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Pro-Go Pty Ltd is a privately-owned manufacturer of small, high-quality action cameras based in Geelong, Victoria. Founded in 2004 it has enjoyed continuous year-on-year growth until the last financial year. Pro-Go has a track record of innovation, and technology that provides excellent quality results in a small package able to operate with small batteries for extended periods of time. The video files these cameras produce are known for having superior colour, and operate effectively in

lower lighting conditions than competitor’s cameras. They are also marketed on the basis of their extreme ruggedness, and reliability. Much of the technology used in its devices has been patented by Pro-Go and is not currently available to other manufacturers.

The Pro-Go management team has recognised that the ability to capture videos is now a feature of most phones. It suggests to them that the future of the stand-alone camera may be limited. Pro-Go’s CEO has requested the executive team meet independently to develop a strategy to guide the company over the next five years.

The deliverables required of each student are:

  1. Determine three options that exist in adjacent markets or with related but different products or technologies;
  2. Nominate the preferred option and state why you believe it to be so; and
  3. Discuss the implications specifically relating to your part of the business, and what challenges these might represent. Separate the discussion into short-term and long-term issues.

About Pro-Go Pvt. Ltd.

The following work is based on the discussion of the current crisis situation being faced by the management of Pro Go Cameras and the problems that has been concerning the organization. The Pro Go Cameras private Limited is one of the best camera making enterprises of the globe and it has the reputation of producing innovative and technologically advanced set of cameras that are able to address the different needs of the users. The current crisis situation in the company has been mainly because of the rise in the use of the smart phone cameras which offers the same kinds of the technological advances and the same type of the uses of the organization in the most proper and efficient manner. The problem has been increased with some extra issues as a number of the cameras manufactured by the company burst into flames and there was no possible explanation on the same. The company has also been threatened with the withdrawal of the contract for sales from a major Chinese contractor which have led to a serious issue in the business.

The following report has explained the current situation and has also described the different areas that needs to be addressed by the management of Pro Go Cameras to ensure the sustainability of the company in view of the present situation. The management of the company has decided to prepare a 5 year plan for the business organization. The different steps that needs to be undertaken by the organization to control the current situation, move the organization towards a sustainable future and address the concerns of the clients and the stakeholders have been addressed here in the following report.

The management of pro Go Cameras has the reputation of innovating new and innovative technologies that has helped them to stand out from the list of other camera makers of the globe. The technologies used by the other camera makers are generally no match for the ones used by the company which provides them all the critical advantages in the market. The current situation has however led to a major decline in the competitive advantage of the company. The company which faces the current issues is also in the process of losing influential clients from China and the sales have just halved within a few hours of the mishap of the cameras. The absence of any kind of official statement on the strange situation where the camera has just burst off has further escalated the situation.

Current Crisis Faced by Pro-Go

The aim of the management of the company is thus to examine the issue and immediately call for a meeting with the business stakeholders. The meeting will be addressed by the CEO of the company and will be attended by all the stakeholders and the top level management of the business organization. The aim of the report is also to provide the best recommendations that can help the enterprise to address the issues of the company in the most successful manner.


The current situation is very critical considering the company. The company was already facing a serious issue with reduction of sales volume. The major reason behind the reduction of the volume of sales has been the technological improvement in the smart phones which has led to the reduction of strategical importance of the highly innovative professional cameras produced by Pro Go Cameras Limited. The technological improvements in the mobile cameras thus clearly provides a threat to the growth of the company. This apart there has been a recent issue with a number of cameras manufactured by the business enterprise which again has been the catalyst in the downward trend of the business sales. A recent case has been the sudden bursts of a number of Pro Go cameras without any proper explanation. The sudden blast of these cameras has severely affected the sale and the reputation of the company. The impact of such an activity has totally halved the sales of the organization and has produced a long term mark in the reputation of the business. The management of the company has to take a quick and positive that can easily mitigate the impact of the current situation and help the business to grow in the right direction.

