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Describe the Marketing Management and Digital Communications for DMCP.


The marketing management and digital communication are effective for growth and development of business (Aslihan Nasir, & Karakaya, 2014). This report examines the PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Natural Evolution to develop the marketing plan their new products and services. It presents financial as well as marketing objectives of Natural Evolution. Further, it discusses marketing mix strategies to develop DMCP (digital marketing communication plan). In last, it discusses the budget allocation for the promotion mix components that could be imperative in promoting goods and services (Bonn, Cronin Jr, & Cho, 2016).

Rob and Krista Watkins established Natural Evolution organization in Australia, which is fully family-owned business. They have started a business with the specialized manufacturer of green banana flour goods and green banana starch resistant in Australia (Natural Evolution 2018).  On the tens show channel, the organization has planned to share the brand story among 5000, 00 active viewers.  Rob has launched their products and services in the marketplace by inspired from his father love for farming. He practiced ways of his father to grow his business as largest producer of banana in Australia.

Green banana flour is the product of Natural Evolution organization. Company produces certain kinds of produces as it could be related to the natural, organic food, green banana starch resistant, and beauty products (Thøgersen, Pedersen, Paternoga, Schwendel, & Aschemann-Witzel, 2017).  Moreover, customer desire to have a healthy lifestyle hence they preferred organic products, which will increase the demand of organic products in Australia. In the current era, the demands of such products are estimated to enhance by 15-20%. Further, it is a larger exporter and supplier of organic food in Australia. Moreover, Natural Evolution organization can develop its market by considering the digital marketing communication technique as it would be effective for sustaining the position of the organization in the marketplace (Baltes, 2015).  

Situation analysis technique is used by the managers of the organization to examine the external and internal atmosphere to comprehend the firm’s abilities, business environment, and consumers.   

There are different stakeholders of Natural Evolution like employees, consumers, creditors, trade associates, investors, and government. The stakeholders play an imperative role in increasing the awareness of green banana flour in the huge amount of the consumers.    

It is evaluated that the behavior of the consumer is changed on the basis of their collected information as it is collected by advertisements and media. The conscious of families in Australia prefer the products and services of this organization. The organization uses many sources to promote their goods and services and change the purchasing behavior of the consumer like direct communication and social media (Belch, Belch, Kerr, and GPowell, 2014). 

Company objectives

Natural Evolution has certain key market players named Primal Health Products Protein Supplies Australia, Pure Food Essentials, and Pure Harvest. The competitor evaluation technique is used to critically evaluate the situation and tools of the competitors as it would be essential for increasing the market share of the organization (Charan & Dahiya, 2015).  It could also be examined by considering Porter's five-force model as it is discussed below:      

Porter’s five force models are used to examine the factors that affect to the company success such as bargaining power of buyers and bargaining power of suppliers, threats of new entrants, the threat of substitutes, and rivalry among new entrants. These are discussed as below:          

Bargaining power of buyers 

This organization has lower bargaining power caused of lower availability of healthier products and services in Australia. It demonstrates that the buyer cannot be easily moved from one product to another products and services (Fill & Turnbull, 2016).    

Bargaining power of Suppliers

There is higher bargaining power of suppliers due to the less availability of healthy products and services in the marketplace. Thus, the company should make a favorable relationship with products and services. In this situation, suppliers have the power to use monopoly for selling their materials. Thus, the organization should make flexibility in the payment process for taking raw materials to the suppliers.  

The threat of New Entrants

There are lower threats of new entrants due to higher entrants cost and rules. Regulation of government could also decline possibilities of low threat entrants (Järvinen Karjaluoto, 2015).       

Threat of substitutes

There is the lower threat of substitute’s service in the organic food industry. It could mandate to the organization for offering specified service to the specified consumers.   

There is a higher rivalry between natural evolution and existing competitors of the same industry. It is also examined that an organization may face challenges in sustaining the organization position in the marketplace (Kannan, 2017)

The government of Australia is stable, which could be imperative in increasing the business of natural evolution. Moreover, the state government offers many opportunities to the firm for their business and the accomplishment of the organizational goal. However, Natural Evolution is affected by the regulation of an existing political party. Thus, it is analyzed that organic or healthy food is promoted by each government. Thus, it supports to make a higher profit (Karjaluoto, Mustonen, & Ulkuniemi, 2015).     

Market definition and product or brand background

The economic situation of the Australian government is constant hence it will provide an opportunity to the organization of the expansion of their business. Moreover, the Austrian income is higher hence they spend their money on having healthy products and services. It could be effective for Natural Evolution in obtaining higher profit because the consumer will prefer to use organic food as compare to other products and services.       

Australian follows the modern culture that demonstrated that organization will be capable to easily influence others towards healthy products. It is analyzed that the lifestyle of the individual could facilitate firm for influencing then with respect to purchase products and services of the firm. In addition, it is also analyzed that Natural Evolution is famous for offering healthy products and services to their consumers. Moreover, it is also evaluated that Austrian consumer uses a healthy lifestyle that could be effective for easily inspiring others and obtains higher profit. It could create higher possibilities of getting success (Lamberton, Stephen, 2016).  

