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Discuss about the Report on Management Strategies for the Automobile Industry’s Successful Brand, BMW on Customer Expectations in the Middle East’?



Introduction (Background of the study)

The experience of the customer contributes in determining the brand name of the automobile industry and plays a key role to capture competitive market share. This research proposal is a challenge to analyze the concept of automotive branding. The branding of automobile captures the fundamental nature of an automobile industry from the point of view of the customers. Basically, it coherent the industry’s value plans in terms of relation to the customers, product quality as well as culture The increasing focus on the satisfaction of the customer as well as loyalty helps an industry to rethink on their management strategies. The value of automobile industry’s successful brand, BMW is vast as well as it is a tactical tool to attract all the customers. In the Middle East countries, there is a fastest rising of automotive brand at the ending of first quarter of the year 2011. BMW group is confident in achieving a large record in the Middle East.

Research Aim

The main aim of this assignment is to investigate the management strategies for the Automobile Industry’s successful brand, BMW on the expectations of the customer in the Middle East area. The concept of automotive branding is strained ahead the existing models as well as practices across the marketing fields. Through the research, it is being seen that the automobile company will be able to study the buying behaviour of the customers. Based on the understanding of the perception of the customers, the companies can be able to determine the actions that are required to meet the needs of the customer. The market of the car changes due to fast competition as well as advanced technology. Therefore, the automotive manufacturer understands the preference of the customers on time as well as takes necessary actions to reflect the changes within the market quickly.

Research objectives

To conduct the research on how the automotive parts are to be handled

To investigate the factors on the basis of what the customers choose brand

To know the way of thinking of the customers that promotion are important in the automotive industry

Research questions

1. Is the successful brand of BMW able to meet the expectation of the customers?

2. What is the significance of marketing strategies of BMW in the regions of the Middle-East?

3. What are the steps to be taken in the Automobile Industry to fulfil the expectation of the customers?

Problem statement

Due to appearance of globalization as well as liberalization there is a rigid competition among the industries of automobile that focus to capture the markets of Middle East. An automobile are not to be considered as luxury, it occupies the everyday part of life as well as becomes a necessity. The attitude of the customers changed towards the fact that yesterday’s luxuries are the necessities of today. In order to become successful in the market, it is important to study the awareness of the potential buyers as well as track their drivers of those perceptions.


Literature review

It will review the recent studies and also research done in regards to make profits in the automobile industry in case they fulfil the expectations of the customers. Based on the marketing strategy of BMW, it adopts a marketing campaign to target their customers. It tells their customers that their branded cars give pleasure in driving than any other branded car. Research on this extreme pattern indicated that the successful brand of the automobile industry achieves the perception as well as loyalty of the customers in the Middle East countries Further research publicized that ethnicity, the image of the country as well as interpersonal organize serve as drivers of automobile purchase as well as phenomenon of consumption. Therefore, the consumer ends the equation of brand that is vital in building the brand of the automobile industry. The societal structure in the Middle East countries is to be highly networked. The individual perception of the customer on the brand image as well as its perceptive influences the potential customers. Due to those reasons, it is necessary to convince the customers to believe in products as well as connect the customers with the company’s brand. The customers those feel that the business model of BMW as well as their brand values tend to continue loyal and engaged in increasing their manufacturing.


Automobile is considered to be a need especially in the Middle East countries. It is important in those areas to own an automobile for convenience purposes. It is also important for the customers to appraise the variety of automobile that they need to purchase. The decisions are taken based on multiple factors like the requirements of the customer, safety needs, maintenance of budget. The consumer of the Middle East countries also becomes aware of their choices as well as quality of the automobile This study provides the overview of automotive brand in this area. In view of the strong competition in the market of Middle-East in the segments of lower, middle as well as upper-middle of the automobile brands, the rating of brand of BMW from the viewpoint of their customers is also discussed. The brand awareness level of BMW among the people is analyzed. Even it is the best brand that offers best manufacturing products may fail if it fails to communicate with their customers The study also offers some important insight on the BMW’s customer satisfaction. The brand of BMW is able to provide value to its customer and gain a better market share than any other automobile industries.


Research Design and Methodology

The important fact of research methodology is well defined structure and sequential approach that will help to complete the research work successfully. There are three types of research design; exploratory, explanatory as well as descriptive. In this research, explanatory design is chosen that will assist to understand the effect of the strategies of marketing of BMW on the expectations of the customers in the regions of Middle East. It gets the liberty to explain the nature of the research problem, purpose of the research with the experience as well as knowledge (Al, 2013).

In this research, the methodology plays a role to build the framework of the research. This research is basically based on the research on survey. This research consists of research onion to identify the research method. The philosophies to be used to develop the framework are intepretivism, positivism as well as pragmatism. This research chooses the positivism to expand its research framework as it is appropriate for a deductive research approach. The analysis is based on the statistical analysis to compute the data (Dutton, 2013). It requires acquiring a set of overview such as causality to understand the data into simplest ways. The analysis of the research is based on the customer satisfaction to identify approval of the BMW’s products (Eaton, 2013). It is based on highlighting the marketing strategy of BMW, features of BMW car as well as the overall satisfaction of the customer. In the analysis, both the positive as well as negative responses are evaluated. After the analyzing of the research, it is being known more about the strategies used in marketing or selling of the BMW’s car.

