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1.Explain why clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace.

2.Outline the key stages in the communication process

3.List potential barriers to communication and outline how these could be overcome.

4. Explain methods of communication and their best use when communicating with the team.

5.Explain why it is important to have a record of communication

6.Outline the importance of keeping a record of oral communication

7.Describe methods of maintaining accurate records of electronic and oral communication

Methods of Communication

1.Workplace communication is very significant in ensuring that there is smooth operation in an organization. The notion of workplace communication exists in various contexts such as verbal communication, non-verbal communication and written communication. Workplace communication includes exchange of information such as emails, notes, voicemails and text messages between different individuals in an organization. Communication can be effective conveyed during annual meetings, training forums and conferences and impromptu meetings among others. The frequency of communication is largely dependent on the need and the necessity of the information as well as how it has an effect on the operation of an organization. However, communication is normally shared frequently due to the changing dynamics in the organization with respect to factors such as production, consumption and customer services.

Communication can be between the management and the employees or the supervisors. This is normally achieved used models of communication such as horizontal, vertical, internal, communication channel, formal and informal communication respectively. Vertical communication involves the hierarchical sharing of information in an organization such as between an office clerk and a manager; horizontal communication is between members of the management such as a manager and another manager while external communication is between the organization and a third party client.

There are several aspects that must be factored in order to ensure effective communication is achieved. These aspects are dependent on impeccable communication such as verbal and non-verbal cues, listening skills and written skills. For instance, oral communication such as use of telephones, one-on-one interactions and voicemail requires the management to possess great finesse and confidence with oral communication. Non-verbal communication on the other hand is concerned with facial expressions and body language such as body gestures, eye contact, posture and the audibility of the speaker to ensure that there is effective communication being relayed. Written communication is also one of the commonly used forms of communication exchange in a workplace today. This means that there is need for an exquisite etiquette while sending out email correspondence by ensuring that it has correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

Communication is crucial at workplace and if it’s not clear or effective it may result to negative consequences at work place. Some of these include;

Low morale. With less or no communication at workplace, employees are likely to feel unwanted or not worth hence lowering their productivity level as they cannot add extra effort. It’s important for management to ensure effective communication between them and employees as well as between employees themselves.

Strategies for Effective Communication

Relationship breakdown. Communication at workplace enhances positive relationships between individuals both in senior and junior level of leadership important for support. Poor or lack of effective communication may result to communication breakdown between the individuals resulting to poor relations hence increased challenges at workplace.

Increased conflicts. In most cases, conflict results from disagreements, if individuals cannot share about their challenges and experiences, any mistake may be blamed on any member resulting to conflicts.

Decreased number of innovation activities. A positive innovation idea is successful after being shared between two or more people of able mind. This gives a base to correct any mistake and add more relevant skills to enhance its development. Without effective communication, it’s hard for innovational ideas to be realized.

2.The process of communication in Shannon Weaver theory uses the concepts of a sender, encoder, channel, decoder, receiver and noise in order to ensure that there is effective communication taking place in an organization. This model follows a step by step approach as indicated below.

Sender- This is the primary source of information such as the senior management who prepare the message and sends it using a suitable channel of communication.

Encoder – This is an individual who is tasked with the responsibility of transmitting the communication by means such as a telephone. 

Channel – This refers to the main medium through which the message is communicated to the employees or between the management team. This can be by use of electronic means such email correspondences, mails, telephone or by word of mouth.

Decoder – This refers to the process through the information is understood by converting the electronic signals into a form which can be understood.

Receiver – This refers to a person to whom the message is meant for. This is the receiver such as an organization employee who acts on the communication being relayed.

Noise – This refers to an actual physical interruption that prevents a message from being in its original manner. This could be people or the unfavourable factors in the environment.

Feedback- Refers to a process indicating that the receiver has received information sent by the sender in its original form, read and understood it as required.

3.There are several barriers of communication in a workplace that can be hindrance to effective operation of a business. These barriers can distract and distort the information or even restrict the information completely. These barriers include:
  • Physical Barriers – These are distractions that cause interference with effective communication such as telephone calls, noise form radio and the position of the office walls to external noise. The issue of external noise can be used by installing sound proofs while telephone calls can be directed to the company call center or the secretary with clear instructions.
  • Language/ semantic Barriers – The choice of diction, use of language and the meaning is sometimes a major problem that affects the effectiveness of communication in an organization. This occurs when one word is used in place of the other hence creating a jargon that has a different meaning across different departments. This therefore, creates a communication breakdown.
  • Psychological Barriers – These are the social barriers that create a difference in status and mood of an individual as well as the psychological distance. The needs, expectations, values and experiences of employees may overlap hence creating a communication barrier due to filtering of the information. These failures are commonly attributed to factors such as sincerity and straightforwardness, empathy, role perception and role perception.
  • Emotional Barriers – these include worries such the fear of losing a job that may occupy the minds of the employees hence affecting commutation. Poor working conditions and lack of performance appraisal may also contribute to communication breakdown.
  • Perceptual Barriers – This breaks down the communication because different employees may have different perceptions on how to approach a particular problem hence affective the collective team spirit of the organization. 