Australian consumer uses modern technology as it would be effective for increasing the opportunities for the organization to expand their business in the marketplace. It could also be capable to directly converse with their individuals and accomplish their desired goal. Moreover, it is also evaluated that digital media facilitates business to attract a huge amount of consumers towards the organization (Leeflang, Verhoef, PDahlström, & Freundt, 2014).    


There are certain regulations that are developed by the Australian federal government like safety and security laws for workforces and consumers safety policies. This regulation could make a distinguish image of the organization in the consumers’ mind.  


The organization should make eco-friend products to their consumers as it would also support to make a positive atmosphere. Moreover, Natural Evolution should use systematic processes that do not harm to the atmosphere (Levy & Gvili, 2015).


· Higher production of gluten-free products and natural products 

· Production of banana ointment



· Complicated process of  organic food chain

· Limited variety of goods for the limited consumers


· Higher demand of the organic products in the global

· Enhancement in the social media marketing


· Fluctuation in the political and economic condition  

· Emerging market of organic food market in the Australia  

From the above table, it is analyzed that Natural Evolution has many strengths like the higher production of natural products and services, gluten-free products, and banana ointment. It could lead the organization to sustain their position in the marketplace.    

It is also observed organization has also faced many issues related to their business as a complicated process and a limited variety of products and services. It could enable the organization to obtain higher competitive benefits (Rekha, Mishra, & Chauhan, 2017).      

In Australia, individuals follow a healthy lifestyle that increases the demand for products and services. Consequently, the organization would be capable to obtain a higher profit. Moreover, the organization also uses digital marketing strategy for their organization that would be imperative for increasing the awareness of products and services.  

Situation analysis

Fluctuation in the economic condition could create a threat to the economic condition. In addition, it is also analyzed that emerging market in of the organic food market may create stiff competition and Australian competitors.  

The key problem of Natural evolution is to launch the green banana flour in Australian Market. For this issue, it is required to make segmentation, targeting and positioning in the market.

Segmentation could be imperative for classifying consumers on basis of different factors like psychographic, behaviouristic, demographic, and geographic factor (Royle & Laing, 2014). Moreover, natural evolution could classify their consumer on the basic demographic, geographic, and behavioral factor as it is discussed below:    

Natural evolution deals with an urban region of Australia and develops a plan to enlarge their business in Australia. It could increase demand of the consumer in limited time and cost.     

Natural evolution considers 19-35 years of the customer to offer their products and services. This age group of people is more health conscious as compared to other grow up hence organization considers mainly this age of people. The organization could use an effective marketing approach to gain the awareness of goods and services among the specified consumers (Ryan, 2016).              

The organization has concentrated on those people who are concentrating on having healthy products rather than concentrate on other products and services.  


Natural evolution can offer the premium rates for gluten-free products and banana ointment as it would encourage their consumers for getting higher profit. For increasing the growth of the business, the organization offers a competitive price service for attracting new consumers and obtains higher competitive benefits. Consequently, the organization gets a higher opportunity to complete their task (Simula, Töllmen, & Karjaluoto, 2015).           


It will concentrate on people who believe to have an organic product to improve their health. Thus, the organization could product quality strategy to make a positive image of the firm among consumers. It could be effective for getting higher competitive benefits. It could be imperative for getting a reliable outcome.      

Marketing objectives and goals

  • To examine the Australian market trend
  • To determine opportunities for Natural Evolution in Australia organic food industry     
  • To examine approaches of competitors in the Australian organic food industry   

Financial objectives and goals

  • To enhance Natural Evolution revenue by 30% in next 7 months
  • To decline company expenses by 25% in next 4 months
  • To enhance consumers demand by 31% in next 3 months

 Natural evolution will increase their service with a different tagline and design. It will include natural products that could be effective for the health of an individual. It will depend on healthy products and services of the organization. Hence, Green banana flour can be selected by the huge amount of consumers due to improving their health (Sinha, Singh, Gaudrat, & Ferdinand, 2018). It will also use distinct product features to influence the large number of potential customer.      

Internal analysis

Natural Evolution will use premium pricing strategy to sell their goods and services. It is a natural product hence this product will be quite expensive as compared to other products. In addition, it is also examined that the main purpose of the higher rate is that it will offer quality services to their consumers.

Natural Evolution is located in Australia. Hence, it could imply the online websites and business to customer approach to providing their services for the huge amount of the consumers. This channel could be beneficial for Natural Evolution as it permits them to directly converse with their potential consumers. As a result, it could be imperative for directly dealing with health-conscious people, would provide the possibilities to increase the revenue of the organization (Stephen, 2016).      

Natural evolution will endorse their products and services via digital media because it would be imperative for attracting a huge amount of the consumers. There are certain sources that could be considered in the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. The promotional approach could be imperative in improving the financial performance of the organization (Sinha, Singh, Gaudrat, &Ferdinand, 2018).             

promotion mix Tools

Budget (in A$)

Time schedule

Promotion mix



2 month

Personal selling


1 month

Sales promotion


2 month

Public relation


1 month

Direct marketing


5 month

Total IMC Cost


11 months


From the above discussion, it can be summarized that Natural Evolution offers organic products and services to their potential consumers. It offers quality products and services to their consumers by considering the digital communication techniques. It can also be concluded that Natural Evolution uses PESTLE technique for examining the situation of the country before spending money in the different region of Australia. It can also be summarized that marketing mix approach could be effective for attracting the huge amount of the consumers for long-term. 


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