Research Onion

Research onion demonstrates the stages that cover at the time of developing a research strategy. Each of the layers of the onion describes the stages of the process of research in details. It provides an efficient succession through which the research methodology is designed. The usefulness of research onion lies in its flexibility for any type of methodology and it can be used in diversity of contexts. The first stage of research onion is to understand the process of the research. Based on the objective of the research, it is to be done. Firstly, the research philosophy refers to the nature of the reality that is being investigated. It gives the description of the quality of knowledge. It mainly defines the process of undertaking the research. This research chooses the positivism to expand its research framework as it is appropriate for a deductive research approach. This approach develops the hypothesis on the theory of pre-existing as well as it prepares the approach of the research to examine it. Mainly, this research consists of surveys, interviews etc. The surveys tend to use in the quantitative research projects. It also involves sampling a proportion of the population. Sample size will be less than 20 that tend to create the results where the respondents skew the results individually (Chen, Chen and Wang, 2013). In the quantitative research, the size of the sample is important. It produces the data that is quantitative and it can be analyzed empirically. In the quantitative research, the sample represents the larger population to do the analysis. The time horizon is the time framework in the project that is required to complete the research. A time table is required to provide a plan and allocation of the time to complete the proposed research. In this research, explanatory design is chosen that will assist to understand the effect of the strategies of marketing of BMW on the expectations of the customers in the regions of the Middle East.

Research approach

In the research study basically follow two different approaches. The two research approaches include deductive research approach as well as inductive research approach. Moreover, the deductive research approach generally discusses about the evaluation of different existing theories with the help of data analysis. On the other side, the inductive approach also discusses about data collection, observation, data analysis and different other techniques (Starcevic, 2013). In this particular study it mainly adopts the techniques of deductive approach. Moreover, the main reason in order to adopt the deductive approach is that this approach discussed about the research study with the help of evaluation of different theories about the factors that mainly influence the customer expectations (Strebinger, 2014). However, on the other side, both the data analysis as well as finding part of the research study did the verification of all mentioned theories in relation with the customer expectation and different strategies of successful brand awareness (Yazdanifard, 2014).


Sampling method

In order to complete this research study, the methods of sampling becomes one of the vital aspects, especially in order to gathering primary data by doing survey. Moreover, the sampling techniques in order to do the research study needed the appropriate adaptation of sample size, sampling techniques and sample unit. Moreover, in this particular study both the aims and objectives helps the researcher in terms of dealing the primary as well as secondary data (Chen et al., 2013). Apart from this, the main aim of doing the selection of simple random sampling is that it has no biasness and the sample is also chosen in the random manner. According to this particular research study it did the application of random sampling techniques depending on the context of research study (Chen, Huang and Ji, 2012). The sample size is taken as 10.

Data collection method

The data collection techniques mainly help the researcher to follow the right directions in the terms of achieving the expected outcomes. Moreover, the techniques of data collection can also vary from research study to another (Stapleton and Degitz, 2014). In the terms of collecting data various techniques of questionnaire, interviews methods are used. However, the objectives of the research are to do the evaluation of successful brand on customer expectations (Alshenqeeti, 2014). Moreover, data collection methods consist of primary as well as secondary data collection methods. Moreover, the primary data collection evolves the quantitative techniques as well as secondary data collected data through journals and blogs. The process of data collection begins with selecting a sample that is based on the customer group of BMW’s (Ha, Djuraev and Ahn, 2014). The reason behind selecting the customer group is that they are people who join the brand awareness program. The needs of the customer are to be focused based on the marketing strategy of BMW. The questionnaire is designed based on close ended questions. The questions will be based on the marketing strategies of BMW to satisfy the customers. These questions are given to the customer to give their own feedback and the answers are to be collected on the same day (Hofisi, Hofisi and Mago, 2014). Then the analysis is done to identify the relationship between the customer expectations and other variables. It helps to decide if the successful brand of BMW as well as its marketing strategy meets with the expectation of the customer (Shepley, 2011).

Ethical issues

The research is focusing on the ethical issues. The survey will not consist of those people those have some mental problems. Through the survey, the research will explain the purpose of doing the research. The analysis should meet with the objective of the research. The participants will not be able to withdraw from the participation (Peters, 2011). The participants are allowed to keep the data secure as it is confidential. All the records of the data are to be kept for at least three months.


Research limitations

The problem arises in the form of constraints such as budget, scope as well time of the study. The problems that faced in the course of the research are that some of the customers are not willing to participate as well as aid the research. The unsteadiness concentration sets among the respondents at the time of answering long questionnaire. It leads to difficulty in preventing incomplete questionnaire (Papalambros, 2011). The limitations of the research are due to the method of sampling that is to be chosen, also due to data that is not accurate. The limited time budget causes a huge limitation in the study of the research.


A time table is required to provide a plan and allocation of the time to complete the proposed research. In this research, explanatory design is chosen that will assist to understand the effect of the strategies of marketing of BMW on the expectations of the customers in the regions of the Middle East. The time of the plan is represented in a Gantt chart.

It is the tool that is used to plan as well as schedule the project. It gives an opportunity to consider the time that is taken to complete the research. At the time the research is under taken, this chart is used to monitor the progress. At any given time, it can give the status of the research. Hence, the owner can take the necessary remedial actions to bring back on course.

Gantt chart

Task Name


Aug 15

Sep 15

Oct 15

Literature Review

15 days









Research methodology

5 days









Research approach

7 days









Sampling technique

5 days









Data collection method

15 days








Findings and Analysis

5 days











2 days











2 days










Final review

1 day











1 day













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