4.An organization can use several proven methods to boost the overall communication across all the departments and other components in an organization. These strategies are very beneficial in increase the overall team work among all the members, hence creative an efficient sharing of information. These strategies include and not limited to the following:

  • Team work- The organization should ensure that all the employees and the management share common interest and that they are all given equal opportunities to contribute to the success of the organization. This enables them to interact mutually and boost their productivity because their working environment is conducive to carry out their duties.
  • Trainings and Workshops – This provides an opportunity for employees to sharpen their skills and learn new ways of improving their productivity. They are able to work together as team towards a common goal and build their interpersonal skills by taking part in communication training skills and other related courses.
  • Use of centralized online tools – This enables different employees to interact in online portal and share their ideas across the board. This can be achieved through the incorporation of cloud based services in an organization for management purposes such online portals for the employees. This cuts on wastage of time for meetings and helps the management to keep track on the reports and progress reports of projects hence improving the quality of communication.
  • The organization should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of their employees to avoid overlapping roles. This makes every individual to understand what is required of them and work towards achieving the goals and objectives set.
  • Encouraging Open door Policy – This policy enables a continuous sharing of information, project status and interactions between the management and the employees because it will create a sense of transparency and trust in the organization. This makes it clearly matters and they are all part of a team.
  • The management should focus on a two-way feedback system by ensuring that their channel of communication provides adequate feedback to their employees based on their performance as well enabling them to do self-evaluation of their work. The feedback should therefore be constructive and highly motivating.
  • Face to Face –Though technology has highly influenced various methods of communication, face to face method still remains as the most effective means of communication. Management should enhance use of face to face method as it ensures the message reaching the employees is not biased. It also enables the employees to seek clarity of any unclear message important for enhancing control.


5.Keeping up to date and accurate records is of great importance to the success at any workplace. In the business, the records from the various departments provide a great managerial tool important for making business decisions. Record keeping should be allocated time and attention it deserves as its contribution to the business are huge. For any workplace to attain the maximum possible returns, keeping good records should be a part of the considerations put in place.

Importance of Maintaining Accurate Records of Communication

For the greatest possible success in the workplace to be attained, records must be recorded as they are. Keeping records of the workers such as conduct their reaction in different environments will help in making managerial decision. In case there is a promotion, workers who can react perfectly to different environments will be considered first. This will ensure the most fit person is promoted and thus increasing the chances of the business having good profits.

Records are vital in providing information on which the decisions regarding the future of the Organisation is based on. The record should be reliable, accurate and easy to follow. Where records of the normal activities are kept, the managers can base their decisions on, to decide the path the organization takes. In places where there is poor record keeping, decisions made will have no solid foundation. This reduces the chances of success of such workplaces.

Good records will ensure one can monitor closely the financial situation of a workplace. For instance: the income being generated, the net and gross profits, comparison of different financial years and expenses compared to projects. Considering this, losses can be detected early and the problems corrected. It ensures the budgets are adhered to. The allocated funding and its usage are recorded and therefore the budget is not easily surpassed.

Under laws on taxes, any workplace should have up to date records regarding all their transactions. The records should ensure the taxable income can be easily ascertained. The records should be kept in case they are needed for reference. If claims against the organisation are made, the record kept should clarify everything.

6.It provides evidence in case one had given a warning to somebody. Its ensures every detail of that particular event is recorded should any dispute arise.

One should record what they feel is important to them or their team when in any meeting. This will help them to remember and may be adjust their plans in future.

Recording oral communication for others ensure that there is evidence something was actually done. For instance, recording an email confirms what has been said and prevents misunderstanding and forgetfulness. It may also be of importance in letting someone else know what was agreed upon.

A short report of a meeting will let people who did not attend that particular meeting know what was said. It also describes your thoughts concerning what was said

If records about of certain agreements are not kept, there may be conflict as the parties involved will argue they agreed while others will say they didn’t.

Poor relations at workplace. In cases where there are no records of certain issues that were communicated to employees by the leaders or to leaders by employees it’s hard to convince either party that communication was done. This will result to disagreements and mistrust at workplace thus poor relations among the two parties.

Low productivity- Roles and responsibilities are shared duties done in communication, it’s important for this records to be kept for a follow up. In cases where this records are not kept, it makes it hard for the management to explain who has not done their part in regard to set rules resulting to low productivity. 

7.Using accounting software - This is a computer system that assist in record keeping of a workplace. It automates most financial related records. Depending on the software, it may also generate reports and filter certain information to remain with the most desired. The organization is required to purchase the software.

Electronic back up – a system is put in place to ensure a daily back up of the records. Records from different sectors of a workplace are stored at that point. Back up options may include: CDs, memory sticks and external hard drives.

Cloud back up – This is where the records are stored and accessed online. The services of cloud can be automated to fit the user’s needs. Cloud ensures that the security and privacy of the records stored in it is up to date.

Diary – this method may be used to maintain records of what one has said. The record should include the date, time, place and the list of people present. This record may entail the warnings made to other people on their conduct and that could lead to consequences.

Writing minutes – the minute’s keeps the information of what was said in a formal meeting. The records should include the key pints of what has been said.  The agreements regarding various issues and the agreed date for the next meeting are also put down.

Short report-this is a record of a short meeting for instance when one visits a customer. This report is a recording of what was said or done. The recording should be factual and concentrate mostly on the details. 

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