A number of business strategies has to be undertaken by the management of the business organization in order to restore the lost reputation of the business and also ensure that no such incidents happens in the coming days. The formulation and implementation of the different strategies is also important for the business organization as because it helps the management to set a strategic roadmap for the organization for the coming five years. The selection of a five year plan is more sustainable for a company as it helps the management of Pro Go Cameras to follow the right path and attain sustainability. Some of the strategies that needs to be implemented by the business organization are as follows;

  1. Strategy 1- To design a Software application for the smartphones for using links to activate pro-go camera and can also help to edit and record videos and upload them.
  2. Strategy 2- To connect with extreme sport influences in order to rebuild the brand and reputation of the existing business product.
  3. Strategy 3-  To make the products of the company rechargeable instead of being battery operated

Deliverables Required

All the different strategies as suggested in the meeting needs to be implemented on a proper scale and all the different issues needs to be addressed considering a number of business perspectives which includes;

  1. Legislation- The legislative prospect must be assured by the business management as the companies must ensure that no personal information of the customers be shared and it will also involve the environmental concerns of the management where the company have to take up a strong decision on choosing rechargeable options instead of batter operated features of the products.
  2. Technological Advancements- Amendments in technological perspectives in the near future. The technological advances of the management can help to avoid any future issues with the physical faults in the produced devices of the company.
  3. Connected Devices- Addition of the different features to back up different contents with the new application is important for the improvement of the products.
  4. Other adjacent Products- The application of the business strategies can be followed from the likes of Samsung and other technological devices that can help in the success of the business. It is important for the management of the business to find and approach the biggest competitors of Zeong Lee Spot Store and crack a deal with them.

It is important for the business organization to ensure the success of the organization and to achieve such a feat, the management has to ensure a proper strategic implementation of the plans. The company must take example of critical situations faced by large companies like Samsung and get motivated to fight against the issues that are currently being faced by the management. The current situation demands a thorough investigation from the part of the organization to get into the main reason that was behind the sudden blasts and also use some selective strategies that can help in the development of the business.

The company must not change its product line but instead ensure to adopt to new strategies to counter the threats. A technological advancement of the products can help the management to produce more advanced and developed cameras that will never have technical problems and will also help in the success of the business in the most proper and efficient manner (Bettis et al. 2016). The technological changes will include innovating new products that can easily sustain heat and are able to adapt to the outside temperatures. The capability of the products to survive in extreme conditions can be a game changer for the organization. Apart from this bringing the largest rival of Zeong Lee Spot Store on board can provide a competitive advantage to the organization and help restore its business reputation. The company can also prefer to use environment friendly options to power the cameras which can help them to avoid cases like blasts and other serious issues.

The changes in the technological contents can be one of the best and important options for the business organization. The proper implementation of the different changes can be useful for the success of the business in the most effective manner. The technological changes of the organization considering the current situation is highly justified. There might have been some major issues with the production quality of the cameras and also the technology used. The innovative technology used by the company has surely failed in these cases and the company must address an amendment of technology to gain strong foothold in the market and earn back their reputation. Such a strategic change can ensure sure business success.

Recommended Strategies for Pro-Go

The selection of the technological changes as part of the changes in the strategy is important for the business as because it will help in the development of the business in the most promising manner. The development of the amendment plans has helped the business organizations to ensure the success of the business in the most proper manner. The technological up gradation can be helpful for business to ensure business success. The development of technologically developed new business application can help t avoid problems in the products.

Short Term

A number of challenges have to faced by the management of Pro Go Cameras as part of the implementation of the development process. The challenges have to be overcome by the organization to ensure the smooth implementation of the technological changes and achieving the best positive results for the same thing. The achievement of the best possible results is important for business success. Some of the short term challenges involves the selection of the best technical experts and the section of the best possible strategy that can be successful in the following case.

Long Term

The long term business elements of the organization includes the likes of the five year planning. The five year planning of the business will involve a large number of disruptions that will surely threaten the success of the planning. The long term challenges thus directly threaten the implementation of the technological advancements in a critical manner.


The following case clearly highlight the current situation of the business organization. Pro Go Cameras is under a serious threat of losing out the market reputation and also losing out the business opportunities to rivals. The distrust of the clients is an additional issue where the management has to find out evident and efficient answer to get rid of the situation. The report has clearly highlighted the issue of the organization and has thus presented a situation where the company will try to address the issues and present a strong recommendation to deal with the situation. The selection of the technological changes as the strategy has been justified and is certain to gain success as because the technological changes and innovation of a new and developed product is the only way that the company can reach out to the customers and gain their trust once again. The better the success rate of the strategy, the better will it be for the business.

Challenges Faced by Pro-Go

The success of the business in this regards will depend on some of the recommendations for the business. The recommendations needs to be implemented in the best possible manner to gain a stronghold in the market. The report has been presented in a manner that can help to gain success. This includes;

  1. Use of better and strong technology
  2. Appointment of a strong committee that can help identify the current crisis situation
  3. Use of Artificial Intelligence to counter different challenges
  4. Use of a systematic five year based planning system


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