casual employees are required given the different intensity of the consideration; however, the condition of the every type of employees must be evaluated with equal intensity.

CoffeeVille should follow the policy of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) that aims to hold a working environment that is positive, productive and equitable. This policy will help the company to provide the employees a safe, fair and flexible, culturally appropriate and friendly atmosphere. This policy influences the working environment lack of harassment and discrimination (Ferry and Bachtler 2013). EEO can help to obtain the diversity management within an organization that in turn influence the productivity and improvement of the potentiality for an employee. General workplace rights also involve the anti-bulling, anti-harassment policy, anti-discrimination policy. These policies protect an employee from any kind of harassment whether it is emotional or physical; moreover, workplace bullying that involves harmful behavior towards the employees risking their safety, abusive behavior and isolation of a particular employee by a group of employees, can also be avoided by anti-bullying policy (Bauernschuster 2013). Apart from that, CoffeeVille should abide by the Occupational Health and Safety policy strictly to maintain the well-being and security of the employees. The authority of CoffeeVille must assess the risk factor of any activity prior to putting the employees in the working area. Moreover, it is important to ensure that organizational activities are compatible with the legislative requirements (Bodkin, Nowell and Bayoumi 2014). There are some issues concerned with confidentiality of the employee information that is also included under the protection of workplace rights.

To get the maximum production CoffeeVille can revise their recruitment strategy. They can adopt the process of screening the potentiality of the candidates so that better performance can be achieved. Test on knowledge and skill is another important aspect of recruitment. As CoffeeVille tend to hire the local people as their staff they might overlook the requirement of expertise for the success of their business.

Policy and Procedure Update

 During induction, all the rules, regulations, and policies are explained to the employees. In this regard expectations from the employees are also discussed. CoffeeVille should also follow this step and explain the rules of employment to the workers. Moreover, training is also given to the employees so that they can acknowledge the task they have to do. Basic staff training by the organizations is mandatory to given outline of the activities to the employees. Coffeville can also announce the matter of undertaking any disciplinary actions by the authorities during the training if required.

Employers can enhance the performance of ye employees when the training procedure is updated according to the requirement. Another important step is recording of the training sessions so that assessment and evaluation can be obtained by the employer in future.

The timeframe for the training period depends on the potentiality of the employees. That is why 4 to 6 weeks of training can be organized by the CoffeVille. Training should be given to the required activities along with the ethical concerns, moral issues and rules and regulation of the organization.

Improved strategy can involve frequent measurement of the performance of the employees after specific time interval. Moreover, if any employee is having the problem with the training style easier way can be adopted such as the inclusion of audio-visual components, written documents, group activity etc.

Dear, Rufus and Emma Belcastran

This mail is concerning on the fact of seeking approval for the proposed Termination and Dismissal Policies and Procedures. Few steps like appropriate recruiting, proper induction and maintenance of the workplace rights can be proved successful. Moreover, prior to termination, there are several steps like the investigation of the allegation, provision of proper time to stand up to the expectancy and giving the developmental support by the organization might also be helpful in this context.

It will be appreciable if you kindly approve the proposal of implementation.


 Due to the decline in financial condition, one of the CoffeeVille franchise has decided to shut their shop off. This part of the report has attempted to include several steps that can be helpful for CoffeeVille in the redundancy program.

The perfect method of notifying the employees will be providing the documents with the explanation of the current situation of the company and the capabilities of the organization to cope with the situation (Moskaliuk, Kimmerle and Cress 2012). Online release of this issue can also be helpful to make the company aware of the situation and reason behind it.

Each of the staffs of this franchise must be notified prior to taking any final action. CoffeeVille can issue notice minimum 3 months so that the employees are given sufficient opportunity to take appropriate sustainable action.

Staffs who are working with the company for more than 2 years can be relocated in other franchise as their experience and skill can be useful to the brand. Employees with less than one year can be terminated as it will not be able to cover up the costing of relocation. However, an exception can be made concerning the capability and skill.

For particular employees, company can reconsider the training facility so that their performance can be improved and the point of relocation can be revised (Bennett and Ho 2014). Moreover, employees who have strongly affected by the closure of the franchise can be further supported by the organization with the help of providing the counseling so that they get over the emotional and social complication.


Hence, it can be said, this report is valid for the understanding of the termination and separation policy for the CoffeeVille and the redundancy program for the employees. In this report several proposals has been provided so that better organizational policies can by obtained.

Reference List:

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