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Understanding Self-Reflection and Career Action Plan

Self-reflection can be considered as the ability to evaluate an individual's cognitive and behavioral attributes (Goupil and Kouider 2019). It is of that capability for a human being to gain the willingness to learn about own characteristics and nature. Therefore, it is connected with philosophy study of mind and consciousness. On the contrary, the career action plan can be considered as a detailed framework that sketches the outline of the course of action that needs to be taken to achieve the career objective (Buford et al. 2018). It can be defined as the sequence of activities that need to be fulfilled to take necessary steps to improve certain skills and knowledge. For analyzing the report, I have chosen the job role of a marketing executive in an agency that is led by Google and Facebook executive and for that, the skills that I have identified as the primary requirement is communication, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and lastly data analysis & analytics.

This particular report will do a personal analysis by using the SWOT model to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And the report will also produce a career action plan to overcome the weaknesses and also represent the CV and the LinkedIn profile.

Personal analysis stands for analyzing my recent skills and knowledge, assessing the weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Here SWOT analysis framework will be utilized as it is important to understand my core competencies and the area of expertise and also identify the area that needs further improvement (Ayy?ld?z 2022). SWOT analysis is the strategic framework to evaluate my competencies that will help me to proceed accordingly in the future.


· I am having fair IT skills and also possess a problem-solving attitude.

· I have a flexible attitude toward work and am willing to learn new things to gain experience.

· I am enthusiastic and have good networking skills.

· I am a team player and easily participate in team operations.


· Lacking in communication skills.

· I am lagging in data analysis and ROI calculation.

· Lack confidence.


· Having efficient IT skills will help me to find good career opportunities in the future, and assist me to switch jobs.

· My technical skills will be working as a growth opportunity for my career so that I will excel in my preferred industry. 


· I do currently face job uncertainty and fear of failure to implement my skills and ability.

· The market is very much competitive and the volatile nature of the industry makes me insecure about the right job opportunity in the future.

From this above SWOT analysis for professional and personal development, I have identified the weakness and threats that will create hindrances in my career growth, and to prevent that I need to more focus on these certain areas to improve the weaknesses. As I want to opt for a marketing executive and I will be responsible for handling the marketing and social media marketing activities and for that matter I need to improve my communication skills (McIntyre, Amelink and Bokor 2020). My written and non-verbal communication is well enough but I need to work on my oral communication and I developed this inefficiency in oral communication due to the orientation of early childhood education being in regional language. I need to undertake a spoken English course to improve my oral communication skills. This skill is extremely essential as being an agency marketing executive, my job role will be to communicate with the clients and for that, I need to have clear communication skills to convey the marketing messages to the target audiences.

Apart from communication skills, there are two other skills where I am lagging, analytical ability and confidence. Firstly, data analysis and analytical skills are considered the most essential skills that are the primary requirement for analyzing the marketing data of any organization. I am lacking in knowledge of ROI calculation which is essential as after putting effort into a certain marketing campaign, ROI is the denomination that provides the clear insight to a company which area needs the improvement (Phillips, Phillips and Ray 2020). Secondly, I am lacking confidence which will be a crucial factor in my career growth (Haenggli and Hirschi 2020). For becoming a marketing executive, I need to have these essential skills. A chart will be presented here to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the skills, as well as comments to examine what steps should be taken to overcome the hurdles before the interview.

SWOT Analysis for Personal and Professional Development





Communication Skills

Non-verbal and written communication is excellent

Oral communication is up to the mark and needs much improvement.

Reading English newspapers and a proper spoken English crash course are needed to bring the improvement.

Data analysis and Analytical Skills

I can analyze the data with secondary research and my theoretical concept analysis skill is good.

Numerical data analysis and ROI calculation are needed improvement.

Need to work on data analysis on a real-time basis and my graduation course materials will be helpful for that.

The above-presented chart will provide an insight into which skills needs improvement and shows how I can turn that particular weakness into my strengths through certain exercise and patience.

A proper career action plan is a must-have documentation practice in the life of every aspirant because it serves as a roadmap that will lead the applicant from one orientation to the next (Paterson and Santy 2018). It will assist the candidate to achieve the particular career goals and will attempt to help in assessing the areas of difficulties and the scope for justification and prepare a precise answer. The SMART process will be used to discuss the career action plan (Gudkova et al. 2020).








Communication Skills

To express my creative approach to the administration, participate in decision-making, and form strong bonds with my team member (Sonnenschein and Ferguson 2020).

To convey my thoughts in front of upper management, I must be more proficient in spoken English.

It is a long-term process and efficiency and proper practice are needed to get into understanding.

Making a demonstration of the knowledge obtained from the academic sector is crucial. Sometimes my job role will be needing to present the market research in front of a superior.

Reading English newspapers and watching English movies and news programs are required.

It is a continuous process. Yet I will be gaining fluency in spoken English within a year.

Analytical Skills

To address a problem practically and efficiently and also to calculate the ROI of a marketing project.

To identify the company’s ROI on a particular social media campaign, this analytical skill will be required.

The process of improvement is a lengthy and difficult one. It is time-consuming and patience is required.

It is important for making marketing decisions and helps to plan for new campaigns.

Being a company executive, I am responsible for data analysis and then calculating the ROI to present the efficiency of the marketing plans.

It will take at least 6 months to see an improvement.

Work on Confidence

To get better job opportunities and to create a good impression during the interviews and get the desired job

I need to work on my strengths and oral presentation skills so that I can boost my confidence.

It is an important skill and as a graduate, the organization will profile training for gaining confidence.

Extensive training on the job role and area of work is needed to improve the skill.

It is relevant as I will be responsible for making marketing planning and need to communicate with the client as well.

It is a continuous process and according to me within 6 months I will be gaining that confidence.

CV refers to the Curriculum Vitae. This is one of the mandatory documents that is needed and essential for appearing in the interviews. It can be considered as the preface for the interviewer to get a rough idea about the applicants. Therefore, the CV has to be well-knit so that it can create a good impression in the minds of the interviewees (Dillahunt et al. 2018). The CV has to be clear and concise and brings out the details about the candidate's educational background and skillset and it becomes easier for the employer to assess whether the candidate is a suitable choice for the position or not.

The site's idea is to ensure registered users create and document professional networks of individuals they know and trust (Robinson 2021). Professionals broadcast news streams and a limited range of customizable modules are available on a LinkedIn member's page, which highlights talents, career history, and education.


For some reason, the total job was riveting and incredibly beneficial. There are two primary sections to this task. All of the essential abilities and knowledge were reviewed in the first section, as well as where they were lacking and how they could be more useful, which was also explored throughout the analysis. It was highly beneficial for self-evaluation and would assist me in not only passing the interviews but also excelling in the specific job role. A career action plan has indeed been fetishized at the next level. A student must always have a career action plan to obtain a career in the preferred profession. The SMART method was used to discuss the career action plan, which highlights the attainable goals associated with the abilities. As a result, it can be determined that the entire project was excellent, and all of the assignment's requirements were met flawlessly